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WGR550>Topics>>7/25 Hour 3- Howard and Jeremy ask whether CJ Spiller can be even better in 2013

7/25 Hour 3- Howard and Jeremy ask whether CJ Spiller can be even better in 2013

Jul 25, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I've -- always Simon you know. Okay ready go over five Howard. Jeremy Matthew collar and other sunny lovely day here in west New York thank -- joining us Matthew and for dentistry back next week. Our web pull up on on on Vatican has sabres issue that we've been talking about all morning eagle 305 to twelve -- -- -- of your -- to conduct policy and 3550. Before you -- are built discussions not so subtle reminder that our training camp coverage kicks off this weekend the bills will be at saint John Fisher. And we'll practice Sunday night and you have to have a ticket it's free to get in the -- that taken and I believe all the tickets were distributed for the first -- practice there will be other nine practices. But dubbed. We'll all be there and a Monday morning bright early at six we will kick off. Numerous broadcasts shows of shows so live at saint John Fisher will be out there watch practice Sunday night. But Monday morning -- military EG manuals in the hall of Famer. So that'll be a good shot so we've got you covered our show shall global global be live at -- out about children and some of the -- -- sort Saturday shows at bills camp. House we got you covered on WGR. The great thing about camp we will have. A cornucopia. Of tremendous guests will give players on all the time we'll be coaches and front office folks so we got to really covered on WGR. And at WGR 550 dot com will be tons of web content on a daily basis Joba scallions and Paul Hamilton will be out there covering camp. You'll feel I mean you'll know everything until about the bills just by sticking with -- and WG reflect -- the dot -- for a training -- Howard go to the front page of NFL but confident but we Sweeney what we picked up report on what Thomas panic because of the update Medicaid comets that Minneapolis television station about. He said he probably expected and sank. And now we just kind of kicked at a ruffled about the idea that how old attic you remembered how we're talk bluntly he's already gone but it's pretty clear he wants to well as options once free agency it. In the linked to the interview that Jeremy is referring to is available at our website if -- if you click on the back story at WG Arafat picked dot com it's just a few minutes ago about it but NFL the outcome. But CJ a solid -- are easy easy and Aaron Hernandez -- maybe it was CBS sportsline dot -- it was an NFL page maybe was. -- find it OK now let's -- the -- front pages anyway it was five offenses. That are geared for a major overhaul in Spiller was on the air along with I think Larry FitzGerald and I've forgotten the third is if you know what I remember seeing the story now I don't know what website was that. Point is Mathieu yesterday tweeted a picture of CJ Spiller in game against the patriots. I just re -- for the all 42. And it's funny when you take what the old 42 I think a lot of people. Think about while you're -- the passing game right you're gonna watch and see how EJ Manuel does -- go watch Kevin Cobb and evaluate yes that's right. I did a lot of pride it's Patrick last year you don't know the play calls but want to play five times you know what is called and you see it and you see the defense you get a chance look at it. You know the thing about NFL game rewind in the elsewhere to film that's awesome is watching CJ Spiller -- He is not just some running back who finds. These giant Mack truck sized holes and walks through them. CJ Spiller. Laterally his movement his burst straight at the feel his ability to plant a foot and find a spot in just gone through it. His ability to set up defenders. You've seen in coming in one on one with a guy in you just get to watch it shoot the guy yet right. Why not isn't the -- -- other comments about -- -- but -- is perfect -- you get to see him set guys up and then blow by them. He had jaw dropping highlights last year Spiller going to be obviously. This is not new to bill's fans but I'm just telling you -- a -- if you're thinking about the L 22. Watching from the end zone angle watching Spiller mix some of the moves he makes. It's the kind of thing where you think they could have an amazing offense just because he's a part of it quarterback is still super important. But if they -- -- in the right way they could have one of the most dynamic players in the NFL. A guy that is a match up nightmare. That even when you've got to bottled in or you think you've got to you don't you really don't. I was gonna bring up the Miami game last year and -- the discussion also of who's who's going to be a break out player this year who's gonna have a break a year for the bills I won't think of the -- -- a couple of things. This time a year when you approach training camp you always see a lot of lists and NFL web sites. Lot of animal do previews bottom will do top 100 players. Best what ESPN this week has. Best organization twenty age 25 and under players you see a whole bunch a list. And one of the more frustrating things of of you know the bills being where they are you open up these lists never finding the bills mentioned anywhere they are mentioned it's as a team at the bottom of the list. And top 100 according to pro football talk and top 100 Metafile dot com wanna find more bills players there. -- Is the -- I'll bring up the Miami game. The Thursday night game but did not go to the game I did pregame and went home to watch on TV one of his poorest games of the season and statistically and -- after the game. Heat the guy's an NFL network other post game show were laying all over CJ Spiller. -- -- remember what the post game show guy Michael Irvin Marshall Faulk may be -- fall Eisen was there I assume and I forget who the other guy I was -- on May be. Knew it was government yeah they were drooling over the sky again during gloves or something like better early and. There were another bunch of fans in the stands it was I think they were set up the visitors sideline toward the the Jumbotron and in that corner -- budget they have their chance to each his name there walking about -- showing him walking to the broadcast set. As they go to break and these guys were just fawning all over CJ Spiller and here I am watching is thinking finally. The bills have a guy. That other people around the league would get excited about like there's actually a guy that a TV network might think. Hey maybe we should get the bills on because they have CJ Spiller. They have. That guy he is CJ Spiller guy who is worth the price of admission a guy -- other people around the league would be except. Bills game is not how watched on -- just bella looks mean there's a guy that you actually might. Care about. Wearing a Buffalo Bills uniform. It's exciting. Any Michael the first round of the fantasy draft. That's why he's up on his picture is an nfl.com with a fancy. Matthew tweeted a picture yesterday against mitigate against the patriots and it was like a free shot. Of Spiller surrounded by patriots defenders there were eight. There were eight patriot defenders and only maybe one or two bills blockers and he's stopped. Because he's trying to -- somebody. And after that play he gets 25 more yards there's eight people that you can count in the screen shot kind of in the circle almost like. A game in its elementary school or something where. Like you would stand in in the middle and try to get out or something. And he got 25 more like about not not the -- right the Miami game statistic -- was not but think about earlier in the season the first few games for got hurt. And in one when he wants the nine in the opener. He touched -- -- you could sense like as a fan. We talked about you know that the players package on the edge of your seat. If you're in hockey in -- LaFontaine has popped into my head with a player like. You know he comes over the boards for shift you're on the -- your seat thinking I gotta watch this guy can you never know what he's going to do. It would create the kind of it did create a kind of excitement last year when he was in the field. Why don't we don't -- so much when he came off the field all the time well because he was having a good season but he was exciting. Any time he was on the field receiving the ball. Running the ball. There was the capability for a big explosive play for the Buffalo Bills or a play where he can help somehow I had eight guys around him and still gain. Positive yardage and we came off the field Buick. Could -- he was an electric. Football player last season the first three games of the year when he was on the field you're just waiting for the snapped like -- it's delicate delicate Spiller and we just keeps and give it to -- -- Because the guy was so exciting and it makes -- great things happen. On the football field just by -- how much is game it changed it. Probably won't run for six yards per carry right. No right -- run for five. I'm working on a study on this -- all right stats study and that the early numbers have come up with -- is that 52 guys since 1990. Have run for over five yards to carry. Very few were able to repeated and fifty out of the 52 averaged less yards per carry. The next season. Funny thing is one of those guys it's. After a hundred carries in yet at least on -- One of those guys CJ Spiller -- five point two and then he averaged six. I think it's reasonable to expect that he's gonna get more carries that it's gonna be harder yards kind of like in the Miami game. He's the number one guy. Getting a lot more carries -- more first down carries. You should still expect a lot of yards twenty plus yard runs and probably around five yards a carry which is. In rate in the week. -- -- By the -- I Garza's history instead it's great yeah I mean at that mean. For charges like considered the benchmark for all you get under 40 forget you shouldn't uneven benchmark may be too but that's not -- you can at least four point of that's a really good -- even for a four point oh as a benchmark the same -- a thousand yards it is not it it means okay. Your your your good. But the really good ones get four and a half to 543. -- the league average OK it's gone -- in the last few years and then ninety's it was around 3839. And now it's 43. The other thing about -- that goes kind of under appreciated is -- consider his yards per play. And the amount of screen passes that he -- from three yards to turning into a twenty yard play plots. And I'm interested to see -- Daniel Hackett designing the offense because one thing -- watching film and writing my Spiller piece here I'm working on. Is that change it was pretty good at designing a screen. Use a lot of creativity when it came to getting CJ -- the ball and trying to fool opponent so Ryan Fitzpatrick would throw down field. It's ironic because pre Gailey we used to complain about how bad the bills were screens tell other teams would come in and screen pass the bills the death -- weeks ago. The -- executed screen and you're right they were very good at it but the element about speller in the bills mean 90% of post -- he means. Even though teams know it was coming. They were still making plays in the screen game was speaks volumes about -- and not just the ones that are designed to be to blitz but the ones that are like the middle screens in the slips screens and -- the bills had plenty of success and and Spiller. Receiving last year yards per catch was. Ten and point seven yards per catch there were numerous times last year they would throw screen or whatever throw a pass. And you'd look at and go boy it's -- he's not mean to -- trying to back the line of scrimmage and he find a way to not only do that -- turn it into a ball first down made the most exciting thing about Spiller. His game that do you we have not seen yet and it's not his fault. Will Hackett have him running deep routes the way that Gailey did he got open on the often. And they couldn't hit couldn't imagine not being able to throw balls of the CJ Spiller can run underneath it like. The bills couldn't do that he would beat guys badly and he's like you could hunt it and he'll go catch it in the bills couldn't get the ball. So that's another way to be excited about Spiller. -- last year 207. On a put a number around this year to carry -- gonna get this year at 207 last year he has to have more than that. It's a 300. 300 carries I think you'll probably close to 260 I'd like to -- eight to forty gets his sixty. I think if you go 300 you're turning him into a kind of pounding back at that point. I think back to McGahee when McGahee was here when Willis McGahee was in his first year first full season ticket if you get. To that form that we got fifteen carries a game what does that come out to. Sixteen games and 160s who now that's not a do or say yes at twenty to 41 Soviets to I would like to see him get. Eighteen to twenty carries a game. Do the math really think about it like touches how many touch -- -- because of the -- and -- but he's gonna get a lot of I can I do agree -- of the 300 thing on the McGahee point. BK he's first year. UC slashing cutting back and we saw great we were excited about McGahee and hundred yards multiple times. They went. 19181. With him as their starting running back that was what that was the other got hot -- loss -- Steelers the next year the bulk to law. And they want and be more of a pounding kind of guy he stuck in the league for a while it's -- successful seasons. But I don't want to -- gets fifteen carries again to forty has fifteen -- report fifteen to seventeen carries and then. What 68 catches a game. So now they're up over twenty collections of and it's a lot of catches. I'd like to see a vertical passing game than what -- you don't need dump offs and screens as much but whatever he should get at least forty touches a game shouldn't he I asked the yes so that's fifteen carries were talking. Five receptions. Seventh and -- streak whatever twenty touches a game. That's three I don't -- touches in the Seattle on a single game when I'm looking at five -- I don't honestly I don't see the old Chan Gailey. Well foods -- turn our. -- the number of attempts he had last year Cleveland got hurt but doesn't count. -- -- is going at seven bothered usually at 66. Carries his finger what that was the game bodies they gave the ball like. Midway through the third quarter didn't touch -- arrested again average six and a half yards per carry he had six carries they lost by twelve. -- that was a game that they didn't really have to lose. New England at New England yet nine rushes he averaged seven point eight yards per carry lost by six. Indianapolis he had fourteen carries the average seven point six yards per carry he had fourteen lost by seven. They lost by three against Saint Louis he had seven attempts. This was -- -- level they stop argue. This out. These -- one score games to score games in which he just a few more than ten. Kerry's maybe it was the Saint Louis game how many times you remember. I don't -- point this out that would make him crazy. How many times they'd be in the red zone and -- standing on the silent I think with the rams game. Where they were in the red zone and I'm looking there he -- in and on the sideline and we're shaker on what the heck is going on the rams game is when -- lost it right. They got now is that the the -- what he's settling down and called time out pulled them off the field -- and even room and on this season is such a lower. But after that they got crushed by the Seahawks and lost to Miami before beating the jets to close the season I think. Was that the rams game that really just kind of yet this this is was there a two point try he didn't go for the game two was there what I thought that was -- game we had a discussion about. Going for too. The rams scored late. -- I think that was one of those days where we. Looked at it and saw Spiller on the sci -- here here was its viewers their game they play the rams. CJ Spiller -- card choice like Tashard Choice and end up being -- on the offense in the red -- Fred Jackson and nine carries for one point six yards per carry. CJ has seven for five point three Fitzpatrick threw the ball 33 times. I think they should run more this year in a close game -- -- like they were down by three at the bit that weren't down like when he won and they had to just you know could fire the ball all over the place and to me it's funny. Given and it felt like coming look at their game recaps you've got that givers in the -- meter forget level horses memorable. You on this Matthew I've seen at Uga took basically it's called the game fan rating and any nfl.com. Game recap you get to -- game forget -- or memorable like how great was this game that. What do you think the fan rating is for bills rams. Fifteen to twelve. Zero to 1000 being forgettable. 100 being memorable. Six. It's gonna go to and 63. Why because it was close members this game. As -- rams fans for the -- looking at the recap Sam Bradford been voting electorate the click click click that they have to actually look at the recap to vote yes. So you have to actually see the game at all to vote may be that it's not a -- -- let Graham scored late -- with a great game. Well that's the kind of funny thing right if you're looking at a game recap than maybe you didn't even see the game and -- surmise is -- program. Well there was sort of a comeback -- picture rams fans there was would have liked that they Sam Bradford had a fourteen play 84 yard drive. For the game winning score and -- conversion and the bills last gasp drive ended when. -- -- interception yet Fitzpatrick was picked up by was at the game George Wilson had his hand on the ball couple times. -- and it's always that that was Tennessee Tennessee again and it was and I thought in the rams game to somebody had the chance at a pick probably rate. Maybe on that last drive on the fourteenth and pregnancy. -- out and get the ball off defense could have made a play Fitzpatrick was picked off bills lose game he's coaching -- -- -- every game like that is it for sure it says that in the media guide. Analysts we had a problem last year there was rough. -- try to be different as I 80305 picked to join us it was going to be a break out got this year for the bills we talked all segment about CJ Spiller but there are other guys you can talk about we. Touched on Gilmore the other day good feature on him. Nfl.com. The other day about. About Gregg Rosenthal medical dot com single mark he thinks is poised to have a big season to step up. Big season -- 30515 join us who you think -- break out here for the bills when we get back. Mark -- was apple join us mark. Is the editor of -- digest he. Like our jobless guy. Will spend his life that bills training camp documenting everything that happens it will -- to him. And get the bills can't preview got a -- nine we'll get a pats training camp preview with Chris price WEI radio in Boston. 31 RG three. And play all the pre season take a quick update that reminded me. Yesterday we played some sound from art monk and Darrell green. About the whole debate about the Redskins name and whether they should change it in art -- thinks it's gonna get the change if it's offending anybody. Joseph Greene talked about how he was open that he said he thought it should be. At least discussed debated I read that as well look here agree wants the name change to he came out. Yesterday clarified and said he has not advocating. They changed the name Washington Redskins change in nickname he said he was just saying. It's time to have a debate it's worthy enough to have a discussion about whether or not the nickname should be changed. But wanted to make sure that people said that people knew he was not advocating at this point -- change of the nickname. 80305 -- to join us a brigadier for the bills. They'll let us now toll free 888550. To 515 if you'd like to join us for that. We are also going to be chatting about the children mark what was actually -- editor of -- I -- mark will be leaving at saint John Fisher after about a month. As the bills. Get ready for two weekends Sunday night mark joining us right now hit markets -- Jeremy how you don't want. I'm good catcher you know bad your laptop you got everything right ago. -- promote started its coming up sat there. Get ready. We're talk about this the other day and I know Salinger talking about this last week as well -- some word to describe are you excited are you optimistic. Are you intrigued. What what would you use to describe your what you are feeling as you approach watching training camp. You know I think there's some -- because really I just think it is kind of but Tampa change this is debate. Europe change for the bill you know I think most of us are expecting him. Huge short term gains but I think in the long term. I I think worked thinking that you know hey maybe they have you know something's. Actually put in late that they -- change for the better and me you'll be confined to -- at least that this strain. What. In terms of things that you know changes for the better what would be near the pattern near the top of your list what you've seen so far in the offseason. It starts with the defense. Hand out the defense was. More work proactive many years in number time that they were bullet train. And just showing you know different types. You know attacks. In steamboat. Compared to last year it was the net opposite compared to what we stop from. You know people want that you know unbelievably. Conservative. Approach on the -- I think directory to start first formal. -- we were talking about. Breakout seasons who's -- breakout season. Wolf first true who do you think if in terms of how we mentioned spell are they would be at the top of a lot of -- what do you think are our bills players are poised to have a big year. Yes that definitely elect copilot I think until -- -- that -- -- -- eat eat that really answer that. Brain media card you know hasn't gotten much. Praises from other people because. Yeah that a pretty good year last year so I don't think. -- Mean -- got there at the top somewhat but really he he was terrific in the spring I think people -- -- heat -- -- -- you eat straight away. -- already at speed and I think he'd only got to look better after -- really. Wanted to bring to it is physical place you were attacked in the spring and so I think those are the parents topped the list for it. Industrial 550 to join us we're chat with Bartlett was Jack editor of bills -- just I figured bring up Gilmore. Which let me -- which leads me I should say to my next question you talked about the defense Raleigh and should see this new scheme from Mike Patton. Supposedly gonna be very aggressive attack oriented a lot of guys moving around guys being you know could be an outside linebacker and inside linebacker than safety on the next play after that. Who flourish is the most. Agree that would benefit the most with Gilmore being in that list because he'll get more interceptions or have a chance to make. More big plays because quarterbacks will be under more pressure who flourishes in this new system. The question -- I I think that's part of it with I think your credit is clearly he's just that much more comfortable you know a lot of crimes. Certain positions you had to receivers elevate or -- usually when that's vacated it -- I think sometimes orders. And we we even built -- somebody on corners. Early in recent years a lot of -- -- -- You're what a year two -- after they get -- he went so well I think it's very. And a big part of it with him you know of course. The question. Going to -- you know well at mr. -- I got to -- them -- they'll benefit the most when you look at. The change in scheme they're you know of course I'd like marlin -- And stuff like packed it you know obviously benefit because they're happy to show that they look every -- and -- -- we expect based on what we arms. You -- TJ Graham it's a guy was singing about mark I mean Odyssey really didn't do a heck of a lot last year when he did catch passes a lot of it was short stuff because this offense was. Really you know could not created deep pass on a regular basis. Now it's not year three it's year two. But with a new scheme offense who knows who the quarterback is with a new offensive coordinator. What are your expectations for TJ Graham and I wouldn't put a mini break out year but what are your expectations for Graham in your number two. You know act think like a lot of people still in a week and see mode with him. Yet there interstate and -- either never taught -- in -- that that we really want it to watch some trouble Mike Wallace and that's the kind of thought they had. Some of the similar -- skills. Coming into the lead there obviously you know what what ought to -- What is explosiveness then. I don't know I mean if if if -- ever reach out and at least keep watching -- The Ole yen against -- it's off either and yet there a better spring of last year BP. -- -- ever were -- he had a pretty. Rough go that last year. He's got the guilt but I think the other rookie receivers personally. I like I think proper what. And a little more polished. I don't know what will we will be you know their interest in camp. For him apparently seen all the program. Well and all this time the conversation and ask the question that you know -- to be talking about quarterbacks before let you go let's delve into the quarterback's. And how how do you think this is all going to play out since this will be the story that everybody's tracking will be out there. Have practiced Sunday night and eyes glued on EJ Manuel in the -- in the quarterback situation what's gonna happen. Gary I think -- -- physical still there are very. Obvious when you step on the field EU he's got. The bill be at the -- armor there's one -- in the spring or. Just like then and now patter to outline and it was something that we haven't seen. In years and you know with ease it was one of those -- where. Fitzpatrick we're really after. You know gun in there with a -- op each is there eureka a fifteen yard out there and so. If he's got the physical tools I I know I I think it's gonna take some time you know the book on him. Coming into the apple is that in the rock -- Michael -- technically solid breaker I think its decision making is you know it's gonna take some time I think that normal well. Which -- quarterback so aren't expecting Teracopy -- You know -- -- a -- into training camp but I mean obviously you know anything is possible really. That there aren't expecting so -- You think he'll be the start of the entire year or is it a matter of he's a caretaker and at some point I mean I don't know how much. How much. How many reps and how much activity Manuel would get a -- not the starter. We two week in practice you think is that a caretaker at some point during the season the coach is look to see. If -- the flight went on he's ready and then take over. Yeah I'll be right at I think that the bills. See you then at least starts out there and starts ago it many of -- -- thinking. You know you get two weeks 5678. End you know Sarah ipodder or maybe a little worse one out. Early -- I Americans -- he can do. You know immediate learned. A little moreover that tiny -- -- pretty bright direct I'm expecting them to our top and kind of take -- there. You'll be out there of working very hard for bills -- just like she gets them information out there for folks who like to subscribe. Sure our -- preview edition is now right now -- got. Very large petition pages that it is one page per -- at each position. Analyzing everything donors either -- check -- out online so I just outlined in your local wegmans and tops. I'm mark will look -- seeing attorney Kent thanks for coming on. Mark -- reject joining us editor of bills -- just be out there with the many members of the media. And I think every one of those guys at the notepad out tracking the number of reps in tracking everything EJ Manuel does from start to finish while. When we get back to bring an extra big notebook this year and bring that -- but. If this negative planned for Sunday night -- look like like a plan of action along watch EJ Manuel and no one else has I should I honestly was thinking about that today because as we get closer and I shall practice like. Would like do. And I. Is that it now. To just EJ Manuel I wanna talk about that as part of our little NFL around the NFL discussion but it -- What RG -- plan -- What the -- did in their first two days of practice. And where the Buffalo Bills are number one. An nfl.com. And that's -- next I'll throw another once I was gonna. It's sing on this 321 I got it as a save this for that the 9 o'clock hour but. And will work in -- -- in around the NFL not cheater cheat the actual animal and why that's noteworthy today. Three seasons really not. Not even in the air it's not a not a worry at all so like I can play I think coach -- like I can play without any pre season so there's no need really for that. The current plan is just you know patience is -- So I did all like. In the offseason. Are working out -- a pass on my tests. They just -- make -- it. You know we're not doing anything too soon that we don't have to do. Let some of these other guys you ready for the pre season. You know if it comes around that you know I'm -- ago. You know maybe the third pre season game it as far as my understanding those. Three seasons really not. Not even in the -- But it would take the same age. Someone called me and in week one. That I. You know Israel 550 to join -- It 480 it is RG three did indeed play in three seasons get ready for the regular season should play him in the playoff game. Howard chairman Matthew -- and fisheries back in next week. Around the league here just a moment will remind you that we will be all over training camp Sunday night is the first practice are alive. Broadcast from saint John Fisher would begin Monday morning we will be there from six to ten will be doing our show their quite often over the run of camp. As will be the case which over the Bulldog and the occasional sports -- Saturday with sell pop -- Anthony in. Right. -- that the right emanate from training camp. -- at the best word but it could be. It could be used. That Eminem. Anyway shall be there. And -- -- -- could be part anyway he'll be there and however having all over the website too great content at the website Joe's gonna be their Paul's gonna be there are cranking out articles every day. We'll have you completely covered top to bottom with those training camp between WGR and WG -- -- now to around the national football. Let's start with -- RG three unlikely to play in the pre season. Find. Yet what don't run the risk that whatever just get ready for regular season I was a Redskins fan I would wand near the field. Unless it's a necessity he says all right ready to design a scenario where it's a necessity. The only thing I can come up with is some sort of sudden death based more we were terrorists have seized FedEx Field and they mosque we in the pre season game. To save everyone but even in that scenario the opposing team would be like okay we'll just what you guys went. The I was thinking it was a scenario where somehow the National Football -- wanted to make pre season games more interesting kind of like you know what Major League Baseball that their all star game. And the National Football League now institutes a rule that you have to win this like we pick a pre season game get to win that are we were broke your franchise. Okay that would work to -- so that that they are all I got a -- RG prison necessity there. Outside of that I couldn't figure out neither scenario is all that likely. That's -- probably I don't think NFL comes up that rule that's your number three number two the 22 stories remember too. Jerry Jones you NFL teams could move to Los Angeles. This from NFL dot com's Dan hands Jews. Jerry Jones speaking at cowboys camp -- the cowboys. Talked about teams moving Al placing more closer than ever. And it's a nice things about the bills though couple weeks back months back. Did the bills aren't or don't start freaking out everybody yeah. They they were two things to point out about that he's talking about the chargers and the rams he said quote as it turns out we do have two teams that could move to this area there won't be any expansion so it will be teams that moved. It's also point out that the rams' lease is up they have an out of the lease is up they -- out I guess after the 2014 season. And the chargers. -- out. Actually the raiders in the charges can get out of the current leases after this season risking get out after 2014. So when he stuck at about they have teams out of move. Two of those three teams the raiders the -- the charges is his thing would be the rams for the for the NFC. And then probably the chargers the AFC to charges -- not that far from LA a couple of so there on the rams would make like a sheep and get -- locked out of there. Right that you accurately pregnancy she gets -- camp now they went all pass in their first practices. In city star reports she did not call a running play during the team portion of the first two days of training camp due dates. Not a single past. Wells did that the colts yes she's -- oh yeah -- six look at the opener sixteen consecutive passes right that's right. It was scary. It was real you'll pass offense not run the ball well. And folks thought it was that would literally got and carry -- -- Finally. Gregg Rosenthal nfl.com. Around the league editor top 45 -- position battles during training camp. AFC position battles how many on this list all the bills that. Quarterback. And. One that's the one that's the only one. There were to actually number for 25 -- kicker battles so I guess that's not true Ryan Lindell against Dustin Hopkins every kicker medalist tied for the two point fitness camp battle. Kevin cobbers EJ Manuel is what number what is he ranks the top 25 AFC position battles. 51. Really and number it's Michael Vick vs chip kept vs it polls Tennessee. All things that AFC I'm sorry okay. Number one here's what Bert Rosenthal writes I'm fascinated NC coach Doug Brown's offense in the NFL. And I'm intrigued to see how quickly Manuel can adapt to the pro level this is a legitimate 5050 competition which is rare cornerback. Yes the 2013 Buffalo Bills are interesting exclamation point. There was less time all probably last year I -- last or somebody wrote that the -- -- interest. Because people were some people were playing them up as a planet candidates and their players are asked chic pick for the plan. That -- around the league and also the patriots season ticket -- one of the tickets as Aaron Hernandez on it. But it's not like you -- feature but Tom Brady's throwing a pass and in the background it's a good training camp kind of picture in the back there it's just what they just wanna. They didn't catch that. Well policy it he's won a red Jersey it's a -- practice obviously yeah and there's Aaron Hernandez are watching. President -- that. Little bit of groups and their part and then the common is that sadly some will consider this as a collector's item you think that's true. Yeah while they were selling his jerseys from for thousands of dollars now. What's the number one battle. For the bills now in the league in the league most interesting battle. -- quarterback in Philly. Try to think is -- a handful a quarterback competitions right. Yeah but -- was -- industry is Sanchez vs G announced there in the New York there's the circus. I only say it because of the circus yeah not a right to build us a better if I didn't bills battles about a battle and more interest in for the future of a franchise to Sanchez you know who knows what's happening there. In terms of the circus that will go way that I think that's probably isn't Philly. -- -- Polls who's the third guy in -- is the third guy Dennis Dixon he's the fourth quarterback remember that the other quarterback is he losing like my brain functions. But in -- it's it's a big battle. Going on down there but you're right it won't I don't even though it still Philadelphia in the media there's pretty nuts. And the fan base is pretty nuts it it will pale in comparison to the cameras in. Portland with Sanchez. I'm when we get back. Got to get to the cheetah story we'll get to the cheetah. And how that figures into the national football a short of speaking of the -- we'll have a pats training camp preview -- up on -- which.