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WGR550>Topics>>5/4 Thurman Thomas talks about the Bills new offense w/ Joe B & Greg Bauch

5/4 Thurman Thomas talks about the Bills new offense w/ Joe B & Greg Bauch

May 4, 2013|

Thurman Thomas

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    their chances. And it worked out for them so I think elks Alex Smith is extremely capable of winning a game like this so who do you not think will win this sports games now. I do think it'll be Kansas City I just look to me it comes down to Indy read. Alex Smith not turning the ball over in Houston really. Being limited on offense I just don't think they have a good enough offense to be able to overcome any mistake you keep the city's not gonna make mistakes Houston probably will. Here there in Albright wears had a nice year but no. He can he can be forced into some mistakes we've seen that you look at their overall offense this year. I mean they're not really good to be honest with you that the 28 in the league rushing yards per play in 29 in passing yards per play. This is gonna be a defense of type of game but I trust Alex Smith to not give opportunities to the other team more than I trust that he's an offense right or or anybody else. Yeah
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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A message to terrorists. If they would take it one of the first and second round yet difficult adamant that support the fifth round there's some good fourth -- fifth round players come out in the NFL but. Let's just hope the -- right now aren't right I'm settling down to me the whole commercial break but -- I don't little round I mean you have been just. You read this entire time I don't pottercast. But I think. Well anyway welcome back to sports talk Saturday here on delete your Sports -- five U -- Q Kelly here with Greg accurate Batavia downs casino Ed since its Kentucky Derby day. David downs casino having a special guests of that of their own. -- ambassador there own ambassador had been nice enough to sit down and talk the -- the Thomas. -- know that much mammoth second consecutive -- doing their -- -- I don't know it with a better title hall of Famer or Bassett. -- -- it's got more flair to really does yeah if you have a hall of fame ambassador. That's up motion for them when you got ambassador on your resonate where your way up I know some people call Roger yeah I'll talk about it does sound better if it's definitely does pay to get your racing former during your circle of horses will be pick of the day. I'm familiar to you haven't figured out if you wait till right in my hijack hijack. Which one right here number two winning by ticket sounds like he crime fighter series follow this video because it would have picked up. Or rather let this letter it says that another uptick in now way they have maybe the school and fort to a seventeen horses. So -- Well there it is if you want to follow. The horse trainers and equipment the quality camera there you come here to be entertained you come here to learn and that's exactly what that but that's that's -- -- like commit to go to Kentucky there did you have been unclear -- -- -- I have been there. And I have got I just got what would today you know. But takes and one of my -- this is. To. The limit of alcohol beverages to call while the some alternate like is my last year for the good news is -- -- -- -- you can Wear wrinkle they have pockets you can do -- -- need to do that this might have been a good -- -- -- we got video screen right there at today's article and it's pretty -- their zone and the other good news that -- is that. They'll have to be consumed beverages influence. 320 yeah and you're the favorite you can -- the heck you want to have an etiquette they're gonna during the jacket and equipment that's forget how I will Wear the jacket because go to the plays and and I was aware of the ball well. -- gag order that it had been -- self serving and wanted to get job here to talk a little bit because. The the -- draft obviously just wrapping up and yet only for the third time in since they've joined the NFL. They draft a quarterback in the first round ever look at their takes on it didn't mean it Jim Kelly was on our station right after it happened. What do you think about EJ Manuel and what do you make that -- obviously I. Lot of Florida State game wore on this year and I got to see me play a lot in. But you know what the more that I hear about him intelligence. Being a leader more like the pitch the more alike to me it comes off -- a really kind of break guys get a dozen and a charismatic yeah I would read somewhere goes. On Twitter is about all the athletes that come from that Virginia there. Allen Iverson Bruce Smith bill -- all those guys have really done well for him to beat you up to sixty. -- of Buffalo Bill that I think that that that shows a lot. Because I think he's a guy who is willing to learn and I think it's gonna be a great I think you've got to beat the competition. To watch come training camp Allen Iverson's from there unions yes he has given him first tee so interesting I don't -- -- with the silver on how you think about what you think that's the first guy you mentioned you obviously think like. Nobody Allen Iverson as an athlete he's like one of the most interesting athletes of all time. I think so you man I'm a fan of again if I got a do you have with Allen Iverson about. -- Years ago like his second year in the league at something like that we've played in new York and they haven't just happen to be twin I think the Nixon somebody in. Good friends who Bruce Smith the bruised introduced me to a -- I've always been a fan of him walk out like that. -- to the bucket yeah you know having just on the the FB they've missed guys like Larry Bird Michael -- heyday the other night really think it is Bryant they really mr. Allen Iverson I think -- -- -- it was carried that team to the finals he was just. And obviously the practice -- -- like that's always a candidate to an Ellen that's an interview but I just think he's the -- -- to exaggerate they're gonna watch the radio broad view it transitioning back to -- you brought up Bruce Smith. -- manuals. God father yeah but in terms of EJ Manuel I'm sure you watched your fair share of him in and what he brings to table. -- -- -- some of it I mean obviously it's due to get runners he's explosion when he now -- know you feel worse some of the things he needs to work out. In terms of passing European. Well I think with plant in Florida State obviously when you come to a situation like buffalo were you know it's not going to be. Nice society every single week and I think the bills look at that'd have him have a strong enough form. To perform appear in the when the conditions get really bad appeared he's. -- camp scramble learn every interview that I've seen in do he's been very impressive was weighted speaks awaited each area of so. I think is one of those guys who might surprise a lot of people and I'm. If the bills don't take it to somebody else takes a hint -- he does well. Everybody's. Mad because we didn't take all I'd like last year with you know Seattle Russell Wilson right exactly so it's one to do our. The better. I like it I like the situation that he's covenant to Kevin -- to Rick Barrett Jackson. Be in those two guys are gonna compete. Quote good guys. But I think this guy comes because from a big time program had a win it great -- a percentage. So. -- -- I'm excited about I think he adds the element that we need on this football team. Somebody they helped the day somebody to help Stevie and obviously they -- -- in the draft would bring it in right speed. I think guys would speak not even on offense defense do exactly everywhere so when you look at that when you have -- -- -- -- bigger guys who weren't quality was a pretty good size and defensive back. It will be probably portables physical training camp you have want to see because of foremost that Mike Patton. Mean just use that everybody in I talked over a couple of times that he's excited for it yet we don't have the -- The main players but the development guys the system is very very nice Alexis hopefully that's the hardest defense he often says that it's right outside of the manual that Thurmond which which one was kind of your favorite out of out of the rest of you know with the Alonso to keep them from -- in the linebacker with that -- -- from USC. Mean I mean -- which did you really like I'd like you like all right I like the concept of this guy. I think woods probably is the guy that. Because when you read about him. If he had had my. Matt Barkley probably this year by his staff probably have been. Well he had -- sleep next to him yet he's that he's going to be a first round yeah but when you when you talk about would you talk about you know. You hear the little people's council what are talk about what. If he gets his hit together get everything right he could be a number one. And I've seen -- a couple of times word you know he could be a number one receiver you know maybe not this year but down the line when you see that the guy has potential to do well. And I think. You know what I'd like all the picks -- -- if I really -- I'd like to -- about -- from off from ordered after they could offer. Yeah I mean he's one of those guys were you look at you know what he could be our world Mike Vrabel from the patriots just making plays all over the place. Light enough for different positions and so I really liked I liked the entire draft that they did political -- of guys with question marks you know -- -- get a chance I don't know how big of a chance that but I. You see any problem with that -- bring in so many guys that can have kind of checkered past. I don't know what if I I think everybody deserves a second chance you know this is a chance for these guys they did betting college. -- good and stuffing -- I mean you really what I did a lot of stuff in college if you're really wanna go back to it and it is really look at the history of guys we drafted -- some. Everybody had a problem there you know it's just what it was that if there's probably something that he can have. And just think you know once you. It to an apartment like this and this seems like a nice locker room it has a nice locker room you know it is I think this is going to be the year where you know you have to have some leaders. From leaders that are -- come out on the football team and say look this is what we're here -- -- six months seven months out of the year whatever. The year be prepared be ready to play football week in and week out that's all you have to do offseason we'll have before relax or whatever stay out front I think this will be a year were. Leadership is going to be. Crucial part of this program moving forward not the -- morrow is probably best guy for. Erica Thurman and what what are you gonna do any of the rest -- today I'll just look around. Out just hang out Tim Hortons you know. Stuff like that bitten -- exit out of there aren't there yet more delegate the rest rusty -- going downstairs so there's some stuff going on with you here I don't know how much we could talk about this but there's some construction going on this. You know. Interest Thurman Thomas here I am the fifth seeded -- you knew about it. It's an ambassador Batavia downs and put in a restaurant downstairs. So everything will be downs there they go -- really good job and now hopefully come September to be open. Cited for deals game that we have party that is an icon to fill this argument I'll keep him. Did you always invite -- -- -- -- don't you know I would love to come up to -- that if it with a you know what you're doing a week. I'll I'll do it to a -- week like go to Tuesday would have bills don't have practicing if I don't have to be over there -- I got to. I think that I think. I did everything you have is still there in times that -- if I. Never take you to -- tired guys are appreciate. Service comments -- both --