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4/9 Steve Ott on fans booing the team at home, the home stretch, and more

Apr 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steve not joining us from Winnipeg sabres and the jets 8 o'clock game tonight here on WGR Steve it's Howard and -- good morning Dario. Agree it Maureen would you have gone trivia question did you know the five schools that have won more than three national basketball titles. Absolutely not perfect but wow all right well I'll let you know what next week will make it a hockey question. -- Lloyd did watch the game last rated in the voluntary and some charities such it was it was pretty exciting game -- Arafat or basketball game. I was I was pretty wild is pretty physical as well. There you are being in the hockey elitist basically you just you're you're -- you're an arrogant hockey player just say you know -- port other than -- Hockey it's not bad. Although it will probably the best possible I probably ever seen and yet they're. Think -- -- say ten or probably will work that are seeing the -- the those are pretty and a pretty quick it is or myself or not a huge fan at all. At a certain willing you're Dallas never once -- maverick games or any college games or anything. Yeah you know -- been absolutely lots will outplay. Especially one that they did not play up front don't want it you know it'd it'd be trading it -- -- at a at all I'm not a big fan because of you know for the county factor I just think albeit there's this ball all the although everything. And that aspect of the game I just wish it would play a little bit harder Blake -- in my -- I thought was was very thrilling they were really competitive physical. You know you know everyone it seemed like there that I got to lay it on the ground every every place I thought it was pretty enter. Well the -- soccer. And I don't -- -- up the whole guy lay on the ground although I don't watch soccer that at all. It is well lets you ready to hand out embellishment penalties the I have a have one out of right field before we get to the sabres and are you familiar with the Kevin where story the player from Louisville broke his leg. Oh for sure absolutely I think it's I think it's because world Maria are renowned now. I always curious from an athlete's standpoint. How do you know how often can that happen because it seems like they you know they certainly drew inspiration at a time when. Those guys could've been completely crushed by seeing their teammate with such a gruesome injury. They drew inspiration from him a big one and win the national championship. -- How do you -- QB inspired by an injured teammate Steve have you been through that ever. You know completely. You know we we we all about it Kirk Kerkorian up clock. Sometimes you lose your best player on the team and our view is that a -- pizza boy who knows you audit. And -- are sure you -- to drop under the inspiration you know. That the meeting out of losing a guy you can never police are getting used because he used such a great player by. Collectively our guys have to step -- armament and you know it truthfully it it happened a lot I mean. Obviously in our situation right now is that we've played without our best players pomegranate. I think collectively we as a group we've kind of been stepping up. You know in the absence -- and and when he does come back hopefully -- You know way it is sad that extra piece -- it -- -- not that much more competent. You lost Applera last week this is our first chance to talk uses the Jason Harmon build trade and clearly you could you could tell Ryan Miller and Tom is that we're both of seven and their their good friends they've been around forever with him. Can you give us any insight overall to the locker room. What I know every all understand it's a business but can -- -- any insight what was the general reaction when everybody heard that you know -- and illustrated. Well you know first of -- upsetting bringing mark blockades -- conflict community and the ball will sabres lost ten years. There's probably hasn't been a player even close to that -- in the lot for awhile. In the leadership. Is that is off places family is life -- I mean you you add up all the all the factors he's just such great person so that's where -- -- setting. When you see a guy -- up I get it if you -- a brother move onto another team and for those -- Bannon and nobody I mean they they grew up so I mean that's that they basically just flopped a family member. And they denied it again if you -- communication -- you -- -- -- what -- -- -- guy every from the daily you have a lot that year. That's -- becomes pretty disheartening and in a very upsetting but. You know if it's -- He wasn't a great person that are whatnot -- you're may be seen again direct a little bit different but you know. It -- -- -- it was just such such as first class person and that's probably. The hardest thing about the -- -- He leaves you get a letter and I've I've never I don't have the impression that you need a letter to motivate you come the play. Pretty much every night from what we've seen this season but does it mean anything to get a letter on the Jersey for you. Well you know I am very honored I mean it is obviously. You know it -- doesn't mean a lot. To Wear a letter and that. The issue say that significance on the team but you know truthfully. I think you know leadership is a mindset early that starts up that you wanna bring every woman you wanna be competitive that you wanted to have a guys. You know try to follow a year or you know you know continue to push each other and and that's something that. You know without a letter I would continue to do -- -- it it it definitely didn't matter that answer but it was. It's that's an anomaly that are very under that lawmakers in. Hopefully I expect guys in double like hotels like if I can lead -- -- water to it may be all the other guys can continue to lead to -- -- Steve eyewitness from Winnipeg with the sabres for the jets that I wanted to talk also about the -- at the New Jersey game we had run Ralston on the segment before. Just before you. And we asked them you know does he say anything when that's happening at home. Figuring the players will be -- by -- say anything he said on and standings at -- pretty much been happening since he's been here. Which is sad funny instead at the same time. What what but you weren't happy with that what. -- -- Steve I've always felt that the ticket buying public earned the right to -- and I think it's not just the game it's the season. It's the last six years it's a lot of frustration boiling over. Is it difficult for players understand that do you believe there's just never any place for a home team to you know get booed by its own fans. You know -- I think it's completely ridiculous and out with the legal and other buildings we've won a lot of gains that. Thinking that this should have is seeing a lot of frustration. Although buildings and it's funny because they're continuing to cheer on thirteen. They stand behind their team. -- they respect the work ethic and everything else there's. You know it is it is disheartening -- No we did get them in our own and and they're basically mocking. When you get up a possible and meet you finally get it in others on -- eventually it gets you to that minute that ship that they did you have a great opportunity oak. I guess it's it was more than the -- of the mark you know my teammates and everything else that. That probably that a lot of guys off including myself I mean the year ahead of the ball -- Taylor and hopefully come out to cheer on and motivate us to be yet we got a lot of young players on the and they definitely don't deserve to be food -- they do. -- bad credit and excitement and energy and it's definitely not their fault for the last six years of frustration that's gone on. We want to reiterate -- appears wanna continue to improve as an organization in the community help of a lot of things. And who it would be ought to have all those and -- that under present have -- in Iraq. And -- treating that fun atmosphere and it. But as a fan. You're right this team can't be held accountable for previous teams that these guys were part of -- as a -- they've been fans forever and that. Frustration that anger builds and builds and builds and then whether it's not a bad power play or its -- in your own then for two minutes. In his season that hasn't gone the way fans hoped it would just kind of all comes together. You've -- U there was never any borrowing the Dallas -- never in your career you never had the home fans boo yeah. You know I was although for a lot of years in Dallas we went through a lot of ups and downs than any I can I can picture an instance maybe -- -- get blown out. 51 and not get it appear they put it up yeah I rightfully so but when you're in 00 gamer even up sometimes. Energy into it prevention to Boston game -- -- 11 in the are played at like the first time. And ended their -- I think it's absolutely ridiculous I I don't care. I'll pressured anybody negativity breeds negativity if you wanna get back our -- Continue to -- what do you expect -- obviously gonna get a negative results or you know what it would be nice to have. The positive atmosphere. And and maybe maybe -- transition and heck hockey team or even maybe you know the scoring chance or opportunity and and it definitely has very -- on the -- -- under side. You used Steve an example of the power play not clicking once or twice there. -- hasn't clicked a lot this year thirtieth in the league that's last twelve point 1% in seven short handed goals given up what what can you point who has been the reason for the struggles on the power play this year. Do you believe in order to a lot of things obviously we -- different situations. Having -- obviously hoped would probably the best net front guy in the NHL. So having him obviously and the help that would hurt our art our our players. We don't collectively at the onus is not and -- of one of the guys is on the partly and we're back in the job we we have the opportunity. We've been getting the opportunities. But you know collectively. A lot of and I've seen miscommunication. A lot of -- you should. Or executions in there are certain plays. Has probably been the biggest not also far. -- are Brian Steve I was here for -- -- stars thing about what Ron Rolston was saying about the crowd in Winnipeg league with that one. I know last year. Well when the sabres are playing up there Steve the guys on the broadcast for talking about how loud the arena was in Winnipeg what is that that -- like up there. You know it is it's soft -- I mean it's. It's something that. Easier if you're steadily gaining -- comes to that building QB who's -- right away -- I'll only -- don't want. It was it was truly. They traded for amateur ever seen it think it only -- 50000. Smaller but it but it it's loud. The whole game is very energized and it -- -- get that pretty energy in the crowd it and it really really alternate. You listen guys I'm I'm not they get them on our camp at all because we do a lot of the fantastic band. It just attorney when -- you know the 00 games there are 11 game and and you you're you're you're looking for some positive energy eager crowd and and you know also you know it's it's. It's something that eagle and other buildings in any year you're fighting broke out while the young team and against you say we World Bank that extra energy from our current. Yeah and I know Stephen and I think it's funny you know you talk about it and I'll I'll bring up Ted black is the same when Ted comes on here every Thursday. He takes calls from the fans in the fans call and they're not they're not happy understandably so all they want you know Lindsay fired and Darcy fire. And Ted says will basically you know we're valuing those guys for two years since their ability over the fans are saying. What we've been watching him for fifteen or whatever it is right so I understand where your common from it's your first year here and it's hard because you say. Judge us for who we are now in this moment but it's frustrating for the fans because there's a look a lifetime -- decade. Right half decade of all this frustration and just comes. Comes out you know at the -- Holds for sure and I mean and that's and -- rightfully so guys we've spent a lot of hard earned money. People of you know support the team and they they want a championship I mean it's it's there's no secret that. Pop -- dying day it to win title and you know obviously hockey or football or anything in the united I can honestly tell yeah right. I feel it's that we view ever do that here in buffalo it's it's gonna be amazing and it and it's going to be probably. One of the best celebrations. Of any sport as as -- -- and that that's what keeps all the guys. You know continued to be motivated. You know take this into -- it's tough to judge. You know that team every single year the same -- every single team I've ever been on the matter it's all the same players every year -- complete different year this year. Specialty not a young guys. We we definitely need a lot of positive situations are under our building. Well as always we appreciate your opinions and we appreciate yeah having a good discussion about it let us. Hey guys I appreciate his goal is -- thank you though isn't allowed or that we cannot actually. Next week when I get trashed some other sport other than basketball IS TE ST we quake like asking your shootout goal against Brodeur you came out ahead -- -- he came out at you so what we expected their did you expect Marty -- to do that -- You know what I did like that somebody -- it. Do my my and we move that it is. Obviously either veteran goalie Billy your credit easily and not Air Canada rent space -- time and -- I thank Steve appreciate makes -- Are you Steve -- Winnipeg.