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WGR550>Topics>>5/30 Red Wings play by play man Ken Daniels

5/30 Red Wings play by play man Ken Daniels

May 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now let's talk about what should may have bitten. And -- up the best series of playoffs so far the red wings and Blackhawks at the -- gulf. I can't has that opinions as the red wings oh -- old -- Daniels joins us television play by play for the red wings can't picture joint. No problem gotten. Would you pick overall this series wasn't the best of the playoffs so far. I've -- and I -- traders pretty good too but you off I'm closest to those series yeah I thought I thought this series had the a lot of everything. We won't begin with inconsistent -- officiating maybe it was well. I had it had everything in this one and I think. The red wings as a group the for what they did have to win the final four in the regular season. To take Anaheim does DeVon and down come back in that series to force seven and then when it and then to take Chicago to seven yes they were up 321. But still to do what they did there and get in overtime -- seven -- great accomplishment for team that that they were really no expectations of. I was watt who watch the game last cent after Zetterberg scored to tie it at one. That next three to four minutes after that I really thought their -- another one that momentum that red wings had last night and now they're controlling play. I really thought they had the Blackhawks on the heels last night that you. Yeah I did two in front and who was pretty silent. In this series and that's unfortunate for Detroit had a great chance. Stop by Crawford yeah they really had to go on but just you set up perfectly you really thought they were going to get another one. And didn't and that's what happened in in a team number six when they they had the chance -- -- couldn't do it home mice. And then you know Chicago comes back to win and third period through the red wings and doing when they had a 21 lead could never get it to 321 and and last night. You know tie it up with a chance to go ahead and and just couldn't do it so. Lack of offense lack of power play couldn't get the job done in that regard but yet they they had it going their way and just couldn't finish off. It's opening things well as you'd know better than anybody. -- at a time. Taking in the Chicago Blackhawks in game seven in overtime. I just hated the way the goal is scored ten and the game because I I felt -- crawled Walt deserve better given how well he's played this play out. Absolutely it's fifteen. Shouldn't talk blocks in the series maybe they've -- goal earlier in game number seven. And it was just so fast it's that are clearly night -- was boarded. -- -- hole and it's better right but you knew there was genocide and sour grapes red wings fans today because you just knew after what happened. What the goal called back with the minute 47 to play for Chicago. That there was no way there was going to be a penalty called. In the overtime sold at any rate hike was boarded the turnover there's Hebert did a good job to close the gap stood up -- center grabbed the -- And -- didn't wanna be caught flat footed so he backed up almost to the hash marks because the play happened so quickly. He could move up on zebra toward the blue light and that's what happens when year you're down that lol what you try to make the shot blocked and there's no time for Howard to react. Yeah I it was one of the nice seeing so I'm glad date televised it was. Jimmy -- console. -- wall which usually guys console goaltender right there cult leaders -- Ottawa defenseman. -- yeah I was. He knew that absolutely right and -- on wall had been great in the absence of nick Lidstrom from this team and Brad Stuart. A crime while clearly of the Red Wings' best defenseman Jonathan Ericsson who can. Be erratic at times was pretty good there were a top pairing and had to go against the big guns of Chicago because once you get past those two. And with the -- to Kaiser injury early in the Anaheim series. The Red Wings' defense was young. You know they've they've made some mistakes in this series a little bit to two. Enthusiastic at times coming out of position so it was really down -- Cromwell and Ericsson and -- While most traffic and it was a great shot we're -- in the the post game on fox sports Detroit and BBC had just cut out of the shot. And we had a goal find it from NBC sports that cause we're recording the CBC feet and had to go find a longer version of it it was. Trip to -- Jimmy did this was a very tight knit group and chose to Jimmy Howard. Became along with -- wall and Datsyuk and Zetterberg and Cleary really a main part of the core leadership group the -- Edwards. Or -- or that I can Daniels fox sports Detroit Red Wings play by play it. Unfortunately always after the first round Andy you do to post -- -- -- -- calling games but it sure is -- frustrating for you. Not do that put it this either red wings all season long and of course following this series here I wanna get your opinion on what happened at the eighteenth eleven mark. Of the third period. Steve welcomes. Coincidental penalties the roughing Quincy inside that negated. What may have been at the game winning goal for job pursuit what did you think of the play. All the horrible call and Stephen walked him a pretty good -- doesn't call a lot in the new data works and they do -- gonna call -- to begin I was shocked he called that. It is his job being the center right script reader to watch stuff behind the play. But you have to also take a glance and see where Chicago whispers scoring opportunity was quite frankly. He called went that abilities that the whistle didn't have to go there because I don't know what Brandon -- did. And the you know Quincy clearly if you're gonna call anyone for a penalty he'll be Quincy stock reacted with -- the flight. Rough at the end after he was hog tied by Quincy and at that point -- -- -- call Quincy then fine call it's delayed penalty. Why hey you know on Chicago's scores while that would negated and the game's over I don't know why he took coincidental penalties -- not one -- one other stuff could have been called it wasn't. I was just strange and -- really -- walk from the book and he really never looked up. In the plot to see who had the -- in the scoring opportunity I decide it was strange in a lot worse than that in the game the most who just wrapped one. And there's no call early in the game and himself would get slew footed by Shaw and -- -- -- -- for the game so. It is that's been the story of the of the season I guess and it's a tough job for refereed. And I and I refereed all through college -- work the -- -- hockey league now that the GT HL. I refereed for years so believe me and I I did some junior games I know our top. It is it's -- but it's been inconsistent for sure. Dad said spit all the way around the plant still active they got the play Zetterberg seemed to get tripped up. Right by the bench there and that's why Quincy reacted and my guess is he didn't want to call power play for somebody. That late in the game but yet it was. Afterwards start to occur was our better do something here. Now that was just it's ahead scripture. Yeah you think you're right yeah you know does that ever did get tripped up but I looked at a quite a bit. And I I try to get pushed in May be the is -- collided with a with a -- in front of the group pushed it at the time. I think it was not yet. -- bodies seem to just you know shoveled a little bit -- -- collide out that there's any intentional trip I don't know. Knocked off balance for sure in the pocket turned over it looked like at that point -- a good turned over -- just outside the Blue Line it was a great score an opportunity given up. -- Zetterberg went down but you're right maybe that's what he's thinking boy at the end of the trip should have called I want OK we'll take these guys you're right that could have been the thought process. Death unusual though for now XT Walcott as he said but again it every series and -- point out. Certain place suspension what have you fun to debate to vertically here on talk radio. A tough if you're talking -- talk about it right absolutely bomb wanna ask you more about the red wings. Roster and what. Actually what this team was able to do without adequate to -- is a big question mark right -- in the playoffs. With him retiring what can this team do how they. Rebound from that and how would ever Zetterberg lead this team I think those questions if -- if they weren't ads in the regular season they were certainly answered. -- throughout the playoffs. Absolutely and Zetterberg is the leader of this team he said not on his watch with the red wings missed the playoffs and -- continue to run for 22 straight years so. There was a lot of pressure on Henrik Zetterberg. And certainly he was at his best down the stretch within that the final ballots game my goodness is great the regular season the red wings had to win their final forty Gideon. They did that. Then you go into the round against Anaheim in the first game they were wiped out just from going down the stretch -- -- one but came back in the series. And then taking games six and seven and Zetterberg Datsyuk between them and he points. In the final two games of that series and and Zetterberg was quiet in the Chicago series but still there was so much coverage and with Jonathan Toews and frustrated so much the first four games. So he was great on that end. I said Zetterberg was terrific. And without. Lidstrom this team with a group of four finals six that Mike Babcock decided upon and maybe the biggest addition came in the final eleven games of the season with -- the Kaiser. The free agent signing at a western Michigan. Red wings thought he'd be good but maybe more of an offensive upside and even they -- and then he got hurt early in the Anaheim's series but he was a big addition of the team to the big body. Not overly physical to -- but he moved the puck so well. And that's what the red wings hadn't been doing all that great this season and there was that transition without Stewart and without Lidstrom. To get defined that way but I think over the last. Three weeks of the season they did -- so this is a work in progress all the way up. Until the roster got settled in and don't forget they they didn't have Darren Helm all year -- third line center and for the most part earlier they didn't have Samuelson. Bertuzzi was hurt that was her whole bird life -- Bertuzzi incentives and what do they do they get the kids up from Grand Rapids in cyclists and Anderson. And -- -- who got after the great start to create a sign in the off season and the pump for twenty games but found his spot on the third -- so. This was a work in progress all the way through and -- the final few weeks and I think the future's bright. Was this eat it in his maybe -- a funny question. Since they were limited last night was this the best coaching job Mike Babcock is done in Detroit. Yeah it's great question and I think he'll tell you certainly it was the most bodies had. And most challenging and and I think it is for sure and I don't know. Whether you know last year the players and it's it's well no one that the players of some some of a tough time playing for Mike Babcock because he's so demanding. He's no John toward a -- by any stretch to -- But -- but nobody is but he is the demanding coach and he can ruffle some feathers for sure but I think the players also respect how old. Well he does in terms of getting this team prepared for every game and I think the addition of Tom -- As -- lash -- went down to Grand Rapids and there are still run and here with the Oklahoma. Grand Rapids to grip and doing a great job and American Hockey League. And when Jeff -- -- I think when they had black shall and Peters to coaches who didn't have a lot denounced the NHL experience and about -- Bring in Tom -- I think was a great sounding board. For the players the veteran experience and -- such a good guy. And as Mike Babcock said. That -- while we had a red white came just before the shortened season began and Mike Babcock came on air without some fox sports Detroit so that they wanted -- ready to -- a lot nicer guy than me. And which is why the players and it got to go to. And he did such a marvelous job work and on the power play -- Peters to the penalty killing which is great for Detroit. So I think it was a great group and and Babcock I I think let. Gave the players a little bit more -- this year may be backed off just a bit knowing had to work with the younger group. And that's what coaching is all about you got to change with the times. And Mike knows that better than anyone knowing Scotty -- so well and I think that was his biggest asset and he'd changed a bit backed off a bit. And still demand that a lot. But a great coaching job and very well prepared. Well the good news for the roadways is the future looks bright given what occurred the bad news for -- to answer -- the division so consider it a -- a plot was to. You tell me I you know I think the west as the tougher conference I think this the better teams to by the west even though he'll Boston Pittsburgh both of them. A great chance to win the cup no doubt about that. By I you know the red wings are gonna trying to bigger and I think that may be the toughest adjustment not necessarily buffalo percent. But besides factor in the east and it's a different style games and not in the west your perspective. Apps absolutely I think it's a different style of play it in the Eastern Conference perhaps the travel. Not the travel -- and help sway back up. You know the west it just seems to be a little while health its -- and well you know we imagine the physical part of me really the Bruins in sense to me are the only. Use that seemed to play that big physical style. In the Eastern Conference. Things -- slowed down but. You know I I watched Saint Louis in LA in the even -- as LA. San Jose what they did Rea yeah I mean if physical play there just out -- I think the west is tougher and was tougher. But the division next year with Detroit coming and Ottawa Toronto Boston and -- what the northeast division. It's going to be very difficult. You know when this breaks down but he had Tampa and there are a team that I expect to be better. And hopefully the sabres are better should be some great -- Oh I think so too you know Tampa Florida may have the toughest travel now anybody announcer go through customs and all the that you guys would probably wasn't happy about that arrangement but. Yeah for Detroit for travel it's going to be great for them that I have a -- five trips west just due to -- most of all if we get into the playoffs for 23 consecutive year. You don't have that worrying about going out to Anaheim or even that they won this one against Chicago -- be starting to more night. In Los Angeles so incredible that they won't have to go through that travel in the playoffs and that in itself will be big for Detroit. And speaking of big angle that they are gonna look to get bigger and all they've drafted bigger they're gonna have a great track position this here's something like sixteen. Which the red wings haven't had a top ten picks and -- appoint 1991. And I think -- Kindle when he was taken nineteenth was the lowest they've drafted him. Sold to get where they are this year for that future and I think they've got some decisions to make here whether they resigned belt Coppola whether they re signed Danny Cleary. They've got about eleven million to spend under the new tapper for including restricted free agents to may be signed six players so -- I think size will be a factor they've got at a top or top five defensemen if they can aren't a lot out there. But they're gonna get bigger and one guy's name immediately comes to mind will be the guy they. They would just speed of bright bit I'm restricted free agent -- -- Chicago would like to keep but as they say. If Chris Chelios and go from box for the -- -- Brian difficult certainly but they're gonna look for somebody of that ilk I would think that the size of for a. Beckel disputed the money in a plastic bottles say -- I don't all fight thank you. We talked last summer but -- thank you again when. The eighties hair and I were on the broadcast a couple of years ago Detroit we're getting smoked. Summit Monday night. And medical is sixteenth straight home wins -- was going for and it was Ryan Miller got pulled his brother helped set up the goal that sent them on the net. And is third period action between the second and third you came over me he said. An obvious games ago Kevin if you need any extra notes -- -- -- -- that we use -- -- so thank you at. There -- Merrill paid from our Toronto days. Why nightmare. I appreciate that and -- -- Puerto -- more next year as the red wings to a division. My pleasure were looking forward to two out of it's going to be great for new challenge for everybody would be fun. Awesome I can't thank you so much in --

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