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WGR550>Topics>>Darcy Regier Grigorenko Press Conference

Darcy Regier Grigorenko Press Conference

Mar 15, 2013|

from First Niagara Center

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- I I think I assume all of your here because you are aware that we have return Mikhail -- -- to go back further remainder of their season which will amount to one regular season game and then their playoffs began. Next weekend. Regarded as. -- -- Know why I did you know when we -- And and we've been talking about this for awhile -- I think this is an opportunity for him to. To keep growing and building on on his experience here building on me you know to start in quote in the Quebec league. He had a terrific world junior tournament. He took all of us by a being here or the like that time he has been here. And it depending how far they go on the playoffs he will return here after the season. -- -- I it was first first plane we wanted to give him an opportunity to see whether or not could. You know really put all it was a -- whether anybody was going to be able to get his minutes up -- where he could continue. The development and and where we ended up. And and really what drove the vision was sweetie we've really used them in a fourth line type. Roll where we are hoping -- get -- get him in -- create a -- and but his minutes really I think probably topped out at ten minute and and in the end. He's got an opportunity go back to Quebec. Be the go to. I've played twenty to talk to him and he's got a terrific coached there and Patrick Wahoo. You know like I've had a number of conversations with Patrick over the last few weeks and today again. In and oh if it's an experience that he. He can build on the world juniors and really be the go to guy in Quebec and and I expect that at some. -- career he'd that's what we're going to expect here out of him but it's not fair to. -- look for that out of an eighteen year old. Well I don't think John I think it's actually. Revolve more around an eighteen year old and and we use the expression that. You have to learn to play more hockey in your shift these kids are used to having the puck a lot. With their junior teams and they're very good when they do have the pocket when they don't have the pockets where most of the learning takes place combined with. Getting stronger and getting faster. And those are all normal normal things that we deal with with young players so. It was. It was an experiment did -- on it it I think they're they're certainly are benefits he has a very good understanding of what is going it take to play in the National Hockey League. Going forward. I talk to vote him I think it's a very important and he agreed that he spent as much time as possible here in the offseason training in and preparing him for actually. -- -- -- -- -- I think you always worry about eighteen year olds. Whether they're hockey players are not my case there over that now but. It that. They they're there's -- a straight line I mean you don't. -- -- you don't go from zero to a hundred not miss a beat. There's adversity. That he's going to deal with. But I think you know in the and he he was great he understands he he recognizes the opportunity he knows that. He's he's going to get to play a lot and he wants to play hockey and old. On one hand I I do but on the other hand. You know no one gets to go through the career with the demon with a little of adversity and so it can. You know it'll it'll it'll build form as well who helped him. -- No I wasn't sure. You you you can't be sure until you get them in the environment. And unfortunately I. If if you're hitting on all cylinders and you only have 118 needed to eighteen year old in there and your team's gone real -- you can better support that young man and and -- you know we're not that position right now. It. Yet because the roster move I think quote. It it Billy will play. And and we did have to make her roster move. It actually I looked at it the other is actually about to keep -- longer and and play Pamela long before we knew we had to scratch but. It wasn't this has driven by. This has driven a vote this is driven by what is her McHale and his career. -- The only way -- come back. And third emergency meaning we've we've now had the third forward injured -- called two up from Rochester and a third one and third situation you can bring them from junior. Season's over we had the ability to bring him here and or Rochester. It. The team's struggles and the in this capacity to try to transition for a what's been going on where you Warren -- That also help prevent you from supporting that players giving him more right. You know if it. If you didn't it. It I think it always does I mean them in on the stronger team you have more you can support. Whether young players are or. You know maybe weaker players in other areas but. I don't know that you know there's there's there's that these numbers strong teams that wouldn't vendor can't have a -- it at at this level and also. I think there's. There's been benefit for us. There's benefits for him. We got it take to know his game he got to know why he has a very good understanding of what he needs to do when he gets to go back and he's gonna have the opportunity to practice and work emotions. -- -- -- You know I think the correctly Israel that I talk to the commissioner of the correctly as well just make sure that. We're little rules on of these days so you know and make sure that we had the ability -- in -- preterm and so it's it's it's it's terrific furcal back at that's terrific for the league and and I think it'll turn out to be very good things from key elements as well. Yeah. Hello there. Murphy and power plant come online. They would they -- you get into is that it's a team game that came sport and you can only go so far. Two give the individual something out there at the expense of the rest of the team. And where that line is this ultimately where you decide whether they they're getting 868 or ten minutes and and you know that everyone recognizes whether -- teammate recognizes whether someone has. Is gratuity can recruit to it as we've given something has earned it and -- you need to do to keep the team. Caught up in place. -- Yeah. No I I really Paul Light I don't think all have Brian's been terrific. I was at Rochester last home game I'm trying get up there again tonight -- -- guys playing very well at that level right now. Forwards and defense and -- Brian Brian has earned his right to be here he's in -- player now being a rookie and didn't in the in the NHL the American -- But you know I I really think in the end this came down to where what's best for Mikhail. And you know if there's -- circumstance surrounding it but really it was just what's best for this man. It looked ahead Q what convention. Went out to me that where was. Patrick. -- and his. Well Patrick Patrick remains when you're suspend you remain on the roster. So there's no move. -- -- -- -- -- -- Things -- Porter had a week. Former big. -- Here and in good health. -- -- -- -- Well no actually what you can do as you can get a designated you can put someone on waivers and designate them -- non roster player. Prior to them clear. So there's that ability that that may be -- Okay. Good no. Well. I mean. Analysts say that there may have been way back -- me. Today oh no not today -- don't know I don't know waivers to. It. Yeah I expect him to count for Spock and and because there's things that need to be worked on and it. And I don't want he's corrected because they haven't yet been developed so that not a correction if it's a development. Something that evil people learn and build on and I think he can he can. Acquire those things over the summer. -- -- that I think that if the rules allow that would be the first place you would go you know. You know but they're not so. -- Very. -- You do all you do both yeah. You know curious as stated it Denton and that's our focus is not just about playoffs it's about the ability to. Do to win a championship with a group of players have so that extends beyond this season. A lot cults. Do not lots of calls now we have general managers meetings in Toronto on the -- Think as Wednesday. And so there -- a lot of calls to try to get a sense of what the market is what cost is going to be. So the activity is picked up. I like him he's done a good job he's he's a detail -- oriented guy. Coach. And and so I think as a teacher he's a very good teacher and and you know the team is making some progress so you know I like like what we've seen so -- Was this. Purpose there. -- Well diplomacy excuse me. Homework is going to I -- use a -- night and it was it was coming I don't know I'm pretty sure you wanna do that. It's one. You -- We have success and yeah it. It hit down it actually all comes down to what his mindset is. And you can view these things as an accumulation of knowledge and and skills. And and you can either as an opportunity now to go complain dictator ten minutes to twenty or 22 minute and now utilizing what you've learned. To take to -- junior and bill that night and then come back here at some point. So it is all about the mindset from the perspective that that individual holes. The verses being a victim which is largely about I can't believe this happened to me. And the outside circumstances. So I based on my conversations with him I think this has been a very good thing because I think he's got a very good mindset. Well. If you block. And when it's. Here. -- -- Florida is still finds a way to make people we just need what you've got. You know I'm I'm not know blown up -- You know. Blown up to me means. Blowing up. I mean nothing left. So yeah. No I'm I'm -- -- no I'm not Landmine at about it but I am in the mind at that depth organizationally. We have to find a way. -- in order to win a championship to acquire more top players. And and soul you know it's more with that. Thought process. -- No I think there's a little bit of a change and in the around in this is certainly in this year. And his interest in. You know you do that congress does things some say -- -- there in our division next here and all we haven't heard him because of the only realignment obviously it. No I I think that this is more vote to you know how you're gonna make yourself that are vs. You know avoiding making some models -- -- all although that comes into play. It. There. I have an opinion on I got it I think it's good. I would have liked to have seen the of the wild cards -- league wide vs in in the conference but you know. And then didn't. DiMarco. Thank you appreciate it. His -- government. You guys went right. Yet. -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah the designated non us. I. I'm not sure. I don't remember it. No no I was there an injury he didn't -- Good. -- -- -- --

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