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Brett Favre with Joe Buscaglia on EJ Manuel and retiring #4

Jun 6, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here on WGR Sports Radio 550 now we are joined by. Former Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre. He is on the line. With us now in and joining us for a special reason because. He is a part of our hunters hope auction that we're having this year we used to have the radio -- and now or having this auction and he is part of a pretty special package but first and foremost we'll get to that a little bit the first and foremost Brett. Hello welcome and thank -- particular time although -- -- -- well I guess the the topic I wanted to start off with is what have you been doing in in the retirement days I mean. Haven't heard a ton from you since since you hung them up in what what's your -- they like nowadays. The Kremlin we just go back and -- last night so -- and -- We don't go -- saint -- school -- -- well. Thirteen year old. Just finished eighth grade and from law school football and blast doing that last year on here the local school. We will do it in. We probably will go another trip repeat this summer not sure we're. Like about trying to go to glacier. You know so got to do and thank you know that and every all of that -- prior to retire. Yeah it's probably. You know that obviously a lot more time to do it but you brought up something that I wanted to ask you about I mean. The coaching part of -- you're -- you're doing something with with a high school and and is there ever any anticipation on your part may be wanting to. A rise there you go through the ranks a little bit maybe you know transition into the NFL or college or something like that. You know much like pouring -- always had. Our -- Butler. I had not played a little big coach and possibly would never had a chance to coach it. And our schools. For obvious reasons. It next bit you know our approach is playing in a -- in have a lot of contacts and guys like this it would be much easier. But also. -- realize what time. It goes into effect from it is. Ridiculous really amount time that it all also that coach -- you know -- You know yelled at all. We know Ottawa when it's. All. Obviously if you will stress level goes as well. Yeah -- outlook art school coach and you know there's there's pros and cons would be with any level. Looks like play. It was disclosed employees possibly -- here. Without. You -- distressed that -- and pro global it and you know the outside down. Would you really can't expand much with which your ideas and -- in -- my experience. Is just that experience. It doesn't really cereal bowl on high school football you really have to get to the samples so. Teaching and knowledge base with these with these here now that's not very well you tips and things of that nature I got that. Maybe a bit of new coaching on the you know he can't go and are always great ideas you realize right -- Is about a complicated issue here. Brett Favre here at this on WGR Sports Radio 550. -- you know since you have been retired for a few years now there's been. Some I guess some speculation that maybe the folks in Green Bay might be willing to. Come to UN potentially want to retire your number I know Aaron Rodgers has said they think that. You should have your number retired there in Green Bay have they approached you with that at all or is that something you would want to see happen for all the time span. And I don't Ottawa Gary Player and would not want it right on. I'm honored just by the all. And you know. Obviously there was. It's called -- -- whatever you know -- describe. People's sold its insides not really I'm over that have been over. Our own mark Mercury and at all -- on numerous occasions. I don't I never expected and do anything. I'm not one of those senators that they need to do yes you. You know they have a a very good vaulting and that's the primary focus then it should should have always been. What should -- and as time -- there you'll -- out there and we all know like from Vietnam. And further improvement in the game I think about. You know for example statistics and things of that nature which. I know I will be player and it didn't matter so all of matter a whole lot less now. And in so. That was made it transpired. That what are you know. Breaking out if you will. To be or over and done that. It's so. We all that happened -- either side this is trying to push the issue I think more Mercury is in marketing and really at the end of -- really the last few weeks some of marker Greenberg peca and -- It'll warn that it is if you will but -- -- We've been extremely right and in trying to law. To make this work and in our discussions you know it's been it will happen all. -- -- don't want it. I don't do it here -- you know could I thank the insider game when I know -- and that's where has become crawl because. That's where it should be. Won't go out there and have a yeah. -- into the crowd backstage -- in. In and I don't think that can happen Erik -- has -- and some very organized thanks in the united. Have a good relationship. All. And change that -- looking -- suitable mills out real well our show. Well. There and so a lot yeah operator will be. I guess piggybacking off of off of that point me you know maybe the perceived bad blood do you have any. Regrets about how it all went down may be going to the vikings going to the jets and you know it. It is -- minute you. I'm always one of those groups that world. Well well well idea well it is what it is is over and done without. I was at fault I like. Both sides had had a partner and you know maybe you can -- Without. What they have done things differently. I'm sure both sides. But did you hear all of that thanks a local sort that thank you know the situation -- and and colts. Almost. Looked like our situation. But then you know magic thought twice about it maybe -- war from our you know our our situation our -- and handle it correctly all. So. You know I hate it that that it it's happened that -- on and I tried to go alone -- -- about football. -- -- those things and I had a great year marker you're so. And it. Up until wall by accept awarded in new Yorker article accurately. And a great year all. -- it all. I look back -- fond memories of all the hoosiers it's forty years football. Really that bill -- regrets unlike gave people. And sixteen great wonderful years -- -- I -- six -- a lot of great teammate was part of greens were so wonderful coaches do all branched out on the court and be of one of those so you know again. If it happened it's over and done well my thank audit things will be fine in -- guy. Brett Favre here with us on WGR Sports Radio five BP now back in the day before all of this transpired -- You were a a guy sitting. In your house with with your Jean shorts -- on a buyer family waiting to get drafted -- privacy and got drafted by the falcons now the bills. Had a young quarterback they draft -- young quarterback this year first round EJ menu a lot of florist and I'm not gonna ask you about him as a player. Just may be about of the mindset of a young player coming into the NFL. Especially. You know you didn't really get too much of a chance in Atlanta but what you got the Green Bay. I mean that's a really. -- environment for football and buffalo is -- is much the same -- how do you approach that as a player a young player especially. In trying to I guess win over the fan base. Well it ultimately -- and and again it's just. Would serve me well I'm never one to give me advice from this -- you should do that right for workable. The players today are a lot different now -- And operate a dimension that. A lot of us when we came out -- novel a -- -- well -- All but not. You know not to the extent along these guys in the board decided that these guys. Are you up thanks. What would he be able places. There's much like you guys in Miami in well. Well suddenly go places that had called actionable will be very successful. All. What -- -- it's always -- to all of those footsteps. A -- -- ball well you know. The list goes on and on all. You know -- and a wonderful career almost triggered via people expect at every time that your hard to do but -- -- can be harmful. Thank yet become alternate but I -- yet is it -- not paying Campbell called. You know -- You know you your -- because they -- feel like you comply but until -- You know you put any attack. And you thought proven yourself you know the jury's still out -- one that I can. You know. You're the greatest thing you know those days are -- -- you didn't colleges -- -- it and not think Jamaica desert called up the net and or no effect at all. -- -- -- -- have tremendous drop amount of respect along with the big gain for the guys to play before. Because the older guys will see right through it and they won't take home for daily NHL entry so. Well I'm not complaining about the way you employ. We know security threat because. It and bought and -- it really intangible technical or at the very aware -- Now right I know you're short on time but before -- let you go listeners have. A tremendous opportunity wants no lifetime opportunity really. As part of our hunters hope auction. You can go to WGR 550 dot com and for the awareness of crab -- -- go dystrophy is a newborn screening. You can bid on on certain items and experiences. And one of those is to go on a hunting trip with both the view. And Jim Kelly can you tell us a little bit about what's gonna happen there. Well you mean you'd you can on the -- natural Democrats made. All about a month ago -- be able to. All to be apart. And you are affecting world gym and and obviously your call on. -- Anatolia and all that you'd you talk about what he's doing retirement allowed ought. All -- enjoy coaching. And it's a while many that were -- allow -- to do certain things and always been quicker help -- all of this call so I think people. Well Brett thank you so much for your time and enjoy retirement enjoy hunting enjoy coaching everything. All encapsulated -- one thank you so much for joining us today.

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