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WGR550>Topics>>3/27 Joe Buscaglia talks Matt Barkley and Matt Flynn

3/27 Joe Buscaglia talks Matt Barkley and Matt Flynn

Mar 27, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Here are you getting ready for Matt Barkley -- kinda set up you have over there like the popcorn everything -- -- Well I have I've got Matt Barkley on my my big screen TV and he's currently going through his scripted it's thrilling thrill as we speak so. It was a it was much anticipated but hey by a lot of people put but yeah he's going through right now he's about fifteen -- forty passes into the work out. My -- -- from my feet up you tell us in the audience about everyone so furcal. But well he has completed every single one so there's there's an upside but. The downside is the fact that there's no Patrick's coming after -- and he's not in shoulder pads or helmets or anything like that while. What -- -- me OK good I I'm -- around obviously what what what -- you'd. Well what does he need to prove today like what is the what is the interest in -- park which produced the have. More to gain the may be some of these other guys have had -- like it seems to me for talking to you over the last few weeks that. He could elevate himself as high as the top 10-Q this goes well. Yeah I think he does I think is performance today. Will will. And it took him more than any of the other quarterback prospects in this year's draft just because he didn't throw it to come by -- -- the shoulder injury. And is that is something that you know limited him a little bit at prospects especially with the way his seat and it ended with the injury and and throwing some some interceptions. At a at a higher rate in his in his final few games so seeing him come out and there's -- improving at the shoulders helped the and that perhaps working -- book work which it looks. What he has that he's been doing work with Chris Weinke down in that order at the or or -- quarterback and it looks like he's in might be a little bit. All the that ready for the moment to he's he's throwing the ball very smoothly and then if it looks to me like. He's really put in a lot of time in and there this initial look strong so. Barkley with it as long as his performance continues along that same that he still hasn't. Missed the past -- this points. On -- continues down this capital. Make other. It'll make teams start to go back to -- is it's junior and senior -- -- -- -- -- sophomore freshman -- just see. What he's done in May -- what they missed last time around so. I think that Barkley which we as long as he continues down the fastest in pretty good shape just cement and so that as a potential. First -- the first round that got. Joba sky where thus rule talks more about Barkley Joseph has had in his mock draft the bills picking. Barkley with the eighth pick about this Matt Flynn report show. That the bills are one of three teams that have some interest in him Jacksonville having the most according to CBS. I ask you about the bill's interest or what you might know what to beat and then also. What that could mean to the draft if he were to be traded to. One of those other teams Jacksonville Oakland. Yeah it you know Matt Flynn. Obviously is still one of the hotter games four and trading for quarterback. -- -- it would be a considerable investment just because. Is cap number coming up I believe it's over six million dollars. Now to be an old saying about. You know trade reports and things like that you always have to wonder. Who resources and in what. And what they would have to gain by it by throwing certain teams around. And I'm you know I'm not discounting the report whatsoever in -- -- or is that right about a lot of different things and he's he's one of the best out there. I just wonder about. About whether or not -- what might have been reloaded they're just because of their overall need for quarterback because. I think with them. In their current situation in the draft they only have six text and buddy nick has not really. Outside of trading for -- -- -- last year and spending a seventh round pick out of they you know buddy -- really hasn't been prone to using. Those fixed it's clear to bring in people were to even move up in the draft order. So with only six fixed to work with in this year's draft. In just have to wonder whether or not this is actually eight realistic possibility. And I I would tend to think that. You know our -- Jacksonville or in Oakland with the would be more more interest and and is that buffalo to Aruba. Just for the pick slogan can help -- in -- operated. What do you think we're talking about -- cars the cost goes. For Ford and recognizing the point you make you a little not having very many picks at all so you know they might be reluctant to part with. Amid round pick anyway but what -- -- Matt -- -- gonna cost somebody if they were one -- Many -- you know I think. The best they could probably do is is a fourth round pick in the worst thing to do is still the seventh trumpet but the bill still have a seventh -- so you have to look at that. That -- their sixth round pick of the bills that those you know may be. But not to -- bringing. A bringing in Matt Flynn and trying to sweeten the -- Borger -- taught people that. I you know there's a lot of one note with that when he -- that one great game. And that at Roland keeps alluding to blood test that. There is -- really too much to go -- you. I mean. For good reason he didn't see the Cuban Greek bail that much of last year you lost out of -- to Russell Wilson which. You know I I don't really know they can hold it all that much against them because Brussels was a very impressive rookie last year. But are still the Arab approved in about MM. Do you want to invest addressed victim as well as the cap number that comes along with that plan. Which without having a huge sample size so. I just wonder. Howell how much -- would be willing to give up for it if it doesn't at being you know look for prepare for OPEC I think they'll be. Would be a bit higher for Matt -- especially since yet to really provide much in the NFL. So I would do that Barkley just through an -- And it's over for him GO I think I would trade amid a fourth or fifth for the -- Cap room point is part of it and because of that the -- alignment or something but. I would definitely make that trade what what a prospect is he -- like what sort of players you're telling you know what we've done in the NFL. But. Like is -- an athletic guy he's big strong and -- -- -- only six -- who's not some traditional. Stand in the pocket. You prototype anyway isn't your strong but what what what sort of player we talked. Interest neither of those things could say he's he's more of and accuracy driven -- quarterback. Slim. You know he doesn't have that are that allow you -- doesn't have the mobility that well you -- Just kind of a guy that that. Six. That. You know developed developed striving with his receivers of the things like that it's it's more of that more than the you know the overwhelming that. Big armed guys that there that you can really write all about you know play and to me. Without having seen too much of course outside of what he did at LSU. You know it's it's really tough to you pigeonhole him as as some one thing or another play. You know just for the -- about. Limited amount of exposure. -- she apparently had been watching him. You know you see that he's he's more of the more the typing slash actors' type rather than it that people are people play. Joseph and questions for us today. I know I and I did just see that -- that incompletion so Matt Barkley is gonna get trapped in the sixth round out so don't let up. Well I'm not Joseph he may have he may have redeemed himself he showed his resiliency -- a really nice long completion right after so you know there -- going to be. There's so you know so. So by -- -- he's probably what 37 looks 38 at this point. I guess yeah I -- we've been talking it's been on ESPN here. With so whatever you've been watching you in three before news sports and went lied to -- FL live whenever I'm here. -- I've seen every their reasoning so easily got that -- are just so we. Just par for the course with. With quarterback to Prodi's but he put Barkley is -- from felt so we'll see what happens. -- -- -- I'd like to have these promoters promoted and ordered up area probably should've asked -- before he before we Osama way. But does anybody want to Barkley in what was jokes every time we talked about before. They're always great there was there's great why there was. Why don't why are you reluctant to overdo how good it looks because he's short season shorts in like their there's no defense nobody rushing in -- -- now the ball. Scripted route to his guys. I don't know why isn't someone put together like -- but come by a well. Known as same thing it's different guys producer. You have some simulated -- actually training camp -- actually hit them but have a look a little bit -- like football yeah. I don't know I -- if I is scheduled to it -- if your well. The more -- would be I looked good doing that is a vote she stated here in my sweats and chuck and that the guys -- wide open. --

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