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7/22 Sully on Matt Harvey, The Open Championship and E.J. Manuel

Jul 22, 2013|

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    great coaches but would you necessarily for Tim very lean towards. A Luke Richardson a Travis green which you pull away a Colorado and say go find the best junior coach there isn't say. Yeah he's ready to jump to the NHL now because we're gonna have a very young team here. Now there are people talking about the coach an area that coach with a resume like yeah. And in Sheldon Keefe there are people talking about those types of guys. Are they ready to make that jump. Luke Richardson isn't just an HL coaching either he did spend three years as an assistant. In the inning yeah so he has actually
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    at 825 it happened last night and has nothing to do with Mike Babcock go into the drama. We are joined on the AT&T hotline by TSN's Craig button former NHL GM. Who over the years
    A person that's ever gone through this either in public respect to Mike Babcock and. You know sometimes. There may be. Some things that occurred at our intentional. But still. Delete people disappointed and you know
    and so to speak on on somebody like Matt might not like Mike Babcock . You know you you're doing everything you do you get a cure your offers the best of you may even feel that you had to deal. But as your editor Gerri. You know Mike is not about what paper you're either trawl neatly on the Buffalo Sabres that lack. Have to move forward I will add this one last little bit. I'm public acknowledged that. The Detroit red and cannot get a hold to that don't have my. At the Buffalo Sabres not beautiful to date that they didn't get Mike Babcock and I think that that's important keep in mind. And that's one reason why we got John today because I think a lot of I'm with you I think a lot of people are like. OK you can still win a cup admitted that this is not like the sabres entire future rested on the shoulders of Mike Babcock he's not coming so let's get another guy. And of the guys that are out there putting you like. Well you know there who could guys polite kid you you know when I got I think at times we get caught opted not. In the name game I mean Mike Babcock had hired by the economy are by the Detroit Red Wings that we could locate added nearly coast a couple of years
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    a 25 it happened last night and has nothing to do with Mike Babcock go into the drama at least. We are joined on the AT&T hotline by TS AN's Craig button former NHL GM. Who
    and so to speak on on somebody like Matt might not like Mike Babcock . You know we you you're doing everything you do you get a cure your offers the best of you may even feel that you added deal. Whether you're legendary. You know Mike is not about what paper you're either trawl deeply on the ball close neighbors that lack. Have to move forward I will add this one last little bit. I'm public technology. The Detroit red and cannot get a hold to that don't have my dock at the Buffalo Sabres knocked an awful to date that they didn't get Mike Babcock and I think that that's important keep in mind. And that's one reason why we got John today because I think a lot of I'm with you I think a lot of people are like. OK you can still win a cup admitted that this is not like the sabres entire future rested on the shoulders of Mike Babcock he's not coming so let's get another guy. And of the guys that are out there putting you like. Well you know there who could Geist polite kid you yet you know when I got I think at times we get caught opted not. In the name game I think Mike Babcock got hired by the taught me I by the Detroit Red Wings and into okay he had illegally coached a couple of years in the league without odd but what people probably didn't go. If he was an American Hockey League Cincinnati. At a time when Detroit. And Anaheim shared a minor league came so he could have a lot more knowledge of him. Then back. Other people may have realized they didn't have stall just got hired by the total implied but also I think you're great hire. By the Philadelphia Flyers because I've watched what impact stalled did what more the cold I've watched I'm sure over ten years. You don't really developed
    this to everybody. And that attitude I don't buy into that the Mike Babcock Tabasco club Platt. I agree that he's a monster that cultures in the world and the bond that go to the National Hockey League. But but but I think there's a nice coaches we all I have my best colts they kicked a giant Hitchcock talked McClellan. Ally a big old bunch. Also this is gonna blow you know Mike Babcock as far away all my god what a great coach you can bet Coulter camp leading get a. He's a much of that school and Ken Holland touched on it yesterday. You know mentioning that. You know there they've won one playoff round of the last four years Mel. Mike Babcock had a 32 shoes lead in 2000 and dying. The Stanley Cup final. Ironically coached by Dan about love that but the regarding what coached by Dan bottled up. And they lost that your directory wanna get Chicago and 2013. And lost that series to the eventual Stanley Cup champions and they were streaky this year at all so. And and that's not I'm not sure you hear being negative about Mike Babcock after reality go to the box. So again when I talk about the Buffalo Sabres aren't strong strong bloody. And that starts from the ownership. All the way through their group at right into the play Iraq and the prospects and. You know that your draft you know we know Jack article notes but that moment or so. They're gonna they're coping out there and it might duke potentially cultures that are every bit as good as Mike Babcock so. Cap I catch Stewart captured that and Q what can come up. Craig I'm sure that every situation is different when

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-- com slash. Music critic Jerry Solomon joining us here in -- -- so how do I change how I refer you now are you know what part time music critic can be full time but. I'm I'm back -- news or comment that I probably try to ameliorate. Something else that goes back to you -- that spotlight piece about women's magazines is further right. Little uncomfortable and I think really apple -- Myers. Saw the forecast and decide that these two wider range that. But I have a question do you know a lot thought about it and talk more about that it should Michael. So called bad about them but what would you rather be a met fans are Yankee and right now we could -- what your race. Are the all star -- you know would allow the most runs. And the most hits in Major League Baseball is here. Which pitcher it's about. The Yankees today about it but I've always been a big fan and the work course a Smart pitcher but he's not the same guy that. While and I hate to Beaumont -- embargo that that was done or migrants are light them up -- -- -- There made made my day you know I wish I it was a bigger Mickelson and as a programmer at our -- that -- laid it out if -- -- -- permanent tournament today anyway to where we. You've got a bigger -- that may not -- you aren't I. I figure I'll try to answer all these things thrown a lot out and buy one and only got to -- sit on your wound up when he. What you wanna worry about it when he book. My team be tourists are well heavy. 120 units you're saying it's like I mean you -- just for fun you know if it's for entertainment purposes only. Record unit -- expect and when -- -- not really referenced some money so think about that we can talk about a -- period you can buy your 27 strings there. -- -- -- hearings. The council's I don't that are gentlemen now we just sheet remain because I don't need straight up the men. All right well do we respond to any one of the things -- -- your -- I'll go to our note our show Matt Harvey. -- 243 the issue this that in sports that are. 23 swings and misses yesterday you know average fastball 97. Miles row like the guy -- -- on the watch he is the the best part Sully the best part of watching that -- and there's a lot. Is watching him and I said why because each time we start they come up with a -- that that shows no one's doing what Matt Harvey is doing it is. I he's got like a better ERA in the first what whatever thirty starts than any pitcher in the history of franchise including a -- the name of receiver. -- couldn't see -- Gordon Bennett and -- out and I don't know Jerry when you look at all of baseball you mentioned sabathia and you bring up party has he taken overstressed -- hurt. The must see new power pitcher that you know if you're missing in the you're missing out. Sheridan just couldn't do our attention spans are short but still -- -- Stratford. Army the most interesting picture to come along. In awhile I think Kirk crystal best pitcher in baseball numbers were backed up by -- and my attitude pitcher right now and RB. It's B -- I watched him yesterday and it was just it was great because the British Open timed out right around it ended. -- -- when the Mets game was beginning and I I watch him. And great and I'm biased on the Mets fan and I'm desperate to La idea I cannot be happy despite the but I watch him and think. It's just unfair like hitters going up against Harvey if he gives up -- hit I'm surprised -- needs that dominating time. You know I remember Goodman 85. There is going to be the great pitcher -- nor ever delegate Donna 1920 year old when it comes to command. And our -- when he was in buffalo it -- like you loose you know slow to evolve but he was born at -- though it's. Pitching that the gripping. To me about baseball. And when these phenomena that come along in my -- -- and Fernando I mean it's mr. Obama and our company's announcement to come along the -- park. So I think it's wonderful -- based on the a lot of good pitching are out there except. And even -- it would be accused carried them. But that added to not -- on both regret soccer shaky in right now. I'm one other thing you mentioned you're not a fan of -- Jerry I think that's -- you problem what's not to like about felt. I -- I did just that felt. Almost -- prefer recruit but again he would tell -- that a lot to criticize earlier. Eight. What the -- earlier his career what he couldn't win it's stupid things but -- the story here. And people like me you are sometimes Jack thank god he's proven you wrong city -- he'd gotten better he put up. He built that golf -- backyard after age forty. The guy who's not involving -- his career. Is Tiger Woods -- that's 43 years old and he may start to it may be doing good thing I thought personally I would do. -- that he was so great he would be winning majors in the mid forties would late forties start to think Phil could -- a few more of -- golf course to -- him yesterday so. I give it up and I mean it never won the US open or British Open he's complaining how recruits did so after about this. Up after the first -- -- you like destroy that. If someone's slapping you still eat it -- at sixteen ounces and joke that doesn't stay on the green but he says that I don't care went up. Crushed these three wood on the -- German and it was a and it's an amazing story still make eight injured more instinct in next year's peak next month's PGA championship. They helped build going to be more interest and because the. When he comes up back to back wins the Scottish open one of Scotland open right coming into this. Jerry his comments after Thursday were very. On film like he basically he criticized Muirfield and said if there if if they get their ego out of the way it was a very. Confrontational comment and you don't see stuff like that from Mickelson really at all but he wasn't the only what didn't with it Poulter made some -- tell you that about how they should put up. Round Ferris -- -- crowned yet whatever clouds that like a mini golf course. Somebody I thought it was Poulter who tweeted that got in trouble for that you. You know regrettable after the same boat and it's big and uncivil and again he couldn't win on it and one US or British Open when they create economic condition of the tablet why. -- took -- shoot 66. You know what abandonment -- -- in here I -- that a search of a thousand stories written yesterday. Now one. Hadn't Johnny Miller in the story where it. So Michael and I think it was that that kind of performance -- Miller shot 63 when the US open. And 73 it's the greatest final round ever admitted that -- kind of like that though so expect Phillips fired back. Under these conditions that seem like a sixty -- this is going to be remembered you. Believe me the way. Wade Miller's remember that the Watson shot a 65 -- the British Open one time -- -- -- one of the great final proper point sister got. I wanted to ask you guys are saying about this yesterday like. A really great player in his sport. But unfortunate playing at a time when maybe one of the greatest ever played in that sport because if you look at -- now five majors. Five majors she's -- are three of the 43 quarters the -- -- the one major hasn't won it he's finished second 66 times -- US -- tiger wasn't playing and who knows how that affects still with tiger wasn't around it still was -- Would we be talking about the greatest golfer are you needed to leave the sport for another one Ernie Els. Ernie Els is one that has been a great golfer in one year when tiger won three out of the four majors I think Els finished second in all three. So that there's one. Everybody in the NBA during the Jordan era anybody right I mean LeMieux was a great hockey player but it was still Gretzky is number one. I don't know I mean selling -- I feel I almost feel sorry for Mickelson that he doesn't get talked about as one of the best ever because it was one. Don't anarchy if it retarded you probably have a news but. No it's great so they're a part of him didn't win enough and watching him at the Pete. Most of the people go out there -- -- About ten years ago watching him play for -- the ball fifty yards past the players. And watching it short and he never won a major. Mean I spoke -- feeling. He should've won more majors that's the golf people will -- target that and part of what tiger but retired ten made it Vietnam it -- like you know -- you let it out you never -- on Sunday you never. Want that man man battle that he wasn't ready you know a lot of golfers. To mature late and that's what makes -- a great story that is suddenly. The guy again and you spend you could argue the best -- -- Five years anyway tiger and benevolent. Nature and it not going to be sold and it right he got. On the -- this under control -- It is pretty incredible story. Well it sets up amazingly for Oak Hill mean. Phil and tiger last and they are here that was you know tiger -- What he's maybe has passed around that time -- that tiger and the -- crowds. Are different than any other golfers. And this way this this. Terminal -- probably be the same -- -- tiger they they asked uninteresting question and I'd like to ask you which is more likely. That he never wins another major. Or that he wins five and passes Jack. Which do you think it's more likely. But -- remember when another major -- you know. I probably sit in her because she's not you'll win a major Mini -- -- -- I've finally I had I had took over the years never underestimate him I don't. I think it's much molecular level and another one I didn't. I think you will but. No not to win five more -- which is being out there at the European joking capita duplicate six Spaniards contending -- it. And then -- -- because nineteen the competition just keeps getting tough work all right I do think that there is. The likelihood him in getting that -- it is becoming very slim. Sully Willis -- Sullivan 8030515. To join a solid will be out golfing today with the with the rest of us at the WGR tournament. I -- -- that and let me preface this by saying I I understand we can make stats we can twist that's to say or make it look like just about anything if you have the rights that but I wanted to share the -- -- your reaction. The last six majors now for tiger last year and this year his last six majors he's eleven under par through rounds one and two. He's 23 over par in rounds three and four. What are you interpret from that because I would look at that -- and say he's cracking under pressure. Thought I would interpret through these -- quite -- -- other tournaments that I am. He can't say it's typical -- tired and maybe get tired of -- mental. And it's almost like -- soaked switched minds so used to be the guy who couldn't altogether a late tiger in the second half of these. -- government just isn't as mine he just can't get him get his mind around -- what we wondered after. Oh you'll avoid them everything what would be like the most situations after he had been exposed for the world. Wouldn't be a different guy that focus that says it just blocked everything out. Remember thinking in another week that you have -- -- -- the whole world watching I am not the same guy and I'm not infallible. Is that all that wrapped up in the I don't know but you'd you'd commit numbers. It would it's right there -- now front and -- He can't do it never has come from Ireland Sunday of a major but this seemed like. But he's already thinking too much to the pressure's getting -- -- something that I never thought could have. Well that's why I thought I wanna ask you for your your opinion on that because. If there's one guy you would think you would never throw out the pressure's getting to him it would be Tiger Woods I mean the the pressure of being tiger he's been dealing with the pressure being Tiger Woods forever and extremely. High bar that he set for himself. So that's why can't figure out this -- in contention going into Saturday and he can't finish the job. What happens and I just a -- like I I found -- hard to believe but what other explanation could be other than he's cracking under the the weight of when you're gonna win another major tiger. But the bigger. The biggest enemy in golf detention. And attention also create doubt -- doubt in golf. The mental. -- Often the believe you -- make that shot. Is it the enemy to talk like -- was so good ones so often early there was no doubt in his mind this all. The problem is physical problems as personal problems have put doubt in equation he's become like. An ordinary golfer and those moment and it's humbled and I know that tiger. -- have to have a lot like golf getting revenge on him and and it still like lab at all. But it eventual -- the ultimate doubt he was Westwood and today. You won. And he's happy in that -- as -- is doing OK and he's laughing at the game and that's I don't know what happened I think we. Or rugby your setup guys -- was economy don't -- -- like I don't care. -- -- -- -- I'm gonna go out there I'm going to be Seoul government trying to make birdies. And he's kind of mounted that attention and tiger being swallowed up by. Terry Sullivan will decide now to the bill -- I don't wanna be patient what do I have to be patient I read your column yesterday as always I'm very well -- But and you at the very yet. You talked about I would advise patients keep in mind these things don't usually happen overnight but in the same column a few paragraphs earlier. You point out Andrew Luck you point out RG three point out Russell Wilson you point out six of the twelve playoff teams last year quarterbacks in the first or second here so I don't need to be patient anymore. But what makes it difficult -- and just really good guys and you have to come to terms with the the probability that he's not habitable you're not as read that the -- dangerous because they look you're saying that didn't tell it not as brutal -- right well probably so. And I missed this the hard one purpose built and to sort of -- bear arms around here. Put our arms closely good at those guys are but if you could -- a corporate point and like that. The -- the story is a wake up thinking maybe he has great -- just taken longer. Think most quarterbacks while. I don't know what Jim Kelly little to show what appear right effort out so. I I think they're not going to be a very good team right away and you have to find. Always good to judge him without you know going crazy about what are you what are you -- that's not but the question I don't think. True that all it'll ruin in the glowing indeed that right away -- did it doesn't rule them to sit watch and learn either so. Be patient. Well it's funny Gerri this kind of ties in the Nicholson talk because all these young quarterbacks that have had success he'll lock Griffin Wilson cavern it. In ten years. Three of them all have a reputation after not winning the big game but right now they're all just exciting new prospects look good but Beattie Andy Dalton. Never makes it never wins a playoff game you know Philip Rivers was super exciting for awhile look at his career he's -- quarterback who won a lot of games but. Most teams that would hope to win super bulls that he said you quarterback's going to be Philip Rivers -- say. -- that's good but it's certainly good enough -- it's like we're comparing manual to these six quarterbacks that we think are all gonna be great when in reality. In almost the -- probably end up being a bit disappointing. Yeah it is and then you make a play or what color is a few years from now things could look different. From what you're seeing right now so I think people need to be patient as I mean I'm there that he won't secret and that's to. The way it and the typical ball for people who to a best. But I think there's it's more than a quarterback stepped out the most important thing we have a new coach and the coaching staff. -- a new general manager I think also vocal stance and you don't the more. Same ones -- are looking to a whole picture here and what what they see how it outfield looks sounds different and that. And in -- all the spoke about coaching -- go -- there was just talk coaching matters organization matters vision. And people gonna want to see it all come together and they want to believe they know what they're doing. And even the span on the loose -- -- -- if -- wasn't at least people know what to do. The react and to go get another guy or at least to still make it in more competitive long term and spent. What's your read on -- you know you've been here for -- you covered a lot of coaches you've had your scuffles with some in year. -- your quips with others what what's your read on Maroney as you had in the first season and covering him mastering asking questions trying to get to say stuffy -- as we all of course. -- -- -- our young coach who knows football and it was trying to get along and -- the right things but he's a competitor is a football guy. -- ball like in some ways. And when things -- difficult we're gonna find out about how to handle the Taiwan for the general of course about you know the caller makes an important one. There were people probably and so -- because then again it's Syracuse. But it still comes down to. But all picture the command he has the edgy create a legitimate is how the players react to a man they look like between them. Is making a little more. Of the talent that they after the great coaches do that it doesn't matter Parcells that he always seemed to get. More out of his players than that -- vote there and again it's like with the quarterback because the chances are it won't be great. -- I'm I'm just wearing the seat. And which irritation with -- But you can see some coaches arts are quickly Greg Williams on the sideline he wasn't -- -- game there and -- I -- discovered more open I -- -- a commitment of up a bit at Syracuse batters. He really turn at the ground. -- beyond Cobb and Manuel may be maybe you just gave us your answer what the nest the next most interesting storyline for you at training camp. The receiver -- gone to speed we believe in these guys they want to attack on the field but clearly felt the receiving corps limited them. It was almost like they were suited -- limited quarterback all -- and the very limit little boy and and you alluded to it. They -- out of -- despite that but. I wanna see what they do with speed receiver and I want to -- these are there really any good Arnold Graham of the -- merger in the second year otherwise you waste another. Let's see how they use these guys everyone talks about going down the field being aggressive and with the defense and patent. If not it is it's bound in this league. I wanna see how you see this come along. Well when when the hip reschedule or you're gonna have critique that one too. -- can read my comment I was just gonna go to camp and probably read that your big fit in my. I don't just don't think they're. That's remain united that time I wrote that the man. And I I don't know what flaws -- word of course they're only got to do -- on the way you know was perfect for me to go after rain could write about something that they're just knew something would go because it was me lots and your son then where is that happening here. I didn't wanna point out because it was you but for for people who think bad things happen when Sully is on the beat you show up I hit concert and a massive storm concert. Right it's like when you go away in big news happens first time I ever the only time I covered the raptors all three triple. Well Martha Burk remember that stories and in the end the first day around one Thursday rained out. I believe it was the first time around there have been rained out at the -- from -- -- Anyway are you on your I gotta go back back Erica -- facility in the -- my short game and Melinda so good -- state journal I feel well our little. You know our little issues this war and then look forward and you've got to the line on that spirit and by the way there Westwood Westwood. A parent I'm good to shelter Soledad. Back thank you.

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