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4/18 Ryan Nassib talks about draft process, and possiblity of coming to Buffalo

Apr 18, 2013|

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Welcome sir how are you today. Great. Thank you Rich Little busy these days thanks for coming all of -- we appreciate it. So you're a week away Ryan from the draft do you have a gut feeling. Who's going to take you if so who who is that or which team is in that gut feeling right now. Well. True I mean. -- -- ever that far leg of but I really don't I mean this whole crosses and so very. You know you can want one -- and actually -- a book I don't know what is happening put. You have no idea community. It's a little bit -- fatal nerve wracking you know. Not know where you're going and got -- beat you know. It this all season. -- Kabul there's a -- I I assume the gut feeling would have been here right just because a dog -- Nathaniel Hackett. -- I mean absolutely and I have very great relationship both those guys. We -- great columns churches and a you know or and opportunity continue marker where term you know I think you know if he actually lost you know we. We had relations here we -- so we just scratched surface on pretty usually you know be good football team really historical political. Bryant. What do comes to your expectation obviously wanna go as high as you can. Do you have a gut feeling on general location like is there rate you when your agent to be set. Out of Metalico a group of picks whether it's tend to want me or is there a range that you kind of expect to get a call. You know I think mark the range. I mean. It's terror broadly you know really in the first second or. I think error of omission seems to actually takes. And there are various. You know I think -- can be -- -- You know no one that you mentioned you thought you had a gut feeling and now you don't is there -- happened in this process with buffalo that make you think. They may be not like a lot of people will just say okay plated Syracuse -- here packets -- connect the dots boom it's done. Is there's anything that happened in the process -- -- well maybe it won't happen. I don't know it like not mountains. -- I mean it's great ebitda and I don't know. In other vocal as as some other needs you know that they need to address via the draft. And you know just. In I don't know and I don't blame them having to do it you know -- have to make decision that stated do. Of course this correction it was that -- -- Greg -- or was too sore from an opposition because. Coming attendance you know I might not be there by the time they kicked our -- -- -- you know you never know -- So I'm so I can't stop thinking about Erica and you know it's really out of my control. You had. Meetings with them you had -- try to work out. And you didn't visit the facility but -- had meetings with them what did the what did the -- tell you whether it was -- -- owner -- -- buddy -- or whoever what's the general word you got from buffalo in the process. Law mean. They ethic of their ilk know that there will be new. To us just quarter Eric hopefully pretty and you know. The -- RC -- changes and just because a moral issues with you know Marlon origin. Time -- are great time meet with those people or look at this Thursday. We terrible close action like they have a great clutch together in that -- -- -- You know I mean nobody out you put. I -- -- being great company. Ryan NASA with a siren WGR ram when you're going through your meetings with the bills. Were dug her -- in Nathaniel Hackett in on those or was it more so -- buddy -- in the other cultures in the scouts are guys that didn't know you very well. Well. Actually I -- edit I didn't mean it could check it literally have to. And we keep our and we worked I mean there's not one that's what should our own you know are old film -- like. These -- yelled at me for our kids. No one -- Murrow and he really didn't say much usually -- billionaires get to know mental pic is. It's really get that them really spearheading an area. Who else you you met other teams clearly had visits you've had hard work outs we've been told like the jets were really high on yet. Who weigh in terms of your meetings with who else do you think is really gifted and you where else did you think OK I don't feel good about the. That community. You know on the outcome medal aren't going to condemn -- solutions that are you know that the -- what you -- Objection girl. Philadelphia. And others on it and Cleveland so. Yeah -- go work out visits and determined. -- -- every residential. -- -- very well on her talk are tuning in markets where you know or directional. How much. I'm on fried Ryan -- I'll let you finish -- -- How much research do you and and your agent do in terms of schemes like you mentioned the bills the jets the jacks the Eagles the cards the browns. Do you actually. Research coaches schemes do you look at rosters and say boy I'd like to go this might be the best fit for me do you take it that far. Well. Yes and -- our -- speakers -- immediate Katy -- give you when they start talking he didn't feel would crisis since they have been. Well. -- -- how are sort of followed a week until parity have a parent group field goal Ortiz at what players felt like. Alone. Television some beyond never really need to research carrier are under so where industries. I think you know as you know requires that. -- all I ever -- all the systems that. Almost and so really very short period is going to be happy. You say in this process of getting ready for the -- worked out with Kenny Anderson former quarterback you've worked out with Paul Hackett longtime coach in this. And it fell on the college ranks in the Daniel's dad. How much have they helped. I'm what are some of the things those guys have focused on it. Give it up tremendously. Carriers and he. GO BO you know a lot lecture. Teaching stuff. From from -- -- sister and he coached a couple of different systems Soviet. Bring them on crash from about. Learning. On two different systems it's just to get it below my feet what with him just because you know you never know. We'll update you on that I go to and that's what goes so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He. Vietnam -- and the question was well. I mean -- -- -- government more accuracy. Just recruited her religious group callers like yeah yeah market. Four or drops aren't really explore it all of our all of your bogus go to the appropriate court. I know -- I'm sure you just wanna be in the NFL. But withdrew because of your relationship with Doug wrote in the Daniel Hackett if you don't get drafted by the bills will -- be a part of deal to be disappointed. You know. Just because -- closer relationship we have I don't want. -- partnership with coach acted on whatever -- for last three years show like your arm. Tell me or unfairly catered so. -- collar older brother -- developing -- -- are dead or -- now on our local areas talent all the old college but you'd you know. They have put it and then in origin and visit and you know I understand but you know we're gonna keep touches or called assurance and -- Chiluba. Young to be your dad right packet. I don't think -- -- -- I would appreciate those comments will. What are your plans for Thursday were were you invited to New York where where -- -- before the draft. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Barrel spending. The -- got a little. And adolescent when asked about it -- a moment ago we had Landry Jones on the show the other day and I asked him this question I wanna be your thoughts to. Have you enjoyed this experience because he said. At the start it was pretty cool and then you just wanna get you know it's too much in his wanna get the draft is that in hindsight I would say the draft right after -- and was complete. Acute question how many some days are locked up and -- -- -- when you're you know. Flying back and forth back and forth to New York. Home. Community in these doors during good. -- note that the candidate who -- what it's -- -- there. Can't do expand. I had a great time doing it -- And it sound to stuff will sort itself started renewable come are are still losing stressful trust our city. And earlier through want to -- economic people get good so -- -- triggered a. You know and -- lied -- got one more question rank his -- curious about it and you just jogged my memory the Senior Bowl and really outside Emanuel I don't know that any -- -- had a had a good Senior Bowl game. But the Senior Bowl the combine. Your pro day how do you think your post season has gone and how do you think that affected your draft status positive or negative in your opinion. I think. Remind -- policies -- better that -- And still and started to come off. No long season you know we typically hearing you're used to after a long season -- You know they -- mob ball you know distressed and you know get him Barbara Bush live this season well Goebel -- told the jet smile that came -- backed up and school trained eons ago. Yes -- Kubrick provided -- -- -- started. Do you know we -- -- group can go Maria have all. I think it -- further away and he. I don't. Or just army it would seem a little bit more and those who don't create needed recruits so intercourse and military -- prayers appear -- A -- that's one of the arms -- Well is only one week to go see your almost there. Thank you very much against the common novice one -- clear time and enjoy that the draft and good luck wherever we end up. They were must -- You that Ryan NASA joining us Syracuse quarterback here on WGR. And again if you --

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