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5/15 CJ Spiller on OTAs, new coaches, new players, and the season

May 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

TJ it's Howard Jeremy good morning sir how are you today. You know doing great but then again I'm not getting up and working all day long and run around and doing stuff like -- so what Howard how are the OJ is gone so far as a good to be back in town. But I got really good so far you know or don't compete against each other orchestras defense. But NFL economic have better so we definitely Barrett each and every day. Which is to go definitely not what we wanna be at the -- there for the taking sharp. What are your targets yet what are your thoughts I know everybody's kind of secretive when it comes to the offense but we do know that it's supposed to be up tempo. More no huddle. What are your thoughts and opinions so far in what you think of the new office. I mean it's -- get. He noted the different different what we did. -- that -- you know target doesn't talk about that so far. Part opposite. Got it you know we still aren't there -- earning it and now. China clean up some of the language alone can give people. So far as. Is in good. These complicated to learn. I guess when you first gators but let's get repetition and steady hand it over and over just like in any goalie. You know you pick up on quickly so. And let the good thing about it. Sort of you first get into dolphins can be complicated by. That he's been -- pitfall of that little. And get now it's about time to guard them -- -- -- -- -- airplane. We we spoke it -- -- -- show yesterday and asked him about the no huddle in the up -- when he said you know linemen. Even though it's a lot of work for the big guys to run he liked the idea of it what you think about that it does this. Play right into your book so to speak as far as you know what what your strength should be an up tempo no huddle fast paced type of offense. What -- you don't attack and defense that's what you wanna do Mario was kidneys it's one that -- With the top alternates you always. On the attack on the defense and in Deportivo. I mean I don't talked about -- should. Able to move the ball -- -- is always good so that's the biggest thing I didn't do not work on his. Matter to me that -- announcement would not -- -- to listen. And make note into so we got bitten by an excuse armed activists are about. About development. A lot of physical continue to wonder. He's an artery in -- a lot this season here. That would be great rock girl. He did it take a time -- spent the set any. Personal goals for yourself this year obviously -- is a bit of a break out for you and pay bills fans probably thought that if you had more touches we could have seen. Maybe even more impressive numbers so as you approach this year. Are there set goals that you have in -- yourself. Didn't set any goals yet although he won't hit on the wall -- that the Chinese can. Well right now that is. As much as bad as I can't. -- limit -- it suggested that it would be what you're trying to get been pretty much towards. Actually. Just about what a lot of companies. They're not. Approximately thirteen one up. You could play out in. What she bears Q what the government has to -- A lot of times it can be talked about with you about carrying the load and when I hear stories about this offense being more. -- -- -- high tempo they're there whether it's. Trying to be in in condition to do it or stay up to -- feel like this offense is the kind of offense where you could carry the load. Well I was proud to support John in and they're actually package. Well you know good lately you know we have a credit. So that they that we stressing that we we don't have -- -- I think you'll. Compared. Position we'll -- bargaining in victories. Knowingly sold in our own biography yesterday. You know while we're -- just didn't -- Because you know reduce our office when that yeah you might be it would slowly got. One here. Indeed job on about eight. They may be going into. CJ Spiller -- -- continuing OTA's today. -- sky it was gonna sedate CJ how concerned are you in terms of the running well I'm not a threat passing through how concerned are you about the loss. Of a -- in the Vijay at left guard. And then even Chad -- leaving who I think would have been a logical guy to start once -- tree was on how concerned do you how big of a problem is that loosened him up front of them. What what was not a great clarity but he did it change or is that since I've been here but notes. -- unfortunately. That he when he is late in does that. Cops. Our confidence in the guidance that -- -- about the job. You know can't sit back and we'll do well on the policy. -- -- -- love don't you do that is the move on and attack in I think that it happened that day so far have done a great job. What do you think so far of dug her own and Nathaniel Hackett how's the process of getting to know the new coach and coordinator coming along. I would come along very well you know they get to know us you know down very energetic. -- down -- straight shooters. Sort and that's what you wanna value coaches lost but it felt so what you -- -- -- you know world. Beat around the bush about the best thing about quote he's told her he won't. No respect. You we were talking about some of Doug rose comments yesterday's huge about the quarterback competition. They said he eventually some -- separate himself from the pack in the meaning your starter how does the competition. Affect or impact. The rest of the guys on offense. Here's what what he's done that starting now a lot of other things got -- had a couple in the market that got. In bargaining it's not well known so sort. It is great to see how -- -- work at that position not let them put in. Just like everyone so no whoever it is -- definitely were earned a spot. This election date that would give it to eight. He had a -- earned. It's early. But what do you notice so far about Kevin Cobb and EJ Manuel I mean you know a little bit obviously about -- -- Jackson he was here last year -- some everyday in practice what have you learned her figured out so far about carbon manual. Who got great parents know they work are the what they Kraft I've met privately -- disability. Great teammates great people. So. I think I think it'll be great this course great leverage. And what and that's what these. Especially at quarterback position in this league. That have great a great leader did so long -- this I have no doubt. You know what I know -- busy learning the offense I wanted to ask you a little bit about the defense I don't know how much it ought -- do -- again your busy with your side of the football. But I was reading yesterday that. You know Mike Patton is working and a lot of blitzes linebackers defensive backs and I think we're all expecting a more aggressive defense. Can you give -- any. Clues so far what you've seen what what anything near even if you're talking to the guys on the defensive side of the ball how things are going to change over there this season. I mean that this city it's -- America's budget making -- they wanna be on the attack. Blatant I can't get into debt to. Know what they're trying to do when not on that side of Bubba. -- -- this into the Gaza they'd get excited about it didn't change in we get inside. The characters are. So listen. You feel pretty good about being in the big marketing and his senior TV commercial that the bills have been running since the crash. It is live. That it does is tell them about it it did. I didn't see it the day on TV we turn our very. They -- -- act is that now they came to you at some point and said they want to -- involved in this campaign right yet to do some still photos and some other work against. You know we didn't -- the mother working they did they get an idea how they will be -- up out of the way that it. It -- -- that did get a ever happened in hopefully this is. We get these are. Well CJ thanks for coming all of us good luck with the rest of the routier's in the enjoy the rest of them enjoy your summer I should say we'll see a trinket.

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