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Jerry Sullivan w/ Thoughts on Bills Draft

Apr 29, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the strike it's nobody except for sure. Lot of controversy or some about EJ Manuel could the bills await news responded to an email from someone who's upset that ESPN. Keeps saying. That the bills could have gotten him in the second round you believe that -- by the way. And I think it's a close call. -- I think they were teams that were released. I'm manual more than other quarterbacks in the bills weren't the only one and I don't know if they. It was such a great thing Gilani to sixteen it was the the -- -- team that was a threat there but I think later on some teams might have. Might it jumped in there and the guy has tremendous upside physical upside and I've I've policies. Of real. Good person and potential leader. And I think someone might take a shot and they had moved back they had picked up an extra second. Sure they could get greedy and try to be like the pats but I think they did a pretty good job in that situation. It might have been. They liked him so much they were may be a little too afraid. That someone else would take but I think it was legitimate an American kill important ultimately if the guy can play. Who cares. Yep mediate is essentially where they took them or not that people like right on I com. What I love about the fact that they didn't wait and there's no guarantee that. This would change maybe by the time 41 came along. You know maybe all the quarterback with the older -- But it is geno Smith -- been chosen to jets took him forty right. Anyway I love that they had their pick of the litter and we don't have the wonder who they like them. You know I yeah I always like that about the draft last year. I know I believe them from talking to -- like mark bearing. I thought they like Heatley although Joseph never really was on the train and and they like you'll. And bear in -- were chosen right ahead of him and they got Gilmore and -- This is the guy we want you know of course. I like when. You -- you know the wonder about that you know. To me it's -- to just. Have the -- -- what are especially with the -- trail of bread crumbs to Syracuse but they just went -- said. Were taken this guy this is our guy and there's no question. He was their guy because they picked quarterback they want. And that's what I've been saying all just finally got the a lot of there's going to be a guy in the draft I thought worth the -- so maybe there was may -- -- worth the -- -- and go get them yet and they did it doesn't work out well -- applying to criticize later but they did it they got their guy. Something else about it that appeals to me is that -- for all the talk really we were looking at the right -- the whole time. Thinking about a guy being worth worth it that high a pick. All the other guys that we talked about a -- Smith that's probably part of this too but really. NASA Barkley there were like these limitations of these questions comparisons like you know for what it's all worked. My mind that was not sound like a guy wanted to -- that maybe the best I can hope for that he'll be Andy Dalton. This guy's got off the charts ability. Big strong rocket arm. -- all the stuff you know of course he's got why zombies have been in Houston and the you know look at the all the stuff. I don't know he's a more intriguing. Athletic propositioned me then Barkley or massive -- the other guys work he's more he's more like a freak. And what the team takes cap for nick at sixteen overall two years ago right people gonna say well you could adamant where he did -- 36 of 37. Was cabinet or the sixteen and that -- manuals cabinet but it's could be the same situation that's why I was surprised after -- and it. After Russell Wilson. Why more teams weren't willing. Eager to take a shot at a guy like that NC may be you know everybody missed on those guys. Maybe were. Too much looking for what's wrong with the rather than what's right. -- maybe the bills. I'm actually gonna say this on the year. Maybe the bills -- ahead of the curve on this in looking for a guided compares favorably to those sort travelers. In May be needed to be attained it really needed again because there is a little bit of that there weren't as many teams desert for quarterbacks as there have been. Some teams have filled in founder -- Arizona kind of has a guy Cleveland kinda has exactly -- sure they're great Palmer's old mentally and went to Oakland with a team that got guys. You know so they have to maybe invest -- Democrats advocate a month. If this -- really good that obvious story. Think you know -- agree with you think we come and we got something like that it's at the bills exactly shown that they know what a good quarterback prospect looks like. Any more so than the average team mean are we to think that they know some things that. Others don't generally that the establishment doesn't know mean there were. Lot of criticism criticisms about the draft class here at the bills who have. -- on all laying on the likes of Ryan Fitzpatrick -- the years. Well these guys now they haven't figured out. I think Maroney -- it might be an upgrade -- -- I think you have to believe that I've I've been on targets and I would when one body anywhere as near this -- I hope -- and Hackett. In not -- Maroney had a lot of import based on the way this draft went I thought. It looks like he had a lot of input just like every head coach since Marv Levy in his first draft in the first round and gone to his side go back. Defense offense that whatever everyone to run five defensive guys wrote his draft. And this is -- strapped to women you guys had its Patrick. In erratic seventh round pick from Harvard out there throwing it into the top three guys or even drafted in Stevie Johnson you wonder why you weren't better. Let's go get some athletes and what back. CC let's see what happens guys with some upside rather than David Nelson types who loudly he runs a nice little. Underneath pattern he's got good hands of these Paul but. He's like he's not a well I was broader dynamics that. Welcome to a different story kept on and when I I love talent. Yeah and I'd say look I don't know tomorrow might not know he might be a bust -- how many times. This guy hit the market that is don't feel how many times and attend -- doing. You know Brady might be ten out of ten how many got to attend as EJ Manuel going to be he wants to run on third down regular designed to when he running plays for the guys are weak US Iran. On you know third and 83 eleven. Great guild has better chances during the first on the malaska -- -- at the mark can get the ball two words to the the -- down there. Just -- that desire to -- was too crazy about and for state he needs to get better guys get better just like you can go from one year. To being in a -- overall pick like Barkley in the third rounder. Guys who are drafted to be a totally different guy to a year to go on the road they improve I think they know and they plan to teach him some things and hope. That he evolves. In May be his slow lies get quicker earlier about now he has flies after his voice and what that that is. But. All right he might believe that hard to figure out -- slow moving from one target to the next you know we through your progression would be so -- I'm guessing even if those guys that it was the fast as -- could see in a quarterback. -- I'm super excited. Super excited us. Hot so I should while you right away -- -- what do you -- I like -- -- -- -- although I need something Jerry and it's open. I'm on super delegate clearly the other day that they're gonna suck like the sabres. I thought that it would be going on -- I think the probably go to. But new coach new fuel. Right. We've got a few months not a figure that the focus on this and figure this out thank you Jerry. You're welcome Jerry solvent in the Buffalo News.