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WGR550>Topics>>4/26 EJ Manuel joins us in studio to talk about being picked by the Bills, being an NFL player, and Hackett's system

4/26 EJ Manuel joins us in studio to talk about being picked by the Bills, being an NFL player, and Hackett's system

Apr 26, 2013|

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    550 and WGR 550 dot com. Here's my shots on top of those old Fort Campbell sit here at the right side. Wash it down over the water hill played over the far side. Great she goes to the benches of birds make changes. And no one. Timer beat Jonas syndrome that our shot of the game what are. Does this play pretty low monthly periods than can notes and and I think you're up two months. That's my area. That's in right now we can cubicles that. The buff. We'll sabres earning a point in the standings but they fall in overtime 32 in Boston Bruins at first Niagara center. Jonas and Roth stopping 34 of 37 shots on goal Tyler Ennis and Drew Stafford getting goals for the sabres they next play on the road against the penguins. On Saturday elsewhere in the NHL would then shutting out the kings three to zero. New Jersey to Winnipeg one Ryan Miller in the Vancouver Canucks beating Montreal aren't sure about three to Colorado with. The 50 win over the New York Islanders in the NBA LeBron James with a rough first game back in Cleveland he scored seventeen points turned the ball over eight times and the Cleveland Cavaliers lose the New York Knicks. 95 to ninety elsewhere thunder guard Russell Westbrook suffering a fractured his hand. No word yet how long he could be out Kevin Durant. Is already out with a foot injury NFL knew All Saints blowing out Carolina Panthers when he did that on Thursday night football rough night for Cam Newton egos just ten for 28 with the interception. College football Florida State comes back to beat global 42 to 31. James Wentz and 401 yards through the or three touchdowns and the NCAA has held their suspension. Running back Todd Gurley who will sit for two more games after taking 3000 dollars in exchange for autographs. For a big top and bottom of every hour or breaks. I'm happy college WGR Sports Radio 550. Shots at 3113. In favor Boston so once again the Buffalo Sabres goaltender is if put to work here down here to Boston. Yeah so I don't. At at marsh shot gets a decent but I believe Robin we're tied at noon. Yeah yeah. I. Good morning takes a three on WG arterial Matthew collar football Friday. Lost last night in overtime 322 red marks on the Boston Bruins. Well he's the good guys scored Google got a real you know there is a very funny thing about the game that. It was. It was the debt and it is the definition of day puck possession course he whatever game if you don't like advanced stats. If you're one of those people that still fight against them. It was. With out a doubt like the best example of why they met the sabres scored two goals they were beautiful. They're not worth more than the Bruins who scored two bought bonds is essentially right Bruins got lucky twice to get overtime. But that's the point like yet to build your team where. You have as many of those potential. Bounces as possible ideally you'd like some skill as well but the Bruins have won two games now the arena. In regulation they've scored six goals how many of them were on purpose one. Yeah because they added what three defenseman scored all four goaltender never saw idea from last time so. He's one out of six in intentional gold where the goalie was beaten by shooter who was trying to beat goalie in the goalie couldn't stop it like. Yet the Bruins have course heed the heck out of the sabres in two meetings and now. Last night's another example that three to the final score. And the sabres lose Obama also out there complicated two goals and two assists and a move so nasty. That it puts the movie me here while blow to Sheen. Yeah he's if you score I watch it made it squealing noise out there like a little like Barrett I've seen all these move in out. That it's it's virtually Goodell. I'll post it again I posted it last night I treated last open up again you are 152. Yes oh. You know Bob McKenzie did this last night he tweeted. Or someone I'm sorry it's night and tomorrow sabres lead bruins' 21 beat David scored two goals at two assists sabres lose in overtime like. Not that there's anything connected here of course but you know. But the way it is the honors last night moved their record to 1200. And one. That's good there applause forty. In thirteen games ago where how and why is that so many knows. Odds shootout losses in overtime losses were separated also they lost the game in news shoe but. And relies they had shoot outs but prohibit US Allah is going to be shoot off right. Any rule we've got a little bit later will make sure we get to highlight along associates say one thing I get my inbox daily. I gates who general themes in my inbox the sabres are gonna finish last in it won't matter that one lottery hand. Carolina's only gonna finish last in the lottery players. We definitely won't win it and bay all definitely well so I think it's got a funny like the ability out you know. Pessimism that leads through even when it comes to rein in Chen. It's it'd have to beat them though they might actually be okay. They're gonna get to. I don't know the gonna win some games they've got they've got much better players in the sabres they really do. A couple of at least stall Skinner. To Cara Cara. Yeah that's about it. And they've had those players injured April all we are all great bulk is a pretty good player but you mean you could say that sabres if you're looking from the outside. You you know other people might say. Well Tyler Ennis is pretty good player you or hot that the pretty good player are. You've got some good young players like curtains or is the line and they would probably say that they're not making now looking at what you're talking about the puck possessions this fix. I mean Carolina is quite a bit better than buffalo because every one is quite a bit better than buffalo. There is one other thing from the land of hockey for two bills by a week break down that's the report that Thomas vanic. Is tied to a money laundering and gambling. Case and there's apparently a person according to the Rochester Democrat and chronicle. A book maker based in Rochester. Pled guilty to laundering 8230000. Dollar gambling debt. According to the attorney for mark Roth payment was made with an islanders check. But the payment coming at the same time panic with playing the islanders translation. On the story basically goes on said Thomas Vatican rung up a lot of gambling debt. And with signing over checks from the islanders in this case. To pay off his debt which leads to a number of very very dangerous questions right east. There have been plenty of professional athletes that gambled gambling. In certain states and certain spots is legal. Which you do find some of the best athletes of all time involved in gambling Michael Jordan is a big gambler Charles Barkley beat one. Phil Mickelson. Right who was the coach who had it was not wasn't Tyrone Willingham. Was helped me to guy out there are Colorado Rick Neuheisel right. Neuheisel was and although Houston wore something. Which is support when money. Anyway the idea that Thomas medics name surfaces and gambling entering any money laundering case in which he's. Giving checks for 230000. Dollars. Raises a number of question I mean even for a guy who is make it seven million dollars a year right that's still kind of a lot right to sign over a check for 230000. Dollars. That's not like yea I'll take it out I'll send you some money it's here's my islanders games. Mean you can even see big numbers if you just said to me guess guess how much of what big number. 18000 dollars 50000 dollars. Because up is really Richie could afford at some big time cash down. 230 sounds like you might be in trouble yeah. Yeah sounds like he's in trouble sounds like that the there's there's. Pro I don't know. The questions going around last night during the game and post game I was out of town. And works for one of our our post game parties that we have here with WGR. And the conversations the post that after the game where do you think she was fixing games. That you get into or 30000 dollars of debt. And taken night off. To really help insure that your team loses that that's one way to do it who's ever gonna expects who's ever going to expect. Then I'd the like and if he while these are the sabres they save hers. Senators game is the big one to fix. Was ever gonna suspect that like. You know we look at the big games for point shaving and people wonder about fixing games of course though like him Don McGee comes up here like. Hughes is doing this and in the NBA with games here and there and the Thomas had a story. Geez like does this make you wonder if at any point he was. Involved and anything like that about fixing games or anything like that I don't know how it. Can't come into your mind but it it has the committee right if I'm being honest I really I don't believe he would have ever done. Because. If you do that and you were caught you'll never play again. Yeah it's O and I think that most guys would know that and would then not do that. The only thing I was the of their I thought the same thing I know that Paul Hamilton is mentioned that. Then exit big football really into football and that's the number one gambling sport I think. Football college football league that you think of though is when you get money it's that being. And at what goes along with that usually. Right I mean you could see. A person getting into a situation that they didn't ever anticipate. When they were starting out in their little gambling journey. I mean maybe it's cinematic. To bring up but you could see it given a little too much debt heed your kid in a little over your head with the wrong people. You don't wanna go there and say I think he'd give it is just. Is it now within the realm of the possibility. When this comes up in the monies that huge 200 something thousand dollars. Yeah I I think it definitely has the coming year. Yeah I agree. Asked and articles through your head like. Was that the injury did that because we've come back in 2010 against the bro you know I like things like that and I saw on Twitter last night I was sort of being. Thrown around and right. My immediate reaction was that like jump on it's like oh come mines not the be ridiculous and likes. I've watched them. It's that's so we'll that's the reason any time something like this happens the guy that just gets kicked out of the sport like right. Fielded dreams like let's talk about shoeless Joseph while he hit this in the series and if you read eight men out which. I have read that book title as the cameras along and much about it I remember thinking well he took money from gamblers and he's guilty. I email like you can tell me all your fancy stories I don't care. I can take money from gamblers you are. Guilty and Natalie that Shoeless Joe Jackson knew that other people on the team were taking money from gamblers and purposefully throwing games and didn't say and sure right. Lots of these guys. In this spot. I can't and met. Should they can match. I really don't think that if your professional athlete with the fifteen million dollar contract you would risk the ability to make that fifty million. But that's the ultimate gamble is like that in my own games but. You know if you're gonna ask the question about manic about whether or not he was involved in something you know he's into deep. He could come back and that series in game six score like what two goals or something so they're all acumen and osment try a nice couple games and they were post without them. They were they wanna game on a winning game two when he got hurt them they lost game two when things went south from there I mean you even go back. That playoff series last year with the Montreal and he was the number one player he's talked about. Where is Thomas and Kweisi scoring what's going on this game and I always look at this like scorers are up and down. I mean. We've seen Bennett go ten games without a goal and then scored ten goals in ten games and this happens throughout the week we watch this team. The closest so we think it's only our players who do it but. They say the same thing in Pittsburgh about mall and some day they say the same thing about lots of scores throughout the week. Ever Alexander Steen last year at seventeen goals and eighteen games and he finished with 33 so the whole rest of the year it was. Now here are very scoring goals so. In your mind panic is the type of player that you would jump to a little quicker to say this sort of thing like why did disappear for long periods of time but. That's kind of skill set fell because he's not the greatest skater he's not a two way players running people over uses the pure goal scorer and that kinda happens when it comes to your goals scores. Body keep I keep coming back to and I do think about. Addiction in the power of addiction if you're saying it logically speaking if you're making fifty million dollars over your career. Aka screw this up you've got a big contract here now what Minnesota you gonna make all that money going to be fine but I think when it officially qualifies as an addiction. Is win. You're handing over checks for 230000. Dollars. Well not tip ball what admiral tyrant to it why did Michael Vick have dogs flights. They gambled on it. They didn't do it just to watch it they gambled but that was the whole idea. And when that story came out when that was going down my thought was. This is a warped version of the super competitive people fighting something to compete. I have this dog you have that dog this is my dog he's better than you or dog like that's competition it's obviously warped and horrible but. That's gambling. Guys gamble on the bus guys gamble on the plane. Like ask anybody that's traveled with teams in Mike has died down recently but poker on the explains he's. These athletes can exchange tens of thousands of dollars over poker games. And here's the story that Thomas manic was well at least want to one point off hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ian debt to gamblers and tied into gambling ring in Rochester you wanna read the story tweeted it. From Rochester Democrat and chronicle and I have not posted on the field FaceBook page or. All right sell it dual touch on that as the as the course the day goes along but it is the bill by a week I'm feeling. Viewing energize that we're all feeling energized about the bills if there's one game you wanna win during season. It's the one going to the bye week he had he really especially it's kind of feel good about. Bills blow up jets jets are disaster or your five and three you watch the rest of the league or some games this week it will have implications I'd you have. Playoff implications for the bills we can talk to root for bought. Ultimately like how do you feel about the bills let's call over the course of the day the by we breakdown and we goal thing for coming up later on but. I am of with the sun on Twitter and LSU right now at 8030550. As we get the bye week we are halfway through the bill season we spend a lot of time. I mean a lot of time going all the way back to June. Mini camps and may whatever. Trying to figure out what you've got in your team right in July the conversation is about what can they get Spiller lose the answer to that is no we can't. In it. April made Maine now and address any locking it's all boys he would be worth it the answer is yes looks like he is worth the fourth overall pick. You know that second first and debated until he retired but the point is like. They seemed to have hit a home run with a player of this like that suit you wore the whole season to try to figure out what do you know about your team. And that's what I wanna start with today at 8030550. It is bio week breakdown on what do you know about the bills. 8030550. Something your positive law. And obviously this league. Just some disagreements I've perfectly expects moderate caller made the case that they're 100%. Shore. But the Eagles offensive coordinator is holding them back which I would say it was crazy. But but some people were very strong in that opinion what do you know definitely. The thing that I am very confident that there are few things I am quite confident. That. Kyle Orton is capable of leading this team in the playoffs. I really am very confident of just that. Is the defense could not is the wrong game enough is the line good enough. Now on some of those media and others but I I do think that since they've made the switch quarterback the bills coaching staff the bills coaches. There three and one with a veteran quarterback. What they have been last year if Orton was on the team. He held it there a new coaching staff and his new coaching staffs do so many times with the new GMs to. They get new quarterback it's like hey let's start this whole operation from scratch let's go. It's Doug Whaley and coaches and EJ Manuel and here's the brand new look. Buffalo Bills let's forge. On into the future and sea org and take this thing while cornerback was not the up to par. So they changed course and ever since they've done that they look like a better coaching staff. The offense is not as stagnant the run game still is a problem the often sublime is still a problem but the offense has. Then awakened. They are on pace to win more games Kyle Orton 31 ethical three and one of the next four games we're gonna be thrill. The formal agreement after your but the point is X since they've had a real quarterback. I think you see more of what the offensive coordinator with the head coach can deal. If you got me. I don't know Bill Belichick or if you got Jim Harbaugh. And rolled out a rookie quarterback wasn't very good. And Jim was or what nick foals and in Chip Kelly right. Chip Kelly is universally I think understood to be eight offensive guru genius. His team is terrible the reds. He's because his play calling is terrible. Or is is cork back now America nick pulls has kind of been exposed as a guy who can put up big numbers in the right spot. But he misses things an awful lot in Philadelphia one of things they talk to both polls is that. You know they had a quarterback that can really run that offense the way that probably should be wrong they'd be better. Some call for Mark Sanchez because he's been a guy in the league who's been pretty good. Kelly has taken a rookie in polls last year and they've been okay. But you're only gonna go as far as your quarterback takes you we've known that for a long time. So and although I'm almost wondering like as we sit here at the bio week for the bills. As we always say got to get a court you gotta get a quarterback look good is this about a quarterback in at the bills that Peyton Manning. As their court we probably wouldn't complain about the often so much but they've got a guy somewhere in between each Emanuel. Geno Smith. Blake portals so got between that. And Manning. They live in the gray area with their quarterback but we've seen that that gray area is. With a lot better lot better place to be when your somewhere in the middle. And I don't wanna say that the first year of more roll and Hackett is one you don't evaluate at all but. Don't you believe. How Manuel was picked bills like to distance themselves from announced today. Now's buddy nix has picked at Egypt it was bloody stick. They don't like to say take that back because we asked Ross about it we asked them specifically you know how much you don't have a role that in your pull on the tab and what they're saying merit in them in the manual make is that it wasn't dogs raft pulling the task. But lest we talked about that Russ Springer and eat basically his answer let me just say let me to think that I should say. That takes on Whaley too it's an Everglades and the entire organization so I don't wanna Edison wanna go there. The point I'm making noise. We evaluated this coaching staff with a rookie quarterback that we all were afraid to say wasn't doing well enough. I was looking for signs of growth and bounce them. But it wasn't enough and the coaches made a change and within four weeks they're getting better results they got better results week one. Right off the bat. They may have to change quarterback and things have gone better so does that make you reevaluate coaching staff. These guys that we thought completely. I don't know overmatched with Manuel now look like. And maybe that could be run on the Millman could be even better in time with Kyle Orton. He's on pace for a 36 touchdown 4500 yard season that's the clip he's playing that is bananas. You know depressed about Orton too is the four games that he's played have been very similar. In his statistics outside of the last one but the last one was really good with four touchdowns in ten completions ten for seventeen. With four touchdowns didn't throw a pick in that game. The other three games. He throws about forty passes it's about 300 yards for the touchdown or two and does haven't an interception. Maybe one or two but none of these games are. Brutal none of these games are on watchable are not that life sucking the bad performance that if he's Gina Smith with the jets. Over there they would say. You don't you can have some good games to play good enough to win and then every once in awhile it will just the goal. Down two but I feel like that's how was the game annual even going back to last year where there were some games he played well enough to win against the jets he had a good game. And even against Atlantic game they lost played well. But there were three or four performances. Against Tampa Bay against Pittsburgh. It was just so bad that it gave you no chance to win game so I think going into this. Second half of the season what I think I know is that they have a quarterback who will. Probably give them a chance to win. Almost every game the rest of the way. And even the New England game one that he lost he played well enough to give them a chance to be in the game at the end down by eight. What their defense needing a stop dating get it may end up losing it looks worse than a wise but he was able to drive them down complete a big fourth down pass. And it was in at least one score I think that's I don't feel like I can say for sure that he is. A good enough quarterback to go anywhere outside maybe just that a playoff appearance. You never know once you get in the playoffs I do feel confident in saying. That he won't just blow three games and have that be the difference between making a spot not. 8030550. I think he gives you a chance to win games he thought he could went. Packers game. Maybe that's available now the Broncos will lose to somebody that Mandela downright mean nick the cowboys lost the Washington this week. It happens cup was a much better than Washington. They should have been close. And it must survivor pool and talk about it chucking Clarence Chaka morning here on WGR. Order a radio speaker order. I think the group to I think they're door opened and hundreds of last year that the court has something to prove. Believe that they're gonna beat Kansas City and significantly Kansas City my diet might feel that went. We've seen to be kind of on the same. Page. But I think the bill's overall are better Richard Butler mixture. Between the different attitude. I think that their secondary is coming together. And I do believe that they beat him considered the mother of America that'll be serious plateau or that's really get to slow. I think chuck Kansas City I think the you're right about that Kansas City a win over the chiefs. Will make this team seemed pretty real because they'd be six and three and they have just beaten a five and three team. The chiefs we should run through what they've done is it more impressive than the bills' schedule the bills good wins are against too. Some. Of the bears and lions the lions is their best wines is a darn good went lines on the road is their best when. I here's the chiefs' schedule they lost the titans that's terrible. The open. Also the Broncos stop bet. Beat the dolphins so the bills they blew up patriots built to not do that. Lost to the niners not a bad loss. Beat the chargers and blew up the rams. I think they have a better resonate in the bills the patriots win the thing chargers win it beat the chargers in San Diego. Back to back also the thing right they've got that goes back to back they lost to the niners in between. But that patriots win is. And their statement that that made people say this patriots team is done their overweight they're fading out Tom Brady is. On the other side is it they'd beat them so handily that people were saying that the patriots are over. And that is that when you can have. The whole NFL media. Saying you beat a team so badly that they're done and then have the team come back and bounce back and be real good dress the way. I think that's impressive way to for doing it like. NCAA basketball style investment strategist at all. They've 22 are really good the the San Diego one is really good too but I think that patriots won the style that they did it. That bag should scare the two most impressive wins just the one. It's more president Detroit I don't know moved traits that their six and two or six and and there are a loss was. Carolina and just like against San Diego's on the road against really good team and they had to pull it out at the end. And have kind of a final drive right. Well both both wins were very close needed a little lock these things go their way. The bills don't have they have a couple of beat downs with the jets and Miami Miami corporate press when it. Not not is impressive to see India gold medals at Miami the fashion in which they beat Miami to bills. They've really stomp their feet. It'll Israel 550. Watching DI Thursday night game last night I had a thoughts. About re organizing the NFL hierarchy. At quarterback. That we should take somebody out of the top. I'll run it by you want me to pack it a real 550 bills at the Bible week what do you know about this team. Halfway through the season Jerry white Matthew collar Howard's out sick today resting up for the weekend. I'm not hell hole put back money or is voiceless couple days he's gonna battle matzo with the violence which you don't just like football but the biweekly shut down a bit early. Hoping it's an extra time. And now hope he's back next week it'll real 550 to join us what do you know about the bills the bye week and out order you back permanent and pitched to you a re organizing of the NFL. Delete. The official voice a month. Buffalo Bills WGR Sports Radio 550 and WGR 550 dot com. The Buffalo Sabres following 32 to the Boston Bruins at first Niagara center last night a strong effort from their goaltender Jonas and Roth. Who stopped 34 of 37 Buick agreed in couple trees via circus bouncing angles that are you know bodies references are shot at them. Bouncing off Orson. Yes that's tough ones well one overall pauses we take this is that you know we had the response. Compared to last game which is. You know Brazil partners as Drew Stafford he scored his first goal of the season Tyler as with the sabres other gold Brad marsh on. Two goals for Boston including the game winner in overtime sabres next play on the road. Against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday elsewhere in the NHL scoreboard New Jersey to one of Winnipeg to shoot out the penguins shutting out the kings three nothing Chicago a shoot out win. Five to four over the Ottawa Senators Tampa Bay for three over Philadelphia. They'll the Florida Panthers are two to one winner they beat Arizona. Saint Louis shouting out. Anaheim's two to nothing Minnesota for three winner over San Jose in a shoot out Colorado a blowout win over the New York Islanders five nothing Vancouver. 32 over Montreal in college football team is when's that coming up with 400 yards is Florida's state stays on top as they beat Louisville. 42 to 31 also the NCA upholding the suspension of running back Todd Gurley he'll sit for two more games for taking over 3000 dollars in exchange for autographs. It in the NBA LeBron James a rough. Return to Cleveland. He scored just seventeen point in his first game back with the cavaliers turned the ball over eight times only forces I re Irving puts up 22 points the cavs lose the New York Knicks. 95 through nine and under guard Russell Westbrook suffered a fracture in his name and the word. How long he could be out and in the NFL the New Orleans Saints pulling out Carolina on Thursday night football when the ten brought that top to bottom of that for our organs breaks. I met you collar WGR Sports Radio five. I an instant to a trio shot. But as much as we did tonight I don't know stats were a lot of guys are sentiment in wrong topic I don't know about that put missiles over to author drop in pox on that. Can pucks in and you know the results showed during the game. And results now we wanted to. Because unintentionally hilarious. Maybe the stats were wrong. You know neighbors were dominated by the Bruins lost in overtime that's our sport works quite often. But they were completely open market. That's when Stafford has been on the ice this year there at ease their worst for the right is there worse possession forward. 30% of the total shot attempts go for the sabres when he's on the ice which is the worst on the team and that later on that are ought to bring up the samurai and hearts that it will make you scratch your head to whip out. In a real 551808550. Duplicate key what do you know about the bills we know about the bills at this point eight weeks in we got eight weeks ago. Jerry white Matthew collar with you here on WG. I was watching the saints last night saints Panthers obvious is that there's like it all the port state will implement a great game through all the little bulls uniforms. They look cool on TV that the play by play guys nightmare global uniforms you can't tell anybody parks. But how could you pot you're watching that game as if you were at all like who is that I notes. Dark colors on dark colors so wide receiver Franzen now with a bachelor's down whoever that is. Hot anyway what do you know about the bills atrial by fifty in my quick point and re re organize and hierarchy. Drew Brees is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL there's little debate about that for all a few years it's been. Mending river remaining rivers pre empt any Brady Brees. Rodgers right. I think it's probably the four. That have been considered by most to be delete how many do it differently. I would usually go 55. Elite. Nice sort of round number okay. Breezes he's probably still there. Bought. They just one on the road for the first time in eight games. Imagine. One of the other guys in that group losing seven consecutive road games. A lot of those times they're giving up. While points in the saints' defense has not been a big disappointment this year but she only signed Gerris Burkle that would help when he got hurt but. Seven road losses in a row for one of the game's best quarterbacks that is. It's shocking. The bills have won three games on the road in general. Imagine losing seven in a row with a quarterback of that caliber so I don't know. You're given us five I think brief Brees is still in the top five is he in the top three. You might go Manning. Rogers maybe Rogers belongs in the top and I guess the radius still there that you what about Andrew Luck. Knuckles. Not old not close no. Not. And this year no I mean slasher or might it said yeah he's in the middle this year he's averaging 340 yards and how to touchdowns. 22. It's ridiculous houses here Achilles 42 touchdowns leads the NFL OK I'm fine and he's he's got. 200 yards more than the next best quarterback. Well these last its first two seasons in the league at 23 touchdowns he's got 22 halfway through yeah okay that's pretty at 340 yards per game he can be in the top five. Right that's pretty good. 80305151. Aided by BP to put fifty let's go to evidence Syracuse avenue NW GR. I keep going are you doing gentlemen do well and I okay well we will start with you know we're not gonna always agree but I still like the end result. PO I understand you guys are praising her award guess what are we praising every content that's exactly what we have. That's exactly what the original plan was to let a young quarter threaten coral it systems which. I keep to urine Khatami's tenure veterans or expect him to do what he's doing right now. What I don't expect from them there's to have the model negative ways. David would avoid a sack solidified even though are open minded atrocious it was a culture as we head Egypt it the best part and the turnovers. Now all of that I would still take you know. As our quarterback right now. We give our look he's quarterback in the and it's very few rookies. They close to the year's first two years did very well so I I would take them back here's where we're going to have more. Our problem WW taught me every time our goal here. Are all there is a coordinator. Is not that being. When I look at their coffers accordion as I'm looking at how or they wanted to record against the deepest support me. Not the players. That this is important what is going to be their game plan are they gonna start is okay. Do you use when games are worked in my gonna think of something different. I don't succeed at what has it I didn't see when Alison Stewart went you when he was in Syracuse. Told this is where we're going to always have a boat hit. Who is offensive coordinator. Ansari who is a good offensive coordinator. Publicity. What I would allow them to be quite out it's a topic I would take just about in the off his support here they have experience. Over Hackett right now. You know once or that. Even as well there you can you name repair work. A lot of it and having no office or with the bills but it's Super Bowl you know there's no. No no no no they didn't know I do like a big arm out buffalo. The giants he was the offensive coordinator he was the quarterbacks coach and the giants had an incredible defense and Eli Manning. And I agree and usually go to your telling me that America why do we corporate. Not a lot of guts and I come and ask a question Alessio are no I don't I don't even. We'll just keep in not in the game when asked the question this is the beauty. He just wants that I visited just once in the finger point. They just want you to defend your point you tell me Nathaniel Hackett is terrible I'm asking him he has terrible school is good and you can't even tell me one. We're here here's here's the thing about hole coordinators who good. Hour period. It has to be quite outages are addicted jets' offensive coordinator I would take this problem. No winning is often the court is just needs I would peak. That dolphins offers according here's a reason why there's there's a problem. In the system writes the plea of quarterback goes down. They've been in the league so long they would know who sort of sectors gain and who wouldn't. Can you tell me which are skate. They've been around this game into the packers' game if the capacity and what we're what how can we can't get our better players. On war I really don't care if we don't get along on what you put the best players. On it all on that form on the field. That's Sammy Watkins on the key groups along Sammy Lockett is the ifs and all the NFL at a offensive player of the month month. Of the month Kyle Orton is averaging as many yards per attempt is Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers. All three offensive coordinators in the division are all better mourning mourning legacy offensive coordinator. Or their offense is train wreck. Odd Josh McDaniels in Ewing the Red Sea via the coordinator again Omniture with the title that offense has been homing no matter who's there. No matter who the Charlie Weis. I guess. You know I was just dolphins guys bill laser. I think I I think it was with a lot of people at some points during the season about running the ball when they were running the ball like it's sitting at home going. And go anywhere. Only you could probably predict it was gonna run even more often Dallas Seattle. They have better off its line they have better running backs were more successful. If the bills were running more successful. That they had a better office of lying or even if they had a better running backs at least last week they had their two running backs out. I don't think we would worry that much about it I I think. Chan Gailey getting a lot out of CJ Spiller just cannot get out of people's minds it's almost like with the sabres everything that happened every move they made it was like. Yeah but they lost Drury Embree air. And now it's like every move that the bills' offense does everything you do scheme wise every success that they have which ordered that a lot of success these four games it's still always Yemen remember when Chan Gailey got a lot of CJ Spiller. Then why can't they'll get anything out of their run game but the don't run that office. Then there in the middle of the league in run vs pass percentage wise and this last week they ran a time because they were killing the jets. Well. That's. Kevin thanks a phone call and I we disagree but I I don't know what we disagree with because I don't know that you know even know where you are. But that's the problem I am I ready to listen you tell me who's a better offensive coordinator and you named the three guys in the division. Just because there that seems you thought I mean and I NG new and her name's Marty morning lag. He went what. One in fifteen with the lions. As a head coach. He's now with the jets and it's terrible. What happens like you compete you say it's not about the players. That it's about. The coach in the scheme the jets not replace their quarterback beat you they switch quarterbacks against the bills game and they got blown out. So I just who was good it was good and pick a guy that doesn't have a great quarterback as I. Offensive quarters like if this thing that since we all played a lot of Matt and we think we know article office myself. My office would be. You say he wasn't very good Syracuse they were very good at Syracuse Ryan NASA holds the records for passing at Syracuse not Donovan McNabb. Like. If you like it did okay that's because they'll sit drafted NASA and a collected it OK so. It looked real 550. What he would definitely know about this team. App with the disease. And difficult you know 30 by fifty. By the way were playing Golden Nugget bingo this morning. You can get your bingo card it WGR 550 dot com and if you get bingo. Then. You can get fifty dollars and Beagle cards from gold mugging gaming senator also fifty dollar gift certificate to happy Jack's restaurant in fort Erie. And a chance to play for 5500. Dollars in the hat trick contest. And the first number in the gold nugget bingo is beef. The five. Before right it's going to be a jump ball every. What's a good ball. What's now the bus right. Three seconds left on the clock Jimmy right. On the receiving end of two birds Milton wind and the saints. Put more points on the board. OK. It's. Feel real 55188550. Do but fifty Jeremy White with. Matthew collars producing. And in prediction map you. Ha errors and make phone. Howard's out sick today. Back on Monday. No bills our coverage because on the they are off this week the chief shall play the jets though would be nice if the jets could they take every Sunday off it's a good one that's very good. Eight Israel by fifty bills violate break on what you definitely know about the bills will broadens. Returned last night. Party spoil. It's sad trombone. We are talking about the amount that people paid to go see him I think LeBron is one of the most reliable. Tickets if you go to C game that LeBron plays and you can almost guarantee you're gonna see thirty points. Eight rebounds eight assists and re crazy dunks yeah. It's very rare that he has a game like that ESPN radio saying this morning statistically it's one of his worst is not his worst game ever. It is the first game of bronze career in which she had at least eight turnovers you more than twenty points and few more than five assists that affects that yes. Israel that it really happened and it's illustrates. How he played but I don't know we have at least eight turnovers few more than points at least eight turnovers how often has that ever happened where. 8030550. What do you know about this bills team. Just call industrial bucket and the the Knowles won last night they beat. Global cardinals saw that I EJ Manuel tweeted about Alex he's excited to watch that the Knowles played and Eric would. Retreated may recovered so that's cute I love that so college locker room or college rivalries inside. NFL locker rooms and against success that I've I've just always park so the Miller kind of Florida State northeast than they've got a lot of that yeah used to be NC state of Florida State its earlier predominant I am more phone calls it a real 550 halfway through the season we're trying to figure out what you know about the bills from me. I really feel like Kyle Orton can get this team in the playoffs I'm not sure of the offensive line can hold up but Kyle Orton can get this team in the playoffs. And the run game. Well they can fix it in the next two weeks during the bye week if it's going to be something they can get on track but I don't think the defense is delete. I really don't think it's Li I think it's pretty good. Argo. But the lead to be would looked better against Brady and and rivers and they didn't look very good against those two teams. Very good defense is its multiply whole fame quarterbacks elite ones. Look better than the bills did in the post match ups elite defense is don't go the entire second half without forcing a punt. Elite defense is don't do that they enforce upon against the chargers in the first half today 81. Like the chargers in the patriots ball at will work this team who has an. Only defense that because I feel like every defense in the NFL is gonna get beat. Sometimes yeah that's right there's going to be a game here there were some quarterback has a really good game. Kyle Orton threw for 300 yards against Detroit their thought to have very good defense gave up seventeen points they forced Ponce not a single pot in the second half against. The patriots is not good. Notes as bad as it gets but I wouldn't say one game against Tom Brady. Makes them not one of the LT I I don't I don't think it's that one game at all I also don't think six interceptions or whatever six turnovers against the jets may externally mean. Geno Smith the ball the bills. You know I probably those were great defensive plays Gilmore that should be picked by a lot of corners Preston brown was right or browse and nice play the ball under thrown. And I still got to make play. You get to catch what thrown to you yes Aaron Williams thrown directly to him fall Bowles in not enough play facing Michael Vick every week like. They got six turnovers they want it six turnovers again this year. The probably won't get the warning before it. I don't wanna get too high and the defense after their game against the jets I think it's a very very good defense I think their defensive line is it leaked by. I'm not ready to go completely a lead on the defense just yet. I think every defense has a bad day now and then especially against the best quarterbacks. I think I would I would say those are bad days if they play those teams again I think this into what happened. Phil rivers and Tom Brady that's what happens right she's had a good day against operating. The dolphins shot out the patriots in the second half the bills didn't get one punt. Dolphins shot about. The whole rest of the time against teams that they're playing with. Mediocre or even good quarterbacks Matt Stafford and admit they were in his face the whole game doesn't it picked off Jay Cutler what twice three times yeah we don't give up 360 yards passing magic and not say that the bank had their group they're there it's a very good defense. Just not ready to go there yet and they beat Alex Smith. Definitely if your defense is delete. Then you win this game against the chiefs almost no matter what what they've done against. Average quarterbacks. Suggest that they should beat Alex Smith's face. And in two weeks pretty big test now. Just just I'm ready to see them do that against Alex Smith and the following week is against Miami. They seem to have dual very good job against right ten adults real 550 Lian Miami. Lee good morning. No longer. Well out here and get more about the little point contention on on on. America and I put out does not. Reputed. Cartoons. It's just to really point out I mean it's not because it's a little ball that's what their buddies are well. They couldn't get in the new year what was supposed to western east not as it. It's actually a little at the world charter. If they're guards. While they run there are brought to run its its regular predictable I think that the sort of patent. They're not about a quart so we're not predicting couldn't go to just one question and art and the people. He ran the well be quite honest with you like I won a seat I coached or would you want to know the sort of want you to ask. If you can get each and it is on the ball and knocked it forty should be quote it. Well a couple times this year against New England they were. I would agree that at the end of halves in I don't know if that thing. Leak there's a good point. Is that our own decision that with a certain amount of time but he's gonna call and say like give us in the locker room like. What we talked to him next time will last this question how does Disco. Out as ago where you know there's a minute and ten seconds left in the half in Europe a 35 yard line Nathaniel Hackett cynical played on busy call you know. I'm trying to score plays or easy call I'm getting a block places whose decisions that silly you know what extent we talk abroad we Alaska right. Her. It thank you know thinks we're gonna because if there's a criticism that's ID. And a lot of criticism. Justified. One is the way the bills have finished past three weeks in a row they're giving out points at the end of the half this one against the jets got sacked on second down they were throwing. Watkins is open Putin at the time you know these it's time there he makes thrown Eagles are in business of the jets get points but. Woolsey well the Annika what we talked about it yes they all. Yes yes bigger time gold nugget Mingo the first number was beat by the second is. Chief. A manager gold nugget bingo well if you get mango which you wouldn't haven't yet. You can call 644 nights. A real 550 to join this is the defense delete let's get that conversation. Eating the defense is it leaked. As the offense. Things good enough on that side to get this team in the playoffs I think I screwed that up its G 51 G fifty duke a cheap 51 it'll reopen the Jonas and each.

  2. 1030 Howard Simon Show HR 4


    Thu, 30 Oct 2014


    kyle orton found at 5:52, 6:34

    your on WGR. Yes I am. I'm ready CPI all in and Kyle Orton . The problem that I hear it is. My hesitation is what you see when you. Google his name. And I find it
    a compromising position either. Might the first thing I it is that Kyle Orton too along. OK you government drunk at the partisan offseason. I seriously dark beer. Mark every part of its annual battle is
  3. 1030 Howard Simon Show HR 3


    Thu, 30 Oct 2014


    kyle orton found at 7:52, 9:26, 15:21

    you know everybody's waiting here for that. Playoff drought to end. With Kyle Orton with this defense as you look at the bills at five and three going into the second half of the season. Are
    in the organization. They'll fewer GM here. What would you do about Kyle Orton he's completely you know turned around the offense. He's under contract this year it's portable. You drafted EJ Manuel and he lost the job. How would you handle Kyle Orton going forward it would be some guy you'd wanna make sure you lock up a year two years what do you do if you're the GM. Do you make sure he's the quarterback for the foreseeable future that a it's you know he's done it if you thought. But a credible job. I also mentioned in the book. That attracted as hard as I could trade for him in Indianapolis when when. Peyton Manning went down with a injury. I've always been a Kyle Orton friends so I think he's he's showing. The football world what what many of us thought he was capable of doing. Why do you why do they defend his so long what do you like about him. All all the way back to Purdue I mean he's he's again he's a winner. He's he's a guy who would you be in his best. We can and week out. He he's not perfect you know he's is that Jim Kelly he's the not. Dan Marino but but he's a guy who's. Consummate professional he's a fighter he guided the players rally around. And and he can throw
    talked about what EJ had to say. In the quarterback meetings with Kyle Orton and how you know he's like yeah like this little like this but that run this let's not run that. He brings all that that's the veteran quarterback that's all the stuff you needed. To bring the table here that you couldn't get from Egypt right now because he's young and he just didn't have. The ability to do some of those things Wharton brings all that the bills and I think it completely changes how you approach the second half of the season. Eagle 30 but if that join us 888552. But that we'll talk with you about Kyle Orton get your thoughts and it's our web pulled to the WTO but if you dot com. I hear music. Yeah you know
  4. 1030 Bill Polian on WGR


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    kyle orton found at 7:04, 8:38

    you know everybody's waiting here for that. Playoff drought to end. With Kyle Orton with this defense as you look at the bills at five and three going into the second half of the season. Are
    in the organization. They'll fury GM here. What would you do about Kyle Orton he's completely you know turned around the offense. He's under contract this year it's portable. You drafted EJ Manuel and he lost the job. How would you handle Kyle Orton going forward it would be some guy you'd wanna make sure you lock up a year two years what do you do if you're the GM. Do you make sure he's the quarterback for the foreseeable future that a it you know he's done it if you don't. But a creditable job. I also mentioned in the book. That attractive as hard as I could trade for him in Indianapolis one when. Peyton Manning went down with a injury. I've always been a Kyle Orton then so I think he's he's showing. The football world what what many of us thought he was capable of. Why do you why do they defend his so long what do you like about him. Follow all the way back to Purdue I mean he's he's again he's a winner. He's he's a guy who want to be in his best. We can in week out. He he's not perfect you know he's is that Jim Kelly's beat not. Dan Marino but but he's the guy who. Consummate professional he's a fighter he guided the players rally around. And and he can throw

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Morning -- you take three. Could reach it so what's what's it been like -- how is -- -- 24 hours been for you oh last week plows have been you know. Crazy actually because. North and if they. The claw on the suffered a draft around 101030 and among those whose lives might change a moment. Were taken pictures between two people who aren't welcome got a lot of pitchers didn't get used -- thirteen -- you can't interview the guy got to take your picture project so you -- what I wanna know is what was your reaction about about buffalo because your mention. The Eagles were were were really interest -- you but you also mentioned had a lot of positive feedback with buffalo through this whole process when they finally called your name out what was your reaction. -- -- our reaction was just a breath of fresh -- houses extremists I Uma phone ring. Earlier that day and night -- in -- phone calls and on our phones things -- -- where it was in the snakes in the line you know I was excited -- in Oslo actually I just about youth who was Frankie. I don't know I think I think the problem with someone I was trying to call Dion Jordan who -- in the table across from -- so we may have -- members so. Okay the the idea being the first quarterback taken. You're pretty confident kid I can tell that when you're on the gruden quarterback -- gesture you know. Are you the best quarterback in the draft a lot of the guys danced around that question you had no problems -- yes I am just talk. About your confidence level and what it means to be the first quarterback broken. Well I think as a competitor you always have to believe it is best after mr. vessel when you have success of his game. -- you know be the first quarterback taken in me and means a lot from him is that my family is dozens of would be proud of I think I fit you know what both with the Buffalo Bills went into office. EJ Manuel is here again you talk about that last night that you really -- should you call your agent after it. Kind of got a feel for -- Daniel Hackett system to talk a little bit more about that watched what struck you at such a positive way about what hack it was talking about. Well first of his closest you know for like how -- we get along with coach great you know he's a very is a fun guy he loves to be in the office he loves the work he loves to have to teach. And you know I'm deaf in one of the guys who wants to learn as much as possible so. You know he announced so we spent hours and hours in the film and going over things and you know -- and -- -- everything's accurate ago. How much you know about buffalo mean you're here for short visit our -- could learn from I know a little bit I know on the is a very traditional team non -- guys. Had a lot. In a lot of wins baton. I'm Bruce Smith Jim Kelly goes Gaza plan. So he knows is really wanna give back the report. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he's Camilla inside move forward in a -- more except you know excited them come with the Buffalo Bills was as in the base's main thing. You also mentioned that you had gotten advice from Don McNabb like throughout this process. Wilbon the biggest people whether it's players coaches the release and it looked to for what to expect the process and and and your pro career. The David -- are -- mean Russell Wilson Christian Ponder -- -- and plays with cancer chief's. Own. You were Sanders not a brown and -- for you guys in Israel is trying to do it you know different types of information move forces have an idea what to expect -- you know more incidents. EJ Manuel this year in studio on WGR. What kind of quarterback would you say you are but -- here -- -- scouting yourself you know this draft process is ever -- trying to figure out who's go to what kind of player they are if your self scouting what kind of player are. -- camera in your film of her star quarterback I think -- are conducive to thrown at him to a running. Obama to make threes -- orchestrate the office as far as protections in Gaza right. Positioned to you know the protections of -- -- in -- you the play is often -- in the run embarrassing to positions of the committee you know make a place. Our secure should put no pressure but I don't know if you noticed that the ultimate -- like thirteen you can -- -- And they've gone -- few quarterbacks sergeant Kelly. But I was gonna ask you what is that pressure like first it always comes at any quarterback position I get that. The fact that you kind of went to -- -- -- Florida State Norma gunned down -- ponder help bring it back up you think that helps at all coming. That this is deftly notes I'm immense pressure -- upon -- Went down with a shoulder injury. Whom we -- four games left we had to win to three before -- just to go to a bowl game you -- cord -- last year. Amritsar freshmen don't have a lot of inexperienced but we go out then we do as a team and you know I think almost have to pressure situations I've I've dealt with in college as success with the -- going to me more confidence move forward moving forward incidence. What what last night I watched your interview -- and if that -- Deion Sanders and I know it was a very emotional moment with what's going on with your -- -- they shorter she was it the drama with -- right -- -- what. -- I don't I don't even know how to get to a questioner Egypt and guess what what do you think the moment meant for your mom last night yeah I think. For my whole family loses crowd noticing -- word they've. They've always pushed me they always give me the tools that I need to have success on innovative approach has done such a great job raising my sister and I and you know it is noses first jobs being good human beings have been my pants will be active. -- first -- seventh -- it is to be proud and you know as excited -- have his -- and -- in with the. And -- in your mom when I read the story she's been diagnosed cancer -- she was diagnosed with cancer last summer on August justice and she's cancer free cancer free you discern the longer. What dumb how important is family in in your your big picture and your whole life and everything how important is I mean how much does that mean to import our day. Is extremely important and a smile as my backbone this -- structure right there and I think a lot of markets is bill from my father my mother. Just the way electricity -- system to have you know hard work ethic and you know them to do the right things when the -- watching nothingness. Says a lot of budget cancer. And -- You know is all that's my parents and a lot of -- says to them. When you think about going to the NF Tug on the Buffalo Bills you mentioned as a redshirt freshman you know kind of jump in and now you're gonna be rookie quarterback you walk into a room that's full of NFL veterans how do you anticipate that going how do you anticipate kind of just making yourself become a part of that. It -- first I want to do is learn as much as I can from these guys especially early on I wanna. You know being part of his team wanna earn the trust and respect my teammates on -- is not typical I want earn respect these quarterbacks Gaza are deeply improvement. You know I have experienced in the Leo wannabe professional -- -- likely to coach around. Great Coke's on the these -- of line -- coach. On -- he what they promised you know always have protection. So that you know as a quarterback and a defamation feel good -- on Inco stack is very impressive as well. I wanted to follow what Jeremy said. Almost like an underclass and -- in underclassmen comes in and they and the freshman gets the starting job right. How do you earn that trust like that they've said you that your leadership ability is top not very -- charismatic guys will follow you -- fit into a game. But how does a rookie come in and command something that presence in the huddle how do you win those guys over in the huddle and look at -- going. Right park right well I think the best ways to produce and in order to produce yet through preparing. On the slopes and moan don't you know plan is going in the work car like -- citizens learn in nomads from coaches -- the record -- -- you know Tarvaris Jackson those guys and -- -- really understand how to be professional -- because as different account loses a new ball is in the ball game in the levels. Is the leader of the lead right here and so on his -- to be doing what's on the senator Breaux and I think it's an accurate. When you came in for your visit or what exactly did they have you do. On a met with pretty much everybody and you know the front office and close item up -- met for 45 hours going over its patent on a phone whenever your tape. Both actually going over on a little bit of his office and after he wanted to see how learn Benson how fast like to retain information. And Arafat -- it anywhere with that -- on the -- will come in and listen in on the meetings in busy time in office person in -- from a monetary. And in prize for hours later he asked me go over everything I don't learn it in armored everything as those -- And it's what do they what do Tonya -- -- all when you see the offense and what they're installing because we don't know yet there -- lawsuit so. You know what he tells about Ronald moments doctors say there are to refuse them the whole playbook is fine they're expected to occur -- elevenths arrests or whatever you want a fun. Yeah it definitely is going to out of Boston's. A lot. You know or very similar to what they did a Syracuse on the with a -- and things like that is going to be new. Improved innovative so. But for being in the details the one of the things they liked about you specifically with your ability to change and that there's some flexibility that they can be multiple in the offense and they can create different things which you are friends and -- Hackett is a creative guy you know he was being innovative -- you must have -- -- -- offense and on on bass while most -- -- food supply and in the office as new. Is you know new -- of football is no definite -- them to change and move toward gas were more versed on. Last thing I got to know you -- -- other stations. Richard an article about you and in the Orlando paper and he said you've always had a chip on your shoulder most of them why. Vote no -- -- -- competitor and so you know have someone got to me and says you know negative things I need to do this and today I noses alive and work on his. We all we're all rookies now we all have a lot to work on lots approve bush. How is definitely an average of Marshall among -- in this process from college to pros. And you know from ground we're starting January it's where I was a finish last night in the draft in eastern proud of. Imus must ask him to do that much up for ago yeah. -- I play the Florida State fight song earlier Iowa just focus noticing it is the number three. -- warn them of reasons I think nine years old do as little league football on morrow moat boys were -- into an -- in the most recent. Skip to go well welcome to -- once again and and the best of luck obviously they assert Angela thanks TJ appreciate.

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