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7/29 Kraig Urbik on the first training camp practice of the year

Jul 29, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our -- we hear it about the -- -- big your calls coming up eight of legal fight if he stepped on Gilmore -- would join its eagle five. Joseph this guy at 9 o'clock let's get right to build starting right guard this year our broadcast location -- correct. Morning all right thanks for coming up I say and gets settled late night last night coach doesn't get a chance to sleep in the next day. -- straight care view it which of the all right well listen what how did it feel to be back out on the what you are on the field and OJ squat here with a big crowd last that was like -- -- It's a great there's a lot of people here in really -- there was we -- break you know for -- -- now. Time flew by and give back -- feel good. Your perspective. What's it like going through the whole process with a new coaching staff how's that gone so far you get to learn. But -- your new position coach Hackett all the people want is good is different purity of the good note coaches. -- -- system. You learn Holmes is dependent techniques different players' analyst of the political mission here and that's what you have coaches for. Well I think we've been remotely. And -- -- things that are workers thing. About the small difference having coach -- work with the dolphins have lied so much one thing we noticed this. -- he's right over there with you guys working individually in my Nazis much of the rest the team. As he -- have you. If they could be a better idea of like what kind of coach he is or what are your impressions of him yeah I guess in that respect -- for sure obviously we have patent. In the league for a long time the most having. Coach -- being able over it teach him he's he's learned over the years. Playing ability and coached league for a long time so having she's -- Two people teach you really. You guys had you're what team you would that Saturday night that that the message from coach -- -- guys opened camp what what was his general message do you guys this year. Just -- You know it's different here obviously real bastard you have made the playoffs put that matters -- were for the different team different years. -- at Eckerd that the Guerrero hurting him and really shall we can do mr. what you learned about it so far. -- -- -- He's he tells it like it is you know aka. And Libya issue you know it does not do it either tell you played there were not going to be. You know behind closed doors -- that you -- on a certain team -- you know. Which is good I mean he -- he held accountable for what you're doing. And you know it's been really good. There's there's -- go across as a as a college coach -- look at maybe a guy who's more. Concerned with that the team aspect of but I wonder about the differences between different coaches someone would take an issue inside a room and maybe -- Too delicate professional and I want to be treated that way others will want. -- teammates to -- the -- accountable I guess when you talk about that you know he won't BS you know they'll make sure that everybody knows about things. How -- how is how should go to walk that line. Yeah it is fire lines but some some guys who -- But for me average period on this. Monday called but. The matter my job so. I think he's seen. Judy you know I think you see you know approaches and college -- -- impression -- he's obviously beaten in the league for awhile so I could have applied both ways of doing it. And that's his way -- so I think it's. I have been good so. It's just watch quarterbacks volume -- to do that whole block yeah. You face another way what does it immediately do you guys talk at all about the competition what's going on with -- manual and everything that are really you know and alive we just know there. Whoever's going to be back to -- blocked four. We think they're both guard Davis the really good chance that way. He worried at all about the about the the race for the new starting left guard Milosevic in the patriot how it affects the line at all well you know obviously and he was the really good player you know via. We wish -- well with the with the titans put. We do have guys that are capable -- and -- and playing well Conan. On the cardinals' order new rules for. Gregor -- with a shared bills training camp. Talk a little bit about just the whole. -- the whole office of what you guys are doing. We're hearing a lot about the no huddle about the up tempo and we're all wait and see exactly what that Dana Hackett hasn't stored. What you've seen so far. What do you think about the off its plan. The big picture -- history of Houston defense and other pros and not be submitted out through Google's fast. -- like so far. You know dispute may have -- from -- you -- didn't run to -- -- so I don't want protection. And now having. Different protection to Serbs to run plays that all the stuff it's going to be. We greatly respect you more have you guys had to train heading off its allotment train any differently because of the pace of the offense. Yet all we've been doing with Schiavo our -- we've been doing a lot of commissioning of drug spring you know -- Summer it -- him in better shape in -- or you know we've been doing a great job of it. Hole on the pessimistic. So that we've been doing there. In engadget. But just your -- Jeremy and I would do what's the conditioning test -- -- have to pass if that do there was you run across field back to a certain time. You attempt Euro. Was to bed ten times around like the same day ten times and the idea is like one this one today due tomorrow. Yeah I went back to back I wish. Just everybody made it yeah I agree everyone may have our group. I'm just not sure what would happen first -- -- that the hamstring are we just drop and lose whatever in my stomach out on the field yeah mine should serve. That's sort of go -- -- feel so bad. I yeah Greg -- -- -- here at bills training camp as they have but practice this afternoon from two to five. OK I know you -- you're not really paying attention quarterback having said. What do you learn so far about hobby but it and Manuel even if it's the personality and how these guys relate to other players off the market -- an -- can give us some. Both of them. You know for Kevin Keyes. He's literally for awhile is very experienced -- knows what's going on and you see when he'd. I've still hopeful when he gets. He's you know what this -- plays all the stuff he just takes charge viewers know what we're doing and he's very confident what he's doing it. EJ -- Obviously learning but -- -- you rookie you know a bit don't have -- look you know he's he also takes charge huddled. Let's get this is lined up and what would let let us know -- -- To a comfortable. Having Selig rookies before and other positions you do get the feeling like you can tell if a guy. Has it for a whole career but just like you mentioned he doesn't look like he's afraid like some some guys come in and the moment what you little big for them and other guys come in looking like they're totally prepared. Yes it does -- he says most men. Because they have you know. There don't realize that nobody was going on but you don't see a lot of guys on the team but she -- CME's from the first they walked him. Very confident player and nurture himself and and the museum to. Do you think will -- what if if Manuel won the job. Would be tough it would be odd awkward for veteran players to be looking at a rookie. Listening to it following a rookie in that. Think so you know and were out there it's the EJ you know tells what to do I don't see. A rookie I just don't look at -- -- you know confidence and it's usability. And a -- in -- So know your busy we're training camp. What in your down time here there is any down time what do you do a milestone time really good wrestler there. To get there after just go on lines. You know I hear I hear your good golfer you know Oak Hill is right up the right -- talent their logo for -- -- really I'd usually don't record hundreds. Yeah to mean no dolphin you -- you would not be like Kyle Williams she's talked to -- to give you some tips yeah I shared calendar quarter pretty good so. Those are is have so much predictive -- -- -- care scope on is looking I was trying to find -- fact it was like famous. They was people from your hometown Hudson is that right from Hudson Hudson. -- on the Wikipedia page so congratulations there is there's a famous alumni are you the most famous person from Hudson was gonna pick -- up there. I think there was the right Barack. Sixties. Jim -- and -- Jon hood Texas and then play with the rams LA rams -- you know and there's and and as an NHL players or can you tell us about Hudson. Small town red river jeopardize her beautiful. Three people. Remiss if there you -- up of Pakistan yeah. And what other sports. Packers twins -- before team close. Yeah I thought it. -- will listen -- it to get yet meetings. Yeah music. You wanna hang out blown off he has what it watching film yesterday already era house yeah. I don't we go to -- teams right now it -- which on the monitor. It's just re launch. Good group of food this year is good -- really good food here. Hope that yeah favorite. When you're afraid the better stuff. Oh yeah we -- three -- but -- thing you press I think you get a -- -- all right we get appealing to nobody has got it wrong I believe on the played in -- scenario I. You see -- the -- earlier this on the side we're gonna bring it over to the illegal border so if you don't -- stake would be cut a little they just thought. The idea that you can keep salad -- all right for the third with a -- -- I was ten and some -- if you don't -- we'll thank you for coming all thanks very great talking to have a great season thank you very much Deborah Willis joining us are primarily at those training -- off to meetings ago.

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