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Jerry Sullivan Has Thoughts on Pens, Baltimore O's and Kevin Kolb

Apr 1, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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    to be funny that that would be exciting. On YouTube is a Monday Night Football game between the bills in the giants from then rich stadium. In 1975. Some of you will know it. IE only barely
    the broadcast partners what got me interest in sports it's cosell it's Monday Night Football with Frank Gifford and Howard Cosell and in this case. Alex terrorists who whose wrong on Monday Night Football was short lived. And from what I saw today in this game in 1975. That should have been. So it's the bills and the giants. And I told Ryan about it right we did a couple things about the scheme this morning. And it's just super cool to think about. Cosell being here for me Monday Night Football being here. OJ watching OJ play 75 was his beard season. So he has as a big beard the bill start for
    back after this timeout here on WGR. Final score once again a New York Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills . For the first time this season seventeen to fourteen. Almost this time around here at buffalo they're filing out. We're not there is still losing. And indeed it will not lose any time they're great football team and they are building their young. October 20 1975. Monday Night Football . In Orchard Park Frank Gifford. Howard Cosell Alex Harris. I don't mean to really try to make any sweeping point about it
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And Nancy Clark Kellogg I saw it not live but we watched it back. And I give CBS credit but that it pretty good job covering it. They showed a couple times. And then clearly they decided that was enough and they did a good job showing faces and capturing the moment without just like right in the guy's face it was her. Lots of tears fans holding their there faces like covering their faces crying -- coaches pitino might have been crying too. It was it was tough. Rick Pitino lost them a little. Child before his 87 -- of the file for the district remembered that. He lost his brother in law on 9/11. And they were under the final four after that. Slick has been tragedy along the way with him so he's been a sympathetic figure before. In the hard not to -- for. He has the best team. Wichita State Louisville the early game Syracuse Michigan on WG our first ever NCAA tournament game. Between 24 seeds Syracuse and Michigan. -- -- -- with us the nice people at New York's only outlet liquor have a penny. For your thoughts -- As we promote their penny section and. And you always think another one -- this is one of my -- but Michigan answered usable for the top five like midway through the season. But they got to be you know -- so it reflects that reality that between one and one he won in sixteen uses very little separate teams I have -- Michigan's of this team right now. I I agree with you tonight. I'm not gonna make the same mistake Michigan is built. Enough trouble with Syracuse is a tough inside and their they're built to withstand those pressing teams that's why they were perfect setup for VCU that's enough of three. Thanks for my thoughts one. Kevin Cobb the threats and it's amazing the salaries between these two guys starting with the money they were both fine. Six year 62 million dollar deals with the previous teams and how we within 59 for fifth -- thing. Mark on was running 62 recently and he's he's the gospel. I think they use the three million was thrown in there anyway and they both. Collect them almost exactly 21 million before leaving their teams so -- -- the same situation original team wants that. To start over and their numbers are pretty similar you know percentage rise almost the same so -- They got pretty much the same guy except the Iowa and they'll buffalo in the people aren't sick -- -- I haven't think fits right better than Cobb the differences that Kolb gets sacked a lot is a glass -- he gets hurt a lot. Good luck if he's your guy to discuss taking the promised land this year. And I don't think that's what to expect to Pittsburgh Penguins who. The most. Under appreciated streak in sports history within fifteen enrolled in and they were all wins unlike. Nine regulation losses when there was the Blackhawks had and there are going. For their own record. Well the golf for sixteen against the sabres. Which we prequel for us to watch a game with the team that's playing so well. You can lose to nothing. And be playing great let's see if -- lol I love not accidentally play Pittsburgh they're always there always -- -- -- -- -- -- Pittsburgh. As a good shot but without Crosby who broke withdraw its -- 93. Look. Completely Harold Reynolds of all people is the only one who agrees that the Baltimore Orioles might be good oh certainly not Mike -- 78 wins. It does a team need to apologize winning a lot of one run games last year did did they maybe win those 28 because they're good because they were good but not gonna have the same winning -- it was historic but there. -- and I also ten. There -- solid young pitching staff they're very good defense which matters and a good manager. And do a lot of injuries last -- like they had some adversity and still made the playoffs I'm picking murals to make the playoffs again. And I model and with Harold Reynolds salt that's not a well and I think Harold pretty smartest tree. But sometimes I -- We made him part of our event. -- -- did offer is a great moment on the show once but. If I could somehow better somehow. How random part I fooled them in here -- the left out of Reynolds I got this -- to -- seventy right now I'm not that we have a Red Sox that there are one and -- by the -- have stuck like a bull. And I would just about the big event again of the -- because they're on a roll that you went on the road they've proven -- today. Adversity there was some rain and wind. It. They've proven that all the relievers pitched to all of my McCain and they lead of the -- still on the team. I was reading about him in camp he pitched.

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