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WGR550>Topics>>6/18 Sabres owner Terry Pegula discusses Darcy Regier, Thomas Vanek, Ryan Miller and more

6/18 Sabres owner Terry Pegula discusses Darcy Regier, Thomas Vanek, Ryan Miller and more

Jun 18, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The show is now one. Year old are one year anniversary show Kevin Sylvester Andrew Peters and we are joined. Now by the owner of the Buffalo Sabres Terry the military -- morning. Reporting. How aria. Well I figured I get that tough question out of the way first article. At editor at. Terry appreciate it join us here on the one year anniversary of the show and a lot has happened here in the last year and you know Andrew and I -- charity outings in family picnics and also feel we get the questions policy and questions that you get. When you're out about from sabres fans so hopefully we can provide some of those answers here today that fans wanna know and you know the biggest question. That I did a number one is Darcy gear -- the general manager of this team. And fans want to know from. Why you're so confident in Darcy and why he's your guy. -- -- Restart where. Not built. I've built a pretty good company. In my life. And one of my many non. The reason why there is. Did you start a good person good people. Anywhere from bear. Darcy is. In that category. He is very qualified person. And -- you know. I don't want to talk a bulk of prior ownership. I have a different management style. And Darcy had the chance. To flourish. Under our management style. Or. You know I stayed. Figured. I don't want to I don't wanna talk about. I'm giving you -- more. I believe more latitude. In in the way we operate the team. Will let financial restrictions. And that just might -- don't think it's not it's the right way. I think if you. Well we -- to. Other owners around the league they might think -- -- I don't spend too much money you may hear they had or whatever but lifestyle so I'm gonna do things might what -- And one of the things that I like about what I see is they're very capable person there. A lot of knowledge grew up under. Al arbour. Very knowledgeable person of who not only. Had it works remember it helped train and you know it's so long history there so. And when you look at the street and with the sabres. What's he done wrong but help me out here. And I could ask the question -- you know what what you don't you know talk about some of -- feels. Maybe. Someone we're pulling the trigger can't. He's doing they. I don't know. Yet -- it if it's you know it. Fans who were probably it is in no because we hear went on phone calls to area they point to the loss of the core from. Come you know back to back Eastern Conference final teams. Right after the previous lockout. But I think your answer. Column. And I don't wanna -- I don't wanna answer that question for you but. They would say the loss of the previous core that was close to Wednesday. -- does anybody really know why it happened. There are met many theories many think that it. Well I'll just say in my mild there and having been here and it came down to money I think. That the money the players wanted. And you know what I'm not criticizing. The -- prior marriage if that's what -- what that's that was their decision. Now. My decisions my decisions are rooted. From a different from a different angle and it's just it's clear -- I ran east resource is the way I Rihanna that the way. Another CTO would run but I have created because I don't. Soul. Yeah ownership has its privileges doesn't. He might talk to some of the other owners -- probably in the end. They'll tell -- you know what is new owner will create what you know -- -- -- this -- money that you're dealt with my decision there which it's. Something I want to do. Terry to go join us here on the one year anniversary of sabres hockey -- you mention. Darcy has. More resources more money to spend it. Witness. And I can certainly Christian naroff contract that we were in a contract that would be examples of that the Tyler Myers contract. Would be an example of that but when it comes to compliance buyouts which. Our option now for teams. In the first period coming up once Stanley Cup finals and to CF. Does he consult with you on matters is that the free and go ahead -- and spend your money is CC is he sees it. No we probably thought that there are seen more than I've talked to my wife. You know we we talked a lot and and all these things. -- -- -- I guess LR are saying nobody is that the market courted Nazi brain. Dead. -- -- big. Any decisions. A group decision to -- -- out to where I ran my business went back. Well we have had who -- decisions to make everybody would it not that it. He had different companies are -- from the top and bottom by my company was flat. -- table in the land people would geologist the engineers everybody had. Input into decisions we've made so you know that's that's the wearing. This recruiter or are being set up. You -- facts. I think probably more but accurate -- in today's sports. To operate. Efficiently. He's gonna -- -- excess. Through -- older. Or orders. So. He can make quick decisions. Some of these things are happening -- pretty fast. What a given that given the ability and access to EU and the money. Does that put more things in play this off season. Because of thought has been in Tom with all the draft picks that. You have the prospects. That you haven't promise young players in Rochester and some of the played. For the team last season and that will be the -- ago but because of your willingness to. Spend the money. Are all these other things in play meaning offer sheet to restricted free agents free agent signings are. Are those that in and buy outs and perhaps trading for players would -- -- to get something else along with it. Are those in play in your mind. Well. Let me. Start where. -- and you go after a free agent the -- we'll say -- -- freeagent. I get a kick out of some. Comments so what are they get this guy like him to get that guy did anyone ever think that maybe that other person has sitting in that decision. That maybe he didn't know or doesn't want a comfortable. If you can't force people to do effects. I can tell you that there were free agent. Major. Some of the minor warned that it come down the -- the last couple years we've been heavily in ball well. Some of them this data -- -- involved you know we don't want this guy. To willow. You know as far as I know we set the standard. In it and and won the war but it. -- make the decision. Yeah and I think last year's. Market was. Pretty good example. You know why don't get this could well get what he's got a brand unleashed. In his head. And he makes a decision based on where he wants to go so. Be it will be. Players. Have a lot to do these days in the way. You'd take your -- The lives absolutely it always is a the good news is. Is that the sabres -- ball because in the past there were big name free agent said. You know would be page made to -- They are so that -- -- not only other play your own players have a lot to do. In which direction you're going. Well let's let's let's talk about two of those current players Thomas Vatican in Ryan Miller these is another one -- Fans want and all buyout and are concerned about with -- Miller the two best players on the team in my opinion. And they have one year remaining on their contracts and whether or not they play into the future. Do you want Ryan Miller Thomas -- here and even if you do our. You face -- the though they may not want to be here. Yeah and I can tell the fans I'm concerned -- yes we want computer. They have a say in that decision. What that decision visits. No one been Greece signed yet so well we're still working. -- do you want them here. -- That's good to hear. I think fans like I go it. Don't forget they're part of that the -- You know. Sometimes. Sometimes in life. Remember when you were a teenager you wanted to go out. Your parents should not. Single out this now. Maybe sometimes they snuck out went -- for the most Marta. Yeah I snuck out but they weren't going up about two more months. Well let's register now that's what you sneak out. What are the -- dive right here I've just I've enjoyed the conversation. I. I'm just. Congratulations you -- -- one -- you know that you're the perfect example of that takes two to make it iPad. I've been wasting will be given to some the year debate should not hundreds of former top guy you know given you gotta watch. That's why he says more than arms like the way as -- -- you know it's interesting whenever one of the biggest debate we've had recently and and actually Gregory -- it was part of it too. Was about goaltending. And whether or not -- need to spend big dollars and goaltenders. We're built the team around him because -- look at the two teams in the Stanley Cup finals the Chicago Blackhawks. In Boston -- other goaltenders played really well. But one of these teams gonna win their second Stanley Cup. In recent history with a different goaltender. -- and not paying him big dollars so it does that and when you're looking at how to build a team more rebuild the team marine team opera we wanna say it do you look at what. Those teams are doing and say am I might have to rethink this. They -- can I get a hitting Andrew what this one like. Yeah you got planned Pro Bowl tenders -- -- what's what -- the Philadelphia Flyers is an example. Look at their goaltending decisions. Last year then what happened. You know -- You've got young goaltenders that. Seem to get out around the league in. The very give up Bob Bobrovsky. Can -- that. You know. I'd like to be part of that decision. Plot that was one of our discussions yesterday was. I mean what a slap in the face for him to win the presidency in -- is -- you have all these -- issues for close to a decade. And the one guy that you couldn't seem to you know. Locked down and -- -- lock down my -- to play. His potential as -- roster are off that was used they're just getting more time it matter what but yeah. It's it's not -- I don't know I don't know if you guys know this but I. T in years and waters -- From the flyers' organization. The community to abatements that there has made this will be harder working goaltender. Davidson said he could receive. And I think I've heard comment that he may be the hardest working player. It came out of the management. Somewhere from the flyers. That they've ever seen. So one of the things that the Buffalo Sabres. Are looking -- in the future. And wanted to requirements to be just sit there it is. To be hard worker. And I think we're truly looking yet. Especially. In the chase who approves. And you've got. A bunch of guys that. Get along -- each other. And work. And -- you may hear stories every now and then -- you know Lucic. Slack off a little bit this year but they got -- option he sure risen. We -- look like he's not working now. I think they'll route he has that basic foundation. Know that no one gonna work. Do you see a lot of that do you see a lot of that in and in your team or you are you basically -- need to go out find more that. -- looking I -- When we're drafting from now arm. That's number one. And it will be this -- worked and we've got. We got some should read this. Young workers. And thirteen. Just have it automatically. Can you teach somebody to work I think he -- No -- they have a and they wanted -- And a guy that's -- you know what that's probably the I think you can. I would rather take a guy with less skill that has all the work ethic in the world and a guy that has a ton of skill that that you have to push to work. I think because I think you can. I that you get the guy that's willing to put the work and will eventually. You know wolf bull put the working to get better get to where he has to be united sometimes a guy that is just naturally skilled it doesn't really -- work we'll just rest on his laurels to rest on his skill ability and sometimes that's not enough. You know and a lot of times. In our society we need parent to not. We're afraid to talk about in England. And give the worker. A pat on the back. Because slow but you know especially if you don't sports scene what you know I'm gonna do it -- like this descriptions can we have. Nobody. Well -- work. And it's it's fun to watch all we've heard about him to change coming here is how he works. And they're. I'm -- stadium. Today is so an example that. The other young guy should look at. And say -- I should do their. In you know in life sometimes you say well don't -- -- we should sort rewarding our workers. In sports or business or whatever you know that you guys were Barton to a good job you should be recognized. -- you know -- he's not the only one but you know these sticks out. If it is someone who is special. Yeah I would agree with that -- had a conversation with targets of the other day in. The same kind of thing just bumped into a museum practice it was going to escape after work out and just there aren't casual conversation. And -- kind of came out of his mouth -- it was verbatim should you believe that people actually say that. Guys worked too hard. -- -- he doesn't he doesn't believe that he doesn't believe there such thing as as. Overdoing it he just he has one gear and it is its top played all time list. Credible yeah period home. The other guys look at that may -- sit in the whole organization very. Bill or some kid that we just. Picked up. Shape then you know. -- That's our that's us and it Terry got a few minutes left here and I want to ask about -- coach of the Buffalo Sabres. You know another thing fans are seen. Vancouver go through an extensive search Dallas the New York Rangers expect enabling being you know. Their head coach today and Ron -- week we've known Ron we've talked to Ron we see his qualities. But fans I wanna know why there was an extensive search or perhaps was there. Well. One of the reasons why those -- run didn't give us much choice last year. Streak came in and I don't I don't think that. Only trade away your captain he would he would do on the past hand. -- -- -- -- That's well he certainly came under tough circumstances replacing a legend and icon as a coach and yet again demonstrated. That would be ideal for me if -- by the bench even though I'm not a coach. E*Trade. Inexperienced. Defensemen. Two experienced defenseman. And didn't say okay. We're gonna we're gonna you on the basis what you do. It and Dietrich or actual dispute players. And then by the way he does pretty well. Does it he's another guy that. You're not gonna I'll work. Run balls. These art work. And how much of the decision. Which did you see you saw after Lindsay laughed. The confidence of some players example Jonas and Roth I thought Tyler Myers played a little better I thought the team. As a whole wanting to look at the record he he had a he had a little bit of a winning record but a significant improvement from what was before and after so. Does does does the I guess improvement of the players as a whole like individual players -- make a difference to how they reacted to that -- -- run. -- -- Exactly stand. In the next three years. We head out. Eleven -- In the first two rounds. So weakened. And who we haven't. If we make -- deals you never know we have maybe we may have more but. -- worker like you have this. Massive influx of young players. In some marquee players right now Macgregor -- those that Gergen Susan Larsen. Minimum actor it. These are all young Irish. It and runs a teacher. There's going to be more young players come and dance so well -- here we're going it's going to be a different mix for the sabres. You have. Hopefully have your veteran leadership and these hard working guys under. It Terry Terry final thing I'm Dan appreciate the time today here on sabres hockey outline. Fans -- you know which we see it Andrew and I via Twitter and phone calls and editorials in the show frequently. And it probably your fans are angry. The way the season went. And just how this did not meet anybody's expectations this past. Unique year with a lockout shortened season and suction. Yeah Lindy Ruff. Be relieved of his duties and so on so forth. I'm sure you're not happy about it are you angry about it and when you put the angered a bad I guess or have you already. No anger just. You know keep -- -- -- you have you have a course of action you're taking it and this gets changed. Or they're set it it changes we're in certain players don't. You don't window the the bid on them they don't. They don't come to your organization they go somewhere else so. It is he you do street by your plans in and shift and who have the direction. We're. You have to do it in well all there's just going. There's a massive and massive amount of I'm restricted free agents they could hit the market within a year. Well let's -- now he's still got this. Young -- That you're training. And hoping will be -- your future leaders. I'm in your organization. I appreciate the time Terry thanks for asking many of the questions that fans have been certainly wondering about and that will to do this again soon and and have fun with a draft should be an exciting time. Leading up to it here in the next week and a half. -- it -- thank you -- right thank you sabres owner Terry Google.

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