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WGR550>Topics>>7/25 Bills Digest Editor Mark Ludwiczak talks about players to watch at camp

7/25 Bills Digest Editor Mark Ludwiczak talks about players to watch at camp

Jul 25, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Do well I didn't you know. I'm good catcher you know bad your laptop -- everything ready to go. Yes for the most part it's it's coming up -- they're getting ready. We're talk about this the other day and I know Salinger we were talking about this last week as well give me some word to describe are you excited are you optimistic. Are you intrigued. What what would you use to describe your what you are feeling as you approach watching training camp. You know I think there's -- -- because really I just think it is kind of but Tampa change this is a big. You're change for the bill you know I think most of us are expecting him. Huge short term gains but I think in the long term. I I think work thinking that you know hey maybe they have you know some things. Actually put in place that I think you're gonna change for the better and me you'll be consigned to that at least that this strain. What. In terms of things that you know changes for the better what would be near the pattern near the top of your list what you've seen so far in the offseason. It starts with the defense. Hand down the defense was. More work -- -- -- -- -- in number time that they were bullet train. And just showing you know different types. You know attacks. In steamboat. Compared to last year it was the exact opposite compared to what we -- from. You know people want that you know unbelievably. Conservative. Approach on ER so I I think -- -- to start first and foremost. -- we were talking about. Breakout seasons who's -- break -- season. Wolf first true who do you think in terms of how we mentioned spell -- they would be at the top of a lot of lists who do you think there are bills players are poised to have a big year. Yet that's definitely Miller copilot I think until work in Tibet are are -- ethernet. Really answer the brain media card you know and gotten much. Praises the marquee -- because. Yeah -- a pretty good year last year so I don't think. Arm. Maybe that there at the top somewhat but really he he was terrific in the spring I think Kiko Alonso. -- he could you -- straight away. Albeit speed and I think -- only got to look better -- aren't really. What a great it is physical play -- -- -- have -- -- so I think those are the parents. -- this for me. 8030550. To join us we're chat with mark what was Jack editor of bills -- just I figured bring up Gilmore. Which let me tee which leads me I should say to my next question you talked about the defense Raleigh and should see this new scheme from Mike Patton. Supposedly going to be very aggressive attack oriented a lot of guys moving around guys being you know could be an outside linebacker and inside linebacker than safety on the next play after that. Flourish is the most. Agree that would benefit the most with Gilmore being in that list because. He'll get more interceptions or have a chance to make more big plays because quarterbacks will be under more pressure who flourishes in this new system. The question and I I think that's part of it with Iraq I think your credit is clearly he's just. That much more comfortable you know a lot of times. Certain positions -- you let your receivers don't they don't -- -- repeatedly and that's vacated become I think sometimes orders. And we meet in the bill -- nobody on quarters. Early in recent years a lot of times it's just. You're one year to -- after they get -- he went so I think it's very. The -- partner with him you know of course. The question. Donated cash and you know well that mr. bird -- out after a they'll benefit the most when you look at. Which agent skiing here you know of course I like our lord that are. And that's what packed -- you know obviously benefit because they're happy to show that they look at renown and because we expect based on what we are. You -- TJ Graham it's a guy was singing about mark I mean Odyssey really didn't do a heck of a lot last year when he did catch passes a lot of it was short stuff because this offense was. Really you know could not create a deep pass on a regular basis. That's not -- three its year to. But with a new scheme on offense who knows who the quarterback is with a new offensive coordinator. What are your expectations for TJ Graham I'm not I wouldn't put a mini break -- year but what are your expectations for Graham in your number two. You know I think like a lot of people still isn't a week and see mode with him. Yet there interstate and are either never taught in any -- that -- -- wanted it to watch film Mike Wallace and expertise kind of thought they had. Some of the similar you know skills. Coming into the lead there obviously you know what -- ought to -- What is explosiveness then. I don't know -- if if if -- ever reach out and at least keep watching bill. The ball yen -- eat either dot you know and yeah there -- better string around here BP. Part ever worked spring he had a pretty. Rough go of it last year. He got the guilt but I think the other rookie receivers personally. I like I think proper what. And a little more polished. So I I don't know what will be will be you know their pitchers in camp for him privately held Graham. Well and all this time of the conversation and ask you the question that you know wrong to be talking about quarterbacks before I let you go let's delve into the quarterback's. And how how do you think this is all going to play out since this will be the story that everybody's tracking will be out there. Have practiced Sunday night and eyes glued on EJ Manuel in the reps in the quarterback situation what's gonna happen. Gary I think -- -- physical skills are are very. Obvious when you step on the field -- he's got. The bill be capped the arming Arab Brothers one passed in the spring or. Electorate are now -- to tag -- and it it was something that we haven't seen. In years I mean you know with with ease it was one of those -- where. Fitzpatrick we're we're really after. You know -- it and there was a poll each sister eureka a fifteen yard out there so. If he's got the physical tools that I don't I I think it's gonna take some time you know the book on him. Coming into the app blues venues Barack Obama -- I -- technically solid breaker I think its decision making is. You know it's gonna take some time I think that normal well. Which -- quarterback so -- aren't expecting Teracopy starter. You know barring. A big change your training camp but I mean obviously you know anything is possible really. But I respect and so are. You think he'll be the start of the entire year or is it a matter of he's a caretaker at some point I mean I don't know how much. How much. How many reps and how much activity Manuel would get a -- not the starter. We to -- practice do you think is that a caretaker at some point during the season the coach will look to see. If manuals the flight went on he's ready and then take over. Yeah I'll be right at I think that the bills. See you then at least they're out there and starts ago it many of mr. -- You know you get two weeks 5678. And you know there are -- under or media little worse one. Earlier guy in the -- and see what he can do. You know immediate learned. A little more over that tiny -- -- pretty wrecked that I'm expecting him as their top and can take -- there. You'll be out there of working very hard for bills -- just like she gets them information out there for folks who like to subscribe. Sure our architect preview edition is out right now we've got. Very large position -- Pete is one page per -- at each position. Analyzing everything daughters either putting checking out online so I just -- and earlier local wegmans and tops. I'm mark we'll look forward seeing attorney Kent thanks for coming on. Mark look reject joining us editor of bills -- just be out there with the many members of the B.

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