WGR550>Topics>>4/25 Chris Brown on why Bills will pick E.J. Manuel and other possibilities

4/25 Chris Brown on why Bills will pick E.J. Manuel and other possibilities

Apr 25, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I gotta tell you almost may -- drive off the road yesterday. Tom drive and listening to show for the bulldogs are you come on the show. And they ask you a you know what are you got the bills in the -- you brought up your mock draft. And you said I'm waiting here Allan Houston and he said and I got the bills they take it EJ Manuel. Oh I almost drove off the road. Well I mean I completely stunned me had obviously haven't -- you kind of heard my logic couldn't pick but. You know. You look at what. Coach -- wants to do with this office and I think it's an offense that's going to. Change its color every year I think it's -- morph into. Variable number of different things from year to year and so what you need for that is a a quarterback that can execute and operate. In any kind of offensive system number one number two in -- guided Smart enough. To adjust on the fly from year to year and incorporate the new elements of the offense into that attack and then effectively execute him on the field. Now I'm not gonna dismiss Ryan NASA for a second I mean it's a guy that knows what that offense is all about. Oh by the way ahead of us wonder -- score among quarterbacks at the draft -- 41 I think. The Manuel did too well and manually did well too he was third among the quarterback -- is 28. Which is above average and that I think the most important thing though that I like about EJ Manuel. Is the leadership intangible and you know I think he gets tossed around. Pretty loosely when it comes to quarterbacks -- quarterbacks are expected to lead that. There is there is a special presence about EJ Manuel. That reminds me of the impression that Russell Wilson left on people -- I'm not comparing him to Russell Wilson but I am saying specifically. From the leadership standpoint I think he can be that kind of a leader. For a football team and I talked to -- -- Sanders about this -- wrote a story about a couple weeks ago. His former Florida State teammate of three seasons. Those guys were pretty tight so granted the opinion might be a little bit biased but I asked him specifically about AGA's leadership qualities. And he gets in the way he was describing how each case residence in a room the way he just exudes charisma naturally. It just sounds like this guy is a pied piper kind of a quarterback people just get in line. And following and I think that's what the bills need at the quarterback position may be more than anything. And all by the way the guys got the physical package. To execute the kind of place you need whether it's in a wind storm. You know throwing the ball through the wind. Or you know have -- out by some time taken off and running in the making a play that way I mean this guy had 67 completion percentage for his career in college. 70% completion percentage outside the pocket. So as a guide can make plays in the pocket and outside the -- crucible. We'll talk -- quarterbacks like Howard nine we both want one and to be honest to really care which one it is and in hearing you talk. This way of manual I'm getting excited like I would sign up for almost. Anyone the position I'm with him yeah let's ask is how I feel like and buying you know how important is it it's it's 100% on board. Yeah I mean. I don't know that there's really anybody that I. Wholeheartedly dislike and would swear off. For the bills. You know I think -- -- it gets lost in the shuffle here's geno Smith I think everybody's assuming this guy's going to be gone. But I'll throw this one out Tia. You know you got Philadelphia they're four and there are some that believe that Chip Kelly wants his quarterback that he likes to run his offense there. And I know he's got his former Oregon kid Dixon there on the roster and yes -- is there but I think that's a short lived thing. I wouldn't be surprised if Philadelphia takes a quarterback now in my mock I had been taking geno Smith. But I think even day. Could potentially take a guy like EJ Manuel because Chip Kelly recruited EJ Manuel in high school to come play in organ. So we obviously thought he was a fit for his offense there obviously it's gonna morph and change for what. It's realistic in the NFL his offense of talking about but. You know there's an interest level there. So you know who notes I mean EJ Manuel could go there for that all the sudden geno Smith's fault in the bills -- but they've what do you do their -- I'm -- -- geno Smith -- bring you live just you know I worried watch out until like a guy enough -- candidate because I -- your vote Howard. I totally in your vote let's just get the quarterback can be done with lots. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I can take -- bring up anything young quarterback but -- that seems to be the name that's flying around this morning for first primaries and table in Austin. When you're talking about the offense and it morphing and changing. I actually started to get scared. Because some think and what the bills would look for is an offensive playmaker who can handle various roles whatever the offense is he's a receiver he can run the end around to put him in the back field that could be returning to their. And the more you're talking about offense and creativity and morphing and jumping over the gonna take him out. -- that CJ Spiller. Thank thank you. That's what does that mean that -- -- the ultimate close to your buddy nix in this got to say and oh by the way Fred Jackson can still do a few things to him you know and if so. You know I know he's not gonna do it for the next ten years but you know those are two guys that you can do an awful lot of things with and I think coach Hackett will be very creative with those two play makers. And I think. Buddy is very upfront. About you know what he feels the team needs the most in terms of fit -- he's been on your show since last December saying. Is -- the year we need to take quarterback. He's also talked about this is the Iranian outside receiver that's you know open money's not -- I mean. But he doesn't throw jump up against the wall when he's on the radio -- doing an interview were getting quote I mean he's a straight shooter and if you go back and look. At past year is what he said leading up to the draft a lot of it's panned out. You know I'm not saying he's not one to throw a little deception in there once in awhile because even he said the other day. Lying in the last month before the draft is completely legal itself. And he's right because having a look at the stuff that's been thrown around the last two days between agents speak and everything else holy cow but. I think that this draft is shaping up to be provided the value is right on the bills Borden. The bills close ranks better than anybody I haven't seen -- so. You know I think it shapes up very well to go quarterback and receiver in the first two rounds here you -- it -- pieces on the defensive side in free agency. And so I think it's time to address the offense early. With the first two choices I mean quarterbacks are bigger need now with Deron Williams now moving to safety so I think that's got to get that's gonna happen somewhere. Rounds three or 45 somewhere in there. And you need a tight end with the Chandler situation so. Barring that though that the quarterback and receiver here. Chris Brown -- yearly journalist Buffalo Bills -- obvious you can you can read his work at the website you can follow him on Twitter he'll be on the air tonight with Murphy. And jobless Dahlia. At 7 o'clock here on WGR Joseph -- -- with Chris here go right ahead. Later on the -- good thank you. I don't know -- -- very strong suspicion. That's what caught after. We are out of the realm of possibility to think that you -- protection and you could really help people. That top could be a pretty good quarterback for a or even doing you're taking a quarterback in the later round. Going -- -- even the early round -- competent and all. You get word -- next you give it a much better draft class or wreck coming out next year are not in all anybody. Marty are you guys is tired this line of thinking I -- my at the biggest problem I have this Chris is that. If dug around when he got the job the conversation came up about quarterback and there's no way Kevin cops name came up in that conversation down. And and the other thing two guys is. We've done this prayer in the same -- on this we were just talk about the -- -- can run down the -- gone down this road whether it's Kelly Holcomb or I mean just have it run down the list. He got to change that you got to change the conversation that we showed just. You gotta go quarterback and he had you know what here's the deal and we said this. -- quarterback this year you know what a cornerback next year who -- yourself it does fresh -- he loves Aaron Murray -- Murray is a good quarterback maybe the kid from Virginia Tech Logan Thomas develops and comes out. John and so Johnny -- -- thank you there's there's probably 45 guys that are look status as really good quarterbacks that yourself if it doesn't work out you got a year to look at the -- draft. You don't like which is seeing. Think another quarter. Now -- mentioning Taylor on Austin I think the bills -- -- are at a major and Murphy and I were talking about this yesterday but. They're at a major pivot point in round one because I think around seven or eight or nine. Is right where a lot of people feel to Avon Austin should come off the board. And so if they really covet him as a player. I think the bills are going to be get an awful lot of phone calls if he is still sitting there after Arizona -- Because you have a Saint Louis team with 21 round draft choices it's sixteen and 22 that need receiver help desperately. After losing branding Gibson and Danny on the -- in free agency they've got the -- to move up and they have Minnesota with 2325. They traded away Percy Harvey and Jerome Simpson kind of a head case. There's not a lot of talent there they have to give Christian Ponder another weapon besides Kyle Rudolph and Adrian Peterson. So those are two teams that are probably going to be in the market to move up there. I don't think those tackles are gonna slip I think all three -- gonna be gone by the time they get to Arizona Arizona takes Wayne Johnson had a two Oregon team before that. And so with that in mind. I think the market for teams like San Diego or Miami if they don't make that trade with Kansas City for Branden Albert. I think those teams that may have been interest in moving up to eight are no longer because I think those top three tackles are just going to be. The only thing I'd be worried about Chris is if they moved down the -- Saint Louis okay sixteen and 22 depending on how far the bills go at eight. Are all the quarterback still on the board I think that plays part of a huge risk your decision how far Downey going and if if all those guys are on the board I guess I feel safer going down because I've still got all of them on the board but how far you going and then. If you wanna sixteen or 22 was someone coming up to the fifteen to sum him up to. Seventeen is not those teams did a quarterback and that's the risk that you run and but then you give an idea what a first next year to move up probably to go out. And I think two days. You know and I've had fans come to me and I get to college buddies who are dyed in the -- bills fans and they say just take -- take the linemen. And take the quarterback next year. Another person says well why can't they get slide back get better value for the quarterback -- if he'll become. Take take him right. -- he can't mess around with that position and a lot of people are talking about filling other holes first of film a quarterback they've been filled with holes for three years. How about we fill the quarterback COLT should that tell you what if you feel the quarterback Paul with the right guy. He feels did a lot of those other hold -- at the other positions because he's that good he's raising the level of everybody else on up right. Chris is here 8030550. Let me sneak in one more call. And now hopefully one of the decrease in the overtime because we've written time and budget let's coach. Who LeRoy you're on W -- with a stronger -- had good morning guys how are you today good area. But had a bet this a lot I've -- -- back to what. Our I would read the quarterback number eight. I'm all I would -- we're about all -- talk about all Tibetan that would stay at number eight that remove bad. Nobody bit -- you don't -- -- step really will be good -- Altman. So. I really like -- Emmanuel. Told what I would do and I can't thank you enough pollutant. Yeah I -- you take -- it it just takes one team. To mess up your whole plan so. -- -- quarterbacks the most important position on the field I don't think there's any debate about that I think just about any GM and and a National Football League. Would wholeheartedly agree with that so if -- guys there that you like the most. But the values off by. Five or six picks would be in that epic mess that's right you gonna take the -- I hope. Technically -- -- event that -- no no no yeah it is the bills and did you know this organization has a history of making deeply era if I had any left to pull out. All right now I know you're on with -- tonight and -- the -- you can follow Chris on Twitter at Chris Brown bills when he got going as far as the website today. Well will be talking with buddy a little bit later. And you know we'll probably check in with him see what the level of chatter is in the draft room get a feel for that in terms of phone calls coming in because you know as we said you know it could potentially be a key pivot point that first round -- -- -- so it. Chris Morton reports this morning so we'll check in with him on that. We'll also try to get an update on that Dansby visit see where everything is there. Again updates throughout the day mostly on the blog and and during the first round we'll have a live blog up and running to where fans can -- interact. Cheer then since. Usually there's venting for. Because never in nobody's ever you can't make everybody happy in the draft and so the people that are happier usually just. -- -- And then everybody else that is not happy is flying something entirely different very often to get blocked well thank you for coming on I know you got a long walk to the office so. Yeah appreciate you stop and it's nice to see guys down here. Pleasure to be here thanks for hosting us -- Chris Brown here from Buffalo Bills dot -- -- journalist is a great job and joining us here -- draft coach back with more from the stadium on WGR.