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WGR550>Topics>>4/26 EJ Manuel joins us in studio to talk about being picked by the Bills, being an NFL player, and Hackett's system

4/26 EJ Manuel joins us in studio to talk about being picked by the Bills, being an NFL player, and Hackett's system

Apr 26, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Morning -- you take three. Could reach it so what's what's it been like -- how is -- -- 24 hours been for you oh last week plows have been you know. Crazy actually because. North and if they. The claw on the suffered a draft around 101030 and among those whose lives might change a moment. Were taken pictures between two people who aren't welcome got a lot of pitchers didn't get used -- thirteen -- you can't interview the guy got to take your picture project so you -- what I wanna know is what was your reaction about about buffalo because your mention. The Eagles were were were really interest -- you but you also mentioned had a lot of positive feedback with buffalo through this whole process when they finally called your name out what was your reaction. -- -- our reaction was just a breath of fresh -- houses extremists I Uma phone ring. Earlier that day and night -- in -- phone calls and on our phones things -- -- where it was in the snakes in the line you know I was excited -- in Oslo actually I just about youth who was Frankie. I don't know I think I think the problem with someone I was trying to call Dion Jordan who -- in the table across from -- so we may have -- members so. Okay the the idea being the first quarterback taken. You're pretty confident kid I can tell that when you're on the gruden quarterback -- gesture you know. Are you the best quarterback in the draft a lot of the guys danced around that question you had no problems -- yes I am just talk. About your confidence level and what it means to be the first quarterback broken. Well I think as a competitor you always have to believe it is best after mr. vessel when you have success of his game. -- you know be the first quarterback taken in me and means a lot from him is that my family is dozens of would be proud of I think I fit you know what both with the Buffalo Bills went into office. EJ Manuel is here again you talk about that last night that you really -- should you call your agent after it. Kind of got a feel for -- Daniel Hackett system to talk a little bit more about that watched what struck you at such a positive way about what hack it was talking about. Well first of his closest you know for like how -- we get along with coach great you know he's a very is a fun guy he loves to be in the office he loves the work he loves to have to teach. And you know I'm deaf in one of the guys who wants to learn as much as possible so. You know he announced so we spent hours and hours in the film and going over things and you know -- and -- -- everything's accurate ago. How much you know about buffalo mean you're here for short visit our -- could learn from I know a little bit I know on the is a very traditional team non -- guys. Had a lot. In a lot of wins baton. I'm Bruce Smith Jim Kelly goes Gaza plan. So he knows is really wanna give back the report. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he's Camilla inside move forward in a -- more except you know excited them come with the Buffalo Bills was as in the base's main thing. You also mentioned that you had gotten advice from Don McNabb like throughout this process. Wilbon the biggest people whether it's players coaches the release and it looked to for what to expect the process and and and your pro career. The David -- are -- mean Russell Wilson Christian Ponder -- -- and plays with cancer chief's. Own. You were Sanders not a brown and -- for you guys in Israel is trying to do it you know different types of information move forces have an idea what to expect -- you know more incidents. EJ Manuel this year in studio on WGR. What kind of quarterback would you say you are but -- here -- -- scouting yourself you know this draft process is ever -- trying to figure out who's go to what kind of player they are if your self scouting what kind of player are. -- camera in your film of her star quarterback I think -- are conducive to thrown at him to a running. Obama to make threes -- orchestrate the office as far as protections in Gaza right. Positioned to you know the protections of -- -- in -- you the play is often -- in the run embarrassing to positions of the committee you know make a place. Our secure should put no pressure but I don't know if you noticed that the ultimate -- like thirteen you can -- -- And they've gone -- few quarterbacks sergeant Kelly. But I was gonna ask you what is that pressure like first it always comes at any quarterback position I get that. The fact that you kind of went to -- -- -- Florida State Norma gunned down -- ponder help bring it back up you think that helps at all coming. That this is deftly notes I'm immense pressure -- upon -- Went down with a shoulder injury. Whom we -- four games left we had to win to three before -- just to go to a bowl game you -- cord -- last year. Amritsar freshmen don't have a lot of inexperienced but we go out then we do as a team and you know I think almost have to pressure situations I've I've dealt with in college as success with the -- going to me more confidence move forward moving forward incidence. What what last night I watched your interview -- and if that -- Deion Sanders and I know it was a very emotional moment with what's going on with your -- -- they shorter she was it the drama with -- right -- -- what. -- I don't I don't even know how to get to a questioner Egypt and guess what what do you think the moment meant for your mom last night yeah I think. For my whole family loses crowd noticing -- word they've. They've always pushed me they always give me the tools that I need to have success on innovative approach has done such a great job raising my sister and I and you know it is noses first jobs being good human beings have been my pants will be active. -- first -- seventh -- it is to be proud and you know as excited -- have his -- and -- in with the. And -- in your mom when I read the story she's been diagnosed cancer -- she was diagnosed with cancer last summer on August justice and she's cancer free cancer free you discern the longer. What dumb how important is family in in your your big picture and your whole life and everything how important is I mean how much does that mean to import our day. Is extremely important and a smile as my backbone this -- structure right there and I think a lot of markets is bill from my father my mother. Just the way electricity -- system to have you know hard work ethic and you know them to do the right things when the -- watching nothingness. Says a lot of budget cancer. And -- You know is all that's my parents and a lot of -- says to them. When you think about going to the NF Tug on the Buffalo Bills you mentioned as a redshirt freshman you know kind of jump in and now you're gonna be rookie quarterback you walk into a room that's full of NFL veterans how do you anticipate that going how do you anticipate kind of just making yourself become a part of that. It -- first I want to do is learn as much as I can from these guys especially early on I wanna. You know being part of his team wanna earn the trust and respect my teammates on -- is not typical I want earn respect these quarterbacks Gaza are deeply improvement. You know I have experienced in the Leo wannabe professional -- -- likely to coach around. Great Coke's on the these -- of line -- coach. On -- he what they promised you know always have protection. So that you know as a quarterback and a defamation feel good -- on Inco stack is very impressive as well. I wanted to follow what Jeremy said. Almost like an underclass and -- in underclassmen comes in and they and the freshman gets the starting job right. How do you earn that trust like that they've said you that your leadership ability is top not very -- charismatic guys will follow you -- fit into a game. But how does a rookie come in and command something that presence in the huddle how do you win those guys over in the huddle and look at -- going. Right park right well I think the best ways to produce and in order to produce yet through preparing. On the slopes and moan don't you know plan is going in the work car like -- citizens learn in nomads from coaches -- the record -- -- you know Tarvaris Jackson those guys and -- -- really understand how to be professional -- because as different account loses a new ball is in the ball game in the levels. Is the leader of the lead right here and so on his -- to be doing what's on the senator Breaux and I think it's an accurate. When you came in for your visit or what exactly did they have you do. On a met with pretty much everybody and you know the front office and close item up -- met for 45 hours going over its patent on a phone whenever your tape. Both actually going over on a little bit of his office and after he wanted to see how learn Benson how fast like to retain information. And Arafat -- it anywhere with that -- on the -- will come in and listen in on the meetings in busy time in office person in -- from a monetary. And in prize for hours later he asked me go over everything I don't learn it in armored everything as those -- And it's what do they what do Tonya -- -- all when you see the offense and what they're installing because we don't know yet there -- lawsuit so. You know what he tells about Ronald moments doctors say there are to refuse them the whole playbook is fine they're expected to occur -- elevenths arrests or whatever you want a fun. Yeah it definitely is going to out of Boston's. A lot. You know or very similar to what they did a Syracuse on the with a -- and things like that is going to be new. Improved innovative so. But for being in the details the one of the things they liked about you specifically with your ability to change and that there's some flexibility that they can be multiple in the offense and they can create different things which you are friends and -- Hackett is a creative guy you know he was being innovative -- you must have -- -- -- offense and on on bass while most -- -- food supply and in the office as new. Is you know new -- of football is no definite -- them to change and move toward gas were more versed on. Last thing I got to know you -- -- other stations. Richard an article about you and in the Orlando paper and he said you've always had a chip on your shoulder most of them why. Vote no -- -- -- competitor and so you know have someone got to me and says you know negative things I need to do this and today I noses alive and work on his. We all we're all rookies now we all have a lot to work on lots approve bush. How is definitely an average of Marshall among -- in this process from college to pros. And you know from ground we're starting January it's where I was a finish last night in the draft in eastern proud of. Imus must ask him to do that much up for ago yeah. -- I play the Florida State fight song earlier Iowa just focus noticing it is the number three. -- warn them of reasons I think nine years old do as little league football on morrow moat boys were -- into an -- in the most recent. Skip to go well welcome to -- once again and and the best of luck obviously they assert Angela thanks TJ appreciate.

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