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WGR550>Topics>>Sabres GM Darcy Regier on Buying, Selling and Improving

Sabres GM Darcy Regier on Buying, Selling and Improving

Mar 12, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It looks bad doesn't it right now I mean replace the standings but how would you. Describe what the state of affairs if it I would agree with that and it's not a fun place to be. And the only thing you can do is work your way out of it and evaluate what you're doing that. And look for opportunities to improve along along ways as well. Do you. Are you satisfied with how the group has responded to the new coach in night games. Actually I am I think that. You know Ron Ron has done a very good job. A lot of those games have been on the road and in -- player on the road. This statement -- playing on the road is actually better than has been home and hopefully we can rebound. In that regard tonight. It strikes me listening to him. Talk through -- the brief time we've had a chance to have listen to him. A lot of his comments sound like the sabres. As a group as a team there was a lot of work to do. These details and there's these days just these kind of mistakes that they're making in games and it it happens to talk having a lot of it sounded very. YouTube could. Take it as being very critical of Wendy I'm sure that's not how we met you know but -- listening to -- -- is public wearer is this team like why why official what to work to do. I think it says it's largely the same work that Libby was trying to do and now -- tried to do it and I see some progress. But it's not enough and it's not connected enough and it's it's -- that we have to continue to improve on so. Where's the where's the this -- was there Lou was there a -- firing in the -- of the roster or overestimating the progress some of the younger guys would make quite where but what's the if you're sitting here at that you're getting into an -- a final assessment public -- -- don't. Fall right now. I I would say that in some areas. It's not just with kids it's -- Older players some some of the younger players are performing to level that they performed at. Prior to this season and some and we've got older players in the same in the same category self. The reality is as we've got we were underperforming. Is it time to sell. Not yet it and it may not -- it -- obvious that cell type situation it may be a solid -- a -- into that situation. So right I don't I don't view it as. You know you're the -- -- I think it's about making getting this team in a better place. And in doing so it's well it may involve buying and sell in May happen fat the trade deadline -- -- happen after that period. If I can put them all into one question. Because of their contract status -- -- Bill Miller and big names and big money one year left after this year. How would you characterize their trade ability to the point of word well life. You know other reality of those three if you were to put them on the market they're very desirable players and giving gets laughs contract and a time which is really the first big one in the new CBA. You know their their contracts are going to be very reasonable but right now they're here and we expect to keep them here. And and -- with them but. You know having said that if it -- you know it where we are we have to be open to a lot of different things. Edit these these eleven games like how much of -- determining factor will be is eleven games between now and the deadline for. And if you were to shop any of those guys would it be if this goes badly. Say you went only four of these eleven or something what do which is good bet on it and number. Do you trade players like that just for picks and prospects do you trade them for because like when our -- -- matching players. -- -- our deep into the hypotheticals which people like me aren't supposed answering and and the the reality is that. I I don't think you you know you don't. Just treat players for picks and draft picks I think you have to measure the time that it is needed in order to. Retool. Revamped things in and so. It and not specific to. The Big Three but if you if you're moving players it depends on the situation it depends what you have coming from the minors it depends. Whether or not -- -- Can continue to. Develop the players you have and and that that process well we'll reevaluate between now and the deadline. -- -- here with us here at WGR. -- when you're at. The place in the standings for the sabres are -- chip just generally wanna be as young. As possible I think they're part of the analysis might be a transition out of older players. You know. How treatable they are so want as part of it but is is that is that under way here I I think that's -- I think you have to be careful not to go black and white you can look at a team like Anaheim right now. Who was pretty much in the position we were in the he -- we are in a year ago and are now one of the top teams in the west. And and really days they didn't do an awful lot they added some younger players to their lineup they change their defense a little bit. And for whatever reason they change their coach and for whatever reason any uncle -- -- they've they've found a killer and faster -- sharing sharing via the job there. So I don't think it's is as simple as his role in everything back to the youth movement maybe the biggest youth movement going on in the NHL right now what that meant. And Edmonton is really pattern there has pattern there. There progress. After Pittsburgh where resolution should go to the bottom for five years and you collect you know top picks for five years and if you'd do -- the way Pittsburgh data they. There they -- that we reward and that's but it is -- to do so that he has that that's that's a read and admits it is him fourteenth and its conference's you're fourteenth figures you out there networking yet. No but -- Edmonton is a very young club to your point. So. And then the other part border trade deadline it when when you look to the trade deadline to make deals clubs are looking to add players. So any deal you're making at the trade deadline the public inquiry clubs looking. And it's a limited number of clubs that can be involved in that type of situation and the club making the -- to them. If -- us. That you really are largely limited to prospects and draft picks because they don't want to take good partner adding a good star high priced player to their roster they're out looking to give wanna open a parent there's right because they want an -- -- bigger than. You have to make a -- like to concentrate just like an exception of that. -- -- which is a hockey tree where were we were looking for sentiment they were looking for some size on the way and and it. It is. -- may -- the biggest hockey. Freedom last lecture that. There's time for it to happen the last six years you were in somewhat of a similar position. Midway if it's two thirds of the way through the season he got hot do you expect that is this year different subway. You're working towards that -- things like the power play really have to pick up where it bluntly on the power play is something that everyone. Within that coaching staff has focused on and ordered trying to improve some things like that have to really start to collect. I think we're a little deeper hole than we were a year ago. So I you know we have more work to do to get out of it and we did a year ago points wise and teams to climb over that well and all that actually -- that. No just where we are where I feel our game OK -- you know where where where a little further back. Then we were a year ago with -- Effort but but the but that -- -- the thing that's different this year is you can go down faster and you can go up faster because you're not planning yes yes the Western Conference so because you're playing against Eastern Conference. You impact each other every every game as of four point. So you have the ability to climb faster. -- in the west though not having any games against us. Effort satisfied. Effort is improving. Effort has improved night I think the fact that Porter and -- have come up has added to that they've been you know there. They're they're good workers contribute little bit offensively. There -- you know. And hopefully you know as planned on that line and quit -- -- I think that is has been one of our better lines. Just moved. That you've made I'm -- rough. As hard as I'm sure that was for you to do to -- -- that way and what you as little as we know just from these conversations every couple weeks during the season over the years. I can respect that had to be tough. Having having made. Do you feel. More pressure. Then you've ever felt right now. Give it back -- coach changed and what this is your roster and and now that the doors open to making such a big change that that your sort of managing for your job what ever before. I don't view it that way. Hi I never have viewed it that way I I think that then maybe it's -- the years. Pressure is business. I I don't even look at it I don't think in terms of pressure I think you have to look in these situations for opportunities. You believe it or not have to find. The enjoyment of it. And you can't get pushed around beaten down by the situation here -- you actually have to find. The -- the opportunities. And you push that direction. And after it and you do it on a daily basis. But it doesn't do any good to think in terms of all my god you're under a lot of pressure I don't I don't I don't think that way has anyone upstairs above view says. We've got to make the playoffs -- we need to see a certain amount of improvement or anything like that deal. No no actually we've you know I talk to. Whether it's heads in the officer Terry. Almost on a daily basis and it is people working together -- trying to -- situation. You get we think at Roth tonight with -- -- -- -- but that for shirt yes. Do you think do you ever let me -- your style given the answer your last question also we know you but. I think anyway sometimes. How things might have been different the last certain number years if you just had the average contribution in terms of wins from your second goaltender. And you know whatever might go -- that but you're -- you're working gun. Sixteen months. -- no we implement you know and and and including his last game where he was very good and he had similar situations last year. -- -- a percentage of what is Berry bears back bulls -- back -- -- -- But. There's there's no question in the year before that he really you know is is the flip avoid -- and without you -- I don't believe we would've made that's upset that anytime yes or you've got it. You've got both sides of this that's right and needs and he's young guy and we have to help them get. Get his confidence back negatives in this game to where it was in -- one more thing Gregory go Darcy. We're talking to Paul regularly in -- like Paul is basically told us that the sabres are as you've said alluded to. Teaching him. Skating techniques and then. Sort of changing his his habits or just what -- Malvo went through this -- like I got the draft -- what we're doing with that Mikhail is. He gets very strict guidelines as to what is what the expectations are for him money game to game basis and he needs them more he doesn't meet him in in that process he made plain he may not play. But there's a lot of communication there is and explain the explanation top expectations. And in between all of that he's doing extra work on the ice and off the ice in you know really what we're trying to do is getting stronger and get better prepared to play a full season as he resisted any of matters -- always been good employee you have. He's a good worker. Are.

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