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3/14 Bills DC Mike Pettine reviews Manny Lawson, Bills lingering defensive needs

Mar 14, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm sorry that this is this like its first impression of the show here's George you're humor. No wasn't me that was Dan coached always Jeremy I'm Howard -- with -- -- I don't want to hear it worked like shut up because I -- wide net and assets. Appreciate you coming I know you're in the middle of meetings so we will keep you very long. We wanted to find out about Manny Lawson I guess let's start their coach working itself. The bills fans listening about why you guys not be important to bring in -- loss in your defense what does he bring to you. Or pick I think he brings a guy that -- some the explosive ability meaning that he's a he's a tall range GI. You assess the -- type defender. And -- even though we're not going to be -- -- 34. 24 threes fours four were doing it and it hit a hybrid fronts of the multiple fronts that we run we we do need. We continue to bicker pitched players. So I think he he fits the he certainly fits that bill force. I think he's a very underrated pass rusher -- get as much opportunity to do it and Cincinnati has -- as he has been in San Francisco. But he's excited that we have like coming out years ago. It's just kind of you know it admired the way he plays community effort the energy. That he plays with a passion. Comes from afar -- when the opportunity. OK -- first to evaluate the outside linebackers and in free agency he was at the top the list. Mike when you're coming to a new team in near designing a defense how much of last year's bills team do you watch and how much do you incorporate I don't know you try to. Find out what they already have here and matched that with what you -- built. What was really -- -- we got here it was before we can look outside the -- we needed to evaluate the roster. So we've watched every step. From from from last season and even some from the from the year before just to get a feel for. Who is here and and you what they were doing -- dramatically and kind of what you know player strikes were weaknesses and and interest to skill -- to the guys here and -- after that be at funerals begin to formulate. You know looking back at our vision moving forward of what the bills' defense is gonna look like you what with two what pieces do we need. One of the guys that was obviously a big addition last year is Mario Williams lot of pressure on him last year in which we saw numbers but people may be wondered if he would be. More effective when you watched him back did you think he was being used correctly is there anything different you would see about maybe a way to use him. Well I mean to me he's an easy new talent. He's a guy that you throw behalf. And then we're pretty used him in a variety away excellent really can't speak on and -- he was used. So a year ago it's it's. Again just. Haven't had a player that type of compatibility. It from a from -- -- standpoint so he had gathered. You know the deputy Weaver was a former team in older do you like coach thanks for I think has an outstanding relationship with them. And we're gonna look to to maximize that ability. You know and when you talk a moment ago about looking back at last year's defense what did you learn before you as you said before you move forward and add to got to feel what you have what did you learn that you have. Well at thirty -- -- and you know having been in new York and played the bills twice a year at the but that there's certainly some challenger. Today it's abandoned in I think we have my first -- years that -- to cover up there I think was that the phrase they used -- And you know that held up as we watch the tape I mean there's some there's person killed here Anderson compassionate football players can tell guys want to play. And which if you would just look forward to two again -- hadn't had a few pieces in and you get this group together here in April and and and get after. As you watch the tape of last year to the run defense keeping up at night you know is there there are some struggles last -- in and that more than anything. Watch again you know our kids. Kids because a lot of that -- obligated to be critical of how things -- -- lecture and then we have borrowed issues in New York. Stopping the run as well he would do -- watch it is huge export crop it down to it it's just -- -- we -- so. Again that's something that. That would pride ourselves on here we we we prided ourselves on that what you're back when I was in Baltimore and and it in it with the jets and I think that needs to be. -- even though this is has become a pest personally I still think you need to to think if you can't stop the run -- still have to force teams to be. One dimensional and you can really focus in on all of the -- Russians -- the and -- and the coverage. So given that that's going to be a big part of of building the foundation here is is stopping the run. -- -- witnessed the those defensive coordinator you mentioned a moment ago your vision for this defense. Stop three sign Mckelvin who resigned to bring in Manny Lawson. What else do you need in in your vision of this defense that you've talked to the guys about what else does it need at this point -- the holes. Sure I mean and that's to me that's still an ongoing process and that's let him -- to get into specifics there but it's. It's still process of roster valuation and and again well -- we have the opportunity coming up in the in the in a month to evaluate roster again actually. Do we have those guys on campus here intend. In going through a mini camp so. Again I just think it's it's you know couple who would being here and what do we do we needed -- -- to consider an agent -- -- ruled that we were able to. To get many here. But again it's those are those are all decisions that would that would -- would you get don't think it with parties that will make move forward. What dumb if your playbook in terms of what you want the steepest Steve talked about hybrid and different things -- your playbook done. Almost done I mean as your scheme ready to go -- at. Roberts say to work in progress again we're -- incorporated dial in on it a 100% because you have -- stated work. Or go to -- tie late in our -- what we do well. So get I think it's going to be able to more roster based do we have a base concept work Iran and in those are certainly. You have have been -- didn't. For applicable state political restore process of staff just kind of going through wind and then rebuilding -- that is that the one advantage we have a new staff. It is as we were able to take four years of what we did in New York. And then had to it. The experience of the of the other coaches on staff when there was a Donnie Henderson of the things that he's done in his in his chest X. Experience and -- chapters back. Here comes from the college level. You know a lot of things that he's done as well as. You do the the guys that work there would -- New York Connecticut reliever Jim O'Neill. What we basically hit the reset button on everything I don't wanna commit its its you know this is that this is what rod and you know over time we over the four years Z it's it's the -- of accumulated a lot of different things which here. Which your defense has a lot of tweaks and a lot of adjustments and and we wanted to cut extended back to the baseline and then put it you build the foundation from the beginning and say okay here's appears to playbook -- -- to teach it. It and understand that these are all the variations of it but we still have to have a base way to teach it. It was such great meetings I mean I'm just I'm just really. Just rolled with the with the knowledge that we have any experience and in in the coaching staff that the it's a very open. Discussion that the -- organizers there's more than one way to do it and forget I -- expert -- very productive. But you know I don't -- thick playbook will be will be. We you know finalized until but to work pretty Katrina -- Like one -- -- I got for you get back to work I wanted to ask about the linebackers in general. Shepherd Bradley got some young guys there well at what have you seen so far from them and what kind of how can they fit into what you'd like to do defensive. Or get I think that's who -- the -- we have as we get that additional campus. And and very much looking fortress like all the positions were very much looking forward to get -- get those guys here get to know. You've given the media room and if you take into the field I mean that's that but I guess -- there's some don't explosive talent here. And I guess that's that's the one thing that again were gonna take full advantage of is that is that -- -- Mike thanks to take some time now let's get back to meetings. Sir great thanks --

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