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WGR550>Topics>>Great Interview w/ Blue Jay Jim Negrych on Upcoming Season

Great Interview w/ Blue Jay Jim Negrych on Upcoming Season

Mar 14, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And about race. I had so -- -- open. -- Mike -- for the bulldogs. In mid march the sun is out why not let's talk baseball the blue jays have a new affiliate. This year in the buys in addition to the Verizon's revenue parent club. And hoping to make the big club. But still you know possibly. Will end up with a Verizon's we'll see we'll talk about it here with genetic rich out of Orchard Park one of Saint Francis high school. Jim Mike and Chris here thanks for taking some time out for us. What -- about what did you play today ought to go to day. I will. Let nobody on the Yankees in Vietnam epic excitement -- place where you were pretty well and where -- in the lineup today. I don't that are going to want to inaudible. Nowhere -- be a certificate to protect -- particular so this is being dull and husband all pretty well for you down there are so far right. All we're good it's it's a great experience. You know stars -- -- get up there -- -- already know or I troopers are apparently well they're definitely culture shock at first black. You know -- awful lot of guys from the collapse sick. And that there will open up some opportunities for guys that are my situation play a lot more ahead. It's an opportunity did you know more I thought you know in order to people that's that's -- I'll just be you'll have people that it took Hillary left. What kind of feel for that you have at this point Jim what do you any sense of which way to wind -- along with this for you. -- so we have in the preloaded. It would be good level I mean you know bottom loose and they got a -- I've -- -- the doctor has pretty much that he'll bark. At all about wearing your opinion in your old this. And then you don't have an opportunity and ended its peak here and editor's note due in America likely declare someone gets -- -- work. You know we got a couple SK Gupta right now sort of happened -- -- -- great -- and -- lucky to -- and able then you get a better opportunity. They're not disciplined well. We should point out that those signings at the superstars around you talk about. All that happened after you signed with Toronto and I I've wondered if you still would have signed with Toronto had you known what the rest of the winner would be like. I mean. Obviously. Now and plan doesn't happen to a lot of guys in this and tell us that the initial reason why are excited about the I can actually it's what might economic cake then -- actual piece of a flat. I'll into the you'll play in this organization they've made their commitment they wanted -- early and we're gonna being -- big league camp which is the most important -- I really change the way I did make it up to the probably going to camp. In put up numbers and couldn't have -- practical and he called market. We certainly doing that this spring it's -- your batting around 450. Things are going well for you how how do you run. What do you what do you say about being on on a group of guys here that is being talked about his highly rated as the blue jays are mean is that something that. You enjoy I wonder Ehrlich is a hole if that if this Toronto team is welcoming these kind of expectations. -- that we welcome yeah. Armed with this group -- is it all together. You know I think they were out there and you know I'm up there -- -- and Adam lane and Melky Cabrera. Kozyrev's when they come back and pulled out -- together and it's an older group of guys -- did not young there's it's like to look like compared to promote the clashes with the difference. Is that the Marlins were surrounding host star players that they got the better question marks it's more about these are players split saying. That's appropriate in her own right with what he's got. In lady because she alone. And that pretty decent pitching you know they had a technical. It's out there embracing it and it's a challenging in that I will note sent it doesn't matter what you do now Honda and ordinary human rights and you wanna you know being -- -- and get ready to go get -- right. And rising how how stacked the roster is a -- -- talked pretty candidly about that so far. -- this -- do you feel like the way to spring is going view the numbers that you are putting up in the eyes that you may be opening. Despite there being in this log -- is this maybe the best opportunity you feel you've had grown into going into a season to maybe you know if not make the big league club beat. Maybe the first guy they tab when they need guidance maybe a bit of utility dugout. Yeah absolutely I mean that's. A no brainer question to me. It's by far without summit here yet but first in my career. I mean that song. -- -- well it's very got a -- you know Miami -- never seemed to give the opportunity that I got here where. You know I got to get content manager planned and just look at it and show. I mean if you watch it play and you watch a guy that got five or six in the big -- you can't tell the difference. And that's just the point that I want to get out there and and proud of managers that seemed you know I am glad to model her. You know that's a look portraying and it's he's become mature now. Generic -- with us joining us from Florida the blue jays are of course still spring training and working their way up they've got. Nice look at roster this year in gyms open be a part of it. Jim we know some about your background Saint Francis high school hit. Com you can you tell us and our listeners just about how you ended up here enough to go through the -- you -- The whole history your minor league career but just like how how does a guy from Saint Francis high school get to this point. Just you know -- injured. They meet up today your abilities. You know not so much off the field -- to talk big game but he got to beat. Out there on the field and into all the leaders who literature on your shoulder. Because of where we are from or not probably are not going to. Eat. Like a certification that other people do in order to get into you got to work for you got to want important but he also. Are talking a good fit in. In play every game and play every day in and do well -- And now just let pirates and that's what they could hear it and order -- a little bit he. And this pressure on these initiatives that political tension and it looked into well and and it's it's that a ground and an incident and a great experience along the way and you know I get a lot of support from people call him. Everybody's agreed to meet in which just thought it's an experience but it's not that many green and their activities here. And I really think that's going to be easier in an era. We're would you mind talking about the grind a little bit Jim likely just want what what that's like like day to day week to week even your year at this point after being -- -- 2006 like -- He is still. Find yourself every day full confidence that the dream is gonna come true at some point. I think you have to watch Hulu is that your name and and that. If you feel that I reached -- that you're doing -- -- this isn't just to law but still wearing anybody saw. The little bit physically or mentally fundamentally changing -- -- 44860. Nights. And it's healed that you may completely lightly on May I mean come got to make some money you -- all of us into -- -- and so looked old and you know it's ultimately you'll adjust. -- just to do it you look at -- level -- We're not out it's not torture -- effort to someone who simply apply to your -- reported you know you bought it for our Martin you report. And get a fracture critical acting that night I'll iconic art in the next morning welcome. -- know where I'm Leo and I think that if your plane that came just just -- money and you're doing the wrong here is just the Wear and you're in the seat and sister in law and actually years. To follow up on that Jim did you ever come close to walking away -- was was a point in your career where you thought. This is tough. I mean. Let's -- calling 2009. Well hence -- certain area that's under the gun under eventually try to balance. And working my way back copy morning trading on it are -- -- with my trainer opted to eat. You know what you really help -- -- country and -- -- beaten to back everywhere. And -- you get back can be audited our content when all he could well forty probably. The Bogota this and I had a year. In just. Regarding crude utterly non of them here left and here again we are rumored to Israel calling my dad. You for the you know before a game like -- to -- game just like I don't goats we're not playing everyday at double -- for the third time. You know what let's do -- here in -- kind of you know -- a student. Until legally if you wanna do it you gotta go all English not to -- you know go back to school you wanna work everyday you wanna little ballpark. And the decisions we eat -- On whether -- playing at 10 o'clock than watching people ordered. Yes sir there's a famous Mickey Mantle story like that you may know everybody in baseball may know it but how mantle was just struggling a little bit in the minor leagues and isn't that his father was coming you know -- his father was commonly thought it was gonna get a pep talk in his that he got let's go. You're one of the year we'll go go home we'll go back to commerce Oklahoma work on you know in the mines. So. Exactly you're going to try to resolve the game. Nobody else trucks are treated you did you kind of put on the back burner sit up. Because. -- vehicle are pretty well you know it's like anything though you ever to sit around you're calling for no reason you think you got it off their social and has helped turn her work -- You know you have a lot about somebody -- you go hand foot and I think mark you are not at that as a. Saint Francis Orchard Park western new Yorker through through right here were -- -- -- You can't put the blue jays Jimmie and we already alluded to this. At the outset of our conversation. But. You know obviously the dream is to to get to the show played the big club in Toronto is not exactly that far away anyway. But -- -- -- to be some kind of buffer there that if you do end up getting sent down to triple -- it's at least can be your home on Tripoli team. Yeah -- -- to get better -- support me and I'll play. If -- -- rumor -- it kept markets with the Australian lectures and you know growing up in enclave in locking in that they might know without it. Electricity in that quick break or moderately Cain is unmatched anywhere with you markedly your card. You know to play in an -- forward in in buffalo and you know we all know there should. You know when your doctor -- -- they're not coming and it can get around so we got to come we -- we gave. They get the people back in the seats in Munich all other organizations. You know it got different political action and adds a -- myself. We should be extremely competitive we should be geared analysts you know we have the European lipped out here but yet about their -- excellent outcome and update your job so. We -- put together. It went to game and kind of keep American you. I happen to see your game Friday. In Orlando against the Braves and it looked like the -- roster probably maybe not including yourself we'll see but. Basically don't go send it looked like you know what let's just Johnson Jim wasn't bad. Yeah -- economy yeah it really use and ownership. -- -- -- -- So let's hear about a couple of pitchers that our listeners would know that you face I'm thinking that you didn't play with Strasburg I know you were in Syracuse and maybe -- he went through there the year before. I didn't live picture out there when I first got professional -- in -- game really. Yeah the -- -- they're actually pretty. Each story. -- the legal again. They're playing how many are part of what they're being in building up between doctors pick it -- vote on the -- And that is lieutenant. The director of -- it in my theater so. I don't need you -- Us undergoing -- my -- But a part of the -- -- -- thank -- got just what the subway line. Jericho is what everybody air coming up to. The ball going to Cook County. Jury you know that. Was that. I was an Altoona and we've faced some right after the newspaper -- called -- the next -- -- so it was pretty packed the stadium while who else Jim. They. Jewish chaplain was there don't -- on Eritrea. Are -- straight from the left side. The other I think a lot of guys are they saying credit. They are you can bet your holidays quickly. On. A lot of big game guys that are out there and -- experience in the box work and it's exciting at the Laker game art because you. You get you know you cope Washington and you get into the park and create. You know know yourself know internally and actually do that when you know reach and exceed our. -- -- Good for you. Well we're happy to have had this time with the Jim good luck that say. Saying a load of me from me rather to your fiance -- very nice talk to with the game on Friday to -- And we appreciate your your visit here -- -- good luck. Thank -- particular publicist now. Yeah in the amateur public radio Iowa and back off. Yeah with straight day Q there was she was definitely talking you up and in the in the area were I was sitting on Friday of course so good that there are brought up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I wanna I wanna schism like we hope we see -- down year but like I guess it really wanna say I hope we don't but if if you end up here hopefully we can do this again yeah. It's -- let's just literally -- me -- -- in the hope she sees me in buffalo that you retreat under assault from Internet wheel well I mean that's. -- copy editor and Paris. This year. Nice thanks again Jim good -- Aren't -- Orton. Genetic rich. And I might -- just throw in here that. I am becoming a blue jays ticket holder now -- throw.

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