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6/13 Kyle Williams on Mike Pettine's defense, golf and more

Jun 13, 2013|

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And house candidate to join us for the final worked out. Today read this morning -- telegenic. Are you thank you coming all the -- that I'm -- show we appreciate you joining us you've got to work so. Still we're talking just about this that the defense is a question to go to movies and other mini camp that you guys doing. Lot of -- to throw a lot of stuff to do -- offense now let's look that's an -- What you're -- and attention to Mike Patton. Yeah -- don't want to move around. Lots of disguising them. And then the back -- well there were groups you know Mayor Bloomberg celeb who would not. Just you know trying to get enough. It is -- for the -- -- he wanted to run and everybody you know also what could do a lot of good job this so -- I think it's only. I actually. This is this play. And we've installed a lot of stuff so. Start this much worse -- -- get back to imports between that I have a lot but. I think does for the most part you know. Basically what words it is here and now we have different things week to week. I'm glad I live here who looks like bad here I think and that's the most important -- probably you -- Talked offensive players Kyle about how. How complicated playbook isn't how much serious to learn what you like to defensive guys. In the past say it is and then -- -- a call you joke and play a pretty basic. So pretty basic coverages. And this defense. You're best -- yet to do multiple things. The multiple jobs. Lot of different blitzes different looks. And -- don't -- -- -- bit more complicated. Well change specifically what position your spot but your responsibilities are. How is it different now. You know not a whole lot. I'm in a moment -- but -- a different position different spot so long blond. Don't think -- until I'm going to be asked this same thing there on the yeah. I doubt the Oscars okay didn't think things might just be from a different spot -- the more aggressive approach. No I you know have to look at the track record this -- and you know -- -- how successful bid and then how multiple you can take. -- you. Climb up. And you showed us the other that they think that Tom -- the world -- gonna do -- it on the -- saying hey you know we're gonna do this. Well there Logan didn't stop you but -- those Dassault. You get it figured out -- figure out how to be here yeah you have to give them up -- take a look at multiple things to worry about. And the -- and be aggressive Letterman yeah I think this horrendous. How much can't imagine doing all that man I know my tennis talked about. No shows one thing change is something else and you talk about multiple looks at how much job and communication. Chemistry. I did it's an old cliche being on the same page how much of the fact is that because guys are doing things at the last moment. You mentioned near the most important thing that we conclude that the defense will -- doing this communicate. And you know -- feel chemistry for our -- defense of really. It's as important sale of new quarterback receiver you know we're cutting right through this route and well liked. Well maybe yeah that's that's -- different different deal. Your first defense of where we have over communicate we'll -- it here good defense is noisy defense. Who's here I don't drive the -- a mandatory minicamp today. Some new faces on the defensive side of the ball. Our draft picks guys brought in through free agency. Many rounds and Alan Branch Jerry Hughes. You should know. Yes to step up and bigger roles and do our system. You see from some of the this isn't the only guy so I know it's just it's there's a mini camp Obama thinks so far. Well it's hard to pick out as that really aren't in a room. I'm here because I don't I don't really can kill you -- much but. Yeah I think this is not all you -- currently there -- -- we're doing now practicing. And under fire around they're excited about it the cracks and hard and compete and and you couldn't get through it. So no. From time to time we'll think about the pace the offense is throwing at the defense to this point. It's come here don't fire deal. You know and these sacred ground. And from time to time they -- you know -- -- -- -- in -- there you go up tempo and if not you know. You have come a million go to Rolando. And there -- -- -- move it up and go to. Bad and and I think it's -- -- good trust -- -- our discussion trying to Indian Ocean and shape in great shape yet ready to assume. As -- December -- you really can do with the change bases on the defense. Yes they get a personnel will spend liberal watchdog group didn't get in the air doesn't know I don't think -- minute joke. About it. -- worried about defense in your dad following -- focusing and all on the quarterback competition but I'd love to get a couple of thoughts that I could from June 1 off. You know if you if you -- Have time to just watch EJ men road -- has seen from him at this point. I want studio and -- -- sound and in team drills. And -- see them. A little to pressure a couple of -- those don't feel. I've also seen him you take offer and rot you know -- dad obviously. Yeah that's a fiscal skill -- is the talent -- a great strike that got. I'm very internal -- and then escaped and is inducing the -- It's it's always it's always harder trying to critique anybody outside your and we -- -- almost. The same thing you say about Kevin Cobb and I bribery and up only because of the show yesterday -- were really impressed. Attitude towards the competition. No talk about how I can't focus on -- I wasn't focusing on two -- I got to focus on myself but. -- -- -- relationship is building between Hindus and accurate current and accurate and then reversed I just that's -- -- -- never talked him on the show. How much better just actually talked to Kevin -- but I was impressed -- whose. Mindset and his approach to this whole competition. Well -- lululemon common in. You know I think. I think -- Canada. Now wrote you know everybody -- guard in the hope everybody has. And because you're not gonna -- you are gonna make it seem more about somebody else in I think the best player you can be wary about Mario. Let's look -- things that. Welcome don't think that Jim maybe you wouldn't do the things you don't do well and try to be the best you can be an -- Somalia. It's good things that permit them know that that's scout they do you know we can get that -- still don't -- about they think will be a good. Let's go. I do addition we have learned Cumberland you're very good golfer but also understand you have a lot of baseball talent locally last minute would you gentlemen hitting contest. It was then -- -- Do you like going out and smoke him out. Okay really basic of build them here from all star game and I'm just Bobby. Then back at the time who knows. Who left. Watch the US open -- Watch a lot of golf. Every every shot -- there. Hello. My pick well you know it is -- -- that they have. So often in the cost the golf course. It yeah. They did a Google wrote a great thing about a course book tour. -- before the weather here is it will of course that tiger gonna play tonight -- Area if you can grow up so you know that tiger is really hard to be -- and has -- its driver sometimes he would driver. Oh with a didn't let my head into more but you know -- -- can't take tiger and they moved. It be taught me not think tiger. You know like tiger. You -- you gotta fight. -- now one edge in those that are just on the show opened later here and there on the biggest stage in -- grinder. In there and play again think. On the film Roman senate every year I guess we'll get the best person to know what is the best course that a point. It's my favorite course and I -- how to -- their. Probably played only six -- seven and maybe maybe a couple more. I played out at Pebble Beach. I doubt it's a robot golf courses that -- That's probably my favorite and this I just enjoy. The big tree line. -- -- -- -- Aren't waiting areas -- grew up all our -- grow up fox while playing on now I'm just can't are open outlook. If not pebble is one reforms also -- the -- there but you know -- it's it's hard to deal kill -- you -- one of the courses you've been on. And I -- -- now I don't read now on the east course. -- -- Who'll lose everybody on the west course -- kill. Last summer. The portrait is -- on the -- course -- change of course not -- shot -- -- there one day. All all mag course that that's that's a good score and score one of those is that they like major championship. That's the mood to walk gun I'd love to see you walk on the PGA championship and yeah I go there are out there -- -- fine -- you know if you've been watching television. When -- Yeah that in the open by. You know I just talk there you walk employees says you know I'm not playing -- you guys and yeah nothing on the road in a you know Bob Nardelli knows how to play the best ever -- -- back it was great. And they still isolation like 64 out there the last time they had the PGA. Look at this place and now I allow. Never do that anywhere on this course -- guys -- What should US open you don't can't read this once you can enjoy the rest of the US open and thanks again this should give us some time when she broke out. You got it done well under way here thank you to Williams to make you -- -- well. I've got a big family who should we didn't take good care yet. This. Aura about a month plus what we're pretty good congratulations. The -- style I got a with Clinton and a pretty good pace who's who's had. It's destinations right from the kids who understands estimates and Johnson -- know he's got adorable children there on an island and a great time down there. Joining us mentally minicamp but this morning to wrap things up for the bills. Moved to -- that nice thought.

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