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Joe Buscaglia Runs Down His Latest NFL Mock Draft

Apr 4, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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    possible men. Are right. Absolutely and if you take. Alexander you tick Mario Williams and their ball let's say they're both motivated to play and are both playing at the top of their games. Mario Williams is is IE. Hugely better football player. But not for what Rex Ryan joint. But Rex Ryan trying to do Mario Williams does not that he just doesn't we showed it to us even when he played well last year which wasn't a lot. But he when he did it wasn't it was still meant well he was difficult rod it best but. Even if he's on top of things I think for what he is trying to accomplish. Mario Williams that that particular talent didn't fit. This particular talent who probably isn't half the football player fits perfectly. Yeah and you really
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    was not good. And the bills got pushed by the dolphins again Terrence McGee scored a bid to keep scoring. To win that game all the way to the end. Media 4535. Score like that epic

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- and this is. Third. Mock draft up at WGR. 550 dot com the NFL draft is three weeks from tonight. The general managers in us -- died yesterday when the trade deadline passed. Let's get let's keep going to -- is always something else new gig now look forward to an hour ago the NFL draft Joseph got crafty. You have guys like trades our resident rather we loved her aides you -- you do you listen to the show we love trading. You've got Christie with your third my doctorate I trades more than sports. I think I could I could almost agree with that -- I really interest trades and drafts to be -- more fun than the actual sports. Planning the team's ranking the guys in the picking them is better for me watching the game. I do find myself doing that a lot when I'm playing a sports franchise and a video game back in my might. You know my youth year years so yeah I think about for that the year you've got someone there -- good. All right Joseph so load polls opened here where we got. Well I mean in terms of the overall draft -- or just that true. The bigger picture Ryan asks about has -- hit yeah I pick I want the rundown Melbourne -- what he got the bills -- -- brigades around your sanity you trade trade to get to build -- even now I do of the bills moving down and in it's it's interesting because this is actually the first time ever I've ever had the bills moving down. In any mock draft I've done in I don't know how I've been here for five years now so. This is. -- while it's not one of those things where all I cover the bills so therefore I I'm moving them around a lot I don't normally do that so. I have the bills moving down to eighteen trading with Dallas. And a lot of that being because Dallas trades up. Because one of the better offensive guards are up the board of -- they seem to be targeting a guy from North Carolina named Jonathan Cooper. And in so I have them flying up to take him. And the bills a profit from that by bringing in another second round pick him and and moving down eighteenth overall. I have seen some I think maybe not me Cheney's latest mock draft had the bills taking a guard. I don't I don't like it I don't agree with that at all right after I don't they -- point. More of an effort to re sign -- will be tree if they value the position that high. To be perfectly honest. And I know they admit they made an offer and it would be tree but I I don't think it was really with being what what the titans were offering him. I just don't think that if they're not gonna resign their own guy that. Was there are -- there for four years and played every single game for them that they really value that position all that highly in so with all these holes on the roster. You just have to wonder. Is guard really a possibility at eighth overall when they have so many other things they could they need to address. I have fallen out of love with the idea than drafting a quarterback -- to -- just don't think. Just don't know that the crop quarterbacks -- warns them doing that. So I'm not in a hurry to have them do that but with all the excitement about. But -- -- going back to November. That -- that the quarterback and a lot of fans are still thinking about a quarterback if he -- to stay depicted garner public acts yeah yeah it's been such a let down. It would be a huge let down with the way they've been talking so. I don't think. This is my own personal opinion I don't think that the guard would likely be the way for them to go. I think it's more likely that you see a quarterback wide receiver. A quarter or maybe even a safety taken before before you see. Guard taken but you have been moving down and ultimately pick and Matt Barkley -- -- third straight draft -- haven't picking Matt Barkley and I just think it's the the most logical fit for them and I don't know but I could I could be totally misreading things. But the way that the bills are constructing their offense in the type of quarterback they need they need someone that has. A very very good. To delete intermediate accuracy and Matt Barkley has that he may not have the strongest arm. You know there's there's the Tyler praise of the world and then there's the map partners of the world Matt Barkley has a good enough arm to play in the NFL. And when you use him in the right role in which he would fit into what the bills are trying to do pretty well. Then I think he could be. Fairly successful in the NFL is he going to be a home run right out of the gates now. But -- but he is someone that can come in and be a starter for your team and be a leader for your franchise when when your board of one. -- the big picture right -- appeared Joseph what's what's going on with them well you know. I used a picture of Matt Barkley for my first wanna use geno Smith for my second one so I figure you know trying very solidly in what do I did. I certainly dead where what is the latest. Assessment in your professional opinion of the quarterbacks in this draft. Well I think and in wind LB draft yeah AI I think to the latter part of that. -- it'll all depend on and on when geno Smith ghost. If geno Smith goes to use the raiders or the Eagles or the browns within the first six picks. I think there's a good chance that you're seeing in the bill standing pat at at eight overall and taking quarterback. But if geno Smith is on the board at eight I think the bills might think about it and go okay well. If he's on the border -- that means we can probably wait around for our guy or maybe trade back in later rod. Because. And then he falls down where is he falling to does -- go to the jets at nine I mean you you can make an argument there or you know where where does he fall further. Does someone like Minnesota trade up a little bit to get him -- There's another team trade up into the teens to get him so there could be a free fall effective he gets past the browns its sixth overall. And that would push what the bills are trying to do with the quarterback position down as well so I think -- it all hinges on number twelve from West Virginia. OK Joseph again listeners can check out Joe's latest mock draft the WGR 550 dot com. A couple of things I am curious about maybe moving away from that although I mean to -- -- -- extra picks would what do you think what do you what do you have been doing later on -- did you not see the correctness of the of the rest of the draft I'd give me asking you to tell us -- I don't want you packages recruited -- -- -- I apologizing on the -- out. I had them inside trading back into the first round and taking a wide receiver as well. And -- go in and taking DR Andre Hopkins out of Clinton who I think is a and he's fantastic fit. And reverence for what's good for what the bills are looking for out of a wide receiver he's. Not the tallest wide receiver. But he's the type that goes up and can get it that buddy nix has been alluding to. He's got dynamite hands one of the best set of hands of the draft is a great route runner he doesn't have the best time speed but. I think. Polished wide receiver prospects in this year's draft for fruit for his size so. If they if vacated if the wide receiver slide like I think maybe they will in this draft they might have an opportunity there are flat last thing what what the -- along with Kevin Kolb like I believe it was there are some. -- guess you have as to what to believe is all about. You know I'd. Not really reading too much into their being a delay I still think. It's it's an in agreement between the two sides. I think may be there and they're just waiting for the the deadline day craziness to to kind of roll out of here. It always you know what that dominated the headlines so. They should want to sign Kevin cop on a day when sportsmen are talking about something else well sure but. But. Am I wrong about the asked if that the bills who've never exactly been that savvy when it comes to PR if they were they would sign Kevin Kolb on Friday night. Or on a day where there is no chance. Like radio shows will be talking about them. Well you know they couldn't do that they could describe that theory or you know they could go the other way and just and just say OK well it and and another thing. To. Discuss what that is. Nowhere does Kevin -- does -- -- in Arizona you know and I was think how plastics how much time does it -- to take him to get back here especially when he just laughed we have to take a physical first right -- all of that stuff so they're gonna sign him. Now I believe so that. All right Joseph thank you thank you it's -- If you're the bills he signed him in the middle of the night when people are -- -- exhibition do they mean that their quarterback depth chart is not a sick joke. It's it's real -- out but it it's it's pretty colors and you have to have a pretty good sense of humor though and I do and it is being. Amused. By the mental floss -- ten movies Roger Ebert really hated -- These are hilarious that's got guys familiar with a movie called the brown bunny. I don't believe so now here's what Roger Ebert wrote about the brown body in either in my. I had a colonoscopy once and they let me watch it on TV it was more entertaining than the Browne -- When the movie's director responded by mocking Ebert wait Ebert said. It is true that I am fat but one day I will be thin and you'll still be the director of the brown bought -- -- mad dog time. Because no movie called mad dog time like go zero stars. Mad dog time is the first movie I have seen that does not improve on the site of a blank screen being viewed for the same length of time. Can you do worse than your starters. But bad dog tired should be cut into a free ukulele picks for the -- -- -- Holes -- he -- one movie that. I love to see here because so many people have told me how great it is and I can't even watch it out to the sinking the usual suspects. All hell I can't even -- -- I -- confusion even if it's only three for movies and it's not the confusing I really enjoyed that movie as well I couldn't I couldn't follow it with a map it's really good up. Your cellphone. Days ago I'm telling you I'm bad -- following movies I like movies that I have to follow that likely put the work and I didn't hate the movie. I could not like it was generated -- does not. Interest thing. What you just sort of confusing. And I lost I didn't. Although they did or an interesting you're brewing up your bureau lost life dog while I won't I won't I'm with you BD. While it here's what Roger Ebert wrote about the usual suspect. Once again my comprehension began to slip and finally I wrote down to the degree that I do understand I don't care. It was however some more reassuring at the end of the movie to discover that I had after all understood everything I was intended to understand. It was just that there was -- to understand in the movie at first suggests. Then I will say that I don't. Follow that stuff like that doesn't I didn't think the same thing but I can follow what he's saying not quite cut it up into ukulele picks up. Or. Know that I really like that -- and so. Now spice world. If this -- to get. Spice world is obviously intended as a rip off of a hard day's night which gave The Beatles to the movies the huge difference of course is that The Beatles were talented. While let's face it displaced girls could be duplicated by any five women under the age of thirty standing in line at Dunkin' Donuts. Pretty hard to argue that my favorite is the the mad dog time. Does not the first movie I've seen but does not improve on the site of a blank screen -- for the same length of time.