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WGR550>Topics>>5/1 Darcy Regier on young players, drafting well, and more

5/1 Darcy Regier on young players, drafting well, and more

May 1, 2013|

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    bit more about what we've been talking about the state of the Buffalo Sabres which is our Twitter fully go check that out. At any of Peterson went six will be right back as two gators to be easier for Treo 550 an amnesty. We're back with more of the instigate us. Presented by MP Carol hard. Welcome back to the as the gators Andrew Peters Craig Rivera a WGR Sports Radio 550. And MSG and your television. Gonna shut the call lines down. A man who doesn't need much of an introduction of the heart you wearable will introduce into units Craig button former general manager and actually it's a quick story. Craig revenge. First time I had it did the opportunity to meet. Craig button he was the general manager of the Dallas stars and I was the sure fire NHL at the time. And I was it was a house that's a joke it was a prospects going into the dress up. And I had a chance to meet crank up in Toronto and did the whole Dallas Stars you know meet and greet and I can't remember the gentleman's name that drove me home Craig button welcome to the show are you today. That's exactly who was timber and heart thank you very much. Yeah Howard you remember that I mean you've probably done a million of those things but. Do you remember your Andrew Peters . Interview ego don't say yes Gregg don't say yes it is gonna go to his head. I cried out go out for

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There's also along of course and we are joined by sabres general manager Darcy were geared to -- good morning. We we felt he got off easy the other days -- throw it to have you here I'm I'm happy to be in Africa where that left off and we could go lower replica -- left off the wall will pick out some things that were. Said Barrett and dive -- some more answers now started off. Would something that I found. It Justine -- and want to ask you about is the evaluation Ron Rolston. And his. Future here with the organization and you mention of the day that the next week or weeks. Be reevaluated his situation. It's such as a pair phrasing and I found. I guess a question what would take so long in today awaiting. Iran and the coach going forward if these guys. Well what would take so long was that the reason I use that particular language is to make sure that. I have enough time verses. The opposite -- I think it's better to create some space there. And try do it sooners and not create space and take longer supposed to -- that I'm meeting was -- itself. Will move will move fairly quickly on on this decision and analysts you my answer is -- an easy going to be considered. To be -- coach mixture yes he has certainly I think when you look at look at the body of work that that he did in the staff did. They did a very good job force and in Enron -- is very. Good teacher he's very prepared. He's he has very strong feelings about what you have to news organization. And and so yes absolutely it's going to be considered. How much of the decision to wait on it. And I mentioned yesterday and there you can an hour talking about it had to do with the fact that. Rochester stolen inflow and and that's still part of the sabres organization and -- situation does affect. Some of the players down there and Cass city and some of the other coaches are mean it. Does any I mean I guess when the organization as a whole is is that and and is that kind of a view that you know you take it at times and think of that. You take. If it's not just they had coached your point it's also the assistant coaches. And it's the staff as a whole and the roles and responsibilities of the staff beyond just the head coach and so it provides us in it for an opportunity to sit down for me to. Make sure that we have enough time organizationally to understand. What is not only what his preferences are but. The things that he thinks are important with respect to staff and the ability to use it to deal with those those understand them first and then. And then address them and so what I what I didn't wanna do coming out of the press conference or going into -- breast pumps -- Korea. Time constraint that wouldn't allow us to do you know to to have those meetings and and do the work that we needed to do. Would it be fair to say and an -- -- -- Iran. But it would be fair to say that you know you're meeting with him today. And he is a candidate for the job will you talk with other. Coaches other other candidates for the positions right. Right now the decision is is the focus is going to be with hand on Iran and he has now. And that will I will not meet with any other candidates. -- will spend time together starting today. And goal kind of from a disease. Through through what the job requires what the needs are what the work is not only two at the start of next season but. Out over the course of the summer -- -- to understand that make sure that. You know that all of that is. You know I if I don't. Media harp on a point here I don't know fans are as curious as I am as to what the job. It is makes a -- a go go coax a hockey team but the objective you have. Is to win a Stanley Cup and and for the coach. Does the job encompass sorry this is the type of player -- -- develop -- is type -- system we wanted to or mean is that what this discussion is about. It's all of that Kevin and and I think one of the things that's that's changed. And I I and it's changed and it needs to change is through the offseason work. Once you get into the season with the player. You are focused on. What did you do in yesterday's game and what will you do tomorrow to win in the relationship. Between the coaching staff and that individuals largely focused on. One of teamwork systemic systems. This is a way we need to play this is what you need to do. The off season is much more about. How can we further develop these players how can -- for the get them into their -- their responsibilities. And develop that whether it's gating whether it's the on ice development. This has to be largely voluntary on the part of the player. But if you're going to improve as a player you have to do that -- in the off season I joke with our players it's not a joke but I I. I start off getting them about. You know who do you think learns more professional hockey player in the in the regular season. Four or fifth grade student. And and and and it's to make the point that in a regular season. If you take a 186 days in this season and you take -- 82 games removed those off. -- off the board you're left with a 104 days in which. You can work on your game and in those 104 days here you hit a mandatory one day awful week there's 27 weeks now you're down to 77 days of working in those 77 days of work you probably spend an hour working on it. Today 177 hours total. If you look at that fifth -- going to school over -- 180 days at five hours a -- I think that's 900 hours. Don't rip off my daughter's a fifth grade right now I can't believe in my work she -- you at all -- -- I'm not gonna tell you the player that said this to me he said. And he's right. I spent time in the evening working on my game and I said and done you don't think of fifth grade student has a lot of homework at night. And my point is this it it's not it's not to put down. What I do or what we do but -- to say that the player that a few are willing to invest another thirty minutes or an hour. You can increase your earning period 50% a 100%. Over the course of the regular season. And and the culture in everything I think has largely to do what the other person's -- and and you don't get him that way. And and so it's a culture shifted isn't. It's not damning. Our industry our sport that. That other sports are like that too we do what each other does in order to get ahead we're going to have to do a lot more than that. -- part of that discussion. And then with -- On how he's going to. Develop the players in the offseason like what his plan will be meeting. Me go back. Your discussion with a -- and evaluation of the season and the possibility of -- coach going forward is it. Iran you know they came in quickly and term basis and -- -- jump in the flow and it. After watching what occurred this is what how I want our team deploy this is how I want our players to be power you going to get them there. It it is and and it's it's everything we do is in the context of competition. So if we do if weren't in intent in one position and were doing what everyone else is doing it we're going to remain in that. Position assuming that everyone grows at saint Marie and so our challenges. Is is. It is on focus on a couple of things first of all find the best players you can find find the ones that are most willing to do to work the hardest on becoming better. Having a plan in place to make that happen at a faster rate than your competition. He both internally and externally internally if right wingers are vying for place on the team they also have to understand that while -- as a player will say to me. I know I can play in the -- I'd say to them I know I could play in the -- too but I am fortunate in my case it was only for 25 games. You need it there's a competition there's someone there competing for that same position you have to be better than them not just. You know the answer is not a -- completely. So who -- so. Who who were on your team is like that right now. I do with respect to working hard you mean or. That is dead pushes the players regularly in their position well that that is that's our responsibility that starts with me. I I think that that's another mistake -- that we make in their game as we expect the players to do that on their own they don't Indians some will certainly some will and and they're professionals and and the you know it there they have a maturity level that for me that means. A willingness to take responsibility for their own learning. But a lot of times they need our help understanding what exactly that is pointing them in the right direction where they can. Where word where they can. Become better than somebody else doing something in the game. And and we have that responsibility. Two them. To provide that expertise. Where they can grow where they can become the best player that they can become. Where they can not only be different but the differences is it is it is a distinguishing mark that is going to help the team the most. A lot of work -- take place in the offseason we have to get more involved organizationally in order to grow that. And become as. Good as we we should be did you guys do exit meetings individual exit -- yes well wait we did you tell him Iran and I -- all player to player yes. Can I -- not obviously Wayne depths of what was symbol what kind of a meeting with your pad with. Tyler Myers I mean what kind of expect expectations you put on a guy like that shoulders this season who. Obviously you clearly said the other day you don't like giving young kids that kind of money. I can understand that being I remember when I was 23. I'm. -- -- -- It's still twelve million -- while the other guy to get -- only as -- -- assay -- -- because of so there's high expectation on him cease and he does have to be. The best player even this year even with Thomas and right he has to be the team's best player so. And he wasn't so what do you say to him what -- that you go through the process of first ball. It in fairness to any player it's right it. We have an obligation to measure. What I think what we believe they can be and and and you really need to start. With those expectations. And entry in the player. More about what they can become vs what they currently are done. And and I that that is a big partner right now we have a responsibility and Norman responsibility we have an obligation to be his right as we possibly can be with that measurement abetted in the case of -- -- Myers. He he was as an example in his rookie season he was both the rookie of the year in the NHL and I think it. -- -- points it's not. It's not totally fair in his case because it's not all book points but. He had something in the range of four I think 48 points in those those 48 points -- he came out amongst defensemen in the National Hockey League came motives third highest even strength scoring defenseman in the national hockey. We've got to get him back to that type of style that type of play. We can't leave it all on him we have to give him the opportunity to come in here and help help him get back to learn and and and get into. Why he is very good doing what is an opportunity involve the company should give him the opportunity coming -- -- -- what does what does Troy dale. In him and other players that involves evaluating what they are who they are players you know going back to you know this is what you either have been in the past and war or a more focused on what you can. You can be that that aspect of your game that it is your greatness -- it distinguishes you from other players so so. We have we have a responsibility as a player put -- plan in place for him. To do the work in the offseason to do the work with him in the offseason so that we get him -- Better prepared him. For the season I find one of the most interesting things when I talk to the older players -- in -- James Patrick posted twenty year careers. But I also hear that you know players likely instrument Detroit even salon Ian and I still plan that forties I mean I saw Amy was banging and his body last night he's incredible incredible. Okay because they don't talk in terms of they don't talk in terms of the season the demands of the season. They talk in terms of when they're contemplating. Continuing their career you more often hear them talk in terms of the work that they have to do in the offseason. To prepare for the season and how hard it is and do I wanna do it again for this season. This -- easy part. That's the fun part the hard part the preparation -- That recognition. Isn't isn't most young players don't understand that. Almost all play -- young players don't understand it is that understanding that we have a responsibility. To bring to them and get them to do that. Do you think a lot of that too though is that old old school mentality because. You know it's it's it is a different game I mean the guys you mentioned were here I mean I was just playing the old retro -- the other day with 94 and all those guys are. All those guys out of -- at the one tyrant manual goalies and RC I was I was the pasture I was I was at night game but. But they're all in that game so that's an old school mentality and and I mean is it how do you wins how do you. How do you Tryon and big -- individually out all right I I don't think is old school because I think. I think it is. It it's a movement I would argue that team sports has to take. And most individual sport salary understand. Individual athletes. Tennis players golfers. And not that it's demanding physically -- golfers but tennis players that certainly isn't some of the other individual sports are very demanding and there's one on one training one on one earnings are there by themselves if you don't get to the top you're not gonna make it and soul. And and and and I. You know taking taking sports I think -- are different and we've got to bring some of the work that individual athletes do an individual sports to the can upside. Does that come from peer pressure mean leadership on the team in the Roman Mike Webber was. Made some comments that he didn't think there was enough accountability in the room. I'm locker clean -- day and what is your opinion of the leadership in the room and do you need to go out -- and acquire. Better leaders to put that pressure on the younger players that you. You can certainly contribute to it by acquiring those players but you must have -- inside first he would it has to start inside organizations. It's unreasonable and unrealistic to think that you're gonna go outside and -- these guys to bring -- -- culture the culture has to be change but by starting with people like myself. And Henry Lee gets it's not complicated it's just getting people to be responsible for. Doing their own work. And and when they do that they -- they they will be recognized for having done that and when their recognized that. Does someone's going to follow their work and that and in turn you know for me establishes a level of leadership. And and so it's not complicated it's just something with our younger players we have to do a better job.

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