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Bills Draft Luncheon

Apr 16, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon. I -- -- reserved for the draft launch and I know it's a big event for. For everybody but I -- have to mr. Wilson and everyone. In the Buffalo Bills organization. A lot of our focus is then our concentration has -- in the draft room. Over the past few weeks but our hearts are certainly. With the victims and the families. In Boston. And then the New England region for the senseless tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with the all the families. And once again. It's a credit to the American spirit. When you see the first responders police and fire. Officials who have stepped up. Throughout the regions throughout the country. -- to help those victims so. We wanted Dallas and on behalf of disorganization and and have a great day today with. With party in the crew. Annual for a one of them would. Plus. What begins. You guys or is. Draft preparation obviously our guys have were all along. We're excited to -- -- I'm I'm I'm no you know most of these guys that. Tommy Gibbons is our director of pro scouting he's all the free agents and he is his group takes care although Rosie also sees. Some of the college does. Chuck -- our director of college scouting and season top players in the country course Doug -- is over both department's director of player personnel. And you know rallying around a pretty hard. Yeah in the -- is -- coordinator. Of college outing which really. He takes care of -- house staff plus does them. Big team and some of the northeast need me into the -- wish him. The big thing he cross checks all -- offensive in Latin so. What we're trying to do is have everybody covered if you got a question. About a ploy here these guys. More than one mostly have saint. Now we cannot walk and a little bit of a tight rope here. We will give you enough information to do your job I mean you guys covers every day and when he appears much as we can get your staff that. And at the same time and we don't want to give these other 31 teams. Enough information to do their job. So it's a tight rope thing kind of bear with us on net and had to having said that they'll open it to questions -- whatever you get. -- -- Everyone had a different opinion on the quarterback class this year after all that pre draft visits the -- where else what is worthless organization. -- -- -- -- Or you know I think period as high end and also I've said from day one this quarterback clash. He's better and -- thanks to the this is better than the published today get. -- and by that I mean there's -- -- five or six of those gas may be seven. Then do a lot of things good and doing good enough to win. And this is not a standard answer I said this from the start it -- three of these guys will be franchise quarterbacks I believe. EU. You look back it last year in a year before. I'm main Russell Wilson and Colin -- -- right now fuse drafting you'd take him first you'd take them first in the top back. So. The jury's out on this group but they do enough good things and if you do what they do best even when. Oh -- Don't think you're. Address. On earth -- Better created. Operable or lightly. This age most of those happen after the draft or you know because -- He not think he's very black and mark I do not think can we will be. And I brought this up on the night but -- we brought -- Nick Barnett -- can't start and played two good years force so. We will be in business up until we start the pre season. They are still guys out there Tommy can speak to that probably better and I can but. They've still got -- and -- just like Alan Branch I mean you know we work. We were looking at big events of glamour and we were talking it to big offensive lineman but we felt like it hurt me that and probably was only. And our and our our precedents which he was anyway but that we got us a good player back and had one of San Miro gab that. Can be a good player force will still keep looking effects yet and and we don't. Will be in a market. Use these draft. This close -- draft. And our way -- -- It's individually each team will you know have their own plan going forward but if someone you know players will be released. You know there is still some. -- work that needs to be done analyze and a lot of team so there be to be good players. You know popping up in -- to be ready and we tracked them. And it. They're more work to be -- players become available. We'd be you know I don't think to be any question we Tynan for the tractor. After the draft. You know up until up to camp I don't. You know when the question. If if we felt that the player could help us in their recent movement like -- Me proceed. Defensive. Line value in the top ten. Are you anticipating. A lot of phone calls from the people behind you. How much would you entertain moving again. You know Chris I I don't know that I'm anticipating a lot I think Kerry is a better chance but -- and a rookie wage -- I think that helps movement but. Pawlenty is we -- open for business and would go when Charles Carl. Yeah I mean -- it's the right thing yeah. I think a lot of that will be determined. The first five or six picks of the -- In other words -- -- -- for gas there fab that we really value. We've moved back. I spent a lot of time trying to beat what's gonna happen for review challenged you guys. Assess. What might go on behind you too. You know -- referenced some of the trade down possibilities that could problem. You know obviously we look at -- I think -- We try to do our homework on Molly's -- these guys do great job of getting the information in and they might. We'll take the cars are and they signed in free agency or that lost. So yeah we we are because those guys might move Hannity you know and you look at. You know everybody talks about who will be there in the second round. We we don't pick. You know we don't pick eighteen the second round pick can't so he got to look at dose cannon thanks to and kind of figure it. It's you don't want to give away anything. That's the other team so that being said I didn't pay attention where do you pay attention to what's being said about teams around you and how you. Old that process gets injured but you don't put all you mob and that -- they -- they allowed just lack you know we do or they don't -- staff. These -- birdcage. You brought their kids that you're. Yes it wasn't what you went it was going to be coaches say one of those thirty I don't. You know we went to another spot strict but hammy we went signals -- the -- to. Wheat is -- brain knows gas Xenia and to save what they know ostensibly -- about scheme how much they can retain. Teach them in the morning. Let him go -- come back and testament say how much of -- they retire. We already knew that about right. Obviously it paid 13 the only idiot idiot and we used them yet that. We thought that kind of one. Has talked about it a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wanna -- extremely broad that the jet ski dead at that he's -- so the you know Brian you know -- right -- is because that we have goes wrong you know he beat him in the forefront he was a good player. As we go through are going process from beginning -- the senior year. All the way through so he was again it you know we are aware of who want to see him a couple of -- play. Just because it's always good for us to get the Syracuse and in the C implant line. If you talk. What is there is best traits. Thought obvious she's got strong arm to make all the throws. He's got touch timing all things that we look for quarterback and I think. We talk about Ryan is intangibles are all shall. Are all pause so army he's kind of an -- get it when you go through this -- process when you put it altogether you know it comes over there. Curtis is deep throats all the way some of the gulf. And this maybe some you know you miss I mean always corvettes come to some throws and and always -- from troop connects and it's like you know you look at the body work. You look at the pro they stuff you look at everything that they do. Who were they thrown to you know a lot of there's a lot of reasons and factors going to it. But -- -- and he can make all the throws in the chemical. PR Doug could you just to mix it up a little -- I thank you deduct a little bit about like the wave the spread game the facts. Maybe makes it more difficult in some ways maybe makes it easier to evaluate and out of makes it more difficult to. Evaluate guys for like Gina Smith for instance to -- so many passes and a line of scrimmage. I'm you're gonna do that in the NFL but those aren't. You know a lot of guys can do that. Trying to -- genome biologist well how's this bread and always makes it more difficult for you to projecting guys as -- That's why we get paid now obviously it it it's got him. Present a different challenge just because you're not gonna -- a lot of NFL type throws. But what you have to do is. See how they do make those throws are there what's the balance what's her footwork what's the release point what's the timing. Where are they -- -- it to the right person than on any anticipation and to -- to. -- preparatory throws. Those are type of things that you really look at and that again it's going to be a little tougher because they're not attacking downfield as much as you'd like to see him. But -- -- try to basically break down how they do what they do instead of what they're doing. It just. Let's have there been any talks with you know her invitation. It's. You know -- guy. There's been some contact and we're Mike can I effort there obviously that tranda. To try to get a long term deal done with the would Jerious. But you know it and I don't mean this. And a bad way. And given it much now our main and I don't mean that it we're not in Mexico we certainly navy man. Eventually you probably big here but. It's it's not been willing to accept. Try to get a contract done if that doesn't work in. The ball's in his court becomes -- basically he gets ready so. What we're trying to do this -- get our guys really we've got here and we got -- mall here but wants us not make. Putts and -- it seems like in recent years some some of that process has mainly been. How long it will be donated -- maybe goes a little later in the camp is there any concern announcer. Maybe I think a tag gives. Is an option we have and then when they come in as an option so that's really what's come down to -- Again you know we'd love to have him here yesterday but we don't show. We're we're going work hard trying to get these yet they would get. It's about the openness -- willingness to maybe trade down but given your limited in the number of picks it would only six this year right now. Is there. Possibility of trading up or would you maybe not considering that this year. Well you'd considerate that I but it have to be really appealing to you to move. -- given up draft picks are hoping some. Way we get that seventh back even though it is a seventh and we can go after college freeagent send. But you know that we just don't like given up almost picture bank. How much losing -- patriot and then -- and how much does that impact did it affect what you're correctly it's not enough. Not an hour -- Henman said and I know a lot of people are saying we've taken a guard more of those two top guards. You know we're. We we. -- roster. In my house is better than. I think we give credit for and specially -- thinks -- -- pretty big -- we have six guards. And now we thank a couple of -- plight. Now heaven signals there before you do is you know right did we not going take a guard at number eight. It's hard to pass up to players -- that -- Alabama and -- in or carry around both of those great players so. You have to give them -- when they come up. Being able you said you haven't given up you feel you have enough confidence in the six starts in the house that it doesn't have to be it does not address -- -- -- I did. How much as you were trapped rankings are your quarterback changed since the -- Senior Bowl so now. Going into the senior all you have an idea she's always got somebody here. And it's and now how drastically -- guys who don't know. You know. I think I think again -- markets AT&T they don't change -- all that but -- -- -- -- and and the reason it debt position. Is it intangibles. Are so important and there are so hard. To figure out I mean gaps leadership about a lot of -- getting -- Most of those deposition -- Smart gas and they figure out what you room here and you data being Indy Indy to find out -- -- really. So debt that cannot find as my complex -- -- What you. Quarterback was. You know it doesn't but but it makes me sleep a little better it not -- where at least we get to veterans -- play. And that that makes it because you never know mommy what's gonna happen in the draft I mean it's. You know you do all the planning new room you wanna do -- still a crapshoot some. And that you don't know who's going to be there is going jump over you and take aghast so. Hey kids. We thank Kevin and we've had him targeted early we -- he's really Smart tough that's been successful when he said. The proper -- surrounding so. You know we're excited to have him -- as far as our plans will there be some. If you are done. So many other teams in the top ten expected to -- a -- reporter question earlier and later in the draft. If it so happens that the teams don't jump on a quarterback in the first ten picks. Are you guys at a disadvantage because you only have five other draft picks. Follow up what Jay was saying. To maybe move up from the second round. Too late in the first round where there can be interviewed quarterbacks when that first night. I think we're gonna plan for any possible scenario. Obviously with the limited number picks it's gonna limit what we can do. But we'll have a plan for any way to extract false. -- or somebody could -- offensive line questions. -- me. Give us the strength that chance format. And then in your view of the top three Jack Olsen in the left tackle -- It's such quality left tackles at the -- global. Address tackle it took on better with chance but. I was she keep her about the the same couple guys at left tackle and it's a very good left tackle Travis little bit unique that you get guys with the you know the prototypical size and length and -- -- them but you know look to locals were fantastic player and Eric -- different as a player. Central Michigan Texas and -- -- Fisher every every level he's done let's plan against top one making our competition Senior Bowl -- mine. All that stuff he's passed every test line so. I think it's unique to get. As many. Players and his older players as you go through tackles drafted have a chance to come in and help -- an okay. But top left tackle who started -- -- -- -- order. No that's efforts to. It's unique and important. Though the mama can't be spent. The attack was unique calls. -- ago basically. You know the JC kid that played one year as a quarterback when he is Tynan and it's convert dolphins -- to Oklahoma. And for you know after two years that poplar. And to me. Chance. Really is a powerful man when you first look at him you just know he's got a great base he's. Great technician he really has a great feel for. Combo -- seemed in doubt -- he would as if he showed against that Notre Dame linebacker. Monta. He can really face up and finish and we've accurately about it but he's got a lot of traits we like. Others don't really. -- we'll check. Specific. What they need in certain players certain positions that left. -- multiple systems. So what have they asked for pain that I ask for cookie -- talent but. I mean have been brought just look for the best athletes that'll be very explain what happened yet. The number one thing they stressed to us they want players to play like bills which are tough competitive intelligent players that love football. So that helps us out alive and they basically told -- all. Get the best player that one plays like a bill but is the best player at the position and will find a way to make these people successful. If you major yet. -- 100% 100% yes I mean eight bronze up that this type of player in the count pulled overlook enforce -- we're not specific. Being specific about it a different every position. And measurable and stuff like that. Uncharted -- position. And they view the wide receivers in particularly the kids in Tennessee. Well you know could aero. Cordero excuse me. Outstanding free Cuban athletes it's everybody knows he's a thoroughbred can go down for Leo what. He's got a great range catching range. And he's just tremendous player with a ball in his hands maybe one of you unique -- guys I've seen with a bonus saint. Is that kickoff return and an agreement about -- gone to this guy's got some. Those rare qualities that you're talking about. -- what makes him unique entertainment in general of the bonus answer any specific plays that stand out her over the course -- And today. It's against Georgia you know them running all these weeks and it and in that could in the backfield and run reverses -- him fly sweeps of reverses and any time touched the ball he just has unique way to drop his -- -- -- anger receiver to drop his weight change directions and against Georgia and some other -- -- really just blistered them down the field is open field vision. And opened its feet. And as a whole nation wide receiver. People are saying it's the future yeah I think it's deep I think he's the break into the second round yes. You you may have a point about guys who only had limited success -- and we'll see over here if he's a guy like Patterson you know. JC France and how you wouldn't patent deal with -- two Ares had limited success because of his time -- soda. Yeah thank you have to you have to figure those guys may not -- be immediately if if fancy -- can mean those guys are. He galactic hammer their role you don't have to -- momentum and be patient what. Rogers. Former Tennessee. What. You're just your thoughts and he answers questions about -- Care. Direct to Rick Rodgers. You know he had that he had that -- Tennessee we don't know if it goes to Tennessee tech. Shows shows up but didn't dominate but it shows up tremendous talent got a lot of great. Body control and in strength in his body and really strong hands we we've been tracking them we've been doing our due diligence and are intangibles which we. We evaluate strongly and a week. We come to decision -- -- and -- -- fits in our wide receiver group. They've talked about Jason -- -- they'll look at record who what Cornell or maybe if that's going to be. Yet to say JC. Just from Akron play tackle left tackle that Cornell. Was really -- the -- -- Senior Bowl to proposition against better competition wasn't able to because of injury. But he's an athletic kid that probably will be looked at mores of gore senator candidate in our league. But he's got a lot of athletic ability music a little stronger but he will. Get around and do it -- percent yes probably just because of the sheer size and length would be hard for him to -- to park. Well yes they secondary now where you are -- was relation to the draft coming up specifically. How much chairs the situation may impact what you do in the draft. How much competitive system may have actually do an address as far as what he acts as a secondary. You know opt out I think we're pretty good back to me obviously had data -- that you know would add that Maine at that. We could use another -- but we got -- safeties and and we got some gadget. To be honest we -- we don't know exactly what I mean -- ourselves these -- -- that. We tried to get to a tree cans at him here for just a cup of coffee and and lost him again I got him from Dallas and that. We thank he's got a chance to be a good player and now I am anxious to get through this camp. And and save these guys and routier's. And then we'll know more about what we get outside yesterday the that that video of the draft in the second day. He's probably dictated more by the number of dates back to there's more safeties good safeties available this year in the draft and I've seen in. Continues. Sometimes we got. Three guys have been the first serve four rounds this year we got them all wait through the draft so as some pretty good players safety. Take you -- take orders and address it still all -- -- -- this afternoon you can't have enough content you came and they. -- it is the only every team everybody's play in foreign fab lab serves sometimes you got -- corners in the game. You'd like -- get in and that's one of the things it's a big advantage for -- Williams chairman Williams played corner. PS to walk up and play the slot he can do it. So. That dictated a lot plus those guys are only every specialty so either going to be active on game day. And and I hopefully we will either draft Warner get one or two and creates. The -- and plans. To start out very -- say yeah. I'm saying that that's their decision but that's the one that made so far about the safety position maybe chuck. Is. Safety's. Who can play linebacker to nickel linebacker for the colleges produce and Marleau at a much of the -- produce an enemy is there more of becoming more to demand for our friends that type people. Well but but but he said while ago remember now where you know we're in the NFL we're facing desperate -- and in and we need more. Athletic linebackers and and we look at guys you know the -- a safety and he's got some size when I try to put him you know. In a nickel back or possibly you know don't try to covered those guys that you gotta you gotta match up those guys in the sleet and they're. I don't know what a bunch of about you know again it every year's different. There is a is is a good safety class this year. You know what -- you re Joker have they. Intention part of that dead. That don't deal of those strong safety that plays down in the box and it is about don't you know they just. Let's give it to match him up against worker somebody can't cover yet you are. It's gonna say if we can switch back to quarterbacks because it can talk to -- Matt Barkley from USC what do you see out of him as a prospect and just really talk about him maybe as a personable player. We for Brinkley now let them talk about him we we look to see all those gas. Had remain here so I've seen him a lot more and actually my last and last very much met. He's a brilliant -- bears Smart takes an up and -- I mean he's played in a good Lee and don't -- you. Go when he. That fact that. He's he's been on the big stage for awhile he's produced. And I think the best thing about him is he knows how to get the ball to his playmakers and that's I think one of the best. Qualities he has and a good trait to have and quarterback. -- Brief with him I know a lot of people will say that it doesn't have the required arm strength. For saying it does he have the armed with a through buffalo wins I think whoever wants to. I think in our opinion guy that doesn't have. Outright cannon can still get away with it with. Having timing. And being able to anticipate throws and being able to have knowledge of defense is and when to throw to a spot. And when to just his throwing motion to get the most out of what he has. Perfect example that Joseph Montana Joseph Montana did have such promise of arms but he still arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL history. At all that. We believe that he has his chances to be successful with his school with his skills that you know do when -- when you say a lot papers. Again I don't know that he has but you know date a lot of it federal border a year ago it was in the morning yes. And Nydia hurt and kind of Mohammad Jan effectively mean they did is that politics -- -- -- me. Can you explain. You know maybe. Perceived meteoric rise of -- and annual reports state is it something induced by. I just and the darling of the NFL now that the zone read is is that something that's kind of driving him up a little bit. You know out of primary distinction that steps are really didn't know he was making a move that. -- that. With the media Baghdad. The ads say that's probably some idea and then it if the fact that he can run the football I think your weight -- -- It's kind of a Fred -- old I'm not saying that's OK but I'm saying the league does things back at. But it always comes back to assume you've got game drove football honestly -- -- and -- score. So we've if you got a guy can run he he better first of all be able to make NFL's told. Him well for us. Well -- I'm seeing Michael have failed -- -- may not seeing Mike come at Florida State make droves in there and he's a may be a little inconsistent with the Baghdad. I got penny a Mormon great athletic ability it's a matter whether -- -- -- getting consistent in that part of how. How much does -- future plans like if you have a position like that -- under supplements. Very deep next year does that impact anything goes up this year isn't just a year to year thing. Trust me I'm thinking about today and tomorrow yet weakly try to go back. I'll wait and even though that may puts so much changes like this time last year -- -- where you don't swing just if we lose. Wherever thirteen games we get -- well. He probably you know that changes so yeah it does in Adam thank you better -- A program or school you know you feel maybe like NC state -- a couple of guys from there it was exist at all about Barkley is to USC quarterbacks so. I guess how much goes into guys' program where it's -- comes from and it isn't just widgets that. I would say be more on the level competition not the program you're gonna take everybody on case by case basis you can't just throw a blanket statement. Out about a program and say -- just because he's from the school this is going to be his. His legacy I would just say it again in a case by case basis. The program you're gonna. Probably get a better chance to see them against top level competition and LP judges that way but that's where I think for me it starts and stops. But what it from what engine. -- on Austin is you know your great. I mean he uses. The left and this year it's. You think he -- some not to be a good. There's everybody in this draft has the chance via bill absolutely. -- existing duties when it matters right now absolutely it. And then at high on the radar to one for everybody that got the guys he's a special talent. That's. When -- eloquently as you were correct anything that type of guy individual that. Once he touches the ball he has the chance to make prolific play every time in -- -- He scares. A lot of defensive players and coordinators. Do you feel like -- like it. Well we got that the numbers good. Let them -- -- and it's amazing how. Things change you know we got some linebackers after look like -- acts mean there they get smaller and faster and now. Think we got some talent there a lot more than maybe some people think we'll know more. -- this group. After. You know we get through TH an account thing that. You know I think Manny Lawson -- what we're we're looking forward -- And we really. Were worried that we didn't have there that. And end Downey we picked up it's. A coverage so those whoever we got some depth there we might. -- -- we may may be worn in the drafted we only take that we better move or whom started free agents outside. -- today. -- there is one roster you know -- meg -- -- you know morning again. You got guys like Arthur -- it. Raptors again played with his hand down. His entire college career and he's learned every day that he's a guy you've been knocked him out he doesn't have to. To to get it done and wouldn't I wouldn't send show. Just if you could -- size of the tight end class seem like there's a lot of these big guys that can run fast. Maybe it does the need for one of those guys on our -- There is there there possibly is indeed I -- think we've got trapped tagging ends. It did not -- BM's own that hail of us Scott Chandler and we thank you be ready to go whipped. 44 camp but XTO you don't like to go in and not -- -- the names somehow that made -- shop talk about that clash. Rip Greg collapsed tight ends this -- the best I've seen her wallet you know we. -- was -- saying tighter and tighter heifer you know he's he's down the field. -- when he's acrobatic catcher and there's a lot of guys that are that are big guy he's the Stanford hurts big guys they can detach and do some things down -- field. Very athletic and very much about of -- Chandler type guy but have little more speed so mean and it is a good class -- -- 484 yeah. Big guy again you know Escobar. -- or it's. You know he just got a good body control carriages with tears his -- well down a field. Big guy again can catch -- has good great cannot coordination. -- 31. Bench press reps -- mean it looked like they almost all expletive out right that they asked to do it -- From where rights writer oh yeah -- OK I. Yeah. They did that -- asking me do a lot of things you know branch. You know he didn't place eighty tomorrow on scrimmage -- -- blocked in Indian based blocked at times -- He did a nice job -- about. -- split out as much as there in this spread how tough is it to evaluate them in terms of what they could be as blockers. Well here it is tough for their detached this is tougher -- that you see him by the you hope you see in my -- mind and NC but the key is toughness you know toughness and been able to face up and have a nose for for being a -- and a blocker and you know basically. There's a lot of a lot of detached ideas in this draft that you. About where -- -- and throws the reality here is that particularly in the cold snow and everything goes live so there are gonna tell you taking place in any. So how -- evaluate them. And that hardly even see Florida State guys buying him guns do you breakdown like that timetable -- cold weather -- -- -- -- you looking -- what he's. Yeah I think you take the full body of work like we said and some of its. We'll connect cold weather games. Florida State didn't have too many cold weather games USC didn't have too many cold weather games. But Chad into the fact which sought to come by and what's -- doing personal work outs and you try to get a judge on that as best you can. There's no real specific. Stamp that you can say this is. Make sure we feel this guy can -- get it done but I think you what you do again take a hopeful body work and everything we've done up to this point. And combine into one and try to Capcom probably your best educated opinion. A month ago. Many many months ago you said. Like wide receiver that open when he's -- It's you know it. Approaching this crap does that still the high point of the type of guy you would like to add to this roster. You know we we thank care you know stating the way I'm saying where you that's -- -- staff thank student. That Stevie play in or inch SATA or out and we got some speeding TJ so. And Enders there's -- the guys again on the roster that we thank you got a chance to see that -- and we are all excited about market -- they -- say we -- I am Marcus Easley BM helped me for a year I mean. This guy if you were -- -- Don't -- I mean he's 200 torn Sam found. And can run so there there may be one on the roster but I know there's so amended draft and we've -- America wide receiver position being beat at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's more Bob knows yes they you know they lack debt position. As always will be good players and there's. Triple war that would get that out sand. -- her job that can challenge Dayton they have article. Well a lot of guys where it is just and you fit in the NFL where do you play on the line in and how much like massive. The familiarity with coach -- coach Hackett how much does that play into I evaluate them. I'll Simon will evaluate them the way we would have by -- of -- at USC or Syracuse or wherever we can't very just because. You know or we have coach is now with no home as well I mean that's not -- process we write these guys I was using juniors we came out afterwards but. He's really an athletic player really good base balance body control. Strong to play strong can get stronger. You know he's he's six foot four plus he's 306. Pounds I think at the com I'm. He gives you a lot of flexibility and though. He's a guy that you could think you -- -- either tackle maybe a guard you know he has has he done know but you know sometimes you go look at a guy skill set and try to convert it. And -- best fit. About safety wise -- depth where you think even though. Value of this draft middle rounds might -- position. Well thank you you -- I think Brad receiver I think caste safety have thanked -- -- it. That Hume in those middle rounds you get. I'm really good player. About -- well certainly was a well known player in college but then when he runs for 34. Which. The media would surprise back did you does that cause you to go back and maybe take a little harder look. And -- -- and he's he's pretty much strictly an inside gap. Greg he's pretty much inside guy and knives and one of those things were. He did not get the show -- speed that much because of the routes that he ran so there was not really question on the speed you just never got to see it when you got it when you went in there to visit them that -- text sane and coaches said this guy's gonna run fast we just don't use a mouse type of routes so. Don't. But what did you do stuff you can't -- you believe it is. I'm just here but specifically with the -- He has all the physical tools to play in the NFL when he did the first five weeks of the season played in it you know they had to -- very good level I mean. He had them rolling. And and what stood out with his toughness the guy took a beating for five weeks and one and and you know we got back up and I'm Marcel ended up. Finishing them off. But early this season but. But but the guys -- tough guy he's a Smart guy he's all the tools to play in the league in. As buddy said when he had a chance when he's been out there playing. On the field he's been productive so. You know and that's everything you're looking forward player and for him to be available you know I think it. Immediately begin play -- some our offense to go he has enough. You know the terminology is a little different but he he picked a step up her. But he had a -- but. It last year you took an actor Brad on his versatility. You know and how he could you -- be fit as an insight on that. I think he's a great fit for what we're doing okay he can flat he can run there and -- He's again that the closer he gets the ball faster yet so I mean he likes to play he's that he was an excellent special dreams GAAP. How would think it he he'll have a good year. To plan their. Our absolute. I that's mapping. That coaches may be different yeah thank you can't work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know we've got him we would see him all of us up thank you probably been in -- see him and now and -- tiny I'm but there. He. He had a great. Singing great season he's going to be a good player he's. You know -- -- keys are warmer the top -- or four linebackers in the draft. In September. -- sort -- -- these days it has structures mean fund Mario and mark last year and Chris obviously retired assignment and so he's probably going to be chipping in and that. Is it important you to at a pass rusher at some point. In either the next couple weeks or or even after that you know I think. We would always me. You know receptive to that but I also like we're we're pretty good mark can get whale see everybody. Jumped on Mario or in a year and and I remember sitting around here we. Signed the gas and this -- never live up to the money he's making -- mean you always goes away. No matter what he does he probably wouldn't work there but if you look at it today from day one even when he was. Play and -- injured. He he he -- get a murder he just didn't have a lot of sacks which is -- That easy -- to three blockers and so we think we think we're pretty good day and we think we would meet Fannie and we didn't it. -- darker wherever he -- again. Did you know that you -- there -- these -- Very good football player instinctive explosives got range. He's got a good combination of being able play in the box and also while we Philly he's got a chance to stand on -- were on third down and cover. We actually Phillies a four round player 'cause he can help -- on special teams so one. Replaces one top inside linebackers. And a guy that can translate well -- this -- specially I stand being able stayed out staying on third downs. But -- -- to adopt retreat instead we and yes but it meant there were -- good depth at receiver safety tight end of the middle rounds how are cornerback. Can. There may be more. Big outside corners this year. Is what you think those two questions. They have more big outside corner this year there's some there's some tall guys having. You know you look at the -- owner you look you know from Alabama he can do he -- he's played outside and inside he's he's kind of done both. But there's Florida State has gone with really long arms and legs and in one of those cover two type corners but. Yes look at that the -- corners over the years and that there's a lot more along the lanky high cut corners this year and a in team to do it out of Tampa two and now I'm gonna do you know hammered out more options. Got a bit more where that -- savers and in crisis -- only. Thanks -- themselves. And you know. He has you know let or -- Gordon from here. That's great Greg. Tanks almost as good as you. I don't know what that means I'm done talking. It.

Are you sold on Robin Lehner as the Sabres #1 goalie?
  Yes. His play the last 2 months has sold me.
  Not yet. I need to see him play well/stay healthy the rest of the season.
  No. He's not the answer. I wouldn't re-sign him.
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