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Joe Buscaglia's First Mock NFL Draft is Up

Mar 8, 2013|

w/ Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It'll it'll be fun. I mean it's quick time on a Friday with more on the -- Applause for more hours don't have time for us but you know -- cool whereabouts. You folks enjoy -- weekend put to Fiat. Mr. driving -- be weird. And listen to -- -- a drop the knowledge on the NFL draft a resident left enthusiasts. Is live -- -- implement up for -- on the sabres for a little while here with the blunt initial left after this. But the mock draft we wanted to get -- line not to talk about that and and and -- I gotta tell you mock draft mock one if you will. I wanna I wanna hang out with mock draft number one I wanna I -- -- I wanna go on a road trip with mock draft number one I really like a big mock draft and one and I are gonna get along really well. Yeah well here's hoping that mock draft futures seven. You know voters -- we voted lol it. Which viewed internally as as the first. Well don't change anything but that would be boring him and would thus you know not really necessitate our -- through through seven that's how many -- seven of these. Yeah yeah I've every mapped out what state LP -- doing -- as they go on him. BQE one right after creating the it you know after a week or so the free agency market being open. Because a lot of things will change by that point and then once we get April it you know we really start to master like. In a one a week of men everywhere in the final week leading up to the draft will do if you leading up to that. Jody mock drafters at WGR 550 dot com and and people probably would be cures of him in -- who we have going one overall mobile just really talk about the battles here. The first overall it in the entire draft. Alia I have we shall -- going to -- pretty cheap I think that was all but it sure when. The -- -- cut Eric Winston this week. You know they if they franchise tag Brandon Albert which drew a lot of people armed off just because these side air quickly to a four year deal last stop he didn't. And soul. Now that they. -- cleared air equipment from the roster it gives them a a clear window to drafting Joseph cool and and putting him at the right tackle what they want this year of them if they can a couple of terms on a long term contract with Albert are -- vehicle left tackle for your job. Somewhat that it is very highly rated now it's. Matter of I think that -- pick will end up being a lot tackle. It's just a matter of it's it will be your local or Erik Fisher the that tackle for petrol which can be accurate so. That's I think that's the biggest question market at this point with the first overall pick. Probably kept the audience that -- you by surprise to find out that that's not what has me so excited about draft mock draft number one. The bills you've got -- taken the receiver from Tennessee and I I -- I'd really like this player I was someplace a couple of times but in the open field Joseph. Cordero Paterson is super -- dangerous. And you know as the thing moves along you've got them getting a quarterback later on to what what about Paterson to -- stands out it makes him such a good option for the bills that he. Well you know I think the biggest stating that that the bill could use out of there receiver position that someone Beckett. You know make plays. You know when he's got so when he got room to run and you know TJ -- -- me. Is used is that like that. He can he can. Run by himself and he has the ability to. Or run. -- those go -- but what we're talking about getting into the open field an epic vision. To do that. And then you know I I think corporal Paterson released sets and so parts he's the type where. You watch him for a little bit of time and -- You're your eyes light up a little bit just because it is the move he makes at with the -- of body that he has six with 2216. Pounds. Mean in the -- speed he has. Or four I think he could be a potentially big time pick for the built if they were to go that way. They accurately -- at the open receiver. To the receiver group all they have right now Stevie Johnson -- Greta Brett Smith so. I I think that's something they'll probably focus on in free agency with previous second tier guys and we'll look to the draft at somewhere within the first three rounds I would assume it. If the board plays out the way I added that at that and at this point because there's still can be some fluctuation with some of the quarterbacks. I think that. That corporal Paterson would probably be the -- there. I should mention that you've got geno Smith going a few picks before that. To the jets moving into a spot that the lions currently occupied right I got that right at fifth overall. Yeah geno Smith. Why am I think want a quarterback badly because there is enough for three cap structure that you that they could really feel comparable with that the fifth overall pick. Egypt. You get geno Smith you get the jets moving up to take geno Smith the head of the -- cardinals and bills and that figure that that's something that. But the jets -- you know. Within their frame of a personality of franchise I think that's something that they they might do. Joseph on Paterson it's easy to make the the leap to think about other. Top half of the draft receivers out of the FCC and most recently thinking about AJ green Julio Jones. How does Paterson as a prospect that this point compare to those guys is a rarity even Cabrera to those guys. Well he's not. He's not Julio Jones -- is not AJ green and I don't want. I don't want fans to think that he used is that complete a product of either of those two guys or women -- came out of school. What he is so. And what he can potentially become if someone like ghost you guys. And -- When you have someone with that kind of raw talent in someone that. He's able to make those kind of plays and make those kind of catch this. I I think they -- had to work with a guy like Ike Hilliard who himself as former top ten pick which is kinda unbelievable to think about. But he has a wide receivers coach and buffalo. And and if they were to draft a guy like Paterson. They would have earlier work with him. Very attentively to try and -- him to understand all the nuances of the position. And have him become. The the optimal receiver for that and didn't try and realize its potential so. A while he is rough around the edges in some respects the overall play making ability and his natural instincts are good. And and I don't think they can be discounted especially when you have that the -- with that size in the -- speed and that type agent. Keeper he can bring a lot throughout that and so that could be something that that the bills could. Really moved to move up with in terms that are -- at longer they addressed the the defense for your free agency that it's. Talking with our own -- -- stallion is first of seven mock drafts are available for you -- WGR. 550. Dot com so. If a guy you write your Paterson. EU. Has the physical skill set to be comparable those guys he just has now put it altogether yet is that because. About those guys and talking about green and and Julio Jones. Because he's only played one year Tennessee. I you know part of it only having the one year of big time. Our competition experienced. -- I think it's also a matter of -- you know just not. Being. And I guess not having to pay packet you are right -- you know not having before X amount of experience that. -- some of these other guys might have you know. Keenan Allen from cattle for instance. He use -- believed all tired -- reception leader Actel. And so you have plenty of experience to go along -- but he doesn't have the physical skill sets that that coral Paris and percent to. Paterson had become a matchup problem for teams and when you have guys that can. Exploit matchups. In the NFL usually knows the -- players don't last too long in the draft so. Well while he could use some work it and you know it's is. Route running and things like that. That's where he really -- -- really -- the -- on -- receiver. He he still has every ounce of ability you could lock it in a guy in. On the I think he could make an impact early. It -- and once he really starts to -- the position I think he has the potential to become a a global. Caliber player. It's with the matter how well he takes to the coaching and and learn and how terrific coaching is that how could the situation around and -- you know of course and he received any good receiver being the good quarterback and the bill will have to certainly addressed deposition do. It's there's a reason -- that you know or any player but that a receiver specifically. The more college football he plays. If these plain top level competition like in the SEC. You know the more he plays maybe the more different aspects of the game more tricks he's got to learn different things he has it good added he's gonna continue to flourish and develop and don't played one year there's just not. Maybe a lot of times you show up you're really gifted. And just let that take over where is maybe. You know you get more. Coached up as you gul and there's more depth to your game. That we'll have to come to this guy once he gets to the NFL guest. The thing I also like to halt the earmark after over -- one is that the bills do wind up getting a quarter and we've got this laid out here. I mean I I bugs -- this on my phone earlier and I'm looking that it now. The second quarterback off the board you've got going to the bills that number 34 they -- move up Wilbur Wright. Yeah that's right and I think. If it does end up happening that way and I don't know that it will. And this is just a very early looks still even with the draft you know a month and a half away now. I still think there are some there's a chance that at his pro days it's this guy could. Could -- himself up into the top forty picks or so and that's USC's Matt Barkley he wasn't able -- to come by. It doesn't have the athleticism. And the mobility that that some of these other guys do but when you talk about the guy who can fit -- Who can fit well into the right system. I think the build new system what Daniel Hackett could certainly be conducive to allowing Matt -- a guy like Matt Barkley could work in the NFL. So yeah I had the bill moving up to 34 overall for that particular trading with the San Francisco 49ers who of course -- the very first Opel as well. And the bill what you have to give up too much to do it. I have been giving up obviously the 41 overall pick. And they're inaccurate third round pick which actually compensate them more on the draft -- chargers if you don't look that up. But but it -- -- -- like he's getting rid of one of their picks. There are other picks this year. And it relinquishes one of their pick next year or so and to get the quarterback of a potentially their choice and I think it would be solid all round about. What kind of -- have you gotten from the bills enough on Barkley do you think they'd be like this player. I think IQ I think I think they're trying to. Do their research. All the different guys and they've met with. That they're trying to meet with all these guys -- that would -- will say in the I'm sure they'll be meeting with EJ Manuel -- I'm sure well we all know what they've met with Ryan about it at this point so. It's just the matter of which guy really speaks to them the most and which -- -- their offense the past. They're not always been of the opinion Bulldog that. When you look at. What you look at what the bill might inevitably do in this -- just. Outlook the opinion that you even if they keep one in the first or second round. I still think they're going to take one later on as well. And so on a packet if they order take a guy like Barkley who is -- particularly vocal in the in the first or second round. But then you could always come back in the fourth or fifth round pick a guy like Matt got out of Arizona -- more project but he. Super athletic can. Potentially run that read option that that -- you're talking about because that's than the new craze in the NFL and it that way it would -- -- the built versatility. So Robert outlook. And still have a guy that competent enough to throw the football. So I think. The built a lot of push the envelope in terms of offense and that might be one of the ways of doing -- because. You know trying to hit that home run with a guy that we do everything everything that and I bet you want out of a quarterback. I just don't know that that back I just thrilling -- You know both guys both Barkley and -- -- are the limitations but where their limitation. Resides. -- where the ranks of the other guy is so they were to pull off a coup -- something like that I think Europeans very successful -- Thought with a hard Joba stallion his first of what will ultimately be seven mock drafts. Available QWGR. 550. Dot com so it is still a little bit like. If Barkley looks good -- broad day light. Fans get excited about that. And that would be cool is legally while a lot of guy could root out to be good NFL quarterback. But then it might make it harder for the bills to get him where you've got them getting employed what am I supposed to hold for an -- -- park with -- -- well I mean if he does have a good enough -- day we we might be talking about whether or not that are we going to be the -- NATO -- so. -- -- Oprah but works. But it just me. But usually if you're if you're open for a guy like artfully than I -- I guess that that might be the play there. But but it does look good and if he looks as good as I think -- well. The van is value Republican -- gonna shoot out then that the bill might really have to think about taking in the vehicle Caltech or they may not even have the option to do it. Arizona might take him at seventh overall because. They and they need -- -- quite like that so. So it -- you when you look at what Barkley might do it -- pro day. He's someone who has like -- -- all -- intangibles you wants. It out of a quarterback. It's just a matter of enjoying our strength and a lot of people question their arms strength. I don't I think he's got a lot -- a much better on the people get credit for. And what he had to deal with -- -- time. And the in the it's -- USC. I think it's. It's very undervalued at this point -- And I'm sure teams that interview him just oh boy you're the same impression that he's a very impressive guy. And and I think that teams would really. Come away with -- which snapped. The sort of standpoint you don't matter of seeing him do it on the field. They're watching him try and progress as they and as a -- in that fourteen what you the most I think they're a good chance to -- that -- well -- As will be really interesting to go to watch how this all unfolds of course you know we most interesting when drafting actually gets here but. But sitting here today -- what you've got this you know admittedly it's it's you know it's only march easier to draft is quite -- all -- One quarterback. Going in the top 33 picks. And like point two -- quarterbacks flew off the board a couple years ago most of whom weren't thought of as first -- to lose a few of them. I think would be. It would be really something. If if we got through a whole whole first -- and only one quarterback got picked I think there. If you look at 2010 vote. That draft only had 21 round quarterbacks in the that was no because Tim Tebow takes 120 -- I did -- by Denver so it's not. It's not. Really unprecedented but. But it's cool it's the little weird think about your -- -- but this too wrapped. It's just -- it -- every single position every single -- talking about the fluctuation. Of of these these players and that's not in just considering all the draft rumors in the draft but something like that. The prospects I mean their clocks in terms of -- So the fluctuations. Might it might all be dependent about which guys. It which team the facts read that which guys are the best players so that's good good draft maybe not so much for quarterbacks but or running back. But this is a good -- and I'm I'm assuming you're gonna be a lot of different names near the top a lot of different names in the middle of the first throw a lot of lot different names and the bottom of the first round. As this as the draft continue to play out -- one of the more interesting ones that that I've watched for -- for the past few years now. All right Joseph we'll you know we'll definitely be leaning on you as the process doesn't fold. Like you say thanks a particular time here you know past quick time on Friday we appreciated and but as -- scallions WGR 550 dot com and refine. His first. Mock. Draft. Go there checking out. Paterson the receiver from Tennessee at eight and then trading in -- number 34 Matt Barkley USC quarterback that's would you -- as.

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