WGR550>Topics>>4/18 Joe Buscaglia discusses his mock draft and where he sees the Bills going

4/18 Joe Buscaglia discusses his mock draft and where he sees the Bills going

Apr 18, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- did you do the tomahawk chop at Florida State. -- rare that you get a low. Love. You get that. Create it was actually. That is a powerful moment -- -- -- because there are so already people -- in that place. Over 80000 and it's it's just. Everyone doing the same thing at the same time it's really it's really and if it's pretty cool. Hey you know what -- -- breaking news from Boston let me share this and we'll get right to the mock draft this according to the Boston Globe. Authorities have clear images up to Boston Marathon suspects the images are going to be released to the public today. That according to an official talking to the Boston Globe. Again they have clear images of true suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing and those images are going to at least the public today that from the Boston Globe. Joseph your latest mock draft is out mock draft five note. Trading in moving around another bill it's a three round pocketbooks wanna greeted at our website -- the -- staying -- and taking Matt Barkley why. Well I think you'd be. And wolf first and foremost I still -- the a lot to be determined by where geno Smith goes and if geno Smith said the going at you know in the top 76. I think there's a good chance that the bills will all take a quarterback there at the overall. It geno Smith has not -- In all the quarterbacks are on the border eight. Perhaps the bill might think they can weights and so and so the second crowd just based on. You know the market for quarterbacks by. It's most years when you look at the quarterback position. -- -- Is that good teams will try to address that position early out of the draft and then go for their so I think that. They're it's a good shot of the bill to pick a quarterback today and it. And it's they do and that taking one. Van you know I think at this point he can probably factory in both Matt Barkley -- Ryan -- in the equation. I just tend to think that Matt Barkley might help. A little bit. You know even though Daschle is well trained in the in the offense I think Barkley might have more room to grow. Which of that off and so I think maybe you might be the better of the two there that's just from my perspective but it all part of what the bill ordeal -- I think it is their quarterback is. You know I'm I'm of the belief that the quarterback probably those two guys. I think so too -- that another one of the reasons buddy nix. Talk a little bit at the luncheon about intangibles in both of those guys are said to have very good intangibles they gloat about NASA and now he comes across and not just the built the teams across the league cap and then when he was talking about intangibles. Leadership and things like that it's out of like -- was again this is -- projecting but I. Itself like you were describing Barkley at USC and always talk about with him going to a major program. And starting as a freshman and playing you know at. Top level prep school has all the things that he has had to deal with the adversity USC when nick was talking intangibles a body was singling out those two players. Yeah I I thought so too and you know -- mean it's hard to ignore which. With Barkley. About the kind of stuff but it to go through during his talk here kind of accuracy of being in eight in Los Angeles and you know I I really think the way they talked about all Barkley -- -- about. Tuesday it pre trip -- and I just think that. And then those two guys there are -- -- I -- skill set wise. And they seem to have the type game that that they're looking for for their offensive. It just it just seems to me that. It's it's the -- going to go quarterback today which. It's certainly are looking like it because. You know you just don't say it's your buddy -- you just don't say that we centers to be three franchise guy is available at this draft. And also true that by saying. And you know we believe there are somewhat -- taking an eighth overall. A quarterback that is. I mean if you pass on a quarterback can he overall Atlantic comes back gets 41 and and you don't get one of those guys. I think it's for example which you oh let let them get away with that so. I think you have a quarterback that probably require a. I think that term I would use the word I would use Joseph would be inexcusable. And that's why I I I was interested in your mock draft today because if they like that's. In a key -- all the stuff that I'm -- they're connected to NASA because of partly because the Doug wrote in the Daniel Hackett but. You always hear all the draft experts say well he can't take NASA eight. Like I don't think he's around 41. And you're dealing with. You know you're trading down by trading back up where you -- and went to go in the year mock draft today. Has NASA -- thirteen to the jets assuming they get the pick in the read -- straight so. I don't think you score around I think if you love vested. You just take him at eight you don't you don't over analyze you don't get too fancy and out think itself does -- do that is screwed this thing and the actual -- Partly -- well Everett either guy but the actual worst case scenario that's possible. Is that they pass on NASA and he becomes a success with the jets Cuba -- anybody that think about it like they should do you have a chance you of his coaches coordinator you're like man right. And that -- access that would I mean that would haunt. I guess you wouldn't set franchise back but anyone of these quarterbacks every talent a guy succeeds it can haunt them Dalton doesn't quite haunt them but it's there -- Catholics there -- Russell Wilson is there like that other that. They're out there are these little ghosts but this one it either Barkley are massive. With the eighth pick and needing it as badly as they do think if they fail to address it it it would be something would stick with them for awhile. In I think if if NASA isn't -- their guy you know even know why I may not agree with it just based on what I saw from him. At Syracuse this past year. If -- taken -- eight because. He hoped that by the time we get up at 41. -- won't be their -- he's got the jets and sort of view he got cardinals got. The egos at the jaguars got all the sport quarterback needy teams at a -- and not to mention. I mean if you do want to jump ahead of those guys and back into the bottom and in the first round. Then they're probably gonna have to give up but first round pick next year and the bills are in no position to be able to do that based to based on what we're seeing you know. That being the under first year coach you know they could they could surprise people what -- some more games. They're currently expected to -- But I still think that -- You don't wanna give up those first round -- adults think -- mixed whatever Purdue to be perfectly content so. So you do that it all. But no matter what -- it to use no matter what argument used it all comes back. The drafting a quarterback at age you can slice it up which apple who whichever way you lot. And you could talk about other positions that he talked about points and -- points. In -- -- place -- no matter what it always comes back to quarterback so that's why are staged at at -- overall. You're you're gonna have a pretty good shot at taking order those two to three franchised I is that that the -- themselves their work in the draft. Twice on consecutive days. You have to do it and no matter who the guy is a matter of amber would agree that who cares it's either side that you believed to be a franchise -- taken. 80305 -- to join us Joe's mock draft the latest -- five is available at WGR 550 dot com. Jimmy Rollins Joseph the sky here on W yarder right ahead. Hello Jim guy yes they are go ahead. I'd -- what didn't I -- one -- about what the NHL hockey crap I'm glad. I'm delighted. That -- play in London junior eighteen and they have three guys that are rated in the top fifteen index one Beagle in the first round. And that trap in really deep because these guys in rushing it that it would take to the thirties and seniors they'll need to deal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who's going to be it goes back about it liner and -- temperature and Mac -- meal though. There's going to be a pretty good player -- -- -- about that -- career in the top cloning it's a pretty strong grass. Yeah we're talk about that moment ago Jeremy was was you know he tracks this stuff a lot closer than I do that that depending on which scouts -- which people you talked to five. Impact like franchise cornerstone guys and guys who knows but it's is stacking up to be at Goodyear to have. Higher pick extra picks the sabres have. Come put together for arsenal terms of picks this year next. Hormats format for the most about which -- may play quarterback those -- You've got a strong arm. Joke at quarterback power play at least not this guy I talked to a draft expert. I'm just I'm beautiful again. You know what I know you we you know we focus on your mock draft but you have another column up at our website when asked about this because. I looked and I think a lot of us look at linebacker. As a major position of need. And the other day at the lunch buddies seem to say you were good with numbers at linebacker. And you -- come about Nigel rademan his role going forward. How do you feel about the linebacker position because -- I'm sure -- -- to like the bills actually use their first pick on a linebacker. I don't feel like it's it's as big of a do you have a lot of people do to be perfectly honest because I think Nigel -- and showed a lot of actual last year as a strong side linebacker when he was on the field now he goes back to his more natural position at the weak side where he. You go explores at Florida State. I mean he was one of the guys and of course Brad and his is one of players I know pretty well. Based on his time in college. He was one of the players that. Florida State could depend on defensively we -- and week out. While all the other athletes and that that high recruits that they had. Where would you know really to support and allow big runs and things like that Brad Adam was someone that was always right there are so. I think. -- is abilities and you know his skill set which -- with the speed at the -- creating -- And -- being able to rove in space at the weak side position I think he's really good be in -- to do so by extension the bills this year. And I think she could be one of those guys are substantially bust out as as one of one of the best players on defense this year but. The play you know that there always is okay able who's starting next or what have they lost their strong -- they decide to go or your guilt so. What -- not elect Manny Lawson it doesn't matter because -- can be starting and that yet Kelvin Sheppard is still going into his thirty year. And so I don't necessarily think the book is completely written on him. He did struggle some last year and he also did some nice things last year that people people don't -- certainly bring up but. I think he had a very ever here and they're going into its third year I don't think replacing him is. Is a premium in this year's draft so. I think the Bill -- they're they're pretty good with their starting lineup at linebacker and -- so I don't think it's really as. Vital that need SA wide receiver. -- quarterback so I think for quite -- -- that matter so I think that the bill probably look elsewhere in the draft. -- should I do this again mock draft number five. Matt Barkley stared right back Gabby from our website is available at WGR 515 dot com thank you Joseph it's always reprieve sheer time. -- powered by the oil because in my. Like guys at the -- -- club today so I'll turn it I'll send -- -- -- You were you watching the Saber game last night. I -- not market Saint Francis got a shout out. Yeah because my camera the deployment like he was not about Colette. And you know here's Patrick a letter from Angola and he's and Saint Francis high school like that well I thought I actually thought of view and all the people -- crapping your mock draft club. -- for reality and now. National multi. And shared a lot of classes together in the in our two years we're in the same great so we. You know we do whatever I see him in the locker we always talk about Spanish class or a -- I thought there but there and so it's it's it's they present. Was I I remember that plays very. While not making fun of the mock draft club you have a good time today tell mom I'm really fond of them. Will -- XTO. Mock draft live again check it out by the -- speaking of the NFL don't forget schedule comes out.

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