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4/5 Joe Buscaglia discusses his new mock draft, Matt Barkley, guards, and more

Apr 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I tell how are you. Let -- hour I told us earlier very briefly you and I texted during the day you gave me a heads up that you had a mock draft and I text you back denies -- you know please don't put a guard in the First -- because I hate that idea. And you said you agree with me. So I'm scrolling down -- mock draft I'm go I'm not look at the logo is jail I'm just going once used for projects emanate Jonathan Cooper. And I missed I thought yeah. I didn't realize you had to -- is trading down mr. disguise and then I realized that the -- logo and I like your draft a quarterback and wide receiver. Were wide receiver to quarterback Joe's got Barkley we're built tritium for Barkley and trading back around one for DeAndre Hopkins Joseph if they take a quarterback and wide receiver. I will be a very happy camper. I think you and a lot of other people are very happy campers including the kill themselves because. You know they do meet their quarterback obviously and they certainly need -- wide receiver because they haven't been able to sit in the free agency at any point sell. And so I think that if they were able to pull that off and Mike you know. Through the mock -- at this point. Until we get until finally there is still an ultimate purposes only part of their credit they were able. -- moved down pick up an extra pick. And and and still get their I had an in Barkley. Or different or they want to -- the Indians in the couple received like DR great pocket -- they're all that's perfectly. I think what -- what I think Nixon to remove a wide receivers that he wanted to clear that that I think that. They've been very happy with the aircraft. Iliescu got him we've we've talked and Joe's ready to take your calls to 8030550. -- Questions comments on on the draft in the bills Joseph was out there earlier this week dug around and players are in town with voluntary workouts in and -- talk about the giant Lombardi trophy in the field out if you want. We we've talked about -- and I feel about him what appealed to you about the. -- -- And like my crack about yell at -- about the mock draft. I will try to reestablish -- 8030550. To join us 88550. Q 550. And delegates and calls them are reestablishing joked let's go to Greg you're on WG. Greg. Play you know what -- Had a good it -- -- up. I'm sorry that little -- I would think it is great guy but I think that would be at optimum state. But it took the Barkley I get excited over a little bit. I mean we'll see what. Oh yeah I can feel like we're so deep he can be ending the policy in the country. No I mean Robert -- This -- that -- Like market would be -- -- -- -- that they got that are basically. I don't think -- is what I would opposite they'll do is trapped. Trade that would that would sort of it would -- -- will get tickets well. Transnational ordinary -- that it would be phenomenal but it struck within a couple. I want to square. And then I don't receiver pat that -- talking about two -- equipment. I think are these tremendously overrated that would likely got a little less typically. Just back with a sedan treasury heard the comments Greg thanks. The deal on Barkley -- is basically though it seems like the major rap against him his arm strength right. It but everybody likes his intangibles. He he won a lot and -- see everybody seems to like his leadership I knew you brought up. The guy thought about accuracy but you bring up that. In what the bills might be trying to do it -- West Coast principles short to medium range. Intermediate range accuracy. Is something Barkley is capable lot -- does have much it's. And that that would make him a quality fit because he's. Is but make no roads and you know what you talk about Stevie Johnson and and what he's back -- There or what he's done for the bills that over the course of their career he's very good and in working in that intermediate area and being open and just. You can have a quarterback is that orders that has the ability to get up and Barkley has is that those abilities he has accuracy of that. I'm in those areas that right at Patrick -- so. You know I did all the talk that Matt Barkley is tremendously overrated. That that the caller I mean. -- to be overrated what people lighting and personal that. So -- you know if it's not perfect integrated I don't know that it looks very -- undervalued or overvalued. He's very quality prospect that people. You know I think a lot of people or -- scrutinizing him because group. The place you went to college and and you know the fact that he's been limelight so law so. I think I think Barkley does now is weaknesses obviously doesn't help -- great that. Is that you know. Some of these other guys have in the draft that that some -- so what would covet but. I think when you talked about scheme fit in and -- on whether or not he can help the team. Didn't help the team win it was the type of well leadership abilities -- I think he had all that and so -- you know I'm I'm not. I've I've heard a lot that. Both for and against Barkley and you know I think the part partly his current visit solid prospect that will be able to darkness sleek and and ultimately when -- some games. I want to circle back to -- -- -- -- you -- EJ -- in -- moment but the question we we -- asking -- we weren't able to get the answer -- We got you back now TM drink -- let's get media -- Hopkins what why did you make that choice there. Bulky under and I'm colonial power and you might -- The best hands of any receiver the draft cute -- very polished route runner I mean. I went and they're not expecting. Laugh when I try to look at -- -- and they're not expecting to -- and that I don't just. Blown away. I'm daisies. It is not. -- prospects. By you know it it is not a polished prospect but as you know six foot one. In 200 some columns. -- -- Hopkins plays late breaker that here is talk about a guy that can go and get the ball he can do just that have very strong and to be able to make you talked that your. I think the moderate optimism is I'm a potential starter right away in the NFL. And I say you know at -- now a lot of you know Corel Paterson senate seat he has the it has the potential to become one of the best in the -- Well Hopkins might not be one of the -- probably he's he's going to be a very solid starter -- for awhile and if he's going to be he's he is someone record. They're very easily compliments on them. An offense if you don't have a guy that positions choke. I help in the tremendous respect I think you're one of the top receivers felt -- the bill could get their hands on and that's exactly -- agreement -- talking about in terms of outlook or -- blow. -- -- Joseph the caller brought up EJ Manuel wanted to ask about him because he didn't have a very good season and if anyone's gonna. Bang the drum for Florida State tired BU. But he didn't have a very good -- yet. Lately Senior Bowl combine he seems to be rising and a guy that people without talking about may be getting into round one why is he going up so much. Well I think it's because of the lack of and some other quality prospect that the position I think it's I think it's. He's coming into the league at the exact perfect tie and force public is skill set because you've actually -- there's no -- I'm at Florida State and he's really well he. Believe the most polished -- -- the quarterback prospects in this aircraft. And also you know. If you look at that I can -- accommodation or serve 65. -- -- and running the forty yard Akron and some force seven I think Erica Emanuel. In there is intriguing to a lot of people and because of that. -- -- news rising up the board so to speak -- When you look at him and you look at what he did order states. And -- guys I've watched every single or game I mean I want them. How the Bob Murray State early in the year and it's in the annual committee is someone back in hit all the -- throws. Because and that's how -- accuracy. That solid accurate numbers are. Well completion could turn -- over there aren't. But when you ask him to throw the ball park ten yards I mean it looks like -- -- -- and his and his actors we've dramatically get. I don't think there he's he's worked for Coca culprit you were the second round pick I would the in my opinion I wouldn't take admire him or for their problems so I think he's earned -- law partner political player. Parts he's gonna get overdraft because of his size and and what he's done or state. While they're -- you're at this you'll -- benefits ride out the window. Joseph this guy you this is mock draft the WGR 550 dot com Brad -- -- -- go ahead. He didn't think too technical the morning got up with the park -- -- either like the last caller. -- -- does not have the orange trying to Easter basket in buffalo we went through this with fit -- one could not stretched the field. In each of them short road in that we keep it could not -- to extract. We need to gentlemen like well. I believe -- strong. He he we need more mark Kelly. And I liked it if you would gain this year and what what that this is a strong. Tough guy who's the guy we need inning and also on the remark about seeking to guard hey guys we got -- letter he wrote a best offensive -- him. Lying little -- some. I'm will be back if we can get. It's it's a dirty player. He would bring back greeting to our offensive line I think we need that. I think we need and I can -- help our running game like he would cut the line -- a whole lot. Nothing and thank -- Do about the world's. Well -- -- a few things from from what that caller brought up. One and Tyler Wilson is pretty much the same excitement partly though we're talk we're talking about. I guess the matter of a couple of it you know centimeters but there at its title role and is basically excited about partly to I'm. It I think he called a water it would be tree and three they're not keeping your card game in the first -- in my opinion. Look beat it would be three if he wasn't as important played as important position as. I'm. As you know. As some people are making it out to be then they -- Probably. Made it more more of a pressing issue to resigning him by the the fact of the matter is it's like art and you -- guards at any point in the NFL draft. And important then and have them literally just because you take you guys in Munich at eagle will also assume all the needs that the bills and have that. Then you're not going to. You're not going to necessarily be reporting. You're even at that strips were accessed because the grand scheme of things we need a safety -- linebacker quarterback wide receiver quarterback. And -- -- figured out that tackle maybe a patent media class structure. Target gonna rank near the bottom of those things so I don't know I just don't I -- haven't seen a car being third. The -- at an eagle brawl that. It would work from a Tyler Wilson -- -- a lot I have. In my quarterback rankings Celtic do you know that -- -- I have Matt Barkley is my top quarterbacks available and I have title and as my second quarterback COLT you become the third. I think Tyler Wilson is there. The big question with him. Is whether or not you're going to get you get the guy for his junior -- and ordered our permits in your Caesar what is that the wind was so bad that he was getting crushed. Are they plate plate -- so there's not a lot of you know there's a lot of give and take with Wilson because you have to wonder. Okay it's. In trying to compensate for that up and blind spot in his mind and not stepping into -- to letting the ball wobble that is that is that the guy you're gonna get or. Is he gonna step in with competent. When he gets to the NFL. But it went really deep pocketed and as clean as it is in college stage so. Yeah -- wonder what type of what title will be getting quite I think title mr. Madison pelted them. -- -- if they don't end up getting. I'm Matt Barkley in the first round and they and they wait a second or third round are entitled to be agree that. Go to our website WGR 550 dot com -- mock draft is up the bills pre season schedule was there as well Joe's been doing a great job. Keep everybody updated on draft visits the genus Smith among the latest to command so check it out and read Joe's mock draft as well thank you mr. this guy and. Outbreak the rhetoric go -- I'm two down days I'll. Oh great I'm really glad you are because you know I -- -- I live for these days and we look for did you have a -- -- job. -- those great job and that -- -- stuff but he was busy out their stadium early this week. Dug round meeting with the media and a number of the players in town with the voluntary work out tools and all that stuff for us at W -- 550 dark. Two good weeks to live and it looks completely in Atlanta hours.

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