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Joe Buscaglia on Kevin Kolb and Bills QB future

Apr 1, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Two days the trade deadline a report today out of what back. That Jason Parker and bill has been asked by the sabres. To submit -- Not accept the trade to. Law. We'll talk football Joba Skype in a moment does it have to be exactly what if it's a little except that can do than the typical with a date -- -- I don't know he has come up with a put up two way yeah update yeah. All right let's try to figure out with Joseph year won the bills are doing. General. -- he probably talked about this on the year already and maybe even among friends can you defend this Kevin Kolb moved. Well if it's to make him the starting quarterback know if it's. To do what I think it's to what I think the purpose of it is to do I can I can kinda get my mind around it. You know Kevin -- to me -- just because he's. Being brought here I mean it's a little bit of a polarizing name because the cardinals gave up so much. Offer before hobby and it blew up in their face they never really have the offensive line forum he never could stay healthy enough to play. And he never really put up the kind of stats or the win loss record that that would come that you would expect out of them. But I think. Where people are kind of missing missing a little bit is that the bills are really giving up anything to bring him in here. And they only had two -- Jackson and -- -- on the roster as we've both well as we all know. And if Cobb can come in and compete. For you know let's say the backup job or whatever rookie they end up taking if he's now ready to take over the range right away. Then you know maybe he's good enough to to start to the start the beginning of the year putt. You know if if they look at him and see. A long term starting option I think that would be a mistake but if if it's just they were gonna bring -- a guy that. We know can play a little bit and I'm I'm not I'm not opposed to it at all the money work. Well if it's. I always I did this with the Mckelvin deal. I want to wait -- the actual programmers of the contract because. You know it's really really start when you see two years for a Max of thirteen. I wanna know what. What that minimum -- before I start to -- to steal it's I mean Fitzpatrick got 3.2 five per season in Tennessee debate beat the pack up. So I would have to assume. -- got somewhere around like four. Four and a half million. You know as per year as the minimum so you know if you if it is. In closer to that six and a half million a year range that's that's a tough contact at all. -- it I mean it could be of course I wanna say it can't be yet I don't it will just campy. -- that's that's if you start you start every game for us or maybe you know like twelve games one out right you get to the six and -- number there's no way either. They're guaranteeing him big doll I don't think so -- big -- relatively speaking that's not even really that big. Because number for quarterbacks but. -- if if they can just walk away from him if he doesn't make the team. You know -- and not have a big number to swallow you know line yeah I'm sure complicated to -- Joseph is that the there are that got dead money with fits him over the next two years so you know paying another guy it was always going to be tough to swallow I think I brought up that. -- Yeah it you know I think. With -- it's not necessarily. One that they have to stick with through and through I know they do like him. They liked him enough to design and I think -- reselling partners Jackson because they knew they were gonna have anything else on the roster and if if they couldn't convince anybody to come here. Than they're not just in goal. There's a decision coming right it's real news. They were just gonna go with. Nobody on the roster and say OK we got to take the -- the rookie quarterback and go from there but. I think -- represent someone to compete. With Jackson for one spot on the roster and opening apple pulls and the sticking right and you know who have whichever rookie they take I think they'll be into competition. With the winner of that job. To start the year he's pretty much terrible right top column. I don't think he's starting material for -- season. I don't think he's terrible though you know is the beginning of the year last year the cardinals got off to a pretty good start and in all but some of that was infused by the defense. And he kind of you know played above to what the level of the offensive line what what they were giving him he was getting -- a lot I think -- how many times that -- second nine. I mean maybe it was it was a lot in the into getting her neck games so. I don't think he can take over a game by any stretch but I think he's he's good enough to start if you need to. The thing that thing about the the the sex and I I was you know following this as it was unfolding on Twitter board voted Saturday I think Saturday afternoon right. You know that their eat eat the line was terrible we saw we saw ourselves write them bills teed off on line maybe not like they did against the Redskins the year before. But the Circuit Court mean quarterbacks have some culpability there too I saw. These. Sacks pour. Per attempt. Was one per every six point something for Arizona or for Philip. One meters last year one for every six point seven drop backs and Skelton was like double. And it's it's the same line but it's just that got it reminded me of 98 year with Rudi Johnson -- Johnson just was sacked all the time. And like all the Lawrence terrible it was really maybe the beginnings of the doesn't matter how good your quarterback is you don't have a good line cliche conversation Flutie played and like. Fine now all of a sudden you're lying is okay you've got to got to make better decisions quickly in like that fit. So adding to the quarterback. Motion around the -- of late. Jason -- for a CBS reports the Colt McCoy is going to the 49ers. Interesting probably a better option than Pat White who they kept it oral work out recently that white. It would be amazing if the 49ers went from -- -- the Pat White of the -- -- -- think as we. Surmise the other day with John Murphy on. And all this. Circulation here with. McCoy I guess is really relevant to it but Kolb might be. Carson Palmer seems to be met Matt Flynn of course is that a reflection on the draft class. You know it's it's fair to think that you'll probably see. Anywhere from two to four had taken and that first round but they do any of them deserve it. You could argue that none of them deserve it so it's it's a -- draft class if for quarterbacks but if you're not looking for quarterback it's pretty sell -- That's that's pretty much what it boils down to I I thought I. I'd you don't derived this from -- not that I have to be right in my opinion would be that this is maybe an indication the bills -- spent some time with these guys that went and worked out. Few of these guys who were doing that with sparkly today I don't know we've got word that that's happened or not but it was supposed to a what is happening to all yes it's I mean it was it was completed by oh god that's all -- -- But you know they work at manual they've seen literacy Barkley they've seen geno Smith threatened put on the list. You know maybe there are arriving at a similar conclusion that some of these other teams are definitely wrong. -- will take one but. This guy's going to be our guy right least the September. Yeah I think an important thing the bills did with this cop movie as well. Is he signaled that there isn't. An immediate desperation. For the draft so that way they can kind of spit ball little bit even if they -- fully intent on taking a quarterback eighth overall. They can still. You know kind of with -- now on the roster they can still. Talk to team and say OK well. We're that desperate for cornerback anymore so if you want this guy you're gonna have to move up and get him. Or maybe try and trade down and in that respect because they do you have only the six picks in. In you'd have to think that but Phoenix with one more play around with with with the about polls that they -- on the roster. There is no link out to -- scouting report about geno Smith no -- weekly. In a third this is today Cam Newton got. The guy who do want with him Mary Cam Newton yeah he he said and yet it disingenuous smile. Use -- about. Yeah I -- -- -- -- -- -- you can go back and let's object of a smile on -- have a very so genuine and sincere when used I think it's entirely believable. -- go back right now if you. If you want if you wanna see exactly what he said go and I'm sure it on line need of rescue he roasted Cam Newton has a lot more than what I was saying -- -- capsule we killed. And Cam Newton and being pretty darn good player. NFL projection of geno Smith top fifty epic. It's in safe. Or that you Joseph thinks Joseph will be here throughout the day Red Sox eight. Yankees to -- -- a little more open. Three people opened up three runs in the ninth it has gotten very windy at Yankee Stadium and is now. Either raining or snowing also. April yeah. April 1 out of view of the beautiful threat. Look at the forecast for Thursday's -- -- opener is seemingly excellent. Fifty degrees sunny. And that's exciting good for the buys their first game is Thursday at two I believe against Rochester. Good good. The excitement -- and about. Guaranteeing a win or something well they don't. If they don't win all of boy problem I think it was salary guaranteeing a win now and -- so I -- -- blockbuster -- guaranteeing -- -- if they don't win -- get tickets for -- -- Friday -- -- this year. Well for opening day. With this seller has been suspended if that's I saw that on Twitter don't really know what to make that could be April Fool's Day -- Well it is April fool I -- that sorry -- misspoke that -- could be related to this being April fools to be a joke pretty sure they virtual status for fool. Agree good point now really starting to wonder. We're not even -- here ever. As -- the go to guy that you couldn't take your eyes off of full. -- mean not a Communist sexual way to sort of that's. The guy so interesting view that oh you just Keith Hernandez for -- Opening day this year. I'm watching the beginning of the met broadcasters Keith Hernandez. I just can't take my eyes off. I think about. -- as a player and I loved him as a player yeah I think about how is mustache gone. Others in his face. There's upper lip -- -- -- think about his hair like that just for men and how long do you keep that up. So all of them you know talking about the Mets doing these games -- interest thing he's not. He's not formulaic it all is. Just reading from the announcers handbook on sometimes he's way out there about that's cool I'm way out there like I like that about. So I am he's that person for me I realized today looking at the beginning of the mets' season ago Keith Hernandez. I guess I find him very interesting. Take guys off I was misunderstood as a human like in a social setting somewhere where you're you know physically in the same room with somebody. And -- to fix them. Oh there's there -- the -- Fiore disabled I would certainly be the same that would happen yet I would be he'd catch me yet I'm not mature and -- I don't I don't I don't have a live I'm sure -- -- it comes to mind a -- in a room with somebody damages only just keeps sneaking glances at them when. Lou Rawls. The Berkshire made it would be.