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Sabres End of Year Presser

Apr 29, 2013|

Um,'s interesting

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    at the end of the day Bibi wins the Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch did. Maybe he wins the Super Bowl MVP goes nine for 180 against Atlanta and we will one's 3144. He's got a
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    well say that Greg I would rather have a Corey Davis or Mike Williams had a rookie contract for four years in that money that what's gonna cost to get Robert what's the problem comes and then. It's basically and using assets do those guys have someone that's pretty good on my roster already that's the issue but sure if they go out and drafted Cory is sura. Horry or Mike Williams number ten I think that's. That's very parable that better to have for the next four years and Robert Woods at the
    might. He he might not go up and get the ball like Mike Williams does in the air like that. But if you want a great route runner good hands run after the catch like he's
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    I love the suitable for trivia you know then I looked Super Bowl trivia. Now I wouldn't do very well unlike the last ten via an at that point in my life where. I think. The early Super Bowl trivia that I once learned is so deeply ingrained that I would be able to get those right. But records that have been broken the last ten years or so what I would. I have to think about who we are Super Bowl last year me read truck drive one on one year old who trivia what's the what's the worst Super Bowl . It's not happened. 51 to president and a host of that was the worst who bubble that as an app. Cuomo line.
    playing secede from the league. Soccer. But the and there in the Super Bowl against a wing. So that makes the Super Bowl one rule. On top off the tree you know awful for you really talk to you watch a game. Out of obligation.
    our team that everyone has an opinion about. What's fascinating about this Super Bowl is that there playing a team and I think a few people. It. Registered. Right now we I mean you know I've
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    all my waves that it up. At meet the key get for Jay Cutler . But known zones zones that lasts. It's something we talked about less than that does get released. I don't know. Probably won't hit the junk latency Tony Romo out of Chicago. It was is that for Tony Romo . It's released or treated I don't know. That ramifications which which is that it more vigilant and know the Tampa patients who
    want Bob. I would want well if if. Right goes. Short of Jay Cutler point rule or some beat the mavericks on the veterans need you assume we'll start. Those are different from each other but
    may your made up the honest about it you good. Look at Jay Cutler he's available ago no I don't need somebody. Like that he can be a distraction and he's almost too good for what