WGR550>Topics>>4/11 Joe Buscaglia on the Bills draft, quarterbacks, his OWN mock draft, and booing (not really)

4/11 Joe Buscaglia on the Bills draft, quarterbacks, his OWN mock draft, and booing (not really)

Apr 11, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey Joseph this idea what's going on man was a joke. Out. Joseph I think you hit it. I think you're mock draft that you put up today I think is how. It will play out I think the bills will get a receiver and quarterback. And I think it's more likely for that to say they're not used an eight on a quarterback they need. More picks trade down although actually wandered off in your trade ups -- there if they lose whatever -- they -- but. Trade down get a receiver and then you would ever have to do with that second choice to get the quarterback they won I think that's our place. Yeah I think that's that's her strong possibility only because. You know they can't really sit around and in a -- just wait until 41 to do it because all the teams -- that second round or ancient. And you know I think the quarterback market could certainly yup. Around like maybe the 25 pick being in in the first round and that's where. Teams that are in their second round rate might release think about trading up and and getting back into the first round to take quarterback. You know and then there's always credit the team like Houston maybe. Taking a flyer on a guy to back up match up or around. Or one of these other teams are the top -- check out what it Jacksonville. Like Philadelphia like. Arizona. The New York Jets all these teams or ahead of the bills. You know it's it's the bills want to secure their quarterbacks are not going to be able. Just sit there and sit pretty at 41 and in and it will be blamed their alleged or someone totally off the radar. -- figured -- taking so. There's so they're they're gonna need to make some moves up I think it's if they want -- so that quarterback further second picked. But this horse trading down I think the bills have a tremendous opportunity in the stressed. Because there are few teams that. -- -- to move out well either they have the -- or they have the will to move up and secure their player. And you know by the time eighth overall gets there are a lucky one of these guys like it to ya Jordan or like a -- -- or. Like one of the -- steps ball. Or not mr. football that will be available. Eighth overall to where they can they can pitched those ideas. Two. Two potential teams to it. Slider at the judgment to about Austin west Virginia's another one that makes where they can try and use him as -- urged it to broker retreat -- And it might be able to do so so they they do have a legitimate opportunity here at eight. Hey Joseph little thing as -- -- -- out of like I've said if you got the guy you like -- quarterback. Don't screw around get -- here's my question if they do this strategy let's say they. Either they take another position today where they trade down they figure they'll maneuver to get that quarterback with their second choice wherever it is how -- -- they at 34. Is that a risk that you would I be worried that you know maybe they have to get back into the bottom around one just. How -- would -- to go to make sure you get your quarterback you trade down and don't use that for selection on that position. Well yeah I mean editors -- there's obviously concern. But you would have to look at the motivation of some of the changed at the bottom of the first route. And then one teen -- ideally would like to -- would like to get out -- upper strata are the New England Patriots now because it's. They end up dealing its third round pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers were manual standard that's really gonna put about by the people probably picks they have in this year's draft. So. And so that's -- team to watch I believe there are twenty ninth overall though that's you know watched potentially treat -- Obviously -- Cisco is a contender because effort Cisco well. You know they'd have stockpiled a bunch of picks this year they can try and play the quarterback hungry teams against each other 31. And in triumph and just say okay we don't expect a round pick this year we want your first trumpet next here and try mortgage -- that way. So there's there's a few opportunities for teams that want to trade down at the -- the first round but I think it's really gonna depend on. On the bill than -- -- it's going to depend on what Jacksonville but whether or not they draft geno Smith. If if -- -- or take geno Smith that I think that bill or have more and in our pressure and move into that post route. Because the -- obviously have the 33 overall pick perspective on the -- So it's so the bills. Or to secure their guy -- the -- -- -- and that's taking back. Or they don't have a kick and just let them. I think there might be a little bit -- pushed pullback and a first round since they've moved in the into. That's their particular spot. So what pics of them and nobody can only get booked you know -- next -- stricker it's actually so it's so it's just going to be credible latency quote that. All -- -- about trading though Joseph let me ask you knowing the draft and the history that you do in the way these things work since -- that this is considered a great draft at the top. Isn't that trade down option. What do these would be fair to say he wouldn't get as much as you would in other years for -- down because they're just isn't that top and tell the people are gonna be wanting to -- up and reach or does it fairly stay consistent because of you know the draft charts in the points and things like that. I could stay consistent just because. You know if if you want to make up that you wanna get up and make -- move obviously you have motivation and you know there's. There's -- both ways -- you shake it I mean you look at the Oakland Raiders a team and it a couple of things you operators Cleveland Browns teams that don't have second round. And teams that desperately wants second round picks because all of the needs they have on the roster. -- a look at those guys and say OK well we're going off to you offer you the last than. Market deal in it to see your vehicle parts. Now -- the bills aren't exactly in that area but they would like to add text so I think the Bill -- a stronger position and they -- browns and raiders. And he you know being right ahead of the jets who I think are. Very happy into the idea of of adding offensive playmakers for -- that team. Or if -- -- -- like -- ya Jordan and the falling or chance or back or Jonathan Cooper some someone like that. I think I think the built up an opportunity there to trade down with. You know what you like the rams -- the cowboys can prepare motor blew up and or you know detection of our other Kinect comes into play nor. You know others they're other teams that are that there are looking they'll probably be looking to move up. -- but they'll put it up they can pull the trigger and get the right field. -- this guy who and it's 8030515. Is mock draft number four is up three round mock draft by the way. We're not shorter around here Joe's -- is serious about this -- three round mock draft and our website I got to follow up I -- talk about visits. And try to work -- and the significance in a moment but rich -- got a question for you to -- Robert -- right at. And no wonder if -- -- don't look to do something of the first round that was you welcome it wouldn't are explore the the possibility start me -- -- Victor cruised to re -- they. You know under. -- -- -- And you yeah it's you're -- would take a lot of money in your wide receivers especially Stevie -- -- respectability here. And you would also have to get your give up your first round pick so I don't think the colts. And eat you know there's always an argument with Victor Cruz whether or not he's a product of this system with Eli Manning because you look at Steve Smith. And what he's done that you left the giants and he really hasn't done anything since out there are no injuries play into it but -- -- that is an argument can be -- so. I don't know that the bill really be looking to do that rather than just fighting a guy they get a system that put them. In the draft that they can -- and go there. Joseph Matt Barkley was in yesterday and NGOs if you you'd go to our website again this -- the mock draft Joe's got a story on the latest group of of college players to visit pre draft visit one of them was Barkley and you've got the rundown position by position 23 guys have been at seven quarterbacks. EJ Manuel Mike -- in geno Smith Landry Jones -- tool by Scott Matt Barkley. Most guys have visited the bills have gone and had private workouts where it. Smith Manuel Jones Barkley Tyler -- Ryan NASA. It is is how much significance Joseph do you put on. Guys that command for a visit. Guys were they go to their private work out and what if the guy is on both of those lists not only did he visit with the bills but they -- to what -- was private work out. How much significant if you put that those lists. Boeing haven't really gone through the hole try to work out song and dance before this is really the first year that those have been made rarely public. And then you have to -- wonder perhaps a motivation on -- -- -- Let you know. It's it's not really something you can look at -- an historical perspective. But we can't look at is -- the bills bring it because if you like to look at it. Historically. The bills. Over the past three years but but edicts have brought in all we have their first round draft extra progresses it's they've brought to out of their free. -- second round draft pitched in for regret that that's I believe they've brought. Two out of three of their circle round draft picks in for a -- -- that so. Don't double CJ Spiller martial artist. In you know Stephon Gilmore. Eric Williams Kelvin Sheppard. Alex caring -- and even Carter came into rivers that so there has been so I'm. Evidence that the preacher of visits can be linked to guys who they really -- show. Whether or not they're taking that approach this year maybe maybe they look at how they've approached the past three years and say OK maybe the guy we really what we should bring in -- show any interest -- So in you can look at the quarterback for and who haven't they work daughter brought in for regrets does that. They haven't worked out or brought in -- planet. They haven't worked out or brought in. The rules have worked out or were brought in Tyler Wilson yeah same -- -- -- -- search. And you know you want her. If there was very guys -- maybe they have no shot maybe they're in better chances so you can accurate either way. But based on how they've done things historically. I would argue that the bill next quarterback. There's probably has probably been a -- one bills drive and certainly a a participant at a private workout. Joseph great job on the mock draft always good stuff to read and thank you again for coming all of us. Thank you much so what are what are.

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