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WGR550>Topics>>4/23 Joe B on his latest mock draft, QB options, and "you don't take a guard at 8 overall!"

4/23 Joe B on his latest mock draft, QB options, and "you don't take a guard at 8 overall!"

Apr 23, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joseph how -- about my first of all good morning GO. -- EJ Manuel lasts it was Latin right Catholics was last Wednesday right -- Tuesday I was last week it's Tuesday it's Belgium right EJ Manuel was talked about at the lunch and again you interpret what you -- you take what you want with a grain of salt you never believe -- this time here. But Odyssey I know I thought I think Jeremy would we were talking about this. To me buddy -- sounded very under impressed with the EJ Manuel now again. Maybe he's doing that on purpose I don't know it didn't seem like he was really high EJ Manuel. I don't think I don't I think that the impression that there were high and now I'm EJ Manuel to take him back -- But if for some reason they neglect the quarterback position in that first round. They -- -- value him as someone they can take F 41. Or they might even be a belt at 41 at that point itself. I think. Emanuel as someone that's it you know people like draw -- compare Barack. Well you know they like Cam Newton well that was also a different coaching staff -- Different philosophies and and things like that and EJ Manuel is nowhere near that the -- player that Cam Newton was when. When Hewitt coming out of college. But it's. If he was available affordable and I think you would like be in the in the discussion. Who the bill would. Inevitably take but. Eight overall I think that's a little higher I think that they'll be a little bit too rich for work. For buddy nix is blood and and it doesn't seem like that that would beat that guy and -- more books. There's more of him that need refining. Then there's been a massive world Barkley and so so I don't think that Tito Ortiz is land expert. Joseph is with us if you have any draft questions Joseph is the man and you should call right now 8030550. -- 808550. Q 550 I -- ask you about your latest mock draft -- -- you have to those taking today why you have him being taken by the -- -- and and -- have a follow up on that -- so. Let's start with a mock draft first and you have a new name there for the bills. Yeah I had them selecting for the first time Ryan NAFTA and this is solely based -- You know I liked it with a mock draft leading up to the draft. I like there'd be different scenarios of what the -- may -- a couple of times I have been trading down. I've had -- taken our police three times I think. I don't then and now I have them take NASA because you know there's a very real chance that could happen technical world. So it will be. It's you know. Lift the -- now having those two -- behind them almost directly behind dump it takes away any of the I guess motivation. -- possibly trade down and believe that underdog now they like -- And and they wanna move out and maybe they -- by. Then you're getting into a dangerous game where you're saying OK well we're gonna try and pick up more tech. And then they'll try to get our franchise quarterback. That debt it makes me a little bit nervous Apollo as a GM and and I'm trying to. You know get my quarterback of the future than I've been void of water for quite some time. Do I really wanna risk moving down. You know four spots -- for murder or round -- that that. When he got for you might not -- particular really there I don't know -- I would. I would much rather just. Still it -- take your guy and then go from there. And and then that way you don't have to worry about it so. I think the case the state aid in -- quarterback is strong I'm just just based on you know and there are. That's their interest in in both Alec -- -- so. I think in NASA this someone who's in the discussion in. And you guys know what feelings. The Barkley and hope and how I think -- like him to do so there's there there is. Really you guys that are coming doubt in my mind and so this time around I have taken that's. We're gonna talk more about Barkley coming up at 730 -- we'll get your culture in a moment at NATO -- five if you wanted to follow up on NASA which you. I I got caught up over the weekend watching the whole -- -- quarterback camps -- manual. Landry Jones and Tyler -- I don't remember who was I did with NAFTA but it's not really important who was -- Gruden brought up the idea tempo and and no huddle and you know how. That's really gonna you know it's it's -- it's now we can become a big thing in the NFL it's gonna be all about temple and running plays and a short amount of time -- Catch -- that stuff garden and all that stuff and there's NASA talking about how they did that at Syracuse every fifteen to eighteen seconds they ran a play. Obviously he's got experience in that. He's got experience with the guys who came up -- offensive game plan and I know we've beaten the best thing to death. It seems obvious they go what the guy they trust but at the end of -- turning so much to temple -- no huddle. Wouldn't it solidify why wouldn't NASA being the most logical guy to run that offense here in buffalo. Vote just because he's the most of that under applicable that it just because -- the most familiar doesn't necessarily mean. He's the best strip now he could be the best fit but. That's not the saying. You can't teach another quarterback. What you're off -- the ball well. If you're an eight by eight. Whole viewpoint is just take the guy you believe that most talented and as tight seal. Is that an asset is that Barkley is I mean I you know you can you can factor in. Being part of the offense or hurt a little flip side of it -- I mean you know it is definitely a part of the discussion. I think you're doing yourself a disservice if if that's just -- overall starting point and saying -- Iowa you know what he's. He's our guy because he did it in college without. And I just think that if if you don't honestly give all the other quarterbacks chances. And really evaluate them then then you're just kind of going added a little short about they yelled at republic after the guidance that by Albanians killed four black. If these are Smart people I mean. It is quarterbacks you have to be very intelligent to play the production and in almost every other case in the NFL -- -- Miami. The cornerback that they had to come in and learn the system and if there are a great quarterback. There had recovered and learn a different system and other torture so the whole notion of you know is there the guy because he knows -- know the offense I mean. I'd I'd rather take the guy who's most delicate -- then you know try important and just were a seamless transition. If if you know partly or whoever has a higher ceiling and I just I just think that that might be a little bit foolish part. If they decided that NASA does the most elderly has and has the most upside -- by all means adult or without litigation based solely on the fact that it. That he's been there -- that. 8030550. Join us -- mock draft it's a three round -- by the way you can check it out at WGR 550 dot com and you can also listen to. The latest draft podcast with Joseph and Brian closed -- Jeffrey you're -- jogger right ahead. Every hour. -- Which. Yeah well. They're well prepared well look here there and everything ordered their own network. Bob doll. The most written this excellent quarterback. And I'll let the blues need that. Extraordinary character in Greenberg. Put that in April OK and not not be -- all -- while. -- that it would not right that -- also -- Regina Austin that it came in. Going to places. And buy a ticket although player that was in the world that in the first round that was extraordinary quarter. Just don't Gina Smith is not considered a scrambling he's really more of it is more pocket path. But he has great import in West Virginia but look at the quarter that was in the park along my eight. Look at Matt Ryan who looked very old black gold these were extraordinary quarterback's in the -- well. Obviously Latinos in that regard guys -- we take -- there therapy. Is he's not being Ryan -- who will be. Pick this year. I Jeffrey thanks very much. 803 well I'm fifty to join us it's more calls have all got jobs are. Yeah I was gonna say geno Smith. I don't know that he's a perfect fit for the our bench and then in the and I think that's part of the reason why I felt that they point -- I don't think they like she spent all that much and even if he was on the -- -- I don't think that he. He would be taken by the and so. You know it's it's not a popular opinion because he's someone that has been viewed as a top quarterback at this point by a dispute. If you're not a -- or the team. Then you don't foresee it you know try -- -- their quarterback in there but that's why. And that's why helping Tina Smith who little will be covered -- well. Let's go do Jim next year you're around which go on WG are glad Jim. Morning pharmacy. In my opinion geno Smith is the last person in Iowa. Okay and they're sworn to say that and I say it. Well -- -- next there it will actually -- You know also stings but I I -- and one brilliant to tell me -- don't want you know swept if you watched the pinstripe bowl. And you saw his case. When they were down at the end of the game I don't wanna see who work in chelios this size my order extra extra. To compare it how Brady get in the brawl with two minutes ago in -- I tell you he's gonna win that game. She Will Smith at year. And everything else and his eyes and connect in each lost it that's like necessary. Well could be he was also depressed disclosed career is coming to -- and the score was 38 to fourteen they were gonna win the finale they'd been crushed all day and his career is coming yeah that -- -- last college game so it was probably a little depressed that his college career was about and -- Peyton Manning went winless in bowl games in his college career when Okafor couldn't -- on on our -- -- he went over our games against Florida's -- going for. Well it was a -- you know. I don't think I don't think about her. Now why certainly. I argued yeah there's plenty game cornerbacks one game. Sorry to stop the chirping about that you sold and one of -- let's go to Charlie here on WG head would you go to earlier and. Greg. And our web question of trauma that this. Looking at the lower quality quarterbacks coach immediately a player as far as war. Not very much a separate entities got each other. We took the court differently I mean you've got a guy has let -- Or what have you got you don't plug in at play right away Jack. The quarterback big play potential the body -- work you need to be put together strategically. Leaked. You can also put up any one of these -- order that aren't they cannot. I got the target a player away in a while Freddie and -- stroller that's something we need. Maybe you think that there's nothing there's certainly -- back -- that that would necessarily mean that they'll do. You know they can that they can pick a whole lot more these guys and in I would tend to think they do when they slow on the term franchise quarterback I'm gonna. I'm gonna say that until you guys are sick of me here. Are sick of me saying it means that you don't just stroll around that permit you don't actually believe -- a couple of guys. That are like that so if they sit there and take a dark. Over. Franchise quarterback in their opinion not -- not any of your not any here. That any of mine. If they -- guard over quarterbacks. I don't know what can happen I I I think people will be so up in arms about that. And it is just to complete the offensive line and he could go up and and pick -- Brandon -- in free agency after the draft. He's still -- out there. He started every game last year I mean there are guys out there. You just can't say. Eight when you're admitting that you believe there's two or three -- quarterback in the draft you a little note that when he when he thought Iraq are already. Yeah now I need to go to one bills drive and take that impassioned plea and tell it to the bills. Got a problem. It's yeah -- about risk vs reward what's the reward the dark. As it is -- one that you've got a good guarding your team -- and it'll be truth of their it was a great guard on the games they went at them. And I data they'll analyze this a -- trees fall just. Nobody would ever at the -- -- is getting better the last few years we also had. Last year might have been the best line they've had in 220 years. And -- -- a lot because you know. And you know what they got the data will return. Second wait a second the second round to get. You don't take our date overall not when you need a quarterback now we need a wide receiver now when you need about -- -- dark. Is -- very well. On the portable. Idols because of the -- Judge gonna say maybe you know this hot topic had to have a double check and I thought I read a stat recently like the last time regardless taken and it's happen like once in the last fifteen years. There is the reason why -- our mop tie and then the and then they end up going lower than expected. Because there are just didn't value very highly in the NFL. Media outlet to -- David Castro everyone was saying to Castro what this. Vs one to the generation darkened dorm like seventeen or eighteen that skewers. I mean people are looking at him as a potential top ten pick I'm not saying either these guys don't go to but. You look at. You legal look at warm it -- Cooper I mean really what you really have. Rather have a -- there when you have. Or are you know what the phils think when you -- position that I'll let the line already taken care -- you can trust to create and -- You don't francoeur back and create you fired through the draft. And that's that's why and you know this whole notion of taking Knick guard and the fact that people are still putting dark of the bills went you know clearly they have shown. Little -- no attention to it in free agency. That at this point they haven't I mean didn't consider themselves feel like the people they'll rocker I -- I explained little locked in in taking a dark -- -- overall what you have so many other needs that are so much more important your football -- You know I'm I'm thinking of quitting if they take guards you know so. -- go to college. Right well I'll stick around. I missed the sky idea. Again here at Joe's latest contract is up check it out and Joe's gonna be all overdraft coverage Thursday Friday and Saturday Joe's going to be on this every -- this week. So we'll call you and talked again tomorrow morning. -- went down thank you Joseph.

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