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Joe Buscaglia on the newest Buffalo Bill, Manny Lawson

Mar 13, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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-- -- -- -- Ralph Wilson Stadium in the studio John uses for his weeknight show. Joseph thanks for being with us gentlemen good afternoon if you tell us or can you tell us about the new acquisition today. Well Manny -- he's not perfect. But he's definitely someone that can come in in in star right away at the strong side linebacker position. In the fourth street looks any offers. You know -- eat in offers third guy to rotated and to rush the passer as well. If you -- align -- -- that down linemen some plays or even as a 34 outside linebacker he's got experience in all three phases so. -- for that in that respect. He's he's a solid pick up by he does have his weaknesses he's not exactly the past a pass rushers he's more moralist a guy. And in in relief you know he tends to -- really upright you know you'll notice and it it looks like he has some trouble disengaging from some of his blockers when when he has those attempts so. And so he's he's someone that. As his weaknesses as a -- -- It six foot 5240. Pounds in the way he runs its its hard. It's actually not hard at all. As he wide by Phoenix and up liking him because he's you know such. He stole. He's still vary in in trades by. If by guys with those types of measurable -- -- and things like that so. I'm not surprised by this type of addition putts but -- now the signing I think most bills and hope report. Yeah you know he described him that way like that that that side that quite especially 65 to forty. He runs really well that sounds like a guy you want to bring the noise off the edge. Problem is he's whatever like three -- a year through he hasn't been met and got up to and that -- -- He had fourteen and a half his first five years is a 34 outside linebacker which is not good but. To that point you know win. Calvin Pace was with Arizona for his first five seasons -- first five seasons as a 34 outside linebacker. He had fourteen total sacks and and then he went on to have a pretty productive. Tenure with the jets before he was released so it's not inevitable then he can't do it but he just hasn't done it to this point. And do you think the versatility that you really let off with years the main selling point I'd like you can play or 334 present that seems like that's really going to be what they wanted to. Yeah it absolutely is Bulldog I mean Mike -- wants someone that. Can do a little bit of everything in the fact that they can slot him in there as the 43 strong side linebacker. With Nigel Brad them out to -- back over to weak side linebacker what in -- in space which is what he's very good that. And you know giving them the versatility that have another. Another guy to spell for Mark Anderson at times so he's not out there constantly when there -- 34 looks. So -- I think I think that's this signing is something that. Will will you know kind of kill two birds with one stone so to speak -- and I think it also spells the end of any hopes that. Media of of what Kyle Moore returned to buffalo just because when you import now. -- to -- -- to ask about him so you think that's the end of the line there -- on this guy joy I've not listened to the entire meeting he had with the media that I know you were part of -- -- the the stadium. Did he say anything about Mario Williams being any kind of factor here being that they were college payments. He said it wasn't a factor he said he had even talked to him several but he was expecting to speak with the man he said he was excited to. Kind of rekindled. You know the old college memories and things like that. But in the bills have. Really liked the 2006. Defensive line from NC state that's for sure. Is it fair to say that if he has talked to Mario Williams that means they're not close that's and its problems thinking. On that particular angle he's gonna sign with a team -- close to Mario Williams would meet. Talked on the -- as he's coming here and relatives here you know probably I mean. There though though. Well chatted up a little bit but although Mario could be on safari are comfortable on and on avail one minimize answers to these guys going wouldn't want to -- wanted to make. I'm free agency jokes I don't wanna talk about your conversation with Fitzpatrick. As well and will replace them later on to -- audience but dumb. Or else you think they're looking here is is a good chance. Committed this way that the bills given the obvious. Trail of bread crumbs to the jets that Patton and some of the staff -- -- A -- lane in the weeds for some of these jet guys not want to overpay. And we don't waiting to pounce through three days in this whole process when they realize they're not gonna get a big countries. -- maybe even later than 23 data. They are you could be looking at 11 to two weeks in I would I would say somewhere in that range. Sometime before before April starts I think would probably be the ideal of if they were to be laying in wait for some of these guys so. They -- you look at players I mean. It was reported that they were in and Mike DeVito. Who played for the jets last year. You know Bart Scott is an obvious one but it with the signing of of many loss in is that kind of push away what Bart Scott might bring to the table sort of thing. Or do they just believe in Kelvin Sheppard and Nigel Brad have enough to light them up as linebackers now that they did did bring in -- in the in another guy Jim miner to who who didn't play for the jets last year but there has plenty of experience with Mike -- right so. The FAI think they'll probably -- for those types of free agents I think they'll probably. Wait a little bit let the market cooled down because I mean we're still -- we're still seeing reports for Shawn Green dating. I ten million over three years which is ridiculous yeah -- have guaranteed. We're talking about Welker may be signing with Denver so -- this thing is still going hot and heavy at this points out expect from the kinda cool off for those veteran guys -- a look at that. We're taught when I -- its values that at one bills drive many -- there signing of today a linebacker was introduced earlier. Joseph one other jet that doesn't really fit this profile he's on a bit of a tour. That I like the sound of but I it probably McCloskey he's the guy you wait a week or two and signed some got a bargain and that's LeRon Landry who I was pretty impressed with. Both times the bills played played the jets he recognizing that CJ Spiller commands -- with the jets the second time around here in the finale but. All the same he's been in the he's going somewhere else -- forget where maybe Denver. Or San Diego can't Morales. Any chance at all would be Smart the bills stink big dough into another safety considering the commitment they've made the bird. That's the part I struggle with pulled -- I mean how much do you really want to sink in your safety position it's that through the biggest thing about it. It. Mean we don't know how much away -- it would cost. Golds and kind of set the market today by getting that five year contract. Worth I think 41 and half billion today. So. Yeah if you -- hear that contract with the Buccaneers to -- out that back you know for him. So in that kind of set the market for jurors -- And because Gholston is one of the top safeties in the league terrorist bird in my opinion is one of the top safeties in the league. And I'm sure in the opinion of his agent Eugene Parker he is certainly one of the top NC feasible league around though and so I mean. -- ought -- -- probe orders are so they're gonna command probably anywhere from six and a half to eight million dollars for bird. And thinking about that are they really gonna sink another five million per year to the strong safety side. I don't know if Landry is worth that type of cash I don't know. Because he really had a coming -- -- season last year but. You know kind of struggle leading up to it already was played a one year deal that accused his marketability was -- -- last off season he signed a one year deal to go to the -- yeah so way. If if he's going to be demanding that type of money I just don't. Know that the bills would do it. But. I do see them addressing the safety position in some capacity and you know the odds on favorite for me is still Jim Leonard it's always going to be that way until he signs -- morals. Joba -- you with -- us okay Joseph Fitzpatrick -- Soundview. You've -- I mean I mean it as well as one could be when he learned the news that he's not gonna be receiving three million dollars next day Eddie was on a plane. When he found out. He was on the plane and luckily enough the plane had wife Buffy. And so he had capabilities to do I'm messaging with iPhone and contact people through email. It's a set to -- not in the camp conversations like if you ever need an ego boost beat. Just just released by an NFL team and not have your phone on that on the plane and then when you get off you it's only exit voicemails. That are just you know so nice and so are warming so. He was cut in meaning he was he did is. You know he joked around a little bit he was very fond of his memories in buffalo very bittersweet in were calling them because he wouldn't be a part of the team any longer by. You know he's. He's a -- bro he's a class act in you know I was I was just fortunate enough to get a chance to catch up with the one last time for. Before he -- journey off to another team. What's your latest. Appraisal of the draft quarterback crop. Right now while. It's. It's tough hit it really is I still. For me. The top guy he's still Matt Barkley -- I won't get off that bandwagon just because mock drafts they otherwise. I think I think he's he's the best prospect -- my opinion by. You know people are going to be trying to. You know play. Geno Smith to the bills at eight just because all they have mr. -- Jackson you're corp on the roster I'm not convinced that. That GO Smith -- this certainly guys. You have to consider I mean I think Bulldog and I talked about this a little bit ago. When Syracuse played West Virginia. The results that geno Smith and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If -- how is even if Doug Maroney has only a small. Say which I think you know is the minimum. How how does he. How does he settle for that right like he could think Smith is amazing I don't know that he doesn't. But it's hard for me to think Smith is for it's hard for me to think he thinks Smith is better. Then even his own guy right when head to head and he doesn't -- not to this point. Is you know really how they do it now there's probably some feel involved. Of course. And they had should have a great feel for their guy in NASA have for the time -- -- them but. Like how how heavily would they -- those games I mean wouldn't they look at every road geno Smith made over our career now free throw line nets -- college career -- Which guy is better right I mean. Yeah you would you would come out with geno Smith being the better quarterback prospect no doubt about it. But when Doug Barone had a -- a first time defensive coordinator. In in -- shut him down. Three times in a row I mean and I think that's probably gonna stick with him a little bit yeah so. You know there and that's not to say that he's a terrible prospect because a bit and that's not to say maybe he just he just had a bad day -- three days. But -- You know. I still think it's not. Either geno Smith an eight or -- I still think Matt Barkley plays in the equation. I still think. You know massive even though I'm not too high enemy he he plays in the equation. Still think Tyler Wilson maybe even later rob maybe in the third round plays plays into itself. If they're gonna have their options but. You know -- I'm still I'm gonna hold this -- -- -- and I know it's they might some great because they just release Fitzpatrick. I'm still not sold but they're gonna -- a quarterback in the first real I think you know they have a lot of need still. I'm still not sold on it that until I see it happen I'm not sold. Until you see it happens we won't be you'll get you off at this point between now and the end of April. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it was November I speak I remember correctly or maybe you can go through and that it is sad that. Record conversation. That's a bad year to -- -- right. I thought that was I brought that up earlier Joseph always sort of blew by that yesterday because there was so much just about the intrigue of him getting duped like that have been of course it's not released the -- at the arena for hockey game but. Yeah I mean -- saying that is I wouldn't blow at all. You all mean. Doesn't mean he won't take one that could just be one GM talk into another to try and get a get a message out you know I mean I didn't Celek let me. Yeah I mean either. It's just like yeah guys spit balling for six minutes right for conversation and them that was gonna put up -- head. Coming up -- Patrick started Joan brown -- we talk about the draft year but. -- -- of the phone calls come up again I know you asked Fitzpatrick about this and I know I know what he said. And how do you feel talking to him you do you think he found out he was only going to be competing for a backup job. Because of that recorded conversation that you. I think he knew I had -- in all. His quotas interest thing he doesn't exactly say it really is and that you know he was trying to do his best would be. While not trying to do was passed he'd he was respectful but Phoenix and things that you felt bad for but he things like that. And and that one of one of the things he -- about what he most is that he he -- it to him straight he doesn't. If if he deserves the criticism -- -- now and you know I think. But he mixes I mean as kind of -- reputation that. You know -- to tell like it is from time to meet with the media so. I don't know that it necessarily was the first time. He got that notion from buddy -- but to hear it. Buddy -- saying it to a third party yeah I'm sure couldn't have gone over too well and you know I. Fitzpatrick probably knew ahead of time before he got that restructuring offer. If he he probably I'm sorry probably he got that we're structuring offer book. Before that whole thing came out yesterday right so. I don't know that it played too large of a deal. The question had to be asked but I'm sure it seem like Fitzpatrick was or wasn't really two fazed by it. All right thanks your time joke thanks guys. Joba -- at the stadium. Monitoring NFL free agency is he will and we will continue to do and he's. Me or that WGR 550 dot com he's he's got a mock draft from last Friday. Up already and if you if you missed it he's got them taken the Tennessee receiver and then trading back into the bottom of the first round -- Barkley. But you the whole first round art of to a second bills -- which I think he had been treating back and 34 overall. Is therefore if you -- interest in looking looking up that is in and all of -- the free agency tracker Joseph who's in charge of all that. And of course as we move forward. Passed free agency and the draft season and you'll have position by position rundown means it's your one stop NFL offseason shop. -- -- -- You know -- I would ask Joseph this next time we're talking about whether it's a good year to draft quarterbacks if he would say. That 2011. Once or that knicks would have said 2011 was 2011 was Cam Newton. Who were but he thinks the bills would have panicked had they had a chance but. After that as we talked about it I remember it well enough it was a bunch of guys that. You word. Sure about even knew -- was a little bit of that you know a lot but you know Jake Locker and Gabbert and Ryan mallet who fell like I'm wondering if knicks might have said the same thing two years ago about the quarterbacks there were a lot of them but what he would. Thought this wasn't the best year to meet one no he didn't thinking anyone's guess outside of Newton but. You're waiting for a --

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