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4/29 Buddy Nix says EJ Manuel's personality impressed the Bills

Apr 29, 2013|


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It'll five how journey to collar in this morning for infantry thank you for joining us on this Monday. We -- wait to hear from buddy -- bills GM will talk to him about the draft class and and I guess what you might be able to stay at this point on the undrafted free agents. 8030550. You to join us 888550. To 550. And they'll let us know what you thought about the bills draft overall I have a question about safeties in a moment to. And if you have any thoughts on the sabres in locker clean up comments from Brian -- and Thomas static. 1 o'clock today is the sabres press conference we will carry that live. On WGR let's get right out to a one bills drive we're joined by bills general manager buddy next. It's our -- good morning how are you. Good morning doing good -- Well it'll get specific players -- a moment but obviously. I wanted to just. Would love to hear your thoughts overall about the draft as a group I mean you went off -- pretty heavy in the first part. Then you helped -- defense took a kicker what did you think overall body about the guys you got now they all fitted. Well you obviously know the answer that I've never heard anybody play -- -- describe him over shots yet at. Well wait -- where we're happy to have it we think we got some really good players and play makers and and we you know took care some needs and state -- Integrity of the board so we feel good about. You mentioned you were hoping to get starters with your first three picks to get manual you get woods you get Alonso do you think your starters their. Well I hope so it's up to that there are men and their coaches coach -- needs to happen. They don't put a map and play the best women in these -- acting ability so they do what it takes. We could have we could've hit home more than three starters maybe. I like we're you know we're talk about Robert Woods buddy and I'd love to get your thoughts on that because a lot of times you hear people say you know receivers it's tough for them the commitment. Start right away impact right away but it seems like. His production at USC the offense he played in his ability which seem to be may be different you thinking come in is he good enough to commit and impact an offense in his rookie year. Well yacht thanking years you're not tell you what we -- these firm brings. When we evaluated gang and we tolkien's go over and over and over the one bank sticks out what may. About Robert. Is we should he was the most. Give their -- already. Our borrowers savers and -- that's why we fail in. Kevin have been used to redeem. When we went through. -- yes they we will working out we were giving him out and Matt Barkley and -- And I got to know him a little bit and really excited about having him out cranking up thanking the -- -- -- force. But he -- -- Jim -- from Ralph Wilson Stadium has reassessed the draft. You know you talked. About a guy who can be open when he's not open is is that the MO for Robert Woods. He uptight properties probably is his polished route runner you know any as a track guy he's got to he's got really good speed and good so. He's -- that you know any any -- you know really super any consummated the catches he made and then number yankees. All we gotta do is give him in the right situation he can. He can be after it force down the field. But obviously the got it that we throwing him the ball be something for bills fans to watch with regard to EJ Manuel can you take us to the process of arriving on manual. As as your your your quarterback is the guy you wanna -- from what's being reported it's that the meetings he had with with teams not just view he really impressed a lot of teams -- -- GMs and scouts in meetings late in this process. You know we're we're always. Fascinated with this physical spat in the vote take everybody out frank was and then. We didn't really know the -- yet until the Senior Bowl army we'd been you know -- in which you couldn't tell those gas and when you're going to hand screw visits met when we got to the Senior Bowl. -- -- and and Chuck Cook. We sat around and interviewed him and spent some time with him. And and came away just to blown away by. He's presidencies intelligence and and he he's. He really that started the process and then we spent more and more time with America today. We talk about presence in. Whether it's leadership and things like that you evaluate that position. That he placed differently than others when it comes to having that presence -- that those kind of things. Absolutely you know we're not scared now -- but it's especially important that deposition and and you know a guy that can. Take command actually before -- Before we start -- he's going demand. Some kind of respect -- presence and he's -- he's -- you always hear people talking about. They hit factory quarterbacking -- don't know exactly what daddy has not thank you recruit a lot of things -- If know the definition of that I think he's got to. -- with them. -- EJ Manuel I'm I remember hearing right after the com line. You were talking about how his his stock started to go up because teams were really impressed. In their meetings and you just talked about you know what what it was like meeting him as well but their press with a in the meetings and how we get on the board -- and his -- of NFL offenses and all of that. I guess can you talk about that part one part two. Is what -- Maroney is planning to do. Very complicated -- give any concerns how much a rookie quarterback can pick up in that offense and how fast. Well. -- may depart parkway ethnic and his football smarts admitted yeah teams are talking about how -- they were really impressed with him. You know I thank all of us had up -- opinion about the arm. From watching employee and and great in that tape and which is always had a goal and gear and crawl week. That -- America must make a lot of times is not no one watered down which -- Not know -- what he was too old. We we -- we came away from the followed by a wage and thank you miss Jack. Reads it he's I have to they already -- he reads. You know middle of the field to the boundary he'd had never come back and progression. Well. After talking to -- visited with his head coach in his coordinator. He it was a lot different when you find out what he was told it did and that's that's the case a lot of times when these gas. When you what you -- you think where they eat when he widen. The inevitability that didn't they asked. Not knowing what he'd been dull and I after having gone through all of that with the -- sit down with Whitney amen corner over the -- And each play and what we told here what did you do you know what did you see our main that was. It was enlightening really any kind of gave me a different perspective army men. That's that's what we did it now as far as a complication adopt anti us ceremonies. Quarterback meetings. Would -- eight and that. Eaten yet complicate our staff is it happens and hurt -- main and it's. It's it's man -- sometimes how much they have to know that this gas. And he kind of he I would say he picks it up match gives anybody first camera. -- you have obviously do you do your homework on a couple of guys. Did you talk in this process with -- sea -- Sanders about him of. Former rule actually yeah we did with doctor you know we talked we talked Shawn Powell would doctor. Everybody that no week. We may not. You know we might not. That debt made does that factor obviously but the more information we could compiled a better we felt about it -- -- you know. I don't have any doubts about this act. You know you hear people say well today actually that people maybe a year. It was a -- -- he could've gotten here gotten in there and and he's not ready and on it but when you panic advance. What is -- you don't black about this yet. He -- pin them down it's hard -- invited to come up with something that he lacks. Now you can say footwork he needs to -- here any day you know that kind of staffing and his release is not I don't know what all but. Yeah all of those things you know and that's why he Paco chiefs. That's rushed right now about. If it's not immune corrective -- and acts. Or restraint or -- action. Then belted a process and hurried. He made you can't -- there but these other things you can't and and and again I think when you really panic out there and they give me specifics. Of what you solve that you don't apply. It's hard to get him to come up with it. But is it safe to say you know you pick him at sixteen many people wondered if maybe you could have moved down again did you not even entertain that thought. -- would be and if any of those people can come -- made it for sure we got to move down and got him. They're not so I would made a mistake. But he knicks' Willis will pass on quick NFL note the jets have released Tim Tebow. That on Twitter from multiple people now the jets have released him -- interest crack at those athletic center buddy I don't. I ask you about. About the draft luncheon because on. On manual you guys are also given a little that a credit for the smoke screens and you talk to us at the -- saying you know a lot of smokescreen for Tonya is much we can about telling you anything. And I am member at -- luncheon when you answer the question but EJ Manuel he can make the throws he -- has said yes but I don't know a year your answer was a little bit. I think it was was guarded where you actively trying. To not give away that EJ Manuel was the guy you were targeting. Absolutely the you know -- many a time out I guess -- like we get you know we we get. Obviously. Credit are playing from not taking. -- -- our -- quarterback -- did it you know where everybody says this is who don't take conditions -- or don't like him and and that kind of language you know if you go back and look at all the things we talked about with the quarterbacks. We never. Indicated. That we were -- taking any one of those gas. -- without -- week we said the same things about all these quarterbacks this act. They all got plastic tank we thank you Pete did the right thing Wear them you can win welcome. We never let anybody all of that came from outside this building. The affected people connected the dots and you don't take this guy. And I have said from day one he Kate did it not without you Mike -- With some -- but you keep didn't. So as long as people are willing to make that -- you're willing to let them. Part in Africa. Yup yeah exactly -- mean that would mark I'm not going to try to. I can't spend all my time trying to correct me if -- What do you what dollar never wrong all right we'll leave it up for another show. My buddy mark he's good when I'd like I like to hear your thoughts on him because at at -- I remember me obviously he's got blazing speed this was not. -- guy who they turned into a football player he was a football player who ran track right. Right so I mean just talk a little bit about. His football ability because you don't have a lot of production at Texas but I'm just curious what you you know how you think he might fit in in the future. You know Mack brown and act coast together drives were good Korean -- on a Mac -- in and our scouts do. So we we -- we had a good. We have a good report -- -- You know one of -- buying it that don't use certain things when whereby you wait -- guy and you're listening to scout reports. The one constant about -- him. -- that he was a tough tenacious blocker -- idiots fast. And and actually. -- around we had gaps they use -- -- blocker being in the flat out so the dad not a track mentality. Now that the production comes from. The fact that he he didn't have. Opportunities man that's not. Not cold Texas or what they. It's hard to visit. Domain -- when you've got to split your time that this is a full time job. And it's a full time job at the University of Texas so. Would I am not billion in spring practice and not be an and that. The meetings in the spring and act camera -- he was always so he was always a little backhand but. Remember one thing he even coached a lot of things speech not one problem. Horse that so it PP got tech campus believe then people knock it and they pay a premium to not get I don't know where they get that -- made their -- The guy makes he catches and and Billy may now you can tail he's playing him at a different speed when you watch. Can you talk about Derrick Rodgers at all. -- I don't always officials so I just -- and instinct. Here's a guy -- ever -- buddy -- of off field issues and you were talking about getting draft that he isn't extremely productive at Tennessee I guess give us Europe you know what did you like about him. And what about the risk factor here. You know he's. The committee resigned. Tremendous -- He had. Great production when he is -- Tennessee he's. He had obviously well documented off field issues. If he -- came in that -- around you'd probably you know really get blistered -- Four format cannot buying bad but as far as art college freeagent. We were. One of fourteen -- condescending when there. When a draft was over. And you know our guys. Yeah and good relations with is with his agent and -- We know and he set we -- and we brought him in here we did all our work -- -- -- I think we've got twenty report showing direct -- change. And he set out here and -- office and not pat told him you know -- exactly like a pro Amal what. It it's demolished in your court BP won't you know he won't work. -- And job bowed out whether ST Lackey -- -- microwave and put borrow even did that make you go after. Make sure he use state -- straighten her main Gaza. Free agent if he proved it he came. They're black cat and go battle room. He'll be somebody -- brought. But what what do you think made him pick you guys. Of those fourteen teams. You're not thinking in Jordan is basic I think our gas. You know war did a good job with with him while he was in here our coaches and and taking him to dinner in and -- cannot -- we you know we. We try to make sure they they. Feel good about the place when they leave and that's that's not hard indeed here. But you know weighing in Russia and and and Jim. -- -- A good relationship with the with his agent so. He's I think he's you know Roberts got the same agent and and that was I think she got to same agent so. That was doesn't work out together. And they can -- now saying they remain -- and get ready for the draft and for the kind of man that -- pranks -- He -- -- thank you -- from may win that and Nam when this is Rory welcome mr. Torre chose to care. They voted for let you go you drafted a couple of safeties does that indicate any concern about jurors bird and keeping -- long term. You know we're. We're in the process we leave we've reached out -- Shares his agent we're going to continue to do they get. Where where just. Trying to put good football players that our main. Everybody reads it and adapt it we're seeing engaged a message that's not to case simply work. And I think we're still working out -- on the same thing remains I think what. I think what everybody. Questions is taken to safety -- maps to advance and and Lotta times what -- -- then they they they don't pay any attention has now what they want here but. Would do Williams do you Williams as I brush tool GAAP. He came he came walk up and play well on this slot. He can't he he can play long line of scrimmage and play. Press coverage he's a big gap they can run he made 200 tackle during his career he's up he's a hitter. So he's got versatility. Now about Oakland Jonathan makes is that is a big safety they -- two different camera -- You know everybody says -- basically. DS defense and safety Bob and main. They're the same people and we took to the same -- Iraq in the same spot but that's. At time have tried to explain that but that's obviously -- Well I was curious just from the standpoint of obviously you know birds. -- but I'm sure he's looking for a pretty good sized contract and I wasn't sure if you guys think it's that it's the right move to give a big contract with safety a long term big deal. What I hit here where we are we're going -- obvious. Good -- -- we -- moving back we're we're not going. Mortgage. The Buffalo Bills to keep any -- So. That's that's where we are we we're you know we're a little bit apart we're working on and hopefully it'll work out but. We're you know we're going try to be prepared for all situations. -- one last thing your future. Many speculated you might be mad at me that now I answer that her history very well -- I've entered it and. Dave rust answered it and that's not at that -- are you dad -- local gas. When I've been deceptive I'm okay you first deal. You -- yeah. Well I well remember you know you always tell us not to believe. Some of the stop for all the stuff I'm just confused at what -- believe and what we're not believe and so we just figured you know we got to cover our bases and check email. I understand. You so basically what you wanna do another year of interviews with -- -- is what percent of. Hey I don't wanna get -- up. -- thanks -- as always for your time. Email your buddy -- went as well if you tuned in all the late we'll put it in on demand lot of good stuff on EJ Manuel parties could win Derrick Rodgers. Robert Woods so got the latest from the bill.

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