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WGR550>Topics>>John Clayton on 1983 and upcoming NFL Drafts

John Clayton on 1983 and upcoming NFL Drafts

Apr 23, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Contract extensions and that's -- things worked out for the jets and any despair because he's got a -- quarter million dollar guarantee. You're seeing sixty players from that entire rafter are still but the teams that have them. -- -- -- is quite important first round. There's about -- in the second round and then to Canada you know go to the ground -- that song and a lot of these guys may not get contract extension now. I think that it is a good case can be made for Eric Eric would you get a contract extension -- -- pretty good interior offensive lineman Alex. Don't even get one. It. That group is gonna get one down in Detroit that Matthew Stafford gonna get one from the 209 draft is only sixty players -- after the 256. We're drafted to may yet find that amazing. So we're done here here's the seniority kind of alluded to it you -- you if you wanna get a guy a quarterback just take them. And and don't worry about it how how likely. Do you think it is from talking it you know all these teams around the league in her recover in the league. That that. Maybe only one guy gets taken in the first round bills could still get their guy sit at 41. That's like that's. The theory that they very well might take. And the and the first round. Just looking at the complexities of this strapped to them may be better to do that because. Don't you don't wait till 41 and did not get a -- he's a quarterback you really want to again. So why give up media high draft choice next year. And lessen the -- Talent that you can get it for a young players buy out into the water and if you like massive that you think you can get a wide receiver in the second round. How much of a problem -- in particular that played this craft business because. All seven players aren't these the number and that means that anything after seven may not be immediate impact. They could really turn the -- around the that your social how to keep the quarterback. The quarterback. John what do you like cord dislike about -- overall but he break him down. I had it. Back to keep -- Quarterback is pretty good and the I've been in the same -- again I think this positively. Like the Andy Dalton and they'd be the same thing with Matt Barkley there efficient quarterbacks they may not have the strongest arms and I think that's a little. There are of the Matt Barkley I think that. You know there's no doubt. The coach's choice just from the standpoint that it worked so well what -- Malone and so I think didn't you know many ways and it is not. If someone that's not quite a puppet style like 83 and Jim Kelly and decides not become the buffalo. It's one words like oh he's been at least not knowledgeable about the continent with a short period of time I think. For the system and and be able to be the quarterback of this franchise and felt in many ways -- can get a stronger arm to a slight degree that -- -- Strict and maybe ultimately it will be. That's their choice and Healy can be a functional quarterback but also. For that happening if this thing with Andy Dalton he got a surround him with good talent that's why you need to come up with another receiver if they're taking -- With that APEC. John Clayton -- -- of course from ESPN talk about the draft Thursday night round one Friday. Rounds two and three. How about geno Smith in this draft John I mean people think he could go as high as four I guess or. Really plummet I suppose -- on the -- put him at twelve. Today on one segment ESPN. What do you think who who wants him his as far as you're hearing. And -- the team that really wants and yet that's the sad part because. If Philly wants -- but I don't think they wanna that the number one pick. He's not gonna go that two picks for the jets have a nine and thirteen I don't see him going to buffalo so I think that's an attempt to try and find. That team is going to trade up to try to get them and that would be the team I can maybe see within not a draft choice is no way to do business in Philadelphia. Of Philadelphia might beat a team that -- out. From the -- allowed to be able to take them it's a little bit Lebanese here move there are located has saved -- to be able to do it from forty want so yeah I. Look at the idea and I'm not sold to a because they're not released indicating and Jacksonville they -- like Barkley and at the top of the second round physically indeed likes. Can maybe keynote Smith there in a better position to try to move up and then coming in the two quarterbacks could go on the first round indeed NAFTA they end up going to follow why. Think it's been so hard to find a match for geno Smith and he seemed like the number one rated guy all through the process and now -- You know it seems that there's there's a lot of wartime. It was one more I think -- and this is where we let these guys are great. It's not like last year -- Andrew Luck the highest rated a couple of decades -- Excitement RG three and then of course the process of holes and -- the crap like these 1983. To go out to them for you get a once every ten to fifteen years may be going yours you have to wait for crap quite. And now do you say OK these guys there's something a little bit missing in -- and so it is gonna be something a little bit missing. Then. You used to see which guys that the system and that's why. -- says -- the system the bad morale want he's the best choice there. You know -- the six to look quite mobile fit -- system that is wanted in Philadelphia and he just hit there still we've got. Belt. Bradley taking over injection they'll now that's -- really missed the system yet. Still figuring it's going to be similar to what may be. Is Pete Carroll would teach him to -- from the USC and Barkley can fit guess it was one week. Matching the system and the player based on how the -- lot of bills and that's why. But I -- see these and many years -- million -- and -- if he talked attend teens about that first. Didn't seem that different orders about a quarter experts negotiators -- ever. You've met the guys like that. I think that if you have to then figure out which systems that your quarterback for the one that you like the past. Speaking of former drafts this movie we've been talking about it mentioned it with few one malign your 1983. Famous draft including of course here with Kelly pick one of two picks the bills made. In round one John where were you in 1983 and where are you for that draft. Spurred. He's considering the Marines that situation covering the Pittsburgh Steelers and and -- and I was lucky enough last week to see this thing is fantastic it is directly really really good. And from the historical perspective I mean you'll be -- buddy -- some comments that Jim Kelly make that what does Nikki had to shake your head. And they did it was sensational than what they've basically dead. Is that our condemn mosque. You present Marino went on when it was so much going on what. Basically takes you through his notes of what he wrote down the interviews that he had with the meeting cities involving the players. Cabot takes its -- 83 -- and actually this the juncture work it's the Jim Kelly and what's going on with him and it was it's just absolutely fascinating. Respected and historical. Booed because and a -- I was back in Pittsburg and of course Dan Marino was the one that's what the most because some people thought that he was not -- a minute to play and they moved -- They work they ask Campbell -- Israel make it -- -- do you do drugs with Dan Marino because here as a -- made that. What process we talked and drug content doesn't do drugs it's a trick question you're asking them. And so. Marino trop and they end up going to Miami coming to salute institution. And Chris Byrd passed out of even though he was at Pittsburgh I had already senior water and I one point as the I was going and did they handle -- with the trade proposals. And ET to get back the Chuck Noll and that is all Indian birdies out and that it says this is pretty good idea what you get a problem. Because I'm -- I forget that what I can do about. Where was your idea -- I don't hear more about this who's your ideas so you went to the Steelers owner. With it. -- -- -- Haven't looked like -- out here there sitting in the draft and there's so much time in your hands because. You're just waiting and waiting and waiting in the course. If you're the Steelers and your crafting reasonably well in the first round and came up with an idea and I took it to end. I just in the conversation you do that all the time I mean you know you've been so much time you know they're. Possibly get the information going on on the loose car accident for people to come up with the idea that insult to get the idea that there isn't somebody. Of the planet to me and look at the candidates looked pretty good idea and next thing you know it's like go to chuck forget that stuff I won't -- Rivera. Can you tell us what it was. Remember to be honest -- was the previous trade proposal to let -- like a war. And maybe one player that's fit -- team and so are. It would it would -- great value they had a column that you know a real good price and -- this -- one at that. It's pretty easy from need to figure out with the assistance of somebody. There wasn't. Up pick a trade though that would have awaited them Dan Marino what are what are you okay yeah absolutely. Did it turned out they don't look at. How about this Bulldog that we asked John Clayton talk about this movie and he sort of as a key role in it in the turns the Steelers at least that's nice. Is that part is that portrayed in the movie you know are you on the Internet -- rocket movie. Your priorities do you mean by that thing you'll find fascinating had a piece of the movie and it is how Buddhist. Tried to do some things with John Elway on -- trade and his position was on Dan -- And. You know right I can't wait. John it's -- I think it's really good -- minute to go back 83 remember it. From all the quarterback involved it's just an absolutely fascinating tale. John Mike was in here earlier watching the 83 draft on YouTube you know like where you -- -- the Aldrich -- -- the coverage amid -- Shura and -- really. Think young. Zimmerman many young power ball doing the broadcast. -- -- and Bob Lee mean Bob Lee is still pretty young looking guy -- very young looking 1983. It's also solid. Our job. Nice to catch W of course will be in touch in the summer are -- But I operate I would. Well and I'd be happier if they the bagel day and got a later. Given what the climate seems to be on these quarterbacks but I could live -- it for sure I want this player it'll be exciting if they took a quarterback at eight. Any quarterback -- because it would be you know symbolic but. I had my choice I'd roll the device and wait for whoever left it 41 because I think a lot of these guys are pretty -- It. -- understandable that you -- John. John Clayton headed for the on demand section. On our website WGR five to dot com the 83 draft we'll talk about Thursday's round one of -- of the upcoming draft of course but.

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