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WGR550>Topics>>5/4 T.J. Graham is excited about the Bills' WR competition

5/4 T.J. Graham is excited about the Bills' WR competition

May 4, 2013|

T.J. Graham

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They know -- know a whole different vehicles. What I would do you know even the guys. Can do different you know we. I knew I don't renewed out there -- you know every night stopped at an air that was kind of work really hard and it -- I like it -- That was very -- for you you're saying it's fun -- had to be a little. -- opening night guests in all the receivers come ability of the entire weekend did you wake up a little earlier that Monday really did an extra homework up. Now this being competitive and being you know ratio were here athletic ability. You know I think he could do -- come in compete no. It they are that we are best receivers in the on the bleak and it went undrafted. -- and line up there so I am completely at the heart to do and that means that you know you're very competitive this. And certainly it's it's a whole different look to the wide receiver position obviously like you pointed out that the three rookies coming in its. It's basically use deviant -- that that are holdovers and and a few other guys obviously but you TV markets work where they are the entire year last year. Now going into this year -- number. Talking with. With Ryan Fitzpatrick a few times last year in saying you know you know teachers got them got some real potential here I think you and keep turn into something. What's kind of training regiment have you been going through I mean I've ever Stevie said something during the voluntary mini camp saying about. Are you look like a different guy like your putting your man possessed or something I believe it with a thirty years. Just what have you been going through this past off season. Well you know this particular are coming in -- -- here you know had a yeah I've former receivers pretty low in the will be very very successful most coming to -- itself. But the series -- understand more of that let me be little more in shape than. Other primates in the playbook in the defense and everything so. The more understanding of what need to be done and -- executed. You know basically what an attribute his success and has so far but most of room to grow and -- not know hotbed. It certainly the degree of difficulty with learning yet another. New offense for -- with your second two years with the with the Daniel Hackett and I'm pretty sure there's a lot of it's unique things about this offense for based on. How much he wants to use so many different or a paper how much he wants you so many different ideologies -- and things like that going into it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exploded there -- deepened this. Blood it is very quickly you know where we are right. I don't and then. Come back and -- base bats right another place and run by him again though is going to be exciting to be very different feel for the Buffalo Bills. TJ tell me a little bit about not only -- Daniel Hackett I know the one where that comes to mind for everybody I've talked to use energy with particular packet but. Also. Working with the -- with the new wide receivers coach Mike -- that they think yet. And that's kind of an under the radar -- mean he was a former top ten -- it was in the league for a while he was been like to work with those couple guys so far. -- -- -- -- You gotta be got a response by the red bullet on the goods from the record -- -- it's. He's very energetic guy and I -- -- you know use if this ever a -- moody got to come to -- it up for you. Albuquerque earlier background couldn't get double blind my -- -- -- Super Bowl. And out in the equipment giant then. I'm watching the play dead in the air and in less sure we get better. In this -- you're going to put the -- game but I had a chance to complement. And I did not mean even have this -- and kept there with -- we played in the preceded -- we can't go to southern note to Doug Deluca and but to become my coach this that. I'll see you in third -- I guess relationship. An opportunity that we developed so far. I don't need to -- guy you are a lot you know player that's. Successive game and came back to coach is always of course where the players themselves because they can put the governor to two additional purchase. Integrated unique way to that we can understand though he's a bigger Coach Billick. A lot of this stuff that I've done so far it's been great if you -- -- spoke about -- you would he spoke about it. You know I've become because the course earlier you know I just want to limit credit you letting it. The game set of -- become robots you know letting it would be. -- seldom do we -- that. It sounds like -- kind of contagious and fans it was wonder how much a coach's attitude carries over it. I know can't be far away because it doesn't seem like there's an offseason you guys are always adding to a camp. Or mandatory minicamp -- -- every wanna call them but how excited are you to get things going. But what we did you know it's dark it's like you know it's -- I -- to an athlete I'm right laughter why you start. China you know who got other going to be back playbook well you know so do you actually do best so we know well is it's always fight. And now -- -- to go and play you know the -- he's in his echo what do we. I would approach every day like he's not on the corner. Are you working with anyone outside of you know the bills during the off season. I was -- he's not there was a little bit with migrated perspective quarterback that. The Buccaneers picked up in a while we're working out portable came up here and and call while the insurer a little bit information but I had to make a million a lot of information and a lot. And he's -- I think he did not listen not ability to have my my notepad and construct barefoot. I've accepted that they're so -- up and I say gun. But I can't but other and that this -- think that we noted that he'd be giving me here or Brett -- you know the veteran receiver that I vote. Then the fourth in the beer and -- the -- last year. And TJ you had eye surgery in the off season that's direct hit I had. I don't think I could get -- The PRK is not the the best way to go to the right thing that's remarkable day a lot of -- Yeah I did I got. I think that you know I'm always trying to better myself and you can't enough because this is the next step up. So there has to have you seen any results from that surgery so far. Like I'm to our terms of playing football -- next revision yeah not a tradition of. -- because they tribute and that idiotic. They actually dumb call me my agent if I could be an immense bill movies. -- -- a double or -- market but up. All the available. Yeah he got the confidence visited dozens -- TJ I've. I can speak pretty -- In one -- and input you can and another so what we're lucky 2010 so all of that meeting they. I think forget the the -- of a pretty blunt married the bottom line -- -- -- who. Erica well TJ thank you so much for joining us here on sports talk Saturday won't hold you up any longer but. And you know best of luck this season it's going to be an intriguing here for bills fans I'm -- for you guys especially with the new head coaching staff and cornerback. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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