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7/25 Mark Ludwiczak from Bills Digest on what to watch for during Bills training camp

Jul 25, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What journalist about the markets and Jimmy and went well -- Eric and good that you have you no bread -- laptop yet anyway the -- Air for the most part it. That there. Get ready to go. I -- about this the other day and in -- Salinger we will talk about those last week as well to some rude to describe are you excited are you optimistic. Are you intrigue. What would you use to describe -- What your feeling as you approach watching training camp. You know I think this sort of retreat because really I just think this is and the birds but a change that this is a big. You have changed for the bill -- you know I think most of us are expected. -- short term gains. I think in the long term. I think we're thinking that you know hey maybe they have you know some things. Actually put in place that that things could change for the better and maybe you'll be confined to get at least that this strain they're. What down. In terms of things that no changes for the better what would be near the -- -- -- -- of the top of your list what you've seen so far in the offseason. With the defense says it can't doubt the defense wasn't. More work well there -- many years -- -- time that they were always saying. Engine shelling and you know two different types -- you -- I actually it'd if he was. Compared to let Judy that the opposite compared to what we saw from. Nobody wants that's you -- unbelievably. Conservative. Approach our defense side I think actually start personal almost. -- we're talking about. Breakout season -- and everybody got season. -- -- what do you think -- in terms of -- mentions that there would be at the top of a lot of list what do you think there are bills players are poised to have a big year. Yet that's definitely but I copilot I think to by the market at bat Barbara I backbeat yeah. Really sure it's boring. Yeah you know and got a much. -- it is our people because. Yeah that's a pretty good year last year so I don't think. Media that there at the top somewhat real EUS Olympic and has great I think a lot of LT TE. Straightaway. Center. And I had to keep the legal battle that doesn't really. What are clay there is you don't play it you can't have got to spray and so I think -- on the defense. Topple assorted. It's real fresh -- and join us were chatting with what what was track editor of post I just I think you bring up Barack. Which led me to Muslims and I should say to my next question you talked about the defense wrong. And should assume this new scheme for Mike Patton. Supposedly going to be very aggressive attack early and did a lot of guys moving around guys being you know could get outside linebacker and inside linebacker than a safety in the next play after that. I am for -- the most -- that would benefit the most would give. In that list because we'll get more interceptions or have a chance to make more big plays because. Quarterbacks will be under more pressure flourishes in this new system. The question and I think that our ability and I think yellow card is clearly he's just. Much -- a couple you know a lot of tigers. That position and they look at receiver you know take the -- usually do and that's already hated it jumped I think some corners. Are we reaching -- -- solely on quarters. Early in recent years a lot of times it's just. You -- you you have to you have to take it that he -- so I think it's neat to recruit him you know of course. Big question. Going -- that much. I. Got up and that the most when you look at. Which injured skiing there no of course I -- the water there and that's what. I think well obviously that's good because the deputy shot and every now at least that's -- we get to that base so we start. But she -- minutes ago I -- mark and you know she really didn't do a heck of a lot last year when he did catch passes a lot of it was short stuff because this offense was. Really you know could not create a deep pass on a regular basis. Value through -- year to. But -- a new scheme offense who should quarterback is. Which they knew. Offensive coordinator. What our expectations for TJ Graham. I know I wouldn't put a mini break out year but what are your expectations for -- in your number two. I think like a lot of people still isn't a weakness seen mold and I. Interstate and -- see the look and resent that that was really wanted to watch film Mike Wallace and it pretty trying to stop bad. The minister. You know still old coming -- to -- obviously you know what well also done a little bit slow a bit better. I don't know if if if -- ever. Re out there we keep watching film but yen -- DB without either me up better straightaway here BP. I bet -- straight he had pretty. Well go that lesson here if we go by the I think the other rookie receivers personally. I like I think what. It will more -- stairs so I. Well you know her interest in camp. Actually seen all the teacher Graham. Well no -- of the conversation and ask you the question that -- rather be talking about quarterback's ability go let's delve into the quarterback's. And how we how do you think this is all going to play out since this would be understood all of those tracking will be out there. At practice Sunday night and I was glued I need to Emanuel in the reps in the quarterback situation what's gonna happen. I think it it's still. Very. Obvious when you see your staff on the field EEE. We'll all be happy and there's one -- in the spring or -- Just let them -- out at the -- and it was so that we haven't seen. In years you know with with EU says. Where it's that recorder were really there you know and it in there with a poppy just circulate a fifteen out there are so. If you got -- -- the local. I don't I I think it's good they retire they go to him. And it -- that you're a lot about Michael -- I think without that pressure I think its decision to make it is you know in particular time. I think that -- well with rookie quarterback so I I expect intend -- -- you know barring. Change the training camp fire and obviously you know I always like but that's -- and so far. You need to have been started the entire year. Or is it a matter of he's a caretaker at some point I mean I don't know how much. How much. How many reps and how much activity Manuel would get -- he's not a starter. Which we can practice. Is that a caretaker at some point during the season the coach look to see if -- the flight went on he's ready and then take over -- I I think it would go. See you then at least that's out there and start to go -- many of us I think it you know that we sent out by 678. And you are still out on your radio or worse why -- Earlier in the air and see what he can do. Immediate -- and a little -- that tiny person with pretty bright guys that I could speculate as some other kind of take an air. I Libby out there and working very hard for bills -- just like she did so much information out there for folks who like to subscribe. Are they -- previous edition is now right now we've got. Expedition pages it is one -- at each position. Fighting everything orders either a liar -- -- just lying in bed your local what then zantops. I'm mark an important city attorney can't thank you coming on. My -- -- joining us editor of those guys just be out there with the many members of the year.

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