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5/14 Eric Wood on Buddy Nix's resignation, EJ Manuel, and more

May 14, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- it's Howard Jeremy good morning thanks for coming all of us. -- term you know I could still catch your breath from all the running in the work out you guys are gone through. Thought there was. To order approached the -- yesterday than you are different from the first mini -- we had so you know everything's up tempo but. You know it's it's change -- -- How much different just in in terms of the tempo and and the pace. But what was it before Erica if you if you're comparing the two coaching staff the two regimes how much different it is. -- immediately thought -- some -- the circumstances. It's just a different scheme. We're trying to do different stuff but I mean you would from a person to have. You know we're not probable and this summit little overboard auto and you know we have we report to practice senator. Probably when we were considered normal -- and you know we have stopped or trying to get the law the court has cost -- really. Our liberties and -- blower door and and there are. You know those conspirators are extremely tiring and it certainly fast but I think -- needed in the handled well sure. You -- I think you know it comes -- -- huddle -- usually quarterbacks in the skill players are pretty excited about it but it is a rather up tempo offense out of the big linemen feel about it. Now works cited. You know I knew that anytime you can Tenet dictate who -- world server that you know when you run out there and you know let them see exactly what you're Gordon started. In your Turkey took -- -- possible wrong but it's openness and it was impossible passes. That that doesn't do offer. Or one tempo and he made them part of the correct the Macquarie and -- -- -- -- -- That also -- You know we are all plus 300000. -- a lot of running so. Some of the billboards or pollute the couple. Article -- before camp and you know world and have sustained at this. Are you feeling first up health wise right now and then how are you dealing with the up tempo and and all the running and everything that is being asked of you guys. Still probably about a -- of dollars. A vertical well all this. You know. Up tempo worked out this policy and then in the Arctic about a hundred -- on -- this will hurt a little while or you know not doing -- then. And then trying to practice and gone on cornered the practice in here. Strong and number look forward to reduce our sort -- goes I think you'll Carter who -- abilities. You know bureau of America calls for our. You know me and me in the quarterback. We're American there will be. Well we work together and and work work really quickly lowered our those they're not an upper -- start services arguably you know in years. Somewhat football smarts and and you're in the right spot I don't know rubio supper so. You may older. Are about that are Q you make calls anyway. But as you said now you're making calls on the fly. So it is a big change sure or is it not something that your overly you know concerned about. Earlier and it ill be here are. It's their -- well and will -- trying to get the ball as -- as possible and the defense that's clearly hasn't been set Turkey's second. It makes a pretty good quote virtually -- you know we have command schemes -- you know we are balking at certain guys. You know it -- make sure that can make a pretty difficult to did you call by. Some -- used to then you're gonna get our defense settled they'll be the biggest costlier. You know you don't assume -- the jets have done in the past. We run the other. Eric what Willis bill senator. OGA is going on Iowa where five minutes and we have even asked about EJ Manuel yet obviously he's going to be the focus when you guys hit training camp everybody's going to be watching him in every single thing he does so what do you think so far about manual what stands out in. Early on in your opinion about the young quarterback. You know with very limited time sitting at my crew -- -- one. And that was yesterday and Tom America were just in the in the no longer now outlawed so so. Just in the limit some amendments in like Americans in a hard worker. And when you combine you know good attitude. -- good work -- you're you're gonna put yourself in the position to be successful. And there's there's all right obviously. Pretty impressive. He's. He's about supports its so. He's dance pop -- there's so he looks the part and -- are. Not a vocal about their performance and you know what will that leadership seeing him do that over the next. Probably a month in there and everybody you'll see him want to get up until this -- -- we've heard a lot about. His this presence on the field it would limit exposure obviously you know maybe that comes time as far as you know veterans are concerned. It's just rookie you know sometimes a rookie comes Genesis like a rookie a rookie quarterback is is that any different. It -- its -- improper because roll call votes. -- -- -- -- -- arts have a problem -- your offseason and you know those got a book for starters in this story. Or some games so. Notably over -- terms and stuff. You know he you don't have a presence about him you know like a certain extent call. He's really lost votes in the he has a good attitude so. All clauses were -- And not -- the sport is about you know him go out there have been better each day woods. What to work ethic that I've seen from him in very limited time and what I have heard. Think you'll -- our. You mentioned a moment ago his presence -- like it it kind of expand on that a -- if you could Eric because when he was drafted one of the things dug around talked about was. That presents when he enters the room. And they that he said he felt you feel that when EJ Manuel comes in the room can you just talk a little bit more about that I mean what. And you say he got as a presents what what do you mean what what are you talking about. Well other political talk about presidential quarterback. A quarterback you know felt kind of got to be a little bit different than everybody else they got to be. They got to be demand around the facility. And other remote record autumn weekend and week out. They're going to be your vote. Preventable. The meteor. And whatever else so you're a guy that. Oregon -- Walt quote ignored or looked the part in order to go along with everybody in there and firm. From the very limited Tomlinson leaders and spoke with -- and funeral in the video I think he can handle those. And -- And in. This -- What where Carter wearing what the president is not a war record low and it started in an interview in news analysts are two characteristics that thanks for good quarterback would or or would be presentable. Where there and and in her attacker -- -- -- how long term disposal. How do you -- feel like this team. We'll use that -- need some of that considering. How much different the roster looks we know and you -- three George Wilson like a lot of Europe. Your veteran guys that you've been with for awhile are no longer here how much different is the room look to you. Looks different but. But not sure strictly you know -- a lot of familiar races. Some new ones but -- we've been here since. People -- so a lot of us have become -- hurt by the foreign and they know each other well and and you still got a lot of familiar faces or college -- grind starts. There are windows you know these guys have been here you know before I -- others -- it and just so so there are familiar faces in and you know something had to be done in the in the making changes in -- that brings up some -- But he talked and it all you will you stay in touch and embassies as he moves on Tennessee. He also in touch with them and you know -- -- special and and there may -- just in the summer some grim and pretty short drop from global -- over. You know or will vote on our Google are -- now here's not always tomorrow lockdown current student found her wolf. So prospectors there -- in the blue -- thought -- -- or whatever but. You know August we're both -- -- Speed in which congratulations zero global cardinals who still is still on that high from the championship. Picked out some of all the time and -- note on you'll pick -- -- -- solid regular in the car probably back can come back on the -- You go to those games the -- the final four Atlanta. Yeah I actually went. -- -- -- Game -- the term and on Soviet leader or group there were brought them. You know reduce turnover around without solar lost in uh oh what was the blue loosen. The shortage you know that college does come from the Syracuse grad Jerry -- big east Syracuse -- so that was probably hard for him -- to congratulate all of a little -- little bit. There we'll listen we'll -- -- get back to work we appreciate -- coming well let's and glad to hear your feeling now that things are going well for -- thanks very much for spending some time with us this morning -- Are prepared there.

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