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WGR550>Topics>>6/12 Joe B on Bills' quarterback competition and observations of mandatory mini-camp

6/12 Joe B on Bills' quarterback competition and observations of mandatory mini-camp

Jun 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So -- here. -- such -- studio and now I figured. Saints. You'll be talking means -- in July you know forever about it. -- -- go on vacation -- -- note so you never know we might want to Omid or -- -- -- -- I electric cut of Kevin -- Jiabao. Well we talked him this morning I could go on why -- well -- -- Jim is that he's kind of like the guys -- how he sounded incredibly to the question us so far the way that he seems to be approaching all of this. I I'm on board a lot like what he has to say about the competition he seems to have a level content though. You know for a guy that's been around a couple different town spots being exit and you know and in Philadelphia. When he says that he believes in what the bills are doing they could it gives it. It gives a problem with the coaches are looking for which like of a bit of veteran validation. I think cop is approaching this with the right mindset because I like we said it yesterday with us. You know he's seen quarterback competitions from. Every single angle he's Ben the young top draft pick brought in to compete in potentially win the job he's seen EJ Manuel side. You also saw what happened in Arizona when Kurt Warner was brought in a back -- Matt liner and liner was supposed to be the guy and Warner ended up winning the job in heat in cop came in the aftermath of that whole mess so. It's -- really I think. -- is approaching this with the right mindset of saying okay. If I can do everything I Canada by just proved to be consistent. Then. I have a shot at this thing. But I think it also is comforting that he knows that he has a job this year because the -- Jackson was -- released but at the same point. I think he's he's certainly in the right mind frame and I I don't know that I necessarily. Go as far as saying that's going to help him on the field because I still have major questions about him in game situations but I think he's he's got the right mindset. I like you've said about that and I hadn't thought about. I thought about Philadelphia because. And we when we talked in this one enjoy brought that up. He was in this scenario reversed when he was EJ Manuel trying to get the job from the veteran quarterback he gets he gets certain. And of Arizona I hadn't thought about to Kurt Warner scenario which is interesting because I would think a lot of guys in top spot here right now. Might have a little bit them open around going on a field figuring you know there's only so much I can do politics will -- the it will play at the end of the day. And a lot of -- go with the number one -- And they might you know not have the right attitude the -- he may lose anyway but. You don't say he might not have the right attitude because a lot of veterans I look at say the cards are stacked against they want their guy as long as it doesn't. Basically vomit all over himself on the ticket this job but he sounded like he really believes he's got a shot and is doing everything to win the job. And I think he does have a shot at. Clearly a foregone conclusion that. Mean they're gonna get in every chance in the job but it he's just not ready then there and trying force the situation. Mean because Maroney is of the mindset of Washington. Win this thing right now and manuals on board. For five years or will be five years once once he signed that contract. And because of that I think that they know that they have a year to kind of -- -- him if need be and you know not even push him out there too quickly I know that's been the recent trend with with quarterbacks. Attaining hill was the antenna hill Wilson locked in Griffin the third overall. First year quarterbacks but. The same time if manuals not ready and if he doesn't show the consistent enough approach in his accuracy -- over the intermediate areas. It's it's not. Going to be a situation where they're just going to throw him out there. Come hell or high water so I think I think that Cobb does have a legit shot and and he'll have every chance to win the job but. If it's a tie between him Emanuel manuals gonna get the job. We don't Jeremy -- -- about this earlier we were I was I liked the fact that -- was saying about how. He's really bought into a -- -- selling and that they actually asked him hey what do you think wins in terms office in the NFL and lot of the ideas he suggested they have incorporated -- were going to incorporate anyway and the philosophy. As you watch we're hearing a lot about West Coast principles but is in the in the work out that have been open how much have you seen deep -- I think we've seen. A fair -- I mean there's been. Yesterday there it wasn't great for the deep routes. They tried a couple of states along the sidelines. One to TJ Graham. Another to the Rick Rodgers. They try to post route Stevie Johnston. It really hit -- -- -- it was a bad -- for -- yesterday it was it was a real bad day the the best play. For the offense was he zone read run by Kevin -- where the defense was. Completely -- And he he'd fake handoff to either I think it was Jackson and then scoot over the -- in and out the game but I was at best player cited three. The offense over on the side we're going who. That's that are without him but. But yeah it was a bad day for offense that. And the deep ball especially did not complain but. I guess that. Is kind of part of the deal just because. They had three quarterbacks. As of two weeks ago. And they were splitting the -- all all every which way. And because of that in a broader re with wide receivers and knowing them inherently about. Where you need to place the ball in order to get it to them on a fade route war. Post. Especially -- intermediate stuff you can you can really mean a lot there's not much wiggle room between. Between what a best receiver to slower cheaper over the intermediate areas but we talk about downfield stuff you need to have an inherent knowledge of how that's that guy is. And they just don't have that type of chemistry just yet and it showed yesterday to the defense thrown at the offense in terms of different looks to compact models blitzes all the different right there really be seen a lot of it a lot and I mean you're seeing unique blitzes coming from inside. Nickel corners are being blitzed in that safeties are being placed outside linebackers pressures coming remember which way so. It's not. You're going to look at this defense in the first pre season game. And you're going to say while that. Is. A complete 180. From Dave -- statements I mean you're talking scheme your talking pressure aggressiveness. Speed that's that's the type of defense they're trying to bring along here and not to say that it they have the horses to do it that they're going to be a top -- defense right. They have the mindset of OK this is an aggressively. We have to match the aggressiveness and try to impose our will on an often so Q having said that. What are you more excited to see when things start going to training camp the offense for the defense policy the defense it. I I I do I wanna see that start going to the quarterback competition is going to be exactly that but I think the defense is compelling in the fact that. They have what should be a talented defense. I mean. The defensive line they've got Daria it's who should succeed but you would think that the user topped by -- top three picker should say. Kyle Williams who has been a pro bowler Alan Branch who is a good a good player for them last year Alex Carrington who came on last year. You know Mario Williams Mark Anderson these free agent signings. Kiko Alonso was a second round so there's a lot of of talent on this defense of roster. To where you say okay. If they actually had a real offensive coordinator who is -- relying on tactics from the early nineties to try and get along. Then that maybe they might be able to do something so that's what I'm compelled to Seattle to see them in the first pre season game and certainly training camp and are allowed -- gonna miss you. I'll miss you guys do I'll be having fun. Blowing going to John during vacation married you know what do you what are you gonna do I'm going about a group -- nice leaving tonight. While and I asked him -- that was a big party for saint Bonaventure launch -- on a real thumbs like some big -- for Bonnie I was I was trying to -- -- -- -- excellent names of the -- -- room and I think the only one he got -- Paul McCartney I heard him now hired him because he was it had been before it was with wings. Writes all of you forget the name it's three guys and that's about I don't know if you -- and ultimately had -- -- boggles wells forget. Thank you -- -- arsenal pat -- cars that are. Net then I'm driving down we gel pat Bennett. Would there was one you said I think that all his stuff he's had no it to her OK I have all our stuff. Forget it was and it up like Joseph is that a group is the Miller -- -- -- -- thanks to -- that nods. Not not really it was not a member who was that it was. The blue tank I get all it -- take got all their stuff I own now and his stuff there's stuff to expect well is that like the Foo Fighters. Foo Fighters are gracious that's -- seven. What's as club seven now Springsteen going to be this note -- -- in corporate I've heard the Mumford and I will be there. Curtis Sanford. Thanks to -- guys.

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