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WGR550>Topics>>6/12 Kevin Kolb on the Bills' quarterback competition and new offensive scheme

6/12 Kevin Kolb on the Bills' quarterback competition and new offensive scheme

Jun 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're joined by quarterback Kevin -- -- this right now here on WGR Kevin it's Howard in Jeremy good morning welcome to the show how are you today. Greg thanks for coming knowledge first of -- Well -- quarterback pitcher changed obviously this -- got enough yet seen it coming or not but what what are your thoughts. What were your thoughts when you heard that Tarvaris Jackson had been released by the club. I don't ordered account. But knows there's a great -- -- -- and not -- there's a pay dispute are really drama out ours could give. Brands and or know about. OJ so far. -- -- yeah I was shocked or better -- our work. And LB Bart but figured out and sometimes -- -- at a -- -- -- there look I don't. And it is not honorable nation and -- you know important. Need to complete. Kevin had -- you anticipated. The competition going into training camp or did you get any indication from the coaches that perhaps they'd be using the OTAs. -- have some kind of separation between you and -- Jackson make a decision. Between UQ at some point before training camp. Wouldn't say you know dominated early and that it German data and calling it should've bought it and -- -- that taken. And -- pops open and need to do what it early are Burnett or you know and so Robert Ballard and -- -- there have been good in the -- How much more action did you get yesterday with one less quarterback around. A lot marriage yet or chemistry start bill -- -- you know win. Pediatrician saw a lot about an hour. Are you gotta call them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are they all -- -- Bush portrait that next step. You've been through competent quarterback competitions before both your previous stops what's it like when you're part of something like that whether it's from the -- I hear from the veteran quarterback perspective in Philly you were the young guy like EJ Manuel what's it like. Did you know you gotta be present these guys but you're also trying to beat the other guy out for the job. You know I don't but -- -- but it can't go by. They just edit you are you -- reach your your doubt that god being urged our job and a belt and did you -- subject nor did not have an ability. To focus on your -- But it -- -- what should do it every player position. Every situation. On you know that's why. Alibaba so what are your daughter or -- -- like Derek and there was a chatterbox on. But I'm doing and but what else do our part that let my abilities and it shouldn't matter. Kevin mentioned severe time in Philadelphia there and and and Arizona as you look back at at your career to this point -- -- injuries have to be of a big factor in something you probably your. Disappointed in the number of times you just been hit with injuries but what else when you look back and on your time whether it's Philadelphia or more more recently. Arizona what are you see that you yourself. Are working on or or wanna get that Iraq. There's a number in. But I think big thing here words. I wanted to get jumped -- about it or Oberto. I really want to you know border straight breaks -- demo actually. You don't believe -- bent on proper street will will bear. Out. It's a situation where. Not -- and credit their grip lower or. That's just not going to play games no one ever met they had done a government that's more you know I really liked it the -- that they or. Spotted on the note but work. And I want you know it took a game so. I'm like that aspect of it when the straw -- -- aspect. Outlook -- Michael -- What is it about the design of the offense that that you like so -- issue for frost it's. You know we're waiting to see a first year coach in imported or come to the NFL to see if they can bring what what success they had in college. To the NFL so when when you were introduced to. Either dog or Nathaniel but not just that. The actual design of the office one about a makes you think it will work. So give a lot of body -- Are being caught if you offered now are seeing market what works what doesn't and of course. -- -- -- You don't see you're doing don't know what they do it any true green to. Work well together okay. Watch bill he's okay here's what success on the area and are -- in -- And a you look back he spoke at its account what I think works here so here's -- I think this large go to spit at me. This project do it yet that this kind of understanding. Playing offense this week it. What's funny it never set album they ask me that question first and I gave him my answer. And it sort gag order in my not sure what so what's going funny and they said. When your post you are possibly it was pretty darn close so. Just to have that problem that was brokered you know pretty good initiation and they don't go to. -- almost similar Oakmont that being around it. As you mentioned some of the other quarterbacks in the league like what works around the league. In a couple guys that -- teammates of our viewers anymore are you would you consider itself like a student of the game or do you are you fans that watch is like after Sunday at 1 o'clock -- you home -- the 4 o'clock came to be home in time or that the night game on Sunday night Monday night are you. Are you want it unplugged or do you wanna watch other games whenever the round. A little bit above all what you're. It is dependent on our behalf our our -- student of the game yeah. Don't think that I liked mine and see why let me just Gordon and and it got a book ever ball so that's what's odd about this game there's you know. You'll see some guys try to combat the read option this year you know it just essentially come out of another. Well it clear for weeks later next year and the market is a decent stroke back and -- -- some somewhat -- and got a involves a different so. That's just that's -- it's -- then that's the ballgame that I really George. Kevin Cobb -- this year bills mini camp continues today you mentioned a moment ago you've been around for a few years you've. Learn different offenses work with different coaches I would think one of the edges you have in the competition is your experience. When it comes to learning a new offense how complicated or easy is the bills' offense -- No -- -- the reason. Pretty great by did you notice it that way but cop. It just a bit you know it really depends on. -- this week to hear more again where -- Situation. Your gain weight they are -- Dario. We guard TJ you know it is dark you wrong are to play our running straight or check this. Pressure better ballclub they're on our -- personnel. -- -- that so. It's the way a real game being urged Belmont or are going to be about -- -- of course of so. The ultimate self -- understand no but it's -- we are put on the border right. Through certain age bachelor who panned out -- way it should be judged what you haven't offered. Not so hard to understand that everybody just -- back to read and react to figure out there. And you guys that avalanche beat up they're quite faster putting ourselves you know or George. Not for example on display and so. Aspects -- -- what what they do it. -- Obama on line between being an intellectual. But also. Have a great round -- -- it up full ability and a full speed and I are going to be your best I think that's a -- match. Kevin one of the other things on and ask you about for not just for you but for all the quarterbacks what kind of challenges it. When you have a fairly young and inexperienced group of receivers and you have Stevie Johnson. And I guess Brad Smith -- guys that that around for awhile. But then the rest of the receiving cores pretty green a lot of were rookies in some amendment that around but haven't even had an NFL regular season catch. What kind of challenge is that for the quarterbacks. Just show up and understand. Certain -- that DB's story indeed be a leader employee you know coming you a lot of our personnel right now lot of -- shot there now. And caller or are incarceration or -- Iran are out. Couple weeks go -- -- and you're going to do this because you know you beat him. The good ones are very limited you guys don't -- -- stick you and end Jeep Liberty because. There's not great genetic that pro and that's going to be a big you know and so it struck Belarus -- go buy it out they -- -- -- trust all of I really do all the way. -- -- there's more power up our bonds -- the regular place right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the Latin I think I was curious about you know your main guys Stevie Johnson talk a little bit about. And other -- yesterday about a deep ball you guys are trying to develop chemistry and learn each other. How is that coming along and what -- you know what do you think of Stevie has as your your main receiver we're we're you know what do you think of him as an NFL receiver -- to playing alongside him. Are pretty quick -- would bait -- -- may not understand it. Don't you this course they -- back -- or wrong it injury. -- -- imagery traffic in the sport to sport just don't know about your honor I was out. Stop us about it not any -- our ability Joker you know you don't there's -- watched. People are of -- first -- I'm look at -- could he could see Russia always up there. He beat him a little bit more room actually gonna give me there you know the easy ones and then quarterback. There's not that is -- that god that. You know look BB perspective and that program back a little bit and then Diana went for so I'm excited I was deviant and they -- permanently every day what what he's got. Kevin -- Willis and the bills continuing their mandatory minicamp today but when tomorrow -- -- -- done to training camp Kevin thank you very much for giving us some time this morning. Good luck we'll look forward to seeing -- training camp in Rochester. Given cop -- this year on WG.

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