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4/29 Jerry Sullivan likes the Bills pick of EJ Manuel

Apr 29, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

704 happy Monday hours Matthew collar and war Dan -- who is off today Jerry Sullivan coming at the moment also but he -- joining us today. And that Joba scallions talking -- draft -- us today thirty Paul Hamels it was that locker clean out day yes years Saturday. Paul will join -- at nine. The sabres have their press conference that one today it'll make -- should be gear and -- black available to the media will have a live on WGR. Hockey hotline extended till 1 o'clock today with Kevin the -- and Andrew -- no -- room. The press conference at one and then Mike show and the bulldogs will start their show. When the press conference and so we'll have electric coverage local for it today here -- WGR 8030550. What you think of the -- draft and all the moves over the weekend. In the undrafted guys we're gonna talk about that. Among other things with Jerry Sullivan the fine columnist in the -- -- this year WG -- All jazzed up about the bills draft. I'm Internet figured I should maybe get rejected from my show -- like towards our. Etiquette I don't get that up my -- last and that's all that might. People go to bed. Of the perhaps the most overrated player sports getting ejected from the game went like this team has crumbled around them believe our top anyway. They carried out -- that's one of the things you and I agree on. Is very very selfish Dwight Howard I would I would I zealot oh that's a part of him -- out right meta world pieces out Nash is out you're down to your last game of the season. In the end you know you should be hopefully -- your team on your back to try and salvage a game and he gets thrown should be the NBA's biggest Billingsley -- except look the player the people root against the most that should be him. And it just so so often and whether the good thing for servicemen to have picked -- bright side you could be the lakers right now. And -- the bills. A lot of feel optimistic about the bigger but much as I do and it took -- they took a shot. Now it and go hook some say. Manuel certainly isn't safe issues -- surprised picked a lot of people but it's pretty clear that. The quarterback -- that attracted to the teams in the league and I think they went for the one that was probably most entry into a lot of people do not think you -- lasted. Much longer. And maybe he's good. I don't know if people including Joseph watched its -- they do not. Well look it they they took a shot at its Ali and I'm not that I'm not gonna get out of it might turn out to be the wrong move but they got a quarterback I wanted to quarterback they didn't. They didn't score around and wait to the second round or third round and also be able complain that you -- traded down again. Whatever all the guys are on the board you got the guy you want it you got extra picks and I liked. The rest of the draft clearly to me they said they need to get offensive playmakers trust -- to make the defense better. But morale needed better play makers and and it skill. On the opposite side of the -- play and that's what they they tried to address in the draft. Yeah and I think moron look of the offense. Oh in recent years and city and kidney and there was a period. Early in eleven where they score a lot of points but. Rag armed quarterback. Receivers or draft that I am -- very limited athletically and try to pass themselves off as the offensive juggernaut that. Brilliant -- -- the coach and they really and not you watch a monster that can. The struggle to get played a couple of times and never throw the ball on the field people doable to open people go to work they did and transmit them anyway. There's an offensive coach there -- would be. Directly into my question. You with the you're the head coach in this five coaches and our -- are you dropped by your specialties and that's without the other day and good because they need help dispel. And I think they got to get manual on the field as soon as possible that that could be difficult because I don't know be ready. I don't think he's ready but you gotta play the way you want to play football. Wide open -- I assume read option no problems but with Kevin cop I don't think that's long term plan. -- Jerry wanting the people like the same as -- this is the the bills are pretty good at selling whole open and and its true. And this draft will sell a lot of hope but. To me the overall feel of what the organization is doing right now is very. On bills like whether it's the coach and the quarterback in the third time their reason first round pick -- quarterback. And the first time they've ever used their first selection draft on oneself. I'm not I think if the fans and people watched his team wanna get excited about the possibility of what this all could turn into I think it's. It's ever bit as justified as ever if not more so it feels very on bills like. Yeah and David -- haven't cultivated to sell the cornerback Eric that the draft and Kelly. And that other ways to go out more about it they did so law that was just a mistake will be up. Then trotting out an extra incentive upper trumpet occurred at Bledsoe will be. This -- is the more conventional way to do it and I think you're right is that people. Vandals say if you're gonna try to insult to me this is a good way to do it at least it's a quarterback. With very high athletic upside you know what I would look like -- as a -- You know he came to that press -- -- Ottawa and there are always full story a real solid kid. Very -- usual combination of swagger and humility. You know a lot of work with the military. And not very strict parents but -- solid a upbringing. And I I think uses solid Smart guy writes I think. The possibility of him getting better to me is is better because he's a bright kid who takes direction well and I. I think he's got a chance that he's got the tools mean. -- -- not finished products and it amazes me is they'll they'll -- a guy like Barkley and some other guy. Is going to be the first pick in the draft a year later he goes the third round so pushed forward but why can't a guy who. Was underestimated be a lot different a year later from that he's actually in the NFL I mean if I could obtain that what I should to a draft and get. Amazed that on the -- so called intelligence and that we don't really know. He -- this is why I admire you because you just put things you find the right words and you'd think I'd be able to because on the talk shows but I'm not I don't do it as well as I should. I'd like what you just said you wrote in your column and your right. Manuel was in on. Friday. And we met Jimmy came in studio and I and I was trying to figure out how to put at the right way and you just did. He's very confident I remember watching his. Quarterback camper gruden and he talked to Clinton and he's gruden says was -- quarterback in the draft no hesitation at all I you know and and and yet. He walks in shake your hand very polite how you do and so are to mean Germany's colonists are seems very respectful. Very. Confident but down to earth so you you're right swagger with humility I thought that was a great way to to to describe him. Yeah right I think there's beauty while he's confident and he did say. -- typical week or two ago they love me and I camping trip nobody. Would -- take him to step up Barkley as if he had the I mean he could go up and got obviously but I think Chip Kelly did like them really I think he knows there has limitations. I think again evidence about that little brain keeps keeps you grounded his sister who played. Old basketball for a big high point. Or there's there's just put a solid base -- about. It was -- got. And so yeah epic about it's not about -- you have to have the skill but he has yet but he he can run he's got a cannon. -- the guy the play quarterback I I I'm excited about it -- but now OKE young -- He's got a lot of knowledge about this league go way back with Bill -- days they keep. It -- a sponge. That if you are a lot and it's a -- -- happened. Overnight there's going to be a struggle with a lot more. Exciting and promising that -- over the sabres right now. I want to ask one more question about Manuel I forgot what it was like you're remembering selling. A piece of advice for you. You know you're in it you're not optimistic place today don't visit your body Ralph and I know I'm cellular was it was about that it was -- -- of -- the grades which is good because I can be bankrupt that. If Chip Kelly drafts EJ Manuel Jerry. He gets a lot of benefit of the doubt. And the Eagles -- a lot of benefit and it's not panned the bills make a pick. And it's criticized at that. I think it goes back to what Russ Brandon said -- we get credit for like that Matt Barkley like nobody's though fiercely to -- the same is as if if the patriots reach in around. Figure quotes reached they get credit for. And the bills are gonna get you know crossed for their picks and it goes back to -- at about the organization's brand. Being tarnished so if you're out there in your -- and -- what people are saying about the bills draft know that. They're great probably gets knocked a full letter just because they're the bills. -- and I don't even with integrated I've been around long enough to though that. If you look back five years later you can just open can be pulled up there. They're very they're wrong so often about it in both directions and that makes snap judgment sometime based on. Whereas reputations. Now universally it seems they thought it was a reached a manual. Fine but they they did move back in extra pick Kevin wants but the knicks got that extra second complicate that we did our job. And now they can drive. Straight back again and electric has gone -- like thirteen draft picks and we can't even get on your roster that they did their job to get the extra pick I think they are happy with the dropped. -- find out about -- annual Mercury was perhaps it did take an eight -- was well that they -- we'll find out we'll I I'm excited about you know the problem. Of finding out more excited. I think what they've got Bledsoe like the new. I you know will be bought that they're right not going to be able to pump problems but something different about how she's. We haven't won anything and so sort of period sabres six years ago. We -- might do and say we. While we as though it -- as at times it now or is this where some members -- one last on the bills and then for the sabres. Considering what the franchise is from a police standpoint from the -- you know. That the talk of the next stadium after this set of renovations. How difficult would be to make the case that this draft pick this this quarterback pick. Is. I mean. How important is it if they get it right. The future is different for the franchise than it is if they get it wrong I think. Act I'm I'm I'm already good that could certainly could build a lot of momentum for keeping the team and I don't think. Egypt and OW deciding factor whether and 770. Here they're released. They take advantage and consultant team but I certainly think that winning is better than. And the helper and that you could actually. Get to the playoffs that this franchise. Would be more track it's keeping him ballclub you know I think you probably will. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was 30550 to join us get to the sabres in a moment -- your -- with Sullinger on WG yarder right ahead. Well good morning to you guys -- morning Cherie. -- not our government spends your -- it and people who wanted to keep it completely. Actually you're right about a little -- for ever. And the general spores we give people like excited then and taking time -- got the ball. A little special quality about -- I didn't go to the control reuse Peter Welch stories about it but I wouldn't say that -- France you guys credit to people that you know what I'm excited I really believe. This is what it is that it. I want you in mental depleted this year disorderly nurtured him instantly one day. But this -- quietly brought him to speed they brought it and we did different things -- -- -- brand is taking over this thing here. I believe would finally like Billie Jean -- and finally had the I didn't really really rescue us from the island downtown market wrap -- -- -- bloody good. This year I really think he did a really big -- to Latin class or right you're wrong with this one final agreement. Eventually. I didn't really blew a right to -- it. I'd like him to play right away I would I'd -- to -- if if if they wait a little bit. Whatever what are you gonna do but. I think everybody would hope that he plays right away selling it a question a couple weeks. Now he's not that the -- I. Drop a line he's not that it but I. -- point -- it and it's a good thing that you can have its first significant. African American quarterback -- -- not a big deal. But Daniel himself set a couple weeks -- Philly right that he thinks people still do. Stereo type -- lump black quarterbacks together and judge them Cairo along the same. -- for the same quality. And other words and black quarterbacks runners they can't throw and I've accomplished things yeah actually for the draft you bring that up comedian Billy. Interest the other day about I guess I'm a long way as him I think it is and development of the pebble black quarterback in buffalo. And I do wonder if one of the reasons so many people -- only question about them -- that and then we're not quite aspect. Well I think there's there are two things here there's there's there's. People who wouldn't want it for all the wrong reasons but -- the the next level that is the grouping together which is exactly what you say like. The next day it's all the bills got their next jamarcus Russell's like to why. What about them rightly right they can be Ryan leaf. Is that the region that the the exactly so the grouping together absolutely happens you know it all he can be our Steve McNair like why can't be Ben Roethlisberger you know like these just. So I think that happens and that's just something that -- sports fans probably deal with because that's. That's just what happens so -- but those -- the people are excited about the bills what would the sabres what could the sabres have to do. Darcy back -- GM that's probably gonna be made official today so what can they do to get their fan base excited again. Act act as depicted in reply because that I think we take advantage for granted. The directory here's our league they take advantage program they think they're going to be there no matter what. -- All I look at the whole thing and its owner I think he takes his stance granite. Well you raised ticket to not make them play outside -- your -- league mandate for how much tickets and corporate that's probably. I think they are I think -- the bills at the Nevada or. Unwilling to accept the reality of the situation. We don't. Deal with the general manager position in the appropriate manner and you'll you could be looking at another law -- long stretch of dysfunction that I think about sabres. Then you run the risk right of -- that with the long stretch dysfunction you run the risk of completely alien alienating your fan base -- I think. -- I think they have no choice but to be aggressive with their moves this off season move up in the draft do some make some wild moves because they know -- coming back it's going over like a lead balloon and they thought the market team -- -- -- -- next year. They give him much like built in part I think they believe they the people gonna show up. I mean they should be concerned about Iranian affair -- I'm not sure they'd -- down believed that. They could -- people I don't waiting list for tickets still are dose of there -- people weren't showing up I think -- arrogant spirit in the ownership that. People up just seems so much they'll keep coming occupation I think I think he ought to believe that the media exaggerates. The -- This section of this team right now I don't know exactly what the numbers are how many people are really honestly. My thought it what you I think it's a lot more than Kerry. I can tell you it's the most since I've lived here I think that I think this season have been changed its -- I've been here really do you people that are longer than me I've been here eleven years it's by a mile. -- ninety lot anger that absolutely solid I really think I I think you're right I think there's an element to what you just said there's truth to that. But I honestly believe what they've heard and seen. And all the feedback in again you know phone calls emails all the stuff we see that had black cats I think they absolutely realize this -- -- it. All and I think it's you know go throughout the organization when the players talk about the -- wing. And what it does I think that happens everywhere. I don't act like it's unique to buffalo I'm not suggesting the Boeing is a good thing. But Minnesota got -- they lost Edmonton got booed their own rank. Go to the playoffs the leafs were booed recently the capitals have been booed this year at the Blackhawks at the goaltender Corey Crawford booed off the ice is in a bad night. This idea that it only happened series probably be coming from the same place that the well. Every little too hard on us around here now this is -- More ravens were booed in mid December -- they're gonna sit there today and really. Should show their -- once again and in general manager. Who in sixty years has not strapped to the star forward. You said an -- I heard yet that the bank really isn't a star with knowledge at. Audience they might start I -- I I think he's here and I did. They're never in sixteen years drafted a star forward I know can I looked it up he would never. Drafted a player who's been -- and fifty guys in scoring in the NHL this. And you put your -- You know begging first cars and it this guy that after sixteen years he couldn't. Bring about this let -- know what are -- if you plug and he'd never drafted number one time a member. Because Derrick or what you never know what senator well he might last a continent not a number one -- so distant third guy I spoke to believe that. That they can -- hope they don't think they need to sell. They're -- proven failure. He Mike and -- -- yeah you're right about all this on he might have drafted is number one cent -- last year. He could do it this year and that I I wrote peace in our website about star power. Those sole reason for existence this franchise right now should be to draft seconds left I'm. I'm not kidding give up all four of your picks in the first two rounds and Miller to the team it's picking second and choose the second player in the draft like. It's no secret these top fifteen scores that you want these league leaders. It's not a secret their -- come from the same place every year and that's the top of the draft. Taylor -- top ten in scoring Yucca Paul led all rookies in scoring what those guys come from. Like they're not a playoff team yet but give Edmonton like -- -- years the stars are 22 years old bike. -- idea -- a paper go look at the 205 to a six and -- and our street address and ask yourself would you trade -- entire draft three of them for the number one pick in the -- absolutely yeah. Yet to impeach -- nobody knows draft I think but general -- anybody. You can probably take eight years that perhaps to throw everybody on the table for the number one. Well Brian Burke did it 1999 for a pair of twins that still play together and put up amazing numbers he had the fourth pick I think in ultimately ended up getting the second and the third. So find away -- picked third and sixth or second and fourth or first or. It's no secret and if they keep stockpiling picks talk about how long it's going to take then their right. Every time they they talk about it taking a long time it gets a little longer it does not need to happen that way they should take an aggressive swing. And it's available to him just matter what he'll do. We found is you know they have one player there's -- years. Try to find a star that they've drafted between flopped on -- and -- a good look. Good to mimic important but not I don't advocate that you Google if they blow -- stick it could go a long time. Sully -- -- -- 5 o'clock woke up a partner but it. I I live for you set your watch I will thank you and I NBA man. -- knicks' go to the second round selling by heated you mean it's kind of that the playoffs big time hit the injuries. All of America west and it's it's it's a huge disappointment. And remember a time when my expert who's looking like the team to be doubles it. Carmel pipelines and yes you'll be morally against real seems. Also you only told him I call it I watched you on Twitter tell him to quit and then he the next got back in the game Sunday in personally. And maybe should one. -- -- treats all it is the first capsule is legit to quit the basic just go home -- even so terribly then goes on deals course but he's leads them back and they force of -- All right -- -- brought to buy a New York's only -- liquor online an outlet liquor dot com hey you know what I believe -- it's about grades but while trapped right out our gut. That's great to share kind of.

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