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4/29 Joe Buscaglia talks Bills Draft

Apr 29, 2013|


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    number two running back or Gillis sleet or would that be were Reggie Bush comes and. I don't see Williams as the number two EE ES a chance to be the number three. I think jealously is the number two right now if Reggie Bush could sign it's a battle between him endlessly and I still think jealously would have a chance for that job. Because Reggie Bush is gonna be a punt returner and a guy you can use on third down is. He could be very well be
    do here he has experience can do some things that you had Reggie Bush to them so. I think it's Gillis Lee's job to lose at least at first or weeks but Reggie Bush could very well have him lose that job Jonathan Williams to me it's not someone takes over that's. From what you're hearing what are the chances Reggie Bush is signed by the bills. I still I give it about a 5050 may be a little bit higher in favor of
    very well happen but I think what's going on here Howard is Reggie Bush wants to go to a place where he's an ABC more carries and that there may be offering a more money I
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    a link I went laughable this stuff the jets' opener was the Chad Morton game that to kick returns. Chad Morton has blood cells first game with the bills right now he throws a touchdown late. To tie the game up force overtime.
    right that was an opener yup the jets game that you mentioned Chad Morton opener. I think am I gotta look up. On a lookup picture on its first year. Because like the patriots and Lehman

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In agreement for -- because they have a limited number of visits and which they did publicly admit yeah right we asked -- -- that we know right weight on it but that -- -- it was pushed. Probable talked with singles did little to hide their interest in an asset to the same things about him as the other guys are we all right let's bring in -- -- calls it -- -- hiding interest in the EJ Manuel -- -- -- we -- -- -- -- his comments from the -- -- -- on these -- I have a -- is that it throws right we walked away Jodi you're there we weren't we asked you about it that's a good job that -- didn't -- like you didn't really seem overly impressed with the EJ Manuel. So -- he -- and it was one of those things with with him where. You know it didn't really appear as though is that Manuel at the top of the list but. You know at the same time you know if you also have to wonder about. You know motivation. Well what you're saying effort like that -- yeah he did a good job that what but yeah they. They ended up getting under their guy and it wasn't the guy that several of expect. Joseph we talked a lot about you -- on Friday so I wanna get your thoughts on the rest of the draft what stood out who stood out. Well you know the I think the fact that there are really. Going after it with. Is in terms of just -- speed -- is the thing that stuck out more than anything. You look at. To it just the receivers they've brought in would in good when people I mean would. I I said the on the air quality of currency. He has pretty butchered a carbon copy of the -- job and only faster but it's. It's they have a very very similar type game even their mannerisms of and how they stand on the field and you know of their their stance when Margaret -- -- the play it's it's purely similar actually and I mean that -- -- I was as if you watch if you watch what's highlights it's. It's the route running in and -- said exactly that you -- these great route runner and Stevie Johnson. If you watched Stevie he's open a lot because he just makes guys miss Scott guys can't stay with them one on one so when I saw they drafted woods watched him I thought the same thing but this looks a lot exe. Yeah it's. It is a very fair comparison. And and also a good -- I think that's. So the overall speed is what they're looking for a both sides of the ball with good win. He he obviously has the speed that and I think you know an explosive lower half because. You know you don't normally see at five foot eight guy -- accurate vertical. This so. Think it would could be used as all of that represents app but. You know -- do you have concerns -- in in terms of being able. Due. Everything that you need receiver specialist slot one because. It was really. It. One gear -- car -- It is through a lot of it was just keep all of them and -- noted really have a quarterback. Secured the ball get back consistently so. I knew I'd you have my question about marquis Strickland by. A lot of local linebacker bring a lot of speed same thing with duke William and safety. And and -- -- so if it really is just I kind of the first glimpse still okay what would -- if you look at that and it could be a track meet out there -- built which comes from which it would be -- pullout saying. What do think -- is it direct. To wreak Derrick what is what do they do de rigueur for OK -- -- -- Rick Rodgers what did they get that pick up. Well he -- could be a good kick up I know a lot of fans are really excited about it because. See you with a name and you know heading into you know -- he got kicked out of Tennessee he was a projected first round pick however. There is a reason he went on draft I think it's spare -- prepared for fans to think about that. Because. You know this is a player that. Did very well in the use in in no one here at Tennessee against SEC competition. But you know I've heard the comments but when you're the charity -- He didn't really dominate he didn't really go out there and have a seat -- -- expecting and you -- you have to kind of wonder whether or not. That's a by product of okay that he really wanted to be there that there are motivation. Factor that you have to think about. You know -- -- what he -- and also every year is going to be perfect if he's not. Out of -- -- rosters ignored. Have the motivation. It's literally. Have put before opera for that. And so you know I mean yeah he had had touched down -- Tennessee tech last year over sixty characters but. At that the comment that realistic as stands. -- I didn't really. Do -- well as. People thought he would and at that level where where the competition it's just. It is there really of them up to par are the by any means that the SEC's joke with rocker -- just. I know it he's that you would name maybe he's an exciting game but. He has to go out -- in the you have to go out and -- it and he's just not going to be given the artist rosters so. I do my question -- -- -- but. He is someone with good -- and in good speed and all the potential the world it's just whether or not he realized I mean look at Tyler break Tyler -- have all the central the world -- you went undrafted Q. And and now let's look at like he might now maybe you'd get a shot this week because. You know it just doesn't seem like. He he wanted it about four or whatever the case may be so. I I would temper the enthusiasm just to bet with what they were ruptures. You kill joy all right well let me try another name on yeah I don't know anything about duke Williams but I -- Intrigued. By what buddy had to say because you think safety you think you know may be more. In the back part of the defense but -- intrigued about what he said about how this guy can apparently walk up the line. Play press coverage play guys in the slot which is certainly I don't know if this is a -- they put on a -- and how much you know about Williams and and marketing deal with terms of pass coverage here. But don't know too much about two million Libyan. Eight. Safeties. Outside of that are. The first few I didn't really focus too heavily armed you know there's a lot of -- practitioner but at that you know -- -- this study up on what. When it came to the bill needs but. On paper you know to Williams's. Could represent competition for the New York. If they wanna go free safety books they he -- He could present some problems and that -- -- You talk about covering tight ends and things like that. You know that there could be a chance where when they go into their nickel that's where it winners. Bryant got shop last year that they'll likely Kiko -- job if all goes well. You know it seems like the read out linebacker that they locked in their. It it appears to be Nigel Brad and so badly then you look at okay well who's who's the nickel linebacker and it'll likely be responsible for comfort. You know zone coverage over the middle the field and when they go to bad vote here will be responsible for. For tight ends whether or not they -- debts to Williams of the safety or or Kiko Alonso that remains to be seen but. You know -- does have good speed. Good editing ability and and there it on paper it looks to be a solitary but. If a fourth round pick he has let him off the field injury tip them off the field concerns and they're just they're hoping for the best for the couple of these. And I talked about -- a lot Saturday. You know sometimes you need some edge guys -- on defense and that's what Alonso will interpret them. They don't sit back and relax -- rookie minicamp this may tenth eleventh and twelfth to say you know. I know it and it's -- it up Republican or -- because. Get -- chance. Not only see these guys on the field for the first time. In terms of in person but you know being able. I guess. Talk without than in -- their personalities are elected you know trying trying -- indicator of that quite so should be extra stuff. Thanks as always Joseph great job on the drafts are. Thank you Joseph this guy was here on W jerked around holding out which calls coming up 8030550. Come out a nine Paul Hamilton will join us he --

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