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WGR550>Topics>>3/20 Steve Tasker talks draft, new NFL rules

3/20 Steve Tasker talks draft, new NFL rules

Mar 20, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Show talk is me on there Bulldog WGR Matthew WGR. You've got others -- maybe get to later here is Steve tasker with a solo Steve. They got -- don't. Have been a great. What's the slack time now I can relax a little. Yeah we wanted to check it with you about. These rule -- and football insert other things we'll start with with your son though Steve and I know. John Murphy had -- recently or had Luka and I guess recently reluctant to talk to him about it. What are your expectations here for the next month or so. Well our expectations are pretty realistic and -- got a really good attitude about it. He knows he's a lot a little bit like I was as the kind of a long shot you know me. I I think you know -- dream come true if you get drafted nightly round I don't know that that'll happen I kind of doubt that it will but it could. I think he's pretty realistic about -- -- I think it's pretty realistic to think that he's going to be in camp with somebody. With training camp rolls around there's been enough interest and we put enough things. Through the grapevine and talking to scouts and and other people. That in the they'll probably be a spot in some training camp around the national football league for lieutenant. -- be fun to see where that can end up being and that that's probably the best case scenario for us right now is for -- is just to. Wait and see. How the draft rolls out in the next few days after that to see who calls. These looking at maybe at best is being a camp invite Steve does that mean the the path to making a roster is maybe not. At all dissimilar from your path special teams guy -- return ability that kind of thing. Right exactly and and did that he knows that and and it's been fun to have to watch how it did you know how it progresses -- he's a little. A little bit different situation and I did in that you know the way to evaluate these guys has changed so much over the last 25 years so. It's been fun to go through that with him and watch him work hard and. They see improve -- the season for erupting how do you mean that I'll always always a valuation different than when you play. Well night when when I came out it was only the first or second year that the come -- and even existed. I did not get invited. To the combine a lot of guys and at that time it was a little bit. In and give it obviously wasn't televised -- here this word you don't even know it means -- -- was run over anything. In no -- knew what it was. And so I didn't really feel like you're missing that much be in there and for me I'd get. Most of these guys now have pro day and about every school does -- they've got anybody who's got aspirations or anybody who's got the ability your head for has had the production numbers. To Warren -- -- coming -- -- given a -- outlook which is most schools particularly at the Ivy League and above level. So they have a pro day and that just wasn't the case back when I came -- I mean I get -- notice maybe two days before today on Thursday. The guy from the Bengals has come invited check you out you know and you know you know okay. And you know say next week to guy from the Oilers coming into the -- OK and you know it's the same kind of thing. So I actually played rugby my last semester of college to stage an eight. So this doesn't -- that would be you know somewhat. Ready for when the scouts showed up on the spur of the moment in time mean for your Grammy true whatever else they wanted to run me through social different. Insisting that I read Jim McNally grand Cornell -- Well he -- part of it that Jim was fair in because -- well actually his roommate is a guy named Jason trenor who. You know I've known since -- -- they've been -- they've been roommates for four years over there Jaycee was playing left tackle at the end of his career he played tight end and they got there. JC is days -- round draft pick in the year ago and you know I don't tendencies. You know I know we can pretty well. And he's an NFL offensive lineman. Corporate center. You put him. He's taken like -- the Petri your Eric would. And Gartner. You stick him in a room with all those guys you could not tell them apart he is an NFL offensive -- as if he was a rubber stamp. So he's got to be somewhere and that that brought Jim McNally. To the pro day. And he ran JC through his paces at JP which of the come -- and it is was actually one of two offensive lineman. To finish in the top fifteen of every single thing they tested those guys on JC had a very good combined. So he didn't do anything else that is pro day at Cornell except McNally ran him through some. Some assets and some punch drills and and some shop for working on snapped the ball a little bit they work with -- -- for about 25 minutes. Just with McNally and that's all that that was the extent of McNally involvement but it would real. Well so first. As far as Luke goes Steve bomb -- -- is he done pretty much with the workouts and has the head pro day and out to sit back and going to happen. He added I mean a couple of Scott talked to him afterwards and and and in its interest tickets were like. The relax they -- shrug our shoulders the Denver Broncos were very interest and -- very early on in in October September of last fall when Luke started it and out of the park. With his numbers are you on the field. And then they were very involved in the pro day they were asking him to step in and at the end of the pro day they'd make sure that we -- going to be around next month or so so in case they wanna stop by. And look at in the more intimate have a private work out he'd be available. In -- A week later they find Wes Welker so. -- tell you know that kind of changes things that I think maybe for them but maybe not I mean how do we know we don't know anything but -- also been others other teams that have. You know I don't know -- on the radar just about everybody in the league because when I was doing games for CBS. I -- that about him when I was out so. -- so he's on the radar that would you have to wait NC. Steve may who we can use your son's. Prospects here as a as a transition into some of the the talk in football of late which is. Want one thing is this hour rule change now that runners are not going to be allowed to lower their heads and and and make contact with defenders using the crown of their helmet yeah it whether you. Wanna speak to that as an ex player or as a father of a possible future NFL player. Does that rule or just maybe that the climate in in pro football right now how does it. Seemed to you. Well they are the game has always evolved and we've known emulator. Most people don't think about it but they'll decide that who played -- know that it changes every year default constantly in that. It's one of the -- it is to be best run. Sports league in the planet. Because the ownership. Gives the fans exactly what they want they want you know if if everybody what was the purest and -- defense struggles most of you can bet the that the league would be -- ten to six games all the time. But that's not where they want so they've adjusted -- league now you got 4035. Games you go yet. 35 to 28 games that kind of stuff all the time. And you know that's where the league is moving and I think this is a reaction to a lot of the you know the lawsuits the concussion problems in the buzzwords that are going around not. And I I gotta be -- yet I don't know. Howell runner. Is gonna keep himself from abducted his head unflinching for coming -- to him when he's trying to get an extra yard out I get a tough yard anymore. If you can't lower your head and go. Forward which could also I think understand why they wanted this Jeff Fisher pollute lake Jeff -- saying that they action. Due to that to the you know concussion lawsuits and the and the players' safety that's been going on. Until last year to I think there's no question -- -- reaction. Steve Fisher said today that they showed videos of both. How guys did lower their heads of their guys who didn't and said that there were cheers in the room after the rule was passed like it was. So. Right right now this sport is really sort of in conflict internally with you know the players are some of the players are upset Fred Jackson might be upset. Well Thurmond's old putter today and -- commodities -- Other toddlers can be upset that the league is gonna go on Communist not gonna come off the rails. They're gonna change the game and now they'll make it it's going to be. It's going to be great a great game no matter what because they won't do whatever it takes to make a great game now there's no question it's going to be very very different. Then what we've come to know you're not gonna see guys -- and clothes line and you're not gonna see huge impact like you've seen in the past but in the past but. It would still be a great great game because it it won't be anything else the guys who play it or two gifted. The game itself is too fast moving and it's tailored so well to be presented on television. That it will still be a great game but it it is and make no mistake it would look vastly different as the years passed. Boy I'm just trying to imagine a scenario where a ball carrier near the end of the game is battling for a -- you are battling in the end zone -- -- data we get a -- there and I did read I can't find it right now so I'm I'm. Reluctant to even mention it's amateur at the numbers exactly right but. That the league that this competition committee looked dad. Games. From weeks ten through sixteen. And found instances where there would have been flags thrown on running backs I think ten or eleven times. In games in that many games so permanent struggle kind of gonna more than little more than once a week -- We'll Steve you're you're so good on broadcast with the rules. And like I know you'll be all over this and also the talk rule is probably even the bigger story today -- it's it's up there. That they abolished the talk rule. Only Pittsburgh voted to keep it and two teams doing a Washington -- do you know why. The talk rule was enacted in the first place. Yes they did not want cheap fumble in the pocket. They didn't want. The ball come loose in the pocket all the time and they felt that with the advent of social blitzes and better athletes on the outside package. They wanted. They didn't -- wanted tilted in the offices favor so that they were you know they could. You know keep the ball in the quarterback's hands and given another chance they didn't wanna put another. And level of responsibility. On the quarterback having to him you know make sure he protected the ball in the pocket they didn't want the ball bounced around in the pocket they want the ball come out. And -- it ideally they would rather see an interception. Rather than a sack -- fumble in the pocket stripped fumble in the pocket. But there what was told to us. When I remember back when they brought their ruling and it was the same year or the year before. The Brady that famous Oakland raider -- to England patriots game where they came into presented the rule and it was textbook. Exactly what happened in that game the way they presented in the way -- should be called. And you know date that was the word that the guy said he said they don't want -- meaning whatever -- you know -- Doesn't want cheap fumbles in the pocket. And now that that that can go -- I think you'll see defenders making bigger efforts just to get over the top of the blockers trying to knock the ball away somehow some. In some form so. That was the reason in the first place. Good to know. What do you think about the draft coming up I think that the eighth pick is the most interest thing bills pick ever. With the quarterback vacancy and that the possibility of the Syracuse kid. Well it's the likelihood of his book is being available there. And what that might mean to the bills given their new Syracuse connections. Yeah I think it's really interesting I don't think there's any question. I think you know who knows that you you had to -- gonna take a quarterback you have to take a quarterback before you think you're gonna have. Before you think he'll be available because somebody will always jump up to take that spot. I mean if you think he's a third round pick he better take him in the second to -- deport round you've undertaken in the third the second. Because he won't be there. Quarterbacks go before their value is an -- so he got the eight -- you know you got a chance to get. A -- July position and -- to look at those you -- it's it's almost a point we might wanna have to trade up to get a guy that. I think it's really intriguing. And I don't think there's any question that I mean I don't know there is a question that I don't know anything. And I think they got to take a guy there quarterback there I mean you got to do the best one available and not in May be taken another one in the third -- good what can help. Now what I what I love about nobody -- I think it was really neat about this is he considering where NASA have been in it's important to. Remember what you just said about the goal earlier than you think they're going to often. If NASA could -- their it's just you know coming back around in the second round like I eyeball the gamble but that represents but you know of course losing their gambles are going to be any kind of funny. Well it all depends on how high they've got raided and whether they like anybody else I mean there's some of the guys on the board that are kind of sleepers get a guy like -- got to Florida State EJ Manuel who's a big. Big strong guy. Who's got a lot of athletic ability I guess he hit out of the park in his interviews and stuff. But he ran almost exclusively shotgun offense and you know in college and you know is not too much known about. So -- you know you've got other guys on their so why I think you know it's me. You know you get not only do you get one and number eight at 142. You know any cheaper if he's available -- you get -- -- you know the next round. I don't think there's any reason not to take -- got the best guy available. At that position every time you go out there you gotta find somebody in a deposition is. Exaggerated. In its importance of this day and -- you know so you gotta have that tiger you just can't win. I knew I liked you. All right Steve and a nice to catch up good luck so Lucas. Thank god I appreciated it's enjoyed coming on -- Thank you Steve tasker always nice to chat with them. Jon Gruden. Addressed the bills pick at eight and we will play that for.

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