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5/14 Buddy Nix discusses stepping down from the GM role, his role going forward, and what he sees for the Bills

May 14, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buddy -- the bills. Outgoing Jia again a special assistant is how I refer to him that's right is -- is now but it's Howard -- good morning welcome to the show good morning yeah it was just something we sat. I mean I know I'll catch -- -- -- Tourist economy around us every week during the football season I thought well to be honest. One of the tiny camera -- message that has set early morning and right. -- don't let up -- I'll I'll I'll I'll take that it will go with it get. -- -- timing buddy. Winds that down now at this point. Well you know it is. Him and I said this a lot of times in the last two or three -- but it was. From the start we need this and I sat there -- well some amount are not said. I don't know how all around do they have some old because I know what it and I feel that it's a it's -- -- every meaning they achieved. Oh wait you're thinking about what you got to do then and thank you got that decision you gotta make can. So I knew it was -- -- about our. Year to year meaning -- to be. -- -- For prime Everett or not my -- was a consideration -- -- we talked about and -- -- this is determined right and maybe not I'm not no I never a time where you feel good about stepping back. Personally but he's got to look at the big picture and you had to let it take. To build an organization and now. -- -- deplorable we are and it's the end of personnel sleeves and really. Beginning to start toward a fourteen I think it's a perfect -- -- to step back or step aside and let somebody else do it -- yet. He gathered music did coach that is hadn't been used in. Energetic and Smart he's working in and maybe get the right staff and I think we've got a young we're getting don't mean that two rosters talented. I was really. Excited watching the corner for rookies we -- next week Ian and so upper -- just a perfect tan I think things -- -- -- -- and you know our warm will be around to watch it but let somebody else do. Buddy throughout the coaching search was this. Was this information you know this plan in place that was a -- Was Doug morrow made aware they don't -- like once we get through this all probably step in new different role in in -- might be somebody else that's that's the general manager. You know we didn't we did not IE DL when that might happen but it would certainly. Referred to dated -- was a it was inevitable it -- -- happened and and yeah I was gonna -- Did it change your approach to the draft -- if you are thinking this is going to be my last draft it'd make the approached any different in your mind. Now you know week we did exactly like we always do we work prepared to go when he and -- -- -- here we trade a year we get. We have the same they actually went our board and we went our -- so. Obviously we had them explain it he wore only the quarterback and and we all know we believe that. To draft a quarterback in the -- it was going you know we don't could be the future. When that he is adapted it. Have the player and identical -- but. Had -- a -- that have been built in at all intangible. Things we were looking imported did today at. So haven't done that made it may be easier to be garnished. By many people suggest that that -- will probably define. How your your tenure is GM is remember -- you know that concept itself has become totally confident in in what that could mean. You know I'm very confident in the play here and the players we drafted but let me make it clear. I could care lay -- about the legacy. And how I remembered it this I mean I don't mean that disrespectful. Everybody you and they like to hear good things and and I thank everybody but -- -- meet personally it mattered and it may not one bit. You -- well let's talk about your three years you had a plan when he came and as you look back on a two part question most are part one obviously what are what worked out what are you most proud of and then part two would be. You know what what decision would you changer is there something that really bugs as you look back on the last three years. Yeah you know I've had all the all of a decision that didn't work. And hand side I'd -- -- change but you can't do it you gotta go you gotta make decisions based don't. The information you have that attack him. And this situation at Japan and that's what we -- then I don't I don't have any regrets about any of those out blanket. He QEP had this same information now and didn't know what the outcome would be you'd make the same decision. Now it's easy. Part. Of the second -- in the anytime you give him a decision making. Position you grow basic. You you're lucky if you can please type of people. So why don't you can't worry about tea and battle Al. I don't have any one. Decision that I look back don't say this would this should this would be different. The concept attack and that probably wouldn't be that makes sense. A little bit Obama follow up a month follow up on that and maybe specifically hone in on the roster the roster that you leave behind so to speak the one right now. Vs the roster you inherited three plus years ago when you got GM job how would you compare -- -- you know what do you think about this roster that -- obvious -- -- I'm gonna guess you feel you're leaving a roster in better shape than the one you inherited. Well you know he'd he you'd probably say he'd be ready -- dead and but. An outbreak outbreak it's. I think he's younger. More talented. And we got more. So that's the way out of that game and had to wage debate we've -- to -- -- I mean we should be. We showed -- more -- and we we should be mortality. I think it's it's an exciting plan -- by courts dead -- there's really some. Explosive people laugh it's simply that. They can make a difference and make big plays. And I and I think we're solid don't think. But you mentioned a moment ago lucky -- you can't you can't go back and change decisions -- no regrets what about the velocity of when you came in and you know he had said. Too many holes got to fix a lot of holes then deal with the quarterback as opposed to. Maybe trying to get the quarterback early on in one of the earlier drafts and then building around the quarterback. You know like it that's another decision that Turkey. Could go back you'd say well I'd go back I'd I'd -- -- quarterback where you sit there always. I actually drafted. What was birders armed men are full bird argue yes and. And he needs indicated that I look back to the site where you took this and. And -- nick was available argued that this guy and Russell Wilson was viable. I gambling Gordon about a -- kidnap you want to jump up and take a chance on. A quarterback and make everybody happy and any -- it turns out into the acting polite. Then you Warsaw but anyway. The way we did it we didn't think we could pass up -- -- draft day. And accept a CJ Spiller Marcel Darius and no gas. Now even go dampened the draft and see where somebody made. This played way out and say where he took so and so before. He could've gotten pretty common in army that you do that every year in seeking seeking were bad -- There there's no official announcement for the team but all signs -- indicated that Doug Whaley was being groomed and would would take over GM. What do you think of his abilities what would you tell bills fans out there about Doug -- at least football abilities having yourself been around the game for as long as you've been around. Well first of all arm you know I'm not. You know I'm not taken it that. The next G arm that's that rush Brandon and at -- is. Responsibility and they need to take care of that. -- at all alone you know we are dug McCarthy was. You have got talented up and coming young administrator he'd had success at Pittsburg. There's no reason that if if if and when he gets. A bigger job that he came candidate but again. Leave their depth. The gas to do that -- What is your role going to be going forward as specialist system. Well. Whatever they want -- -- -- that I would cycling and you know argument that we had to -- now won't do is. Is get this back and made let them and hone in that direction that they're going to win. And if I do -- -- it may backhand the same thing. Amassed an opinion I'll give it any different movement and -- come back anyway players loudly that. Whatever they won't I'll I am looking forward to. To cut back on the schedule I've been -- -- and doing some other banks and then do any any thing they ask me -- that might be a debate. Do you envision. Being hampered going to games next season are. I -- park I don't always envisioned and if I'm still a wreck on here I'm going to do that yeah. And then. It used to get a golf cart as a special assistant or via the like walk now I've never had a -- like ours is -- is that settled on the job. All right we'll listen if you get bored and you know you got our hotline number if you ever like. You probably will go through withdrawal buddy you know you're gonna have those days you're wishing you rob us you know -- -- kick a habit so you know -- always is Colin. I'll probably tell you guys every. Monday morning -- about seven. Or either that are relegated the number of the water line and you can -- complain about what we say like all of our listeners and then that I work out even better for you. You got the same candidate they call and complain about what we did do so just torn apart. Good thing is we have reporters that screens the stuff so we only hear some of that not all that so -- thanks as always for your time buddy and and good luck with whatever. You know all the role brings in the spiritual -- at camp I guess even.

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