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Joe Buscaglia Says, Draft Day Could be a long day for Geno Smith

Apr 18, 2013|

w/ Mike Schopp

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You quickly. About this update here on Derek Jeter. According to Marc -- sand of the New York Daily News on Twitter. Derek Jeter made an unscheduled trip to Charlotte to see his ankle surgeon today. Doesn't sound like good news. Asked if something happened during Wednesday's workout that prompted Jeter's doctor visit Yankee manager Joseph Girardi said put two and two together. So it does. Look like at this early stage that Derek Jeter's had a setback -- his ankle. Dirty and too by the third week of the year number he was on the field in spring training for the Yankees in Bulldog and I were here watching ESPN. About two broadcasting Yankee game when Jeter was pulled from the lineup -- there were just saying that they wanted to be safe with that. But I am not so good here so far for Derek Jeter. This year we'll see what time becomes this. Does -- have to come back. Not even bring you know who knows about it is a right here is Joba -- a joke. Like you're cardinal guy right. -- -- Matthew we get more cardinal guys here than Yankee fans. Matt you -- not met you and I talked about it -- regularly be attached. Actually. Yes that that constitutes talking these days is text texting counts as talking I learned that today. So what is the latest. Was about the NFL draft Joseph what are what are we hearing and looking forward to -- there were one week away. I think it's. More indeed jockeying for position where you know certain genes that may be looking to a group. Or team that are looking to address certain need I think one and one name of the team that continue to prop up our urban elite and -- -- -- checks and sent a tackle they've been blanked. Only wanting to trade up maybe even in the top five or two tackles. But even or. -- -- even a trade that second round pick for kids to eat bread and -- so there's there's a buzz going around with them I mean just just the other team about. Who might be willing to blow up who might be. Trying to move our -- it's one of the most interesting time of the year for that because you don't know. What rumor fact and it ends up coming out that's some -- isn't -- back at a record we're part of that is. Miami has the twelfth peck. -- Let's some of course I have to start with the quarterbacks here in an -- -- -- come off of this position -- The latest on geno Smith here Joseph the presumed first quarterback to go. Is is it more likely. That he is picks before the bills that he at this point is you see it or is that so it less than 5050. I think it's a pretty good shot that he is stalked toward adults they just because I think. -- either very strong fit or what Philadelphia. Important order quarterback I could see those two below a very good care. By about it if -- I had done. Being available by the time the bill protecting. I think he couldn't he could be waiting all -- or a long time your name called because. You know I don't think the bills really like geno -- all that much. And ordered to leave most quarterback needy teams in the top ten because eye -- Palestinian court back in it in the first round. Air and the -- might. Mike -- if you. If you're on the board at the British Open -- ego so our niche it's pretty big thing it's but it -- like it's your third top five. -- right now. For -- joke. And it if she does end up. Not going to silly -- or. They waited a long time and and that's pretty interest thing to destabilize the whole. -- wraps its kinda played out over the past few months about him being the number one prospect no doubt about it number one and everybody's. The corner and everybody's -- -- -- It doesn't fit the Kevorkian built like a one goal obviously -- so. I think he's really one of the more intriguing names to watch this strapped but well. And is. What happens to him. Might have a real bearing on what happens to the other quarterbacks the bill say like massive. And Smith is there is we've talked about so many times maybe they're more inclined to wait I keep having this idea. That their beat teams. Toward the bottom middle to the bottom of the first round they might -- value would quarterback at that point. It's not easy for me to name would they are and I don't think many of those teams would want to trade up. -- that doesn't sound like that kind of years so really this is along the lines of what you're saying mean who who might be the team's. That would wanna get into words around were the bills are. To draft a certain quarterback if they were so inclined I mean I can't think of many teams that it might be. Yeah I don't know I don't know that one really. It. It's -- -- know that one exists I mean. You look at some of the better -- -- that are out there. I think Houston TV out -- they were born young quarterback at some point in this draft but. And that's I think we're going to be seeing them trading away. If there are some -- -- knows that Ryan has sort of I think. I think unless. That individual player all to one of these thirteen. I. I can't really seat. See them trading up four or these guys we look at lot like what happened didn't to Alex -- threat here where. What first overall then. -- was waiting waiting waiting waiting and and finally Green Bay popped up on the clock and and and that taking rockers because they well. Like they need to start grooming replacements for -- just to hand and then hitting got to soak up I don't think that that a -- moral. Trying to make a strong move -- a upper -- Nokia and a little bit. Might end up happening is if we're saying Cleveland who is dying to get a second round pick back after. That's her using an error -- -- the final draft where they are just scored. Let's say they do trade out and out from belt for six to -- without the Aladdin or twelve -- somewhere in the -- -- -- ticket you know it just because they likely to use it has value at that spot and they might not expect it to be either so what other -- -- to think the problem taken that successor -- As to sell what other teams do work is certainly going to be the most interest thing and I don't know it just just GO. And where he inevitably. I think it's one of the most. It's the storyline climate that's very remote does as we get corporate coach for the draft. Joseph what's the Smart money for the bills pick right now with as many variables as there are. Which players are taken before them geno Smith at the front of that sort of puzzle. What some say give me the top three guys if you had the verdicts. That a group of three guys would be worth the bills would go Eddie who were those three players. I think it. -- approach to quarterback in the I think Barkley and Bassett are certainly into this in the discussion. Some could become an argument for EJ Manuel because they need it because they hear from what seemed to. Show some interest in him. -- David -- that you know maybe it might be a wildcard position if they don't advocate in a quarterback. Moving safety. If they have Leodis McKelvin -- -- battling for a starting job on the outside. And I don't know that the backup purple Dorian cheers -- which. Who wish of those guys try to be trying to be the guy so. So I think. Quarter Mike Beebe under the current position that they don't -- the picture back before me. Right now like -- it's down to the quarterbacks. I just a hard time believing that. You know what what -- -- nick said on Tuesday when he understood we franchise guys we believe there's there's a quarterback that. That is Oreo the eight pick. You can't sit there and bidders could restraint checked item then they -- or just wait until 41 of well that doesn't make. A whole lot of logical sense to me if you believe at nab has franchise quarterback do you take that what -- on the clock there's no question that. That so that's -- continue to believe that orbit being quarterback which diet is I I just don't know at -- It's too hard to tell which which of the two -- like more. Yeah I think -- because you can make an argument for either or -- the -- a couple of ability. But out of the system. It's really a matter of okay you want the guy who's going to be the last thing right now or you want a guy that might be. The bat that once you start learning as we're getting into the system supporting it never been -- that cell it's there to be an argument either way. Purple ballpark remastered and it's it's going to be -- not going to be continuing to try and figure out which are the type they like war -- -- point that it just cookware. Joseph was Kelly joining me on WGR this is Mike show Joseph my -- this -- knowing. What he Nixon's personal opinions of the player but that mill owner the third name you put there is a body -- -- You know it's a top value by position and you're you're talking with the depth chart to a it's even irrespective of that that that might be the player he likes. Yeah actually see -- come from Alabama of course but in -- types of that program. And so there's there's a lot of factors why it would indeed make sense so. It and that's that's kind of one of those those position where OPEC. Are they really gonna take a quarterback two years oh well I mean they wanna put them in good position that deep bench. Because we do know that they have operated in the system -- -- -- very solid quarterback play. It pretty much the private event coordinator and even when you go back him and look at the way to all those years when Gwen Hewitt professional coach there so. I wouldn't I wouldn't be terribly shocked if it you know -- name gets its repeal. That they if you indeed available. But. You know I just keep coming back no matter which way you read the slicing it to me it would come back to the quarterback in and you know. If they end up waiting to 41 because it. You know that there has been to talk about whether or not they would want to move back into the ground. And you know that that that is it legitimate question. That would acquire body and it probably giving us. A fourth round pick next here both the 41 overall pick this year. Just don't know that the belt will be willing to do that based Kirk there history in the draft for the past three years. So I think it's more likely the way you and everything. That'll probably be quarterback to the ones that quarter that were totally be according to expect 1%. Joseph has is fifth mock draft up at WGR 550 dot com -- the bills go with Matt Barkley they're you can read that that are website is I said. Joseph there's been a lot of talk about the bills wanting a wide receiver here at some point earlier. As opposed to later in the draft. Is the crop good enough my guess would be yes that they could do that in round two. Absolutely and put a -- they're looking for 100%. I mean. Overall I think a little bit higher for a guy like you are great captains who I I really do you like him as a prospect could. Solid and spur route runner. -- any issues with the second walk into. And start per year who went immediately is that we have the potential to become a star in the league maybe -- But I think he's a solid solid option to -- like I I just don't think that. The potential. Meets the value will be brought pick if you didn't say that tactic in with the NFL draft says most do. So -- is that people talk about twelve Austin but. That -- little bit you outward with their problem. Admiration for. Four Austin in the pre draft what -- especially with the jets seemingly pretty high that I and they've paid particular site. So I think -- can wait until the second round if need be. Because there will be guidance of -- or maybe you're just an order from Tennessee may be. The B key and talent for cap all the -- Williams from propeller they've won a great way to the third round you can get into the the other guy got to that's Tennessee's Eric Rogers. For energy tax or you can you can look at the -- harper Kansas State -- -- looking or back door then. And -- the ball. He thought Britain be open when he's not let that guy exists and you can get them out but it most definitely. All right -- talk about Ryan -- some more he's my favorite draft topic and he was on WG -- today. You have four would you go here we talked about quarterbacks already I know but. You have -- Philadelphia taking geno Smith fourth. On your mock draft what about NASA if if you see the Eagles taking a quarterback. The near the bills. Post scared would you be that they want the one you want. I didn't care but -- currently and it just it just a matter of and will use in the -- of the -- they truly a lot and I don't think the bill will be sitting there -- they're wanting to trade to get that top 3%. -- you know if if the Eagles quarterback market. -- there there have been rumors that they do when do you like that (%expletive) but is she better reporters just say geno Smith. So that you know I'm sure that the -- are concerned I'm sure they go over scenarios that. Two -- and either guy and sure that the mercenary as well. Where that's what goes up earlier than they had expected and that they have. The -- to try and figure things from their cell. I think I mean I think you would. You know if he were to go all the border or it would definitely be a shock quite. You know it's. Philadelphia's indeed in the market for a quarterback -- it would make some sense. -- they end up not taking a quarterback perhaps perhaps they wanna move back into that first round and try and take a crack at Nat -- -- but that's so. -- A lot of variables like company eagle they have one of the the key picks of the draft them. Is if they do like captain Morgan and let you know that that'll certainly shocked people by. It's control no that would be good at the story the draft are out about it. Joseph thanks for your time. -- Scalia our resident draft in enthusiasts. -- DE.

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