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4/17 Joe Buscaglia on this mock draft, the Bills draft luncheon, and the QB position

Apr 17, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Almost almost a week ago for the -- Very exciting on I'm beginning to get extremely pumped up here Joseph. I think we're talk about buddy next -- to -- it sounds like he said I haven't seen him make those throws and to me I think he just said. They mix of those shows a Florida State but. -- it'll come buying. Senior Bowl. Work out its pro days whatever I think that tree was saying I haven't seen him in doubt and those environments. So I think we get Ray-J Emanuel out. Yeah I think I think so too. He. I think. It's not so much. The comment at the beginning of the -- it's it's how he went out to talk about you know how he is the only inconsistent. At times with the witness Rosa is the big story as well and I can detect consistency out of him if the bills. World and this has just been tried very peculiar to the bills are really interested in bringing in the buffalo. Then I don't think that they wouldn't necessarily say you know it is not really that consisted of a passer. Editor in a public medium so. I think I'll be in his or the folks that don't think EJ Manuel becoming an apostle. So Joseph here's the big question and by the way Joe's with -- still have about another ten minutes 8030550. Only two wide open you wanna get -- thoughts on a particular player. When it goes inside what the bills -- thinking call now. Okay it's what everybody wants it out. After you left the building yesterday do you what are they doing. If she is we're basing it out how they were talking end and their actions over the past few months. I don't think there's any other way but to take a quarterback eight overall and the reason that leads me to believe that. Is over the past. To -- its. But he did it said not once but twice that there are two discrete franchise quarterbacks. In available this draft -- They're actually two days ago he says there are. There were two to three quarterbacks there could end up being big time guys. And then yesterday he used the term franchise quarterback for those two or three guys. So if you're centenary overall. And others in their opinion -- of the quarterback class as much better than that -- given credit for. If they're sitting there at eight the others that -- -- franchise -- that they're buying. How can you sit there and justifies. Not kicking your quarterback if you believe there are those guys out there. So if if we're to believe exactly what. What was the then I think quarterback is probably the way to go the way they're going -- Let me run a scenario by you know I mentioned you're you're you're one of your recent. Mock drafts I think you have what was receiver in the trading up for a quarterback right. Right -- to Europe a couple of got a. I still think they're gonna try that -- let me run this by you measuring Peter king's Monday Morning Quarterback he did a mock draft. And he actually had a note about buffalo in the Cleveland slot at six he talked about how -- -- trade out badly. And that they might figure moved down a few spots still get geno Smith may be one of the tackle loving teams. Buffalo San Diego and Miami will figure -- -- Fisher gone they can get up to get lane Johnson. Still ahead of Arizona. So he suggests the bills are a tackle loving team and I would move up. To get the offensive tackle I've got apart due to that I wanna get -- but what are your thoughts on that first of all because I read that and I almost threw up in -- when I was reading it. Yeah I don't really read that much into it I mean they have. Chris Hairston stole on the roster who knows they still predicting it's something out of according -- and obviously still there. It's here. I mean we all three of those were there yesterday and embody their excellence. Loose talking about even trading helped them that's still even betrayed him in the first round the -- the first round. It's only they're gonna have to trade up to move up a couple of stops and give up one of their expensive that they value so highly and and buddy -- says you know I hate to give -- fixed. I just can't foresee a situation where. That's happening unless of course they wanna trade up one spot in -- I don't know -- up next here or something like I eat it. It's -- it's all really you know just just -- a case by case basis but. I don't think the silver in the market to move up from eighth overall I I just can't see this team doing that would really have six draft -- this -- And in I don't think they want to. You know. Take themselves a way of handling of the actual about a fixed next year because well -- if they don't have a very good year next year than. Then you were sitting here in the situation where -- that the -- that -- make -- move with. To get up to avert another spot without pay them that they have a pretty high ticket -- -- thank -- so I don't think the bills are. Aren't necessarily. -- favorite to move out from that eighth spot in my opinion. Here's what you wrote about the bills and let me get some calls and I'll I'll circle back to this leaders -- Peter King wrote about the bills heard a lot -- of -- be heard guard. A lot over the weekend with coach -- were on figuring he can get his quarterback either at 41 overall. Or by moving up ten to fifteen spots to get Ryan Nazi war. The quarterback of his dreams -- -- we'll circle back to that in a moment because there's a lot to chew on there let me get to show on your -- jobless guy here on WG are gonna John. Until it up if you like an update on fast break my understanding. That you have a lot of luck. Broadcast into and maybe is an attitude may be an issue but I think that's really appealing I think we can use the quarterback and awful that can really throw the ball -- just Smart guys are nice guys that. Early due to deep throat the teapot and things like that leopard update thank. Well there's there's no real update them in the -- privately paid there rent through private work out there island permit the he's probably second or third round guy I don't think there's really too much without -- My opinion I think he needs to go to achieve that already has the starting quarterback there. Let but you know it's just just a matter of what people love with the men and where where he might be a good fit so. I think. You know I say I've not ruling out the bills from being that team by any means it's. If -- sit there 41 and Tyler bray is on the border let's say right next to -- Matt Barkley isn't. Then and I think maybe they they go that direction but. You know -- I still of the belief that the built where. -- I think they'll pick a quarterback at eight overall and what about the rest later. Over to Jim urology coherent WG -- -- ahead. Question is that. -- -- What specifically. Made him fall. Where he is now worried about the consensus that more good year before last it was everybody starlet. Everything that was orders third bicycle Warner as burger college. What specifically made him follow. I'd like to say -- team's success had the biggest factor in that. There are -- evident that they lost too many games as a team. Yeah I mean when you start -- the year as. The second great team in the country. And and then you know you had to leave in five games people are gonna go oh that -- the quarterback but. A lot of those losses he put up tons of points. Get the true story is their defense was terrible and the offense applied you know he did lose -- colonial left tackle weather center got hurt a couple of games. And I mean Matt Barkley would get creamed a bunch of all the seasons so it's I mean. A lot of people say oh good corner -- over couple a look at cortex can always overcome a a terrible defense. Especially against teams that put up points in the pac twelve so I think I think that Matt Barkley was. Perhaps a little unfairly. That it unfairly you know put through. And put through a lot of it's judgments of the things like that but you know there are still parts this game that he needs to work out as a quarterback prospects. What -- -- I think the whole arm strength thing is overblown I think there's a lot of things about that our political. That's overblown but. It's just a matter of working belliard then. Whether or not they still think he's he's the top competitor to -- lecture at buddy -- alluded to -- -- a couple of -- replica yesterday. And of course the injury was a big factory didn't get a chance to finish strong -- a couple their losses came while the was out her loss to what -- what the last. Two losses they had UCLA. So then -- go to Indian heated up play slugger has been a key player in order and if they beat Notre -- whether -- -- there's -- difference. Yeah Basil what do you think of two parts there on Peter King one guard because guard came up yesterday and two. Move it up ten of fifteen spots get right NASA or the quarterback of his dreams so I assume that means right NASA does not the quarterback -- dug around streams. I I don't know I don't know what what the quarterback of history cup that might be in my heart you know. It it could be Barkley put up with Barkley then why wouldn't you particularly. You might think that he's going to Arizona. That I -- the bills. Even though they just thank -- palm of the bills might have reasonably that Barkley will be gone and when it that's that's sergeant facility keep me from thinking they're definitely a quarterback -- is that. But he says there's one worth taking date they just might not know he's going to be there. Well partly. He is not a fit four or Arizona at all it in the type of offense they want they want to rub here. Very much. Drive the ball down the field vertical type of type of team hadn't met Barkley is back. -- that that's for sure so and so I don't think if you put Matt Barkley. Into Arizona without playbook I don't know what -- putting it in the best chance. To succeed and I think here don't know that I'd -- -- -- you ever -- as a team that -- quarterback in the first by the so. You know as far as regards or or whatnot I think buddy -- ruled that out yesterday and in his answers saying. You know I think. We don't get enough credit for the guys we have on our offensive line in house. Delivered to have a six -- of Russert told about yesterday when I look at the roster. Bet that must mean that somebody switch in position. Immediately breed standard and Gary took the best round last year maybe -- switch over to articulate debate they did practice in. There in training camp a couple of times so. It's so I think that. And they do have some options regarded. You know you could always wait -- guard is they've been. Victorious over the past few years of picking regards. Off waivers and -- you know places that don't involve -- back and and I just think that. That guard is just a little bit. Or what you reconnect at eight overall. And if the bills can't. They electorate picked when you're sitting there are needed a quarterback if you're still -- about 200 free trader I haven't continued our Americana because. That is people start -- pick -- up from yesterday and it you know. There have been two to three franchise guy and buddy -- also -- out by exchange. That he believes there is there's a player at quarterback that it will be at the April 12 pick. You can't just say the things that and then go out intrepid color so I topic go to Bible. All right Joseph being. -- fun thank you is always look forward to more of your work on line and we'll look forward to having on a lot in the next week or so as well. And so -- draft number five coming out today. I am is that the last when he got -- on the next week. Oh -- -- -- -- -- it's it's it's not it's time to get spirited -- about the look forward to it thank you -- epic yet.

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