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4/16 Joe Buscaglia on his reevaluation of Ryan Nassib

Apr 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh Joseph how are your first line to get upset about it -- Or you know were people like artist who designed our. Why did you feel the need you reevaluate Ryan nested and what did you who did it change your on -- us. Well I felt the need to do it because I mean when I first looked at the quarterback -- in. January or February whatever the record and it's. And I I came to the conclusion that massive wasn't. Wasn't really. All that. Great of a prospect in terms of against against them the other guys available this year. And you know seeing it in bits of the beauty of -- -- effort having so many people having access to start. Line. You know he. A lot of people were saying that a lot of people have said in the past that. A massive possesses some some quality skill than some even go as far as saying that he's their top guy available so. You know like like any person would. I would I wanted to go back and see if there's anything that I left why. Why exactly he was these. Is this this good prospect that maybe I might have you know overlooked. A couple of things -- You know radiologist -- -- looking for a long been -- -- it's just an an ongoing process when he talked about. Looking at players and things like that so I went back and it'll look over the weekend and in watts is much like that over the weekend and you know it it didn't. Change my opinion of him all that much. But he did change it'll open it and thinking that OK he's probably a lot better off to start them. And a couple of cars that are ranked ahead of him previously and that was Michael wanted and and and Landry Jones so. I -- -- about. Spit on my public quarterback rankings but because you know the one thing I didn't really. Take into consideration and off. Was the kind of harmony at some of the intermediate throws would and you know it is it is very good with the snap of a risky can he can get it to its target and and make some very good throws on the sideline and in the intermediate areas and to me that that's a -- you need to have in the NFL but. The thing that holds me back with him and this is what held back last time. Is that deep strokes and I won't be able to get over that and collecting differently I mean he is someone that. You know he has the arm when he seat when he would -- and across the middle and and it seems that over the sideline -- -- intermediate areas. He has the arm to do it but for some reason when he has to throw it deep ball. Do this shoulder and the and he puts a particular arc on the ball and it becomes a jump ball situation. Whereas you know that the Federer has. -- -- just that good or not a better chance at all and I think that's gonna turn into a lot of interceptions in the NFL so. On this so I -- my question but. If he gets to a team where where they can coax that out of them in and tell him that you -- are about those pro because we have that. And it is then then he'll be OK but. But what he does that I just. I just see him being a one dimensional quarterback in the NFL and that's something that we saw over the past couple years working with you know bring their defenders down and say OK -- try to beat ST what they did that with a built right Patrick so. I'm I'm still that that's about him but I think he does have potential if he can fire that part out of the game. In albeit it it cornerback. Is -- less of a concern -- he's got the arm to do it. Is that something that can be coached as opposed to saying -- guy just doesn't have the arm strength to make those throws. He's got the arm strength but may be its mechanical in nature that's that's less of a. The right. Yeah I think so and you know you talk about some of the other guys that don't have an up perceived arms strength and a lot of people like to bring -- Matt Barkley with dissidents. You know Matt Barkley when he throws -- he wrote that. -- -- is not as dramatic as right now assets like you can actually. Step into the flow. And -- And put everything into it in an -- in a targeted strike whereas NAFTA just kind of the only thing I can liken it to accept that which. With -- show yesterday. It's an exaggerated example I put it also put in my article WGR by a competent exaggerated example right now. But the only thing I can related to is it -- trying to warm up an outfielder baseball in here and you're throwing up balls for. For what all practice. They're rather than trying to hit one up with a bat using your arm to do it the way to -- your shoulder says throw that all I'm. Its debt that's what I that's what I liken it to its not as dramatic as that has that bulk by that but it's still. It's still. Extremely noticeable and in that bothers me so but the other question I have is if you were to go to the -- You know he's been with that eroded it's an election for the past year what they really try to change that. That's another huge question where that he go to another team with another head coach that went on our. Pushed the envelope in and get the ball downfield. Maybe they try to help him through those mechanical issues in and try and get them to develop that people that are so. I think it's more problem a lot of people are -- -- on but you know that's just one -- opinion and you know everyone entitled to their -- 8030515. To join us jobless guy you this year rob bureau with -- on WGR go right ahead. Art for my bigger than all -- go -- little circle her -- -- report that quarterback back or back or not taken the I don't get there when your team gets. A quarterback. -- always are stupid. Your way. Here. You better start to think that the paper they talk about -- profit -- -- -- -- developing talent for Turkey and -- or without OK your play that they'll. Color or hear it. The -- all a part. That's what are -- -- next year but that doesn't work and so stupid airplane and start an extra. The what are you could add to it. Well you look at it this -- and I know this is not want what the fans want to hear because mrs. This is as is routine that has blacks. A franchise quarterback or every want. But when when you talk about. Team in the NFL that are affordable quarterback and new coaches they're just coming into power. Are no individual that LP. You know when they take a quarterback in the first round. That pretty much time do it and it's a double walk out on the other at fort and so when your head coach in the league or European evidently. And in Europe need a quarterback. There will be darker than that guy is is ready to go because. If he's not then he will cost a job at some point and you know this is. I think I think the bills. In the way that they're talking more I haven't listened to the buddy -- interview with John Murphy just yet I'm I'm intending on doing so upper end up with you guys -- I -- the quote to put on Twitter power about insane burst through three quarterbacks in this you're strapped okay well it's there it's been in the believable -- simply been -- enough. Then. If you feel comfortable enough it's. With taking candidate than than by all means go forward but. Put in just better be sure you're right that's that's the biggest stand because. You know fans will look this rookie as hope of the future especially here but the I mean -- he talked about another franchise might have had a quarterback recently. And maybe they're kind of retired or -- they just they just the third part ways recently. I mean I mean it's there it's a dire need but it's not as dire need -- -- buffalo if you -- the rookie quarterback and it blows opinion based on the game and they're gonna roll so. You just have to be sure on this kind of thing and and you know it's it's the bill. A few comparable to pick one of those guys today than that by -- and so -- but just be ready for the consequences if it doesn't go right. This idea of drafting best player available it sounds it sounds like a good idea jail but it's the kind of thing that lets you pick CJ Spiller what you already have running backs of the bills. -- best player available sounds like a good idea good hearing buddy -- it yesterday. -- -- Aptly -- He did it did at the best player on the board at Toledo he says well he said he said oh we always -- to take that as -- don't re. For need but -- he said we would -- to paraphrase they would take a need position if two or three guys have the same grade. They would take the need position plot he first said yes you take the best play you don't reach for me I think you reach for need. As the best player on the board as a defensive -- should they take him. Capsule -- Right. And you've got to dissect it with a second best player and that's where the court to be an offensive guard could be a senator could be a tackle and like let's. Whenever if they if they need mistake about it this draft having. Neglected quarterback again. Then they've got a lot of explaining to do so and we'll hold you personally responsible. Because I I brought up the idea a lot like a month or so ago we are draft guys these good draft -- give. To Saddam associated with the draft -- -- -- -- my problem yeah adult responsible for the sabres mass. Well I mean. I don't know I don't know how to respond to that power -- know -- and overcome try to -- about -- and good news is I also hold you responsible for thirteen years retroactive even though you were on the beat -- time it's your fault -- Right I look at our -- reduction in daily -- a little -- so give me some slack here that. That shoot them I would like you are Joseph the -- scene at the lunch. I had some good scheduler read -- come on his story and -- NASA reevaluating that actually Jill and rankles you'll also had a draft.

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