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E.J. Manuel Welcome to Buffalo Press Conference

Apr 26, 2013|

w/ Sal and Joe from Orchard Park

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I knew when those two run to quarterbacks have been while some of an arms extremely. Elated that now has taken a sixteen when when -- -- of those trade back you know from eight to sixteen under the power to the quarterback -- phone rang I was extremely excited. You've got a chance to chat should. What is you know. Your reaction of that -- and -- what what does it what does he told doing you know people do not know what religious. -- You know I've met mr. Kevin two years ago home -- -- -- is nephew says so. You know. Efforts are our stocks start to -- him and to be here. And -- -- it's your quarterbacks are for the Buffalo Bills and in cellphone numbers there and content with things about to meet. The fact he's reached out seizes those -- though Stevie johnsons artery starts out of those guys you know it's about you know needs to. I would be just play it right away from it later developmental quarterback -- felt that way. I expect to come and compete I expect to come and learn. Much to me the biggest thing is coming in and respect my teammates. In the best way to do that just you know not do a lot of talking this come in and try to learn as fast as possible. -- not just for yourself with your family as -- and only Bob's been through what it. Would that mean for your family last night. And a lot you know to have my mom there and good health should work for the past four weeks and come back concern normal. Every day and every -- famous he it's. And matches to go out across this agency her when I came back from those in the lots -- mean. You know a lot of sacrifices of my dad has -- so this is not just EJ when you sold them. -- How about it during your last night how does that ultimately experience. In the anniversary maybe change your perspective on this football me. I've chosen to New York. Not just because myself from a fan I want my fans -- enjoy the draft process and to have some time feeling it's always remember that day night. And a deeply in first round about to -- modeled them known anymore. You know earlier got a call. On a third of four -- something okayed. Geoff -- It was the wrong members the most -- in touch with you know sort. -- obviously. Both -- and -- nonetheless and I got a call it estimates you know is you know abruptly brought the first. On the on the on new home and it's in the play -- houses. I came and notes most -- came home. -- you would lose. It all those games. -- almost -- it. You know you would come to buffalo and just the relationship evolved through your dad. As crazy you know -- now works non members of it is market. -- arm but you know there and -- -- -- -- you know he's enormously thoughtful policy now bullet. The fact something -- me you know such a great legacy with. Means a lot to me and -- and -- A process -- -- because enough costs rose. What does he told view. -- that is a great town -- he says that the fans love their football team. When you're winning he says the best is the best -- world. You know obvious this team this franchise the fans are one all wanted this to be back in positive note. And you know resisted going rumor and does continue work -- You've got to -- stage with the commissioner. What what he does talk you penalize them for expert -- it. Excited to now -- -- a -- outcome of weather for the bay two before that it is so slow. On the system and make them proud he says is extremely happy and excited for me. Just on the continue to work hard. -- represent myself my family franchise them apart now and positive way. And just. -- the family if it happens here today. And can you talk about you know what that means to have your efforts to watch it would help if -- dream. I was yeah my my father here are my agent Josh. My -- -- manual you know -- so for him that to join me. I'm always -- more sorrow in my hand and in my dad my biggest fan my best friend. You've been through the -- with me through thick and thin when I was a kid through college the good and the bad and he's always going to be performance on extremely happy to have you with. They're obviously talk. Leadership ability and -- carried over. I think just got to earn the trust and respect -- teammates. I -- -- dipped Wednesday. -- -- I've been to a lot of talking. Obviously I mean what my teammates I think that's the best thing about. North Vietnamese you have to note gestured in the nose and vote for those -- trust them while you. After knowing you have to really be like a brother to otherwise the rest of the kind of standoffish yes and do things -- things. I'm often asked the best political about it just to earn that respect to -- and and great -- There were a lot of critics. Is there was a wide range of reaction is -- an effort to resolve it just mean you're not ready. Well first round please type in what you say it was production. Mr. mapped -- straighten you know the sixteenth pick I think like takes once in -- -- -- with human. I'm happy to Buffalo Bills hello. When this process did you know the bills were really a possibility for you and did you get a sense that. Really they like you a lot more than eighty something or other cracked when was that. I carry say exact time on my had a really good feel when I came up and met with coast closed Ronan and -- -- met with those guys and mr. Nixon mr. Whaley. And we had great conversations. I'm offering up picked up the office that he taught me you know with -- -- we -- -- 45 hours. And it's a fairly quickly and I think we've Seattle -- distance what they wanted to. What really or do we feel we -- obvious here interest we've. I'm very simple matter so not just sit sit back and watch a movie -- TV. Notes alas he's not a big city where there's a lot like going on so movement Xbox Matt's arm. A lot of my time mistake you know you don't work now watch if you know. You know we treat ourselves as professionals colleagues report states so I think you know some incidence of the professional football tomorrow. -- -- Excuse like. What does it is. He. When you wanted to. The -- -- Americans should view affect their coast and -- almost flow multiples place you do the vertical game. The play action games -- -- whatever he wants to do he knows he can do that would mean temple quarterback and I am of the first things first shipment offense and -- his teammates. And. Recently and I think ability story that is still they fit African. American quarterbacks in the same category as this thing there's still some stereotype and it goes on when people evaluate. Black quarterbacks. I don't know I mean. Yards and negate those certain certain stereotypes of certain. Characteristics about your play always seem similar -- you know some out of -- lives just like you so. That's not for me I'm happy to be a bottle bill and and it. And deafness and it can be written those mourn alpha -- -- Austin three races happening right now based on through and to some cases. Some smaller apps and helmets and things that I've really had a chance -- -- saw -- area this morning the community outside so is going to be your arms. Yours skills or -- Optimism out of -- -- so often instances film. None of the gains speed is different. Offense and allowed just do it. Operated profitably toppled off Wednesday and played against and a vote however guys we can we count so often Thomas and -- -- It. And one. News about the and that is about it. Bones rub off it's my teammates. Great around. Public trust and investment analyst estimates. Marcos. Editor -- organization. And people expect to become a piece this franchise that could slow things are it to go to the next level is this the people expect you as the pressure there. Buffett is always pressure you know with whenever you have a quarterback. Coming into a situation like this on the -- obviously a lot of expectation but I expect you know greatness from myself you know when I went to Florida State -- the same way. Nelson animal -- is next the highest level of football on this commemorative ago. Is there any particular areas of your game that you feel needs refinement to get to the professional level that you need to work on. You know leading up camp and in training camp and all that. Well I think the first thing is just it is no use this office. -- -- into -- and I learned a little bit of a few weeks ago when Bosnian coast obviously. He can teach me everything. But I think the best way to do that is in the film. Just work -- Expert. Shape that you -- IT. -- I you know idealists -- allows our. I don't know -- frequent sort of -- I don't know -- --

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