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Jim Kelly Says E.J. Manuel is a Keeper

Apr 26, 2013|

w/ Sal and Joe from Orchard Park

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's something that came across to a lot of bills fans watching on TV GO. Yeah and you're you'll see he's a very genuine guy that's that's something that has never been an -- and he he's just one of those people that. He knows that he he gets it you know I mean he he understands what. What it takes in in in what kind of person you have to be what kind of personality you need to -- itself. If that's never been in question with him now it's just the the on the field stuff that that needs to be. I guess what. Answered at the professional level. We are going to be joined by special guest straight out he was also at the press companies doing this right now -- departure which it was getting alive down one bills drive and we have Buffalo -- hall of fame quarterback. Jim Kelly. I do appreciate it a problem all right so EJ Manuel there is -- Well let's just thrown out there Jim we haven't had a quarterbacks and you is -- the kid. It's interesting because -- some get sick it's hard to hear that question I had NN com. But you know what I hope so. On you never know until they do strap on the one of the good things that we have going when we got a guy like EJ Manuel is. He's -- he's number -- he's a hard worker and funny but he does but his. What he brings to the table that not just his -- -- but the first told beat him by. I -- outside -- -- where does Britannica makes things happen I think you've watched enough highlights I think we all have all of his ability to. Make a play once that thought that that particular offenses suitors you know is there was jewelry in front yeah. He arm. He's big he's strong. Everything to use your bottom is applause and more for me also was when I visit with him. When my nephew Chad was being recruited by. A foreign state being able to listen to him in the film room and seeing how he was breaking on the plight. That was a huge huge plus and my nephew was able to do the same thing which made me feel. Good at this point now knowing that I happen in the film room with -- urgent. You know his comments on different plays and -- you breakdown the place so there's so many things that he has as applause. We Chelsea pat but I am excited I'm excited. I knew once they traded from eight back to sixteen I -- their -- quarterback. -- I think it was EJ Manuel I was sure I gosh I thought might have been NASA because the relationship. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hopefully this is -- guy to come in here. Rescue this franchise from the playoffs make sure we we take the next step but. You have to understand also. Kevin cops here he's young he's twenty years old competition will make a better because. Yeah I would like to see maybe you -- take a couple of years and in have Kevin be the guy that deletes -- but -- -- too harsh acts and so there are three of them are just bomb dot. From last year why we did play a I'm still there. Tavares Tavares are still wonder why we never gave him shall be thinking the only game he dressed for with a pre season game against alliance I'd I'd still. I still have no idea why because you -- learn anything from that all year. The Jim askew like. Campaign you know -- here and you know obviously consult with the team or whatever -- role specifically is I don't know where we everybody knows what that is -- you are still part of the organization. Do they consult you about the quarterbacks do they ask you to kind of help out -- -- what do you think you mean you've been -- down the road. No you know. Process you know what these guys are getting paid to do that job I im not armed and ambassador Heidi you know I travel with team when I need to as far as. What's more he -- -- around sponsors. I do some things for him away from the field. It is not my job to come -- -- evaluate quarterbacks and don't want to you art to what you're doing what you're not doing right. They ask -- bottom maybe but the thing is. They can you guys think he'd do that in Iraq hopefully. By bringing in the packet which I've been around him before I saw what he was all by a couple of years ago when he was here. And now he's matured. Have watched film with them and how excited he is and how to supper -- -- stopped up in his office to spot price -- Fargo. And I say when you watch and so he's he's already watching film if figure out how to beat the patriots. It's always talk about some different game there was some different game film -- put back are -- -- -- resort championship game. Against a raiders and then we watched the raider game like two years later the ensor our party want to film and here I found myself saying. What this was near 93 we had a -- here and in ECB outside receiver Harry was. It was popular -- to -- DB was broken inside he knew was -- impressed balance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- gets it and it's going to be exciting office on Tony or to put points on the board I just over defense. Is what we we expect them to be and hopefully this -- cheering com. Can -- say January and yeah absolutely definitely on Sunday September 8 that a lot of cheering I don't I don't know what September rob all of our party look at towards the future because we all do as answer especially since. Which is no longer -- and we journal and I told each day I said. We -- around it win not only opening days can be exciting and everything but when the bills phone in the play offs. The CD will go nuts -- Anna opens a power. Let me ask how much. The quarterback position has changed from when you play two today because now you see these kids come in and he get the -- for knicks in the Wilson's and now EJ Manuel wasn't like when you play -- 98 the the drop back passers at the strong arms. And we decide we just saw the thirty for thirty documentary and a great job and that was awesome to learn all that what you guys and what happened then. And you see all those guys that your whether it's you're -- or Elway or black which you're drop back passers that's what happened in the NFL how much has the game changed. From now until now why. The college game has changed and I think they're looking for more than guys its first told that can do all the different things for you. I do not think the NFL is going to go to that to be honest it. Com -- -- three -- you know great example retire when you even though the injury happened on a different part right. Domain the first one apple when he was running him I don't think you can live without because of the size and speed of defense of players nowadays. Cornerbacks are not used to being -- all the -- and you have a quarterback takes ten to fifteen hits every single week sooner or later. There's going to be a major injury and sooner or later during -- don't study where your your mind is somewhere else. Been there done that some scrambles you get your brain scrambled so. I don't think it's something depth is going to be on everybody's game plan. But it also helps to -- in hopes that. -- quarterback has -- part of the game that if things do break on you can get out. We discussed be Smart enough to note that when -- slide when he Estrada bounce -- on the field I don't know how much you have watched or not watched a BP -- -- EJ's career at Florida State but. For how -- much you have watch what are. Some have. He is strengths and in your pain and -- some of the things he needs to work on most know I really -- a wants a lot of calm because again I have so many things on dual model -- my science foundation my two daughters and her. Of course hunting -- you have to go that. But and wants a lot of of film on him but biopsies and often is no. Stated he's been very very good quarterback. If it was me if I had to go right now to evaluate quarterbacks how -- go from inside out I mean I would totally. Terror apart and find a plus minus I don't know what water -- problem -- -- you know one thing that you know just watch a few things. Maybe at times source office back -- a lot and not enough monopoly Ford took Roy follow through. But you can has such strong -- at a time when you throw off your back foot. That's what you do is just so much call as we talked about that he can get away with that of course hit in the NFL it's different though that window yet you got to put more of your body in the throw you have to be more technically sound. On the bottom half in the NFL and I and I think you'll get that. Because he has forecast and he'd he'd listens then that's one thing that when I was you know down for statements that are both Fisher. And just talk away from each day and that type of player he is and that type of a guy he is it. Whatever you give them. You'll -- you'll succeed at whether it's some try to do some with a new stuff a new part of the office for game plan. So I that's one part I don't worry about I really don't worry about anything right now I guess more for him. If you listen to his his comments when he was on the podium is learn the offense and I think that's. That's going to be the biggest thing because on the playbook is three times sticker right and not much learning the office place. It is as if you were talking about before is to speed of the game that in -- -- cover to cover wanna cover for. They're excited not only as a defense -- try to confuse young quarterback. But it throw a lot different walks attitude and benefited for big guy on the other side is good shot at quarterback. What is wrong technically Evans when the job the first gives his Belichick and all that's coming -- -- -- right -- adults and they were a lot of and -- -- just to put his receivers after is that what year that was you'd like to see. Omar are you ready so you guys are definitely not a guy we have a couple other guys would've been nice to see them go after one bit. Buddy nix has done a great job and and -- brand and make sure that we know we are on top of earth and sold to a -- I went with falcon quarterback Jim Kelly by the way here on WGR eleven local coverage of the draft continues out of touch of -- the scaling it down here one bills drive. -- got asked about the thirty for thirty was just tremendous documentary with talk about all week. From from the only real perspective from the -- we heard about all the things that went to that what about your perspective I think that the number one -- I -- from -- from fans Jim was. I didn't realize how much he didn't wanna come to buffalo until I read about this but obviously you switched and you love the city your star here. Of course I mean it's just like anything new here. And you know everybody wanted to tell my little off flip off flawless now to become an experienced it because I was here one for mini camp went -- And where I grew up from Pittsburgh. Of course I had -- teams I want to play for you know I want to play for the raiders or of the Steelers -- -- -- -- teams a lot grown up. And the perspective vote. -- -- -- Draft to be huge you know all the negative was around them it's tops him -- mr. Wilson took a page go to bring top notch players in there. The talk comes and goes right there. And you know that's -- to get to a fourteen about about the somewhat depth and they just defeat insiders 2530000. Going to be in some. Of course that was big negative. And of course yet from Robert that's when John said he didn't want to play for for Baltimore colts. And of course my agent charged me says or anybody you don't wanna play a half. And as its debut on the 31 thirty SER barber out of Miami of Ohio and -- Florida not that I know that's right so I wind up. The bills -- mean in you have to say all the right things of course you don't when an and I don't know them by those with the US a fell for a couple years did it make you cringe watching. The interview way back when when you said. And who would rather be available everywhere else it's desperate about slight cut Houston. -- buffalo -- Arrest on a variety case you dug pretty much did it make you cringe a little bit watching that back ball you know what I always knew that's how I felt back sure. But the park and to be honest with the -- to bum me out about the thirty for thirty. His after I stated -- on what was said to back that day and I -- make sure you put him how -- feel now that. And it didn't to a certain point -- and I -- you know what but the best one of the best decisions. I ever made in my life was becoming a Buffalo Bill 1986. And of course you know it's typical media. They left that part out we do things like that you're now pronounce and and that at times you I guess. You you'll learn in us have learned that they probably played put that in but. I think everybody in this community knows -- along with it I'd love to France a lot of people. We now for Homero Peter today -- -- and hopefully that's many many years off from now many many -- Super Bowl. Well at least they didn't show you in the John Stockton short shorts like they -- all just like you know -- -- -- -- -- students did you see that of course of course you know -- -- he was probably cringe and want to that was his cringe moment of thirty for thirty text a nice and nice shorts. Does have some and -- -- -- somewhere about my goodness the mash up things like that you know that's hazard and pants and stuff like that he Brooke with an update on. Chad got injured in spring game -- Qaeda and Clinton what's the status of him in going forward the rehab. It's bomb that's a big bomber because I'm not only I was there but all of his uncles were there and we visit with them before and he was excited to -- and stuff was just going nuts because it's such a great camp. And he started off the spring game led the team breakdown if you look here's -- five for six and had a nice run. And second series lead him down the field again the cut outside the pocket and run as we just talked about. And you may want to make cut -- towards ACL surgery will be next week so -- -- going while so -- forum. And I told him and the bad part of buzz is the -- to force a keynote speaker -- it clamps on. And I talked about what happened to me in my senior year and offered -- blow my shoulder on -- -- we are never play football again and what I was able to accomplish after that point of Jerry Kelly you know you don't need to fight back in the work ethic and that's one thing. That Chad has his work ethic is unmatched heat as a kid that wants to make it. But now assists -- take a step back but -- it's not what what he doesn't by the and that's the whole thing and we go to face with things are like for the bottom line is what you -- bug and I know he's gonna fight back. Well Jim before I let you go we gotta tell you that at least you still have dibs -- EJ Manuel your number fourteen overall. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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