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6/12 Kevin Devine on the possibility of trading up in the draft and thoughts on this year's NHL prospects

Jun 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kevin welcome to the -- first of all how -- yeah. I Kevin you're ready because are drafted our draft guy here is got a gazillion questions Port Elizabeth questions about -- that works -- we're excited we're ready for -- you know another exciting year. -- good morning Kevin. -- So what do you do for the next eighteen gates that's the first question you guys had your come on the NHL com might happen we know where you -- And is it kind of a waiting game to see if ultimately. You're going to be picking where you think you're picking if you know what happens -- other teams moving around what happens for the next eighteen days. Well I'm -- hold up my college -- Priscilla Canada. Wolf is that it was a did he lasted two weeks with the image or come by and in the buffalo come -- in the you know organizational meetings but the trip whose place -- Upstate New -- it. Just had a conference call yesterday the -- again and we're just kind of finding things waiting for. Waiting for everything that followed news that hits close to the we have to find -- -- -- Republican and go from there. Would you say this year there's there's a reason that you guys have pretty much openly talked about endorse he's talked about. You know he's contacted teams very very soon after the season he talked about being in contact with teams how much of them of a goal is it for the team to trade up. Well I think to put a lot of teams you know we've we've -- -- move up profitable positions but. Realistically. You know other it was. Teams are trying to do the same thing. Look at all the options see that the Bible and do it you know we believe right now -- -- 16102 good players and and we'll see if you -- makes cents. As you look at the big draft board set jones' talked about as. One of the top two I think it's pretty much McCain and and Jones that are 12 if you wanna go three. Drew lands in there how much of a drop off would you say there is from Jones to the other defenseman because. It seems most of what you hear about that the draft in the top 56 players. He's the only defense can really listed in that group is there a significant drop off from Jones to whether it's crystal line in or Darnell nurse or whoever else you might have and a group. Well I wouldn't call -- -- not have been dropped off you know obviously successes. The public cloud but. There's some very good defenseman. Here in the top fifteen and one of the most things -- have the size and but -- those other guys there's the great skater is doing brings. Skills and they. An edge to his game and as a door and in London the other guys in the group. And he's like it was related to so. That is the topic but I think get a good -- there to. -- director emeritus got a Kevin divide here on WTR when you look at the organization last year you you pick to -- two senators but your when your first picks. Where where is the strength where's the weakness so if you're going into this trap trying to address organizational depth. Would you say -- week it weighing in -- goaltending is is a question going for not quite sure how that picture's gonna shake out what. Areas of the team from organizational standpoint are you looking to bolster. Well I think I'm like this for years. Really look at that. All areas. -- that -- before we were kind of a defense of Lleyton. Without prospects and this year it was. Trading Covert guys that deadline and some guys who have come out you know that entry level contract that changed -- little -- -- I think. The exception of goaltender which is kind of in the air at the moment. You know I think that. -- with a lot of holes to fill both sides. There's only one goaltender this projected to to go in the first round as. With the organization. I wonder if you know how many teams really believe. Goaltender in the first round is of a picked it might be worth it -- is a horror project how good a goaltender is going to be are the -- a former defenseman. Yeah other tricky they're really tricky because you know audiences is acceptable to -- Not only in the first that mr. around him. He's a much different player the next year and it takes so long to -- -- goaltenders. I think that you know our policy in the has been. Really be careful that goes the first round but we've got -- -- and then in the first round this year and Kelly. Who the number one guy we picked the critical and so we'll have a look at him to. He was sabres record temperatures got to come and buy here. On WGA given big picture. In everybody's raving about this draft is being hyped up with all this top -- talent. Is that all justified what I'm reading and hearing about this draft in your opinion. Well -- we'll find out five years but I didn't really do believe. That compared the last ten years it's probably one of the best dressed. A lot of people compared to 2003 draft. Almost assures that good but. I'm not sure at that time. The people who addressing 2003 new without Paterno but you know it's the top of the draft is real good I think what that. Best -- -- it really -- and really into. Albeit to 25 here and some teams have got. Thirty players that are going to be real potential players so the depth of the draft but it. Yeah that's I wanted to ask is that you know is it I don't know do you like one through eight elite eight you know nine through fifteen. Tremendous sixteen true to what he really good and how do you actually. Look at the border look at the draft and break it down by different categories of how good the players are. Well. You know really what we do we we do we use drop off points we don't really would probably classify and -- this sort of protect these players so. I think we use a drop off point. There's I think -- street in the top ten and then after that you know it's. Really from public and 2.5. You may get this thing they're 25 that you do it and so. That we used mostly. -- that your opinion make it perhaps more likely that team think if you for a team at the top of the strapped would you be. Open the idea of moving back considering what you what you just said that at 45 he get a you know caliber of player that might normally be drafted in the top ten. Well I don't think the team I don't think it's considered the very top group article and one little on the cup Korea agreement -- -- number also -- I think you know at the -- in that area. If you pick and and that's what side you're more likely to look at maybe trading back and it would be Israel in the top ten. Yeah I wanted to ask you you mention the top three Kevin and whatever -- you have it Jones McCain in drilling. Are considered the top three again who knows which order 123. But what what are the chances do you think they're extremely remote nil whatever that those guys are that good none of those three teams would want to trade out of those spots. No idle today I don't think it's actually three I think it's too. That they wouldn't trade out of I think it gets a little bit. What are the little money here. Three through ten. And I don't think I think all the teams but it was there. But Linda arbitrate their pick if they're guys that there's -- citizen -- but how willing are they where they don't really to move back to. -- like to get some thoughts on some individual players along the way we mentioned Seth Jones. Earlier how about Alexander bark off which was projected as high as I've seen number 21 and the international -- committee is adequate nutrition they have there but. Just bark off first held in a ball mark off the -- Well Alexander is the -- was three two and twenty pound center and senator. -- Is still seventeen years old he's so I think he's still release and he's williams' players. He is a power forward. Real -- hand probably along the lines of an anti corporate -- Democracy probably a lot of emotion that was physically but. Real power guy went -- -- -- battles. Real strong stick and a excellent player. He's playing over in a Professional League as well right over in Finland -- He's played professionally in -- I believe the last two years. And then and then -- the -- This year here he'd let this team has scored most of the year. And injured in the years to skating shoulders so that kind of through the playoffs both. Real good player. About similarly playing in a Professional League in the indicates on the cushion. Whose skin is he's six foot four. Right Winger. And kind of along the lines of of a mall and you know is a lot that exposes the real good hands and he'll play physically every once in awhile but suspension of the rules use. One game suspension for -- somebody in the board so. He's kind of a wild card in there it was trying to figure him though. -- think you know that he will -- Go back to Kato's contract. Has some body else so there's a lot of teams are trying to figure that fail. When when you're out scouting him obviously the organization would have heavily scouted the -- wrinkle having played in -- back. How often does that happen where you go to sky one player and -- see another I would imagine that the organize it organization is a really good read and Adam Ernie who would have played. On Greg Franco's line and is available this year vehicle back in the draft. What you do see those guys you see them quickly. He's going to look at the other -- guys but there's it's hard not to notice some of the underage kids that year. And assembly -- rating convexity we've seen lots of data -- so. We do I don't I don't pay a blood test to the guys that -- under -- years we have the skills that would focus in on that. I went and looked at bases the guys that are that at the top and you know I do get some kind of an evaluation of both players but that's not a real good -- What and when the sabres actually do make a pig once that -- is made. On how much of your role he does is it out of your hands at that point that don't even. -- -- even I didn't really pay attention I mean how much to like Britain's Greg -- of course regret for the first round pick last year Gergen since as well. They're development you know that that becomes player personnel within the organization do you still. Watched them evaluate them in any capacity. All of yep for sure -- on the vocal you know I go work it both -- and in the -- silence you love those guys. I would win to even if they're not around that area the -- and union will make -- point -- go watch those guys play. We do have -- Going to the team's all time and then file a report so we do keep for those guys pretty closely. What's your latest feel for Greg Branko and in the season that he had here that obviously didn't go. On maybe is that organization would have wanted to back to -- back back and forth where does he stand currently. Well you know what kind of disagree a little bit of -- spurs of the organization. You know not. -- ways things want to I think he made great progress is great strides. And you know really think it is paces game. Got a lot of stronger he's gotten better and I think you know we know we took great -- -- the personally knew there's going to be. Some thought he wasn't going to be able coming here play right away without some challenges so. That he made good strides -- -- this year. He's doing nineteen years old I think -- you got that. -- -- -- A group that has made real quick strikes from the start to finish the year. It's kind of a slow big jump from replace -- US HO to the American Hartley which is a real lately. And he got real he made a lot of pride progress here in the year -- was probably Rochester is best -- playoffs at the end. Kevin -- with a -- director of amateur scouting as they prepare for the draft which is June 30. I wanna ask you about a couple of Western -- guys Kevan Shaw Malone Justin -- if you get gonna. Give me your thoughts on on those two guys -- wary of in honor where you're you're you have the slate -- -- what you think of their potential. -- guys simple guys pretty sure we'll get drafted. Justin Bailey is video. He's a big guy is still has until though -- -- frame -- Six foot three. Question -- waited about 495. Pounds he's. Work to do in the gym but. Made great strides from where he's been two years ago with a book what we Eagles Q team now this year with -- scored seventeen goals -- his rookie year. -- there's a lot of potential there just in the game and he just had a scratch the surface Sean Malone. Played on the US -- program team this year and try to -- for a one year. It's where most those kids played two years so. On had a good year there. Kind of -- high energy. -- they're like -- that the guy on his way to Herbert and you know he's got real good pace to his game and you have single vote. The the area mean Western New York Kevin I don't have any numbers in front of me but has done a tremendous job right we've done a tremendous job this region producing NHL players over the years right. I think for the post -- yeah I think it's. You look at. So the guys have come out the last few years you know. Of them who have good job. The other I wanna ask a quick you mentioned bark off and the Christian I know all the focus is on and on McCain and and Jones and those guys court the other. Top European players in your opinion you know really like top half of round one guys that we should be following. Well I think the cup without you have to would be mental -- center. Of course mention acoustic the other guys would be. -- later. Is in his defense and that's then be up there. Alex when -- Who is sweetie but overseas sleepy he should be in the top. Twenty and pick up some of the other guys there. I think that there it's not a real great year for Sweden which of a lot of times a word you're seeing guys come from. And then you've got some. Some. Russian wildcard in this too. So those guys put over the -- and -- -- -- Who was clearly under eighteen team was very good over there and so -- you know -- -- -- -- the -- but some of those -- some -- -- -- Is that terrorists or anything to looking at the roster and I mean if you're looking and looking at the flags whoever released from -- thinking you know we need some this flavor we need some of the know last year by by taking -- rank for you bucked the trend where you hadn't taken a Russian. In quite some time early on. And of course -- appearances as well Latvian so with the -- -- from the US would you have leaned towards. I mean not not Cezanne nationality but is there a mix that that a team might need to get. Well I think it's more I think it's more if you if you look at the the red wings for example. There were real successful. You know 1015 musically you know they know Russian players. And now they've got basically also we. Guys kind of run the engine over there now. I think it's more more important new group those kind of guys together these people it's it's tough to -- thirteen different nationalities who. So you're gonna start with a few guys. The -- -- -- that I give me look more and that -- agree that a group together instead of thirteen different if it was. Right that's -- my last question is who's the number one who would you pick number one who has the best player that you would take number one. Well you know I. It either go to McCain and I realized very we've we have a conversation that -- in Colorado. It's kind of I do think -- -- some movement and those that. But you know be one of those two guys grow like you have. He said you've you've had conversations with Colorado. We have we've had conversations with Colorado I think you know there's been -- visas -- -- -- in the last. Three weeks and you know I think there having they're trying to -- go to them themselves what happened there. We do have an internal meetings there this week and a and probably the fact it was -- one -- or waiting for a call back to the -- of what what the position. Is it to find out if they're willing -- find out what the prices. I'll probably both. You know probable we're exploring they would in the I think there's just Huckabee. Non playoff scenes in the Philippines get there the playoffs so they're pretty quick also. Obviously we talked to all the teams in front of this and try to -- due to -- six it was with from the effect. All right well having -- there. Describe bought while the term from the million dollar man everybody's got a price is that is that basically how how you look at it how anything to look at that. While they might say no another call back might. Find out that the that just has to be how much you're willing to give -- that that's an -- -- about Kevin house I mean like you said you got to gauge this stuff how serious do you think. A one or two of the top two teams are they just kind of messing around. Now you know I Lola that they've got that they could help further wanna move back and and you take this situation Colorado -- -- -- there with suicide if Patrick Roy. -- I don't think Patrick came in with the idea along rebuilt. So I think that they might be willing to listen to a few things and -- if they would -- the deep draft and there's all kind of different options -- between. Different kinds of players for defense and forwards so. Greece forward skilled forwards so you know there's all the adoption without thought you know what they're -- just think you on this but. You know just keeps her options open. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If Colorado was interest since if they were to say you know we don't. We don't wanna drop eight we -- dropped to four. Hat with with the idea be there is at you you know when you plan on all these potential scenarios with the organization goes so far to say well let's move to where they need is to move to and then work from there I -- not everyone. Likes talk with the Brian -- scenario 1999. Which was long time ago. But you know he moved from out of the first round into number four up to number one back to number two. Like how many different scenarios. Have been have been talked about and when when Darcy. If he's approaching Patrick block. Would he talk to you about. You know it is. Is this pick and this -- tell me the war because obviously you're the one with the with the board on how valuable a number pick might be. Well at that that was basically our meetings and actually this week that was a lot of the conversation over over two days what you're talking though. You know what would take to get this that what it take to get that this is that going to be so willing to do. And you know we can do is. You know it it's gonna cost hitting the preliminary talks are at least talking -- young players to move up so. We got decided to want it you know move some of those that it makes sense to move some of those young players up. To move some of those players to. To get that to move up so it's so difficult conversation but if you really want -- to -- -- you know one guy and he India in franchise changes and you have to look. We give we kept along talks are reluctant candidate thank you very much for all of your -- US all the talk me out of the idea of being obsessed about trading up -- -- -- barbs out like a. You know week we have this conversation a lot of Europeans they did this we'll see how realistic it is like this. As were making our plans up and actually this year there was. Point seven other teams doing things and so. There are trying to move up to see what that. -- -- chick -- a couple weeks. It makes for fun couple weeks thanks heaven is anything we can do it yet you need guys that called Colorado included applaud let us know. Thanks Kevin for your time. Guys Kevin -- really nice and understand a lot longer than we anticipated.

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